Best Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds to Replace Apple Airpods

Last Updated: February 3, 2017

Apple has been hit with credibility questions, since there is no clarity on when the Airpod is set to launch, being slated for October release. Apple announced Airpod, which are essentially Wireless Bluetooth earbuds, along with iPhone 7, earlier this year, but has failed to start shipping to users on committed day and finally, Apple will make it available for the fans.

Recent reports suggest that Apple could not quite figure out a fix on few of the issues Apple spotted on the Airpod in its test version. Speculations are rife on sync issues wherein Apple cannot fully sync these two Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds directly connected to your iDevice and infuse noise-cancellation in its mic.

Apple’s base idea was to get rid of the earphone jack and go completely wireless when it comes to earphones by introducing Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds from its production line. The general technology used by such wireless ear buds, operating over Bluetooth, is to connect to one of the ear buds and then pair the other ear bud to the former ear bud.

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Airpod wanted to go one step further in the wireless technology used, by simultaneously syncing both ear buds wirelessly to your device via Bluetooth. The idea became an instant hit with people finding the wires a trouble while commuting and engaging in other activities.

It is in this context of intense speculation and with Apple failing to hit the Christmas market, users are tempted to look elsewhere for alternatives. Quite interestingly, a number of alternatives are available in the market, which is essentially Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds.

Gosnare (buy from amazon)

A good quality device at low price offering good playback time.

A surprisingly cheap Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds which delivers what it claims. This relatively less popular product performs well as a wireless earplug with good sound quality with reasonable noise cancellation.Gosnare True Wireless Earphones

The battery life is pretty good with 4.5+ hours and 200 hours idle time on a 2 hours charge. You need to power on the holding cases to a power outlet in order to charge these, as no internal backup is provided. Another interesting feature the device claims is sweat proof which makes it suitable for sporting activities.

SmartOmi Boots (buy from amazon)

Waterproof gadget whose ear buds can be used separately for an extended run.

Another mid-tier Bluetooth Earbud replacement for Airpod. This one of boasts of being waterproof. Simple pairing is available and single earbud usage is allowed. You can use each of the buds separately for 5 hours each and 3-4 hours of combined use.SmartOmi Boots

Sound clarity and depth of this Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds are pretty good and you don’t get to hear outside noise because of the nice fitting it offers. It’s waterproof and you would enjoy using it while swimming and other sports activities. No internal backup with casing and you have to dock it to charge it.

BOHM S10 Wireless Earbuds (buy from amazon)

Comes with a portable charging dock which compensates for the mediocre playback time.

Very compact cordless Bluetooth Earbud which come with a portable charging station. Very convenient to use with a single button to control your actions. However, the battery doesn’t quite perform compared to other products which can be claimed to be compensated by the portable charging case. Even though you can use it for gym activities being sweat proof, do not expose this one to water. Phone calls and track skipping can be easily done in this device.

Bragi – The Dash (buy from amazon)

Standalone music player and dedicated storage space made this product with its own digital interface an instant hit.

This Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds seems to have made the most out of the Airpod situation, with its sales spiking heavily in the last two months. Bragi is essentially a Bluetooth device stream music and makes calls. This Bluetooth Earbuds is doing fairly well for a first generation product, even though the noise cancellation is still work in progress along with initial pairing issues. The device has additional features of fitness tracking and standalone music player, with storage space up to 4GB. The product claims to have 3+ hours backup along with being waterproof.  Siri friendly device with various controls.

V4INK TEANA (buy from amazon)

Sporty look with good sound quality, with ear buds capable of singular use.

This sporty Wireless Bluetooth Earbud offers pretty good sound quality and does not threaten to fall off with the ear hooks provided in the box. The ear buds can be used separately, and each of them can give up to 5 hours talk time.V4INK TEANA

This one is sweat proof and you would love it while in the gym. A nice little coloured flicker will help you to identify the host ear bud with blue light and guest, or paired bud, with a green light.

Airmate (buy from amazon)

Larger coverage area offered with a huge backup docking station, in addition to quality sound offered.

This product boasts of 60 feet coverage when other similar products start to perform poorly over 20 feet from the paired device. Another big plus is the holding case cum charging station which has a 2000 mAh capacity.

This ensures you never run out of juice, as you can charge around 20 cycles with that kind of backup. The holding case does not start charging unless you press the button. Talking about performance, the sound quality is pretty good. The silicone build doesn’t pressurize your ears and can be used even while sleeping in addition to your daily sports activities.

Plenty of gadgets of second or third-tier producers has taken the opportunity of Apple’s delay to launch the Airpod. You would want to choose carefully while opting for any of these as they do not come with an assured brand name or proven track record.

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The smart thing would be to invest wisely on Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds after going through user reviews of the product you are interested in. If you are the kind of person who travels a lot and listens to a lot of music while on the move, it would be apt to choose a Bluetooth Earbuds with portable backup. If sound quality is your priority, choose likewise. If being hassle-free while you do your intensive gym activities, go for the sweat proof Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds or better waterproof ones, so that you won’t be disappointed later.

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