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Find everything related to mobile phones and cell phones at Mashtips. We come up with posts on Samsung phones, iPhones, Android Phones and more. Discover the best mobile phone accessories like phone charger and cell phone cases etc. Read here the best cell phone reviews on Android smartphones and different iPhone devices. Learn the latest tips and tricks related to smartphones.

Windows PC Android File Transfer

6 Easy Solutions to Transfer Files between Android and Windows

There are several methods for android file transfer for Windows users. Most of the users want to transfer the files such as photos, videos...
iOS Music Download App

6 Best iOS Apps to Download and Listen Music Offline

Easy to find and download Music with Google or other search engines. There are dedicated iOS music download apps that can use to download...
iPhone Tester Apps

Best 3 iOS apps to Test your iPhone Sensors & Functions

All of us are fond of the Apple products. Whether we are talking about the iPhone, iPad or the MacBook, Apple has always surprised...
android otg ucb

Best Android OTG (On The Go) Devices to Backup Phone

Whenever you want to backup Android Phone or transfer any file to Android device, the solution is Android OTG (On The Go) drive, called...
Check AirPod Battery Level Siri

How to Check AirPods Battery Level with Siri?

Do you know you can ask AirPods battery level to Siri? If you have new AirPod from Apple. just ask Siri "What's AirPods battery...
Android Interior Designing Apps

10 Best Android App for Interior Designers

A nice well-furnished home is our dream. When you invest in interior design, it should match our rooms, location, sunlight, and most of all,...
Retrain Google Assistant Voice

Ok Google is not Working on Android, How to Fix?

Well, your Android phone is not responding to "Ok, Google" Voice Command? Google introduced the squeeze function to bring up the Google Assistant on Pixel...
6 best Android Phones than iPhone 6

7 Best Android Phones to Replace with iPhone 6

Android users! You guys are still holding the best mobile hardware technology that is available in the current market even after Apple's anticipated iPhone...
GPS Tablets Over Dedicated GPS

8 Benefits of GPS Tablets Over Dedicated GPS Devices

Smart Phones and Tablets are killing the GPS market for the last decade. GPS Manufactures are trying to add more features and inbuilt sensors with...
Turn off automatic ear detection on AirPods

How to Turn off Automatic Ear Detection on AirPods?

Apple AirPods are designed to work well as one of the most user-friendly headphones out there, with tons of features preloaded. With the inbuilt...
iPhone Music App Audials Radio

iPhone Music App to Get 2018 Off to A Positive Start

The festive season is over and January has begun, meaning millions of New Year’s resolutions are about to be broken. Yes, we all make...

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