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10 Best MagSafe (Magnetic) USB-C Adapters for MacBooks & iPads

Are you looking for a Magsafe replacement for a new MacBook? Apple recently replaced the unique MagSafe connector for New MacBook Pros and MacBook Air. Most smartphones are also moving onto the USB C and ditching the basic USB connectors. There are a few third-party cables available to replace Apple’s Magsafe connector with a magnetic snap USB-C port. We have compiled a list of best USB C Magnetic charging adapters to replace Apple’s Magsafe.

Here, our list includes some of the best magnetic USB C charging adapters that avoid accidental falling off your computer and phone while charging.

MashTips’ Best Picks:

Leonis Magnetic USB-C Power Adapter

The Leonis Magnetic adapter is an affordable charging set that meets the standards for USB-C. This Magnetic USB C adapter is designed to meet the same MagSafe adapter purpose for the latest Mac (Apple MacBook Pro) and USB C based smartphones. This magnetic connector has a fully reversible connector, like the old Apple MagSafe adapter. The glossy design makes stylish and durable. The build material makes charging much more safe and secure.

This MagPlug supports fast-charging up to 87W with 20V at 4.3A. This USB C MagPlug is suitable for charging your MacBook Pro, Google Pixel, etc. The cable is coming without a power supply. For best performance, it is better to use the OEM power adapters. This MagPlug works only with your USB-C gadgets to charge the device. You cannot use this cable to transfer data in any manner, and just a Magsafe USB-C cable.

Key Features: Supports Charge Only | Rated to 87 W | Good for Mac, USB C Phones | Reversible | Buy from Amazon: Leonis Magnetic USB-C Power Adapter

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Hogore 20Pins MagSafe to USB C Converter

Hogore MagSafe connector supports both data and power supply. This is a true USB to MagSafe connector. This MagSafe for Mac supports up to 100W power  (maximum current 5A) for fast charging your laptop. The data port supports up to 10Gbps Data Transfer. The 20pin MagSafe connector can transfer the video at a rate of 4K@30Hz, that make the device compatible for 4K Video.

The gold plated pins ensure less resistance and maximum data transfer. The PINs are made in different heights to avoid any short circuit. The high powered magnetic adapters made with N52 Neodymium magnet, good enough to hold the charging port with the cable. Hogore MagSafe to USB C converter is good for MacBook 2018 and up in addition to Dell and other USB C based devices. There is no cable included in this package.

Key Features: Supports Data and Charging | Rated to 100 W | 10Gbps Data Transfer | 4K Video Compatible | Good for Mac, USB C Phones | Reversible | Buy from Amazon: Hogore 20Pins MagSafe to USB C Converter

Basevs Magnetic USB C Power Adapter

The Basevs magnetic USB adapter is a Magsafe USB-C adapter that works with C port devices and laptops. This magnetic USB C comes with a 6.6 Ft cable along with a USB C to USB C connector. The maximum power output rated to 87 W or 4.3 A at 20 V. The product has a strong magnetic connector and easy to connect back to charge the device. This USB cable featured with a great level of workmanship as well as robust materials.

The outer covering of this MagSafe adapter is built with an aluminum alloy, and the cable is secured with a 2m braided nylon cord. This Basevs magnetic adapter is durable and can withstand harsh climates and temperatures. The voltage protection circuit maintains a steady output voltage through the charging process. This USB C adapter is compatible with Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, etc. The USB C adapter will work with MacBook Pro, Yoga 900, Nintendo Switch, etc.

Key Features: Supports Charge Only | Rated to 87 W | Good for Mac, USB C Phones | Reversible | Buy from Amazon: Basevs Magnetic USB C Power Adapter

Upmely Magnetic USB C Adapter for Data

Upmely USB C Magnetic adapter offers up to 100W fast charging capacity that can support up to 20V/5A. The manufacture offers fast charging support for Mac and can fully charge within 90 minutes.

The right-angled design lets you rotate the adapter in both ways, and avoid cable clutter while charging the Mac. The gold plated Pins of this MagSafe adapter ensure minimum power loss while charging. The efficient PIN design can transfer data fast enough and supports 4K video transfer at a rate of 4K@30Hz. Also, the difference in PIN heights made to avoid any short circuit.

Key Features: Supports Data and Charging | Rated to 100 W | 10Gbps Data Transfer | 4K Video Compatible | Good for Mac, USB C Phones | Reversible | Buy from Amazon: Upmely Magnetic USB C Adapter for Data

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Elecjet Magjet Magnetic USB Adapter

The Elecjet’s MagJet is one of the best reversible magnetic USB available online. The 6 pin design provides greater protection and prevents short circuits. It’s more efficient than the 5 pin ones. Also, it is completely reversible, like that of Apple’s MagSafe chargers. The Magjet supports up to 87 W fast charging with voltage stabilization. The strong magnetic forces of the cable make it easy to attach the cable to your mobile or PC ports.

The aluminum alloy design and gold plated connectors make it durable and strong. This magnetic USB cable comes with another technology that reduces the charging temperatures. We don’t give a pleasant opinion on this as temperature and heating depend on other factors too. Coming to the compatibility part, the MagJet works well with all smartphones that have the USB C. This magnetic USB C supports the MacBook Air, the MacBook Pro, and other USB C enabled laptops, to work as a Magsafe USB-C.

Key Features: Supports Charge Only | Rated to 87 W | Good for Mac, USB C Phones | Reversible | Buy from Amazon: Elecjet Magjet Magnetic USB Adapter

LiooTech USB C Power Adapter

LiooTech Charger cable has a powerful magnetic connector to help the cable to stay when you plugged it. The magnetic USB C is one of the top-selling ones we’ve got online. This charging cable is 6.6 Ft in length and has a durable nylon outer covering. The braided nylon design makes it safe to bend and fold. Also, it comes with intelligent design and with the smallest magnetic connectors, you can ever get.

The strong MagPlug makes your cable easy to connect to your PCs. The LiooTech charging cable delivers up to 87 W of power and works well with all major smartphones. The compatibility ranges from the Pixels, Samsung S series, etc. The USB magnetic connector builds for Mac. This MagSafe for Mac works well with all Type C port laptops, including the MacBook Air, Dell series Thunderbolt 3 devices, etc.

Key Features: Supports Charge Only | Rated to 87 W | Good for Mac, USB C Phones | Reversible | Buy from Amazon: LiooTech USB C Power Adapter

DISDIM Magnetic USB C Adapter

The DisDim magnetic Adapter is a C type charging adapter. This Magnetic USB C is ideal for MacBooks. The Magnetic adapter offers a max output current of 4.3 A. It is one of those magnetic adapters that ensure faster and stable charging. This magnetic C connector has a 90-degree magnetic adapter with an “L shaped” design, favors easy plugin.

The DisDim magnetic adapter is designed for the MacBook and MacBook Pro. It can charge your MacBook in around 1.5 hours and is compatible with almost all USB C smartphones. You can plug them with the Galaxy Note 8, S8, Google Pixel, Nexus 5X, and many more. The charging rates for smartphones depend upon your phone thou. The magnetic adapter doesn’t come with extra USB cables and cannot be used for transferring data.

Key Features: Supports Charge Only | Rated to 87 W | Good for Mac, USB C Phones | Reversible | Buy from Amazon: DISDIM Magnetic USB C Adapter

Bank Of Innovation Magnetic USB cable/ adapter

The BOI’s own magnetic USB Type C cable is designed for the MacBooks and Smartphones. It is capable of charging your MacBook at a maximum output of 4.3 A. This is the highest charging speed that Apple guarantees for its Mac-based devices. This USB C cable can charge your Mac in around 1.5 hours. It offers the same charge ratio of the 87 W Apple Generic adapter.

This magnetic USB is 1.5 M in length build with Aramid fiber outer covering. This gives the adapter more durability and lasts longer than normal USB cables. The design favors a detachable magnetic connector. The Magnetic USB extends the lifespan of both your USB cable and computer port. The BOI magnetic USB cable is compatible with both MacBook Pro 2017 and 2016. Besides this, the Magnetic USB is compatible with Type C Port smartphones.

Key Features: Supports Charge Only | Rated to 87 W | Good for Mac, USB C Phones | Reversible | Buy from Amazon: Bank Of Innovation Magnetic USB cable/adapter

Magnitto Type C Magnetic Charging Cable

The Magnitto Magnetic cable is a generic C type cable. This Magnetic USB C cable supports 4.3A rapid charging. The maximum power output of 87 W. This USB C connector has an L shaped design that prevents the cable from damages and wear and tear. The Magnetic Connector helps to attach the adapter into the device’s C port in both directions.

The L Shaped MagSafe C connector is compatible with QC3.0 and PD for quick charging. The rugged up outer covering and strong magnetic clip increase the lifespan of the cable. The Magnitto magnetic USB cable is designed for the MacBook and MacBook Pro. Moreover, the compatibility ranges from almost all smartphones having the USB C inbuilt.

Key Features: Supports Charge Only | Rated to 87 W | Good for Mac, Laptops, USB C Phones | Reversible | Buy From Amazon: Magnitto Type C Magnetic Charging Cable

When you search for Magnetic USB-C adapters, you have to check for the following things in mind.

Maximum Power Supports (87W-100W): The laptops need a different level of power to charge the battery, and this power rating depends on each model. For Apple Mac Books, you can see the power rating for MacBook Pro 15inch(87W), MacBook Pro 13inch(61W), MacBook(29W), etc, The. iPads, Samsung, Pixel and other USB-C based phones and iPads need less than 29W.

Data Transfer (10Gbps): You have to get 20PIN MagSafe to USB-C adapter if you are looking for data transfer. We have listed two of the adapters, those support data transfer. The USB C supports high-speed data transfer and up to 4K video.

Magnetic Strength of the Adapter: If you have a week magnetic adapter, you may not get a strong connection between the port and adapter pins, this will cause for slow charging and heated connectors.

Size of the Magnetic Adapter: For Mac owners, the foot price of the adapter is important. For large size adapters, you won’t be able to insert two USB C ports at the same time. If you want the MagSafe, just for the power supply you can get the small adapter.

As most of the smart devices are ditching the basic USB ports and turning towards USB C. And these magnetic connectors are Magsafe USB-C to charge your phone or MacBook. As you see, these USB C connectors have their own quality standards and yes, t,hey aren’t that expensive.

These MagSafe USB-C connectors are ideal for those, who are looking for a replacement for Apple’s MagSafe connectors. Your laptop is safe from dropping off in charging if somebody tripping over the power supply cable.

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