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10 Best Dash Cam for 2019 in All Price Ranges ($25-$200)

Best Car dash cams are available from a range of $60, with a minimum required features to meet the purpose. The cheap dash cams are coming with 1080P or less recording resolution, loop recording and micro SD card support up to 32GB. When the price goes up, you can get the best dash cam for car, those offers dash cam WiFi and dedicated smartphone apps for dash cam those can work in addition to GPS sensor and Nightvision.

We listed the best dash camera for 2019 those cost from $25 to $200 to match your budget.

Best Budget Dashcams Priced under $50.00

There are dashcams available at a budget price, and these dashcams under 50 bucks are capable of giving you enough features and options to meet the minimum features of a dash camera. These budget-friendly low-cost dash cameras are recording under 1080P resolution and support loop recording and auto on-off.

Amebay FHD DashCam DVR Camera

This budget-friendly car camera recorder is coming under the price range of 50 bucks and capable of recording video footage in 1080p, fair enough to record number plate and road signals in pretty good quality. The 2.4” LCD screen help you to manage the Dash Cam menu and view recording video real-time.

Amebay FHD DashCam DVR Camera

This low price dash came is also support loop recording and has a built-in G-Sensor function. There had a small Li-ion battery for the backup battery but supposed to your car power source to operate continuously.

Key Features: Full HD | 1080P at 30 fps| Record Angle: 140° | Loop Recording: Yes | Auto Record: Yes | Built-in GPS: Yes | G-Sensor: Yes | Support Memory Card: Up to 32GB | Rotatable mount | Buy from Amazon ($36.00)

Pruveeo MX2 Dual Lens Car Dash Cam

This is the first camera I see with a dual lens for this price from Amazon. These two cameras attached to the body of this device supports 320° rotation that let you record almost everything on the road and inside your car without moving the camera from the mount.

Both cameras are offering a separate quality of video to record, and the highest resolution camera is offering 780P video at 30fps. The 2.00″ LCD can display picture in picture for both cameras and does have a speaker and Mic to record sound.

Key Features: Dula Lens Camera | Cam1-720P@30fps | Cam2-480P@30fps | 320° Rotation | Record Angle: 120° for each camera | Loop Recording: Yes | Auto Record: Yes | Built-in GPS: Yes | G-Sensor: Yes | Support Memory Card: Up to 32GB | Rotatable mount | Buy from Amazon ($40.00)

Bototek Dash Cam

Bototek is another top contender in this segment, that combined with a sleek monitor (3 inches) and a rotatable plastic suction mount that lets you rotate the lens up to 360 degrees. The recording takes place in 1080p at 30fps. This surveillance dash cam comes with a wide 140-degree viewing angle that lets you capture up to 5 lanes easily.

The inbuilt Gravity Sensor in the device automatically detects any collision or vibrations and automatically records footages without any lag. Also, the gravity sensor and the motion sensor facilitate the smooth functioning of the device’s parking mode surveillance. These sensors detect and initiate the camera to shoot videos when vibration or motion is taking place. The camera automatically records a short video till the vibrations rest out and support with inbuilt 200 mAh battery. To get a continuous video recording, you need to equip an external power source (power bank or direct battery wiring).

The Bototek dashboard surveillance camera supports a maximum of 32GB additional space.

Key Features: 1080P@30FPS | G-Sensor | Impact Sensor | Accelerometer | Buy from Amazon

Best Budget Dashcams Priced under $100.00

DashCams under 100 bucks still coming with decent features with HD and 2K resolution video recording and even with G-Sensor and night vision, and these are the optional features for a dash cam that you can select based on your special requirement.

Vantrue N1 Pro Mini 1080P Dash Cam

Vantrue OnDash N1 Pro mini is portable yet influential dash cam coming with an impact sensor and parking mode feature. The motion detector camera can detect the object movements and automatically turn on to record in parking mode. Whether it is day or night, use the dash cam to record clear videos in 1080P resolution at 30fps. Offering better performance and high rate of stability, the dash cam is the best means to provide a good evidence in case of car accident disputes.

With the presence of Sony IMX323 image sensor and 6-layer optical glass lens coming with F1.8 Aperture, add security to your driving experience. The 160-degree wide angle of the camera captures all the surroundings when driving. Press the mode button over the dash cam to capture a detailed snapshot in 2 million pixels without any trouble. It also records your audio with the built-in microphone even in the environment.

The 24 hours parking mode allows the car camera to record automatically when any movements or things come close to the front of your car. You have to connect the camera to the car’s battery or external battery to make sure that the camera is on all the time. Save the space on your memory card by the time-lapse feature of the camera. In Time-lapse mode, the camera captures multiple photos at regular interval and clips them together into a video.

Key Features: HD Video: 1920*1080 at 30 fps| Record Angle: 160° | Loop Recording: Yes | Auto Record: Yes | G-Sensor: Yes | Motion Recorder: Yes | Emergency Lock: Yes | Support Memory Card: Up to 256GB | Buy from Amazon | 25% Discount Code

TaoTronics Dash Cam with Night Vision

This Night Vision supporting dash camera is built with a 400W light sensor and six layers Lenz can record a 2K video at 30 fps or 1080P video at 45 fps. TaoTronics is offering excellent night vision and better performance with razor-sharp pixels while using this camera on the night to record video footage. The rotatable mount can easily move around to record video in a different angle. The camera is powered by sensitive G-Sensor and 370mAh for backup power.

Key Features: 2K Video at 30fps | 1080P at 45 fps| Record Angle: 160° | Loop Recording: Yes | Auto Record: Yes | Night Vision: Yes | Built-in GPS: Yes | G-Sensor: Yes | Support Memory Card: Up to 64GB | Rotatable mount | Buy from Amazon ($69.00)

Rexing V1 Car Dash Cam

Rexing is offering this low price camera with a resolution of 1080P and 170-degree recording angle. This dash came is performing well under low light conditions and ideal for night time driving to record the driving footage. This camera support maximum 128GB memory card size and support loop recording. The G-Sensor will automatically lock and save any video file that was recorded when the camera detected abrupt displacement or drastic change of position.

Key Features: HD Video: 1920*1080 at 30 fps| Record Angle: 170° | Loop Recording: Yes | Auto Record: Yes | G-Sensor: Yes | Emergency Lock: Yes | Support Memory Card: Up to 128GB | Buy from Amazon ($99.00)

Best Budget Dashcams Priced Under $150.00

The dashcams under 150 bucks are capable of giving you all the fancy and premium features like WiFi connectivity, motion sensor, capacitor power source to work in high temperature, etc.

Goluk T1 WiFi FHD Car Dash Cam

Goluk car dash camera is super compact and sleek in design, that can connect to your Android iPhone via Wi-Fi with a dedicated app. This makes you control the camera from your smartphone and also view the video on your phone screen. With 64GB microSD card, the camera can record up to 13-14 hours of lengthy video, with loop recording.

This budget-friendly car dash camera has a built-in accelerometer (G-sensor) to detect the crash and lock the video footage of around 16 seconds long and corresponding data to the memory. The parking security mode can work as a motion sensor dash cam to record 16 seconds video if trigger by motion. This camera built with a 360°Rotatable Structure that can rotate 360 degrees, this lets you record outside and inside your car without removing the camera from the holder. With built-in super capacitor power source instead of a battery, this camera can work at a temperature of 10°F to 140°F.

Key Features: HD Video: 1920×1080 at 30 fps| Record Angle: 152° | WiFi Connectivity | Loop Recording: Yes | Auto Record: Yes | Night Vision: Yes | Built-in GPS: Yes | G-Sensor: Yes | Super Capacitor Power | Support Memory Card: Up to 64GB | 360°Rotatable Structure | Phone Control | Warranty: One Year | Buy from Amazon ($130.00)

Z-Edge Z3 Dashcam

The next one in the list is the Z-Edge Z3. With the new Ambarella A7 processor, this parking mode dashcam is a standout performer among its competitors. This dashboard surveillance camera records footages in 2k UHD quality (2560x1080p) at 30fps. The super wide view of 150 degrees enables clearcut vision with crip details. Combined with a 3-inch LCD and a powerful video recorder, this parking mode dashcam is a really handy tool when you hit the roads.

This dash cam also comes with parking mode combined with loop recording. When you turn on the parking mode, the dash cam will be automatically turned on. When any motion or a collision is detected (with its inbuilt motion and G sensors), the dashcam starts recording 30-seconds long footage. Moreover, it also enables its ‘lock on’ feature to protect from overwriting these videos. Again, the inbuilt battery gives the energy to capture videos when the car power is off.

The sensors that enable a quick response, detect and switch on the dash came parking recording and automatically turns off when no more motion or vibration takes place. Conclusively, the internal battery can last approximately 20 minutes with continuous recording. Hence, If you want to record continuously for a longer time, you will need to buy an external power source (portable power bank, etc.) or direct wire from the car battery.

Moreover, this dashboard surveillance camera comes with a 32GB micro SD card and offers a maximum of 64GB storage space.

Key Features: 2K UHD quality | G-Sensor | Impact Sensor | Accelerometer | Support up to 64GB SD Card | Buy from Amazon

Best Budget Dashcams Priced Under $200.00

The car gash cameras under a price range of $200 are coming with more attractive features, Most of this price range cameras have dedicated dash cam app both for iPhone and Android. These dashcam apps can offer more control on camera and asl support to stream the video on the mobile screen.

KDLINKS DX2 Dashboard Camera

KDLinks DX2 is the ideal solution for those who are looking for Dual Dash Cam to withstand high temperature. This Dual dash cam offers a better performance and night vision with world-class F1.6 Six-Glass lenses.

The High-Quality Li-polymer 3.7v 110mAh battery can bear high/low temperature, that tested: 6+ hours at 170°F, 6+ hours at -40°F. The sensitive AR0330 offer high-quality footage and night vision with the help of six-glass F1.6 lenses. The built-in GPS sensor helps you to locate the vehicle with a dedicated smartphone app. This camera is coming with 16GB micro SD card and one year warranty.

Key Features: Dual Cam | 1080P(front)x720P(rear) | Record Angle: 165°(front)+125°(rear) | Loop Recording: Yes | Auto Record: Yes | Built-in GPS: Yes | G-Sensor: Yes | 3” screen | Rotatable mount | Temp: -40°F to -170°F | Buy from Amazon ($199.95)

Falcon Zero F360 HD Dual Dash Cam

Falcon HD Dashcam is attached to the rearview mirror and has 1080P camera. Both cameras are rotatable up to 180 degrees, and each offers a 120-degree view angle. You can record both cameras at the same time, and the camera support loop recording to overwrite once the memory card is full. The built-in 3.5” screen for the camera can be used for menu functions and also replay the videos recorded on the card.

Key Features: Dula Lens Camera | Cam1-1080P@30fps | Cam2-480P@30fps | 180° Rotation | Record Angle: 120° for each camera | Loop Recording: Yes | Auto Record: Yes | Built-in GPS: Yes | G-Sensor: Yes | Real Mirror | Support Memory Card: Up to 32GB | Buy from Amazon (150.00)

If you are looking for the best dash camera with all premium features, you have to go for dedicated apps, WiFi connectivity, G Sensor and night vision for your camera, that will cost around $200. But for a medium price range of $100-$150, you can get a decent camera with HD quality recording, G-Sensor, and all other basic features.

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