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10 Best Secure USB Drives with Fingerprint Access

The Fingerprint locked USB drives are encrypted and protected from unauthorized access. There is always a hidden risk of losing USB drive with your sensitive and important data when you are on the go. Whether its the pen drives or hard drives, there is a chance of unwanted user accesses anytime. So this time, we decided to deal with some of the best secure USB drives available online.

These USB Drives come with fingerprint access and password encryption, making them highly safe and secure. Oh, yes, we ain’t gonna brag it all way, its time you take a look at our list and make sure you stick to one.

Lexar JumpDrive Fingerprint F35

The Lexar LJDF35 is our best pick because it’s fast, superfast and secure. Lexa drive has the highest degree of file security combined with fingerprint access making it secure and trustworthy. The JumpDrive is one of the most secure USB 3.0 available online and has a
lightning-fast fingerprint authentication for file access. You can set around 10 fingerprints and it can recognize each and everyone in a second.

The JumpDrive F35 is rather easy to set up and doesn’t need any extra software. You can start transferring your files and data with speeds up to 150 MBps. Moreover, this fingerprint flash drive uses the 256 bit AES encryption protocol. It keeps your devices and data safe from malware. The security drive from Lexar works well with the PCs and most of the Macs out there. You can also work with your Android smartphones with the help of an OTG source. Although this secure USB stick works with the USB 3.0 tech, it is compatible with even the USB 2.0. The Lexar secured pen drive is available in 32, 64, 126 and 256 GB sizes.

Key Features: USB 3.0 | 256 bit AES Encryption | 150 MBps Data Speed | 10 fingerprints | Buy from Amazon: Lexar JumpDrive Fingerprint F35

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Kingston Digital DataTraveler

The Kingstone flash drive is convenient and smart. Kingston Data Traveler is pocket-sized with durable metal casings and sturdy outer ring. Its small size makes it a great accessory for your MacBooks and laptops as well as your tablets and iPhones. This high-security flash drive comes with 256-bit encryption and has a capacity range of 64GB.

It works well with the Windows 8 and later versions and on the mac and other iOs versions too. The Kingston 3.0 USB flash drive can transfer your files at a phenomenal rate. A thing worth mentioning is that you can download the urDrive software for your respective platforms from the net. It offers active storage analysis and enables you to organize your files and documents.

Key Features: USB 3.0 | 256 bit AES Encryption | 150 MBps Data Speed | No fingerprints | Buy from Amazon: Kingston Digital DataTraveler

PNY Turbo Flash Drive

The PNY Turbo’s now available in 4 storage variants, the 32, 64, 126 and the 256 GB versions. Its one of those thumb drives that’s protected with the highest encryption standards. This encrypted USB drive has the new USB 3.0 that is built with speed in mind. PNY Turbo drive can give you 10X transfer speeds compared to the conventional USB 2.0. Hence, it’s one of the perfect storage devices that work for storing as well as protecting stored documents.

Moreover, the PNY Turbo supports backward compatibility. That means it works pretty well with the USB 2.0 ports too. When you couple it with the 3.0 UDB port, you get a sequential read speed of up to 100MBps and the write speed up to 57 MBps. Hence it suits those techies and businessmen who are always on the move and for those who need quite a lot of portable storage space quite often.

Key Features: USB 3.0 | 256 bit AES Encryption | 100 MBps Data Speed | No fingerprints | Buy from Amazon: PNY Turbo Flash Drive

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Samsung BAR Plus Flash Drive

Samsung’s a game-changer when it comes to electronic storage devices. It has some phenomenal flash drives and USB sticks that have performed quite exquisitely during the years. Samsung’s newest addition, the Bar Plus features the nee USB 3.1 interface. It’s one of those next-generation flash drives that substitute your normal USB drives with impressive speeds.

The innovative V NAND technology and the enhanced Read/ write speeds give a superiority among its competitors. The read speed clocks up to a most of 300 MBps and writes speeds clock up to a max 100 MBps. This encryption thumb drive is secure come keeps up with all data security standards. Samsung RAR Drive works well with a waterproof, shockproof and temperature proof body. This sees to it that no physical damage takes place at any extreme conditions.

Key Features: USB 3.0 | 256 bit AES Encryption | 300 MBps Read Speed | No fingerprints | Buy from Amazon: Samsung BAR Plus Flash Drive

SanDisk Cruser Glide Flash Drive

The Sandisk Cruser Glide is a reliable and compact USB drive available online. Sandisk Flash Drive comes in 4 storage variants, starting from the 64GB to the 256GB version. SanDisk’s one of the pioneers when it comes to storage devices. Be it the portable hard drives or the USB drives, SanDisk has gained a lot of reputation worldwide. These devices come with the highest security standards and have always been going through rigorous testing each time.

Being security as their highest priority, they rolled out the SanDisk SecureAccess software to protect sensitive files. The Cruser Glide comes with a retractable design that can help in the easy slide-in/ slide-out mechanism. Although the glide comes with cool features it only features the USB 2.0 interface. Yeah, it could have upgraded to the USB 3.0 as most USB drives are coming with it now.

Key Features: USB 3.0 | 256 bit AES Encryption | 300 MBps Read Speed | No fingerprints | Buy from Amazon: SanDisk Cruser Glide Flash Drive

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Aspoir Fingerprint Encrypted USB Stick

The Aspoir USB drive we got here is their latest USB drive with USB 3.1 interface. This thump drive is one of those 32 GB pen drives that is equipped with biometric authentication technology and secure storage access. By biometric, they mean the feature of fingerprint encrypted storage access. It has the ability to detect your fingerprint and can stop unwanted interferences with your personal files.

The high-speed recognition and accurate identification work quite so well to protect your encrypted data. It takes only 0.3 sec to verify your fingerprint and the sensor work in 360 degrees. In fact, you can add up to 10 fingerprints on this device. The plug and play support also enables quick access to your files and documents. The Aspoir USB drive can read your files at around 80MBps and write at 30 MBps thanks yo the USB 3.0.

Key Features: USB 3.0 | 256 bit AES Encryption | 100 MBps Read Speed | 10 fingerprints | Buy from Amazon: Aspoir Fingerprint Encrypted USB Stick

Kootion Fingerprint Encrypted Flash Drive

The Kootion USB drive comes with the USB 3.0 interface. This USB drive features a high-speed fingerprint recognition technology that helps you access encrypted files. This USB fingerprint drive comes in only the 32 GB version at present. It contains a double sector capacity that is protected by fingerprint access.

The fingerprint recognition is so good that it has 360° fingerprint identification. It can, in fact, add up to 10 fingerprints. This encryption USB drive is compatible with almost all PCs, the Windows, and the Mac. Having the 3.0 USB technology, the Kootion Pendrive can provide phenomenal Read and Write speeds. the encrypted USB drive saves your precious time backing up and transferring mass data files with a minimal amount of time.

Key Features: USB 3.0 | 256 bit AES Encryption | 10 fingerprints | Buy from Amazon: Kootion Fingerprint Encrypted Flash Drive

K&ZZ Encrypted Fingerprint Recognition Thumb Drive

The K&ZZ USB flash drive comes with the new USB 3.0 technology coupled with fingerprint recognition technology. This encrypted flash drive comes with a dual-sector arrangement. It consists of a public as well as a private sector that has equal storage capacities. The private sector will be the one popping out while you connect it to your PCs. The personal sector will only work when your fingerprint gets access.

This is the encryption sector that protects all your private files from malware and other users. It supports 360° fingerprint recognition to unlock your personal files within seconds. The USB interface 3.0 lets you transfer files to and fro with lightning speeds. It also works well with the USB 2.0 based devices and ports too.

Key Features: USB 3.0 | 256 bit AES Encryption | 100 MBps Read Speed | 10 fingerprints | Buy from Amazon: K&ZZ Encrypted Fingerprint Recognition Thumb Drive

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Kingston Digital Data Traveler Locker

The Kingston Digital USB drive is a compact and reliable device that has earned quite a lot of attention worldwide. This USB drive comes with personal data protection and automatic cloud backup. It’s a reliable spot to keep your sensitive files and documents intact. The Data traveler uses high-end encryption techniques to safeguard your files. It comes with the USB 3.0 interface making it lightning-fast when it comes to data transfers.

This encrypted thumb drive gives you read speeds of up to 135 Mbps and write speeds of up to 40 Mbps. Also, it’s reverse compatible. That means you can invariably connect it with your generic USB 2.0 ports for file transfers. Coming to the design part, this cool pen drive comes with a metallic body with a keychain hole. The inbuilt key loop makes it convenient to take it out anywhere you like.

Key Features: USB 3.0 | 256 bit AES Encryption | 135 MBps Read Speed | No fingerprints | Buy from Amazon: Kingston Digital Data Traveler Locker

Eaget FU5 Fingerprint Encryption USB Flash Drive

The Eaget FU5 is one of those pen drives that come with fingerprint encryption. It’s made of a finely crafted metal body. This body makes it physically sturdy and strong when it comes to climatic and temperatures stresses. The fingerprint scanner can add up to 8 specimens and can identify every touch within 0.3 sec.

Being a USB 3.0 device, you can be sure about the enhanced data transfer speeds. This USB fingerprint drive can offer up to 100Mbps read and 50 Mbps write speed in sequential mode. You also get the sector-wise storage distribution. The private or encryption sector is where you can keep your sensitive files. The public sector works like the normal USB storage space that can be accessible to every user.

Key Features: USB 3.0 | 256 bit AES Encryption | 135 MBps Read Speed | 10 fingerprints | Buy from Amazon: Eaget FU5

That’s our list of the best secure USB drives that you could find online. Many of the ones in our list consist of the most modern security protocols and have extreme physical built quality and durability. They are extremely suitable for every need and can work seamlessly well. Make sure you stick on to the best one as getting yourself one can give all your data a secure hub.

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