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Dive into Sound: Top 10 Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers of 2023 for Music Everywhere!

The summer is here and it’s time to step outside. Whether you’re planning to have a poolside party or a casual outdoor adventure, make sure to get the best waterproof outdoor speaker. These speakers are rugged and are made for the outdoor enthusiast who look for something more than just partying. There are tons of wireless speakers that are rated and categorized with the IP standards. The IP or IP rating, also known as Ingress Protection rating, is a standard used to classify and rate the degree of protection provided by an electronic device against the intrusion of solids and liquids.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best waterproof Bluetooth speakers that you can get right now. Take a look at what we’ve got in store this time. 



  • High-quality Bass output
  • Great sound profile
  • Portable and user friendly
  • Inbuilt power bank set up


  • No AUX input
  • No Smart Assistant integration
  • No WiFi

Key Features: Bluetooth 5.1 | 30W Max Output | Dual Bass Drivers | IP67 rating | Inbuilt 3600mAh Battery | 20Hours Playback | PartyBoost | Charging Time: 4 Hours

The JBL Charge 5 is one of the best and most powerful waterproof Bluetooth speakers in town. It has some rugged looks and the sound quality is simply amazing. This waterproof speaker with Bluetooth comes with IP67 rating and has a pretty hardcore design. The lightweight design makes it a great device to take it anywhere you go. The dual JBL bass radiators along with the main driver offer a max output of 30W, meaning more power and surround sound when you need it the most.

What makes it the best in its league is its IP67 Rating which makes sure that nothing shakes it off from business even from splashes or immersed under water. Talking about the battery, the JBL Charge 5 comes with an inbuilt Li-Ion 36Ah battery that offers a playback time of 20 hours. The thing we liked the most is that the speaker doubles itself as a dedicated power bank. Apart from Bluetooth 5.1, there are other smart features like the PartyBoost, which enables you to connect multiple JBL PartyBoost-compatible speakers all at once.  

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JBL Charge 5 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with IP67 Waterproof and USB Charge Out -…
  • JBL Pro Sound with an optimized long excursion driver, separate tweeter and dual JBL bass…

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Sonos Roam


  • Portable and Lightweight design
  • Supports both WiFi and Bluetooth
  • Comes with smart assistant integration
  • Compatible with Smart Home devices


  • Lacks AUX output
  • Limited Battery life
  • The Sonos app isn’t user friendly

Key Features: Bluetooth 5.0 | Dual Band WiFi | Class-H digital amplifiers | Inbuilt Mic | Smart Assistant Support | IP67 Rating | Wireless Charging | 10 Hour Battery Backup

The Sonos Roam is the all-rounder that you’ve been looking for. It is packed with great sound, a durable design, and an array of smart features. Unlike most outdoor speakers that feature only Bluetooth, this waterproof speaker comes with both WiFi and Bluetooth. The speaker is equipped with two Class-H amplifiers, a tweeter, and a custom racetrack mid-woofer that are capable of delivering rich sound. It’s rated IP67, meaning it is built for the outdoors. Along with the outdoor capabilities, you get inbuilt dual-band WiFi that supports both the 2.4GHz and the 5GHz.

Coming to other features, there is the smart home assistant integration. This lets you access Alexa or Google Assistant depending on your smart home ecosystem. A thing to note is that the device isn’t compatible with Siri yet. What’s more, the battery on the Sonos Roam lasts for up to 10 hours. There is the USB Type C as well as wireless charging which lets you charge it up in no time.

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Sonos Roam – Lunar White
  • Stream music and more over WiFi, and enjoy easy control with the Sonos app, Apple AirPlay 2, Amazon…

Tribit XSound Go Bluetooth Speaker 


  • Affordable price
  • Good audio quality
  • Long battery life
  • Portable and lightweight


  • Outdated Bluetooth version
  • Lacks support for advanced audio codecs
  • No Smart Home features

Key Features: Bluetooth 4.0 | Dual Drivers | 16W Max Audio Output | IPX7 Rating | Inbuilt Mic | Siri Support | 4400mAh Battery | 24 Hour Music Playback

The Tribit XSound Go is the most compact and affordable Bluetooth waterproof speaker on the list. It is a pretty decent device that gives 100% justice to almost all aspects related to performance and that too under the $50 mark.

The XSound Go comes with a dual 8W driver. It offers exquisite audio once you connect it to Bluetooth. This Waterproof speaker is rated IPX7, making it an affordable outdoor speaker for you to grab this summer. The Tribit XSound Go comes with an inbuilt microphone. This makes it useful for answering calls. It has also built-in support for Siri and there’s a dedicated button to summon your smart assistant.

When it comes to the battery, this waterproof speaker features an inbuilt 4400mAh battery that offers playback of up to 24 hours. There is also the wired input available (3.5mm) but lacks WiFi connectivity. But yet, being a budget outdoor speaker, it’s a pretty good package to consider right now.

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Tribit Bluetooth Speaker, XSound Go Speaker with 16W Loud Sound & Deeper Bass, 24H…
  • KILLER AUDIO: With crystal highs, crisp mids and rich bass, XSound Go creates an immersive listening…

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Bose SoundLink Flex Outdoor Speaker


  • delivers clear, balanced sound with impressive bass for its size.
  • Portable design
  • The ambient volume adjustment feature is good


  • Lacks other connection options like auxiliary or USB inputs
  • Does not offer stereo pairing capabilities
  • No WiFi connectivity

Key Features: Bluetooth 5.1 | Bose Proprietary Audio Technology | IP67 rating | Inbuilt Mic | Google Assistant and Siri Support | USB Type C Charging | Playback Time: 12 Hours | Charging Time: 3 Hours

The Bose SoundLink Flex is a versatile Bluetooth speaker that’s made for the outdoors. It features a portable design and has a custom-built transducer. This portable outdoor speaker comes with Proprietary Position Qtechnology. It detects the ambient surroundings and adjusts the speaker’s volume accordingly. What’s more, the speaker is rated IP67. It is built to resist water, dust, and debris and can even work flawlessly well in wet conditions.

The Bose SoundLink Flex comes with an inbuilt mic. The inbuilt microphone enables hands-free calling, making it easy to take calls without the need to pick up your phone. There is also support for smart home Assistants like Google Assistant and Siri. Apart from the great looks and audio quality, this Bluetooth waterproof speaker offers a great battery backup. You get around 12 to 15 hours of battery backup in optimum volume. Also, thanks to the USB C charging input, the speaker gets fully charged in no time.

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Bose SoundLink Flex Bluetooth Speaker, Portable Speaker with Microphone, Wireless…
  • STATE-OF-ART DESIGN: SoundLink Flex outdoor speaker is packed with exclusive technologies and a…

JBL Xtreme 3


  • Impressive audio with rich bass
  • Audio output is the best in this range
  • Offers a greater degree of portability


  • No WiFi
  • No Smart Assistant support

Key Features: Bluetooth 5.1 | 100W Max Output | IP67 rating | Inbuilt 3600mAh Battery | 15 Hours Playback | PartyBoost | PowerBank | USB Type C and Type A Compatibility

The JBL Xtreme 3 is a great choice if you’re looking for something for your pool party. It is a great Bluetooth speaker that is rated IP67, meaning more fun time this summer than ever. This waterproof speaker comes with four drivers and two bass radiators.  They are flawlessly incorporated into its waterproof housing and in fact, it gives you a feeling of ruggedness every time. It offers a max audio output of 100W and can even go on for more than 15 hours on a single full charge.

Apart from Bluetooth 5.1, there is the wired Input( 3.5mm), making it easy for you to play your favorite tunes anytime. It also supports JBL Connect, which enables you to connect multiple JBL speakers together for a synchronized audio experience. What’s more, the JBL Xtreme 3 features a mammoth rechargeable battery. It offers a battery backup of up to 15 hours on a single full charge. The device even doubles itself as a dedicated power bank. There is USB A as the charging output while the speaker draws its charge from the modern USB Type C input

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JBL Xtreme 3 – Portable Bluetooth Speaker, Powerful Sound and Deep Bass, IP67 Waterproof,…
  • POWERFUL JBL ORIGINAL PRO SOUND: Four drivers and two JBL Bass Radiators effortlessly deliver…

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ULTIMATE EARS WonderBoom 2 Bluetooth Speaker


  • Budget friendly
  • 360-degree sound
  • Rugged and compact design
  • Easy charging
  • Outdoor Boost Mode is impressive


  • No inbuilt mic
  • Lacks smart features

Key Features: Bluetooth 5.1 | Max Audio Output: 10w | Outdoor Boost Mode | IP67 Rating | Aux Input | 13 Hour Music Playback | Charging Time: 2 hours | Micro USB Charging

The Ultimate Ears WonderBoom 2 is yet another excellent waterproof outdoor speaker that’s compact and lightweight. It offers exquisite audio and is simply one of the best outdoor Bluetooth speakers to look out for right now. The WonderBoom flaunts a cylindrical design and is rated IP67. It’s waterproof and can withstand harsh conditions and water immersion.

Talking about the audio, this Bluetooth waterproof speaker features two active and two passive drivers. The drivers work efficiently to give a max audio output of 10W. There is also the Outdoor Boost Mode that enhances the audio capabilities of the speaker. It increases the loudness and makes sure it gives out its signature audio. What’s more, the WonderBoom 2 comes with Bluetooth 5.1 and wired AUX input. this enhances the overall connectivity of the device. Also, you get a max playback of 13 hours and that’s something phenomenal for a portable speaker in this range, compared to its size. 

Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM 2, Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, Big Bass 360 Sound,…
  • Surprisingly bigger 360 sound: Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM 2 is a wireless Bluetooth speaker with…

Ultimate Ears MEGABLAST Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker


  • Dual band WiFi connectivity
  • Alexa inbuilt
  • Strong and Sturdy design


  • Expensive
  • Limited battery backup

Key Features: Bluetooth 5.0 | Dual Band WiFi | Dual Drivers | Alexa Inbuilt | IP67 Rating | Battery Backup: 16 hours

The Ultimate Ears MEGABLAST Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker offers 360° rich and deep audio thanks to its inbuilt drivers. It features two active drivers and two bass radiators and works hand in hand to give you the best possible sound every time. It features Bluetooth 5.0 and also, there is dual-band WiFi for added connectivity. You can easily connect it to your home WiFi and stream music from Spotify or Amazon Music. What’s more, there is an inbuilt mic and support for Voice Assistants. There is Alexa built-in, letting you control music playback, check important messages, and other stuff with voice commands. 

The MegaBlast Bluetooth Waterproof speaker is designed for the outdoors. It has a rugged design and has a unique waterproof housing. It is rated IP67 and can withstand water and dust to the core. The speaker is powered by a rechargeable Li-Ion battery and can last for up to 16 hours on a single full charge. 

Ultimate Ears MEGABLAST Portable Waterproof Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Speaker with Hands-Free…
  • Ultimate Sound: Our most powerful speaker with 360° intensely rich sound, stunning clarity, and…

Sony SRS XE300 Bluetooth Speaker


  • Excellent sound profile with good bass
  • App based EQ adjustments are intuitive
  • Durable and waterproof


  • Unconventional design
  • No recent design update yet

Key Features: Bluetooth 5.2 | Max Audio Output: 7.5W | Clear Audio+ | Sony Music Center App | IP67 Rating | Battery Backup: 16 Hours | USB Type C

The Sony SRS XE300 isn’t the most recent one but is certainly one of the best when it comes to sturdiness and durability. It is made for the outdoors and offers exquisite audio capabilities once connected to your smartphone. Unlike the traditional circular diaphragm, the XE300 features an X-shaped non circular diaphragm. This offers much more sound output.

Coming to connectivity, There is Bluetooth 5.0, and that’s it, there isn’t an AUX or wired input possible. What’s more, with Party Connect, you can combine up to 100 compatible wireless speakers with Bluetooth and play synced music. All these features require you to download the Sony Music Centre app. Talking about the battery, this outdoor Waterproof speaker offers a battery backup of 24 hours. The USB C port gives your quick charging abilities and can even charge the gadget in under 70 minutes.

Sony SRS-XE300 X-Series Wireless Portable-Bluetooth-Speaker, IP67 Waterproof, Dustproof…
  • Line shaped diffuser distributes music evenly across a wide sound stage

JBL Flip 6


  • Great Battery Life
  • Partyboost with other compatible JBL Speakers


  • Lacks WiFi
  • No Voice Assistant compatibility

Key Features: Bluetooth 5.1 | Max Audio Output:20W | Dual 45mm Drivers | IP67 Rating | Battery Capacity: 4800Mah | Battery Backup: 12 Hours | USB Type C

JBL Flip is JBL’s best outdoor speaker series yet and their newest addition, the JBL Flip 6 has much more than what meets the eye. It is a powerful Bluetooth outdoor speaker that offers excellent audio. It comes with a dual driver system that delivers loud and crystal clear sound. Its racetrack shaped woofer along with the tweeters produce distinct lows and highs that are soothing to the ears. The 45mm dual drivers produce a max audio output of 20W.

Talking about the design, Flip 6 flaunts the same iconic cylindrical design as its predecessors. Also, the IP67 rating makes it suitable for all your pool parties and outdoor adventures. It’s waterproof and dustproof and has a great battery backup of 4800mAh. The internal 4800 mAh battery offers a max playtime of 12 hours on a single full charge. And yes, there is the USB Type C that lets you charge it back to 100% in no time.

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JBL Flip 6 – Portable Bluetooth Speaker, powerful sound and deep bass, IPX7 waterproof, 12…
  • Eco-friendly packaging JBL is committed to a more sustainable, earth-friendly packaging. The Flip 6…

Tribit StormBox Micro 2 


  • Great Battery Life
  • Partyboost with other compatible JBL Speakers


  • Lacks WiFi
  • No Voice Assistant compatibility

Key Features: Bluetooth 5.3 | Max Audio Output:10W | 48mm NdFeB Driver | IP67 Rating | TWS Stereo Mode | Battery Backup: 12 Hours | USB Type C | USB PowerBank Inbuilt

The Tribit StormBox Micro 2 is one of the best compact Bluetooth speakers available online. It delivers rich audio with explosive bass, making it suitable for the outdoors. The StormBox Micro 2 comes with a 48mm driver combined with an array of passive radiators. It’s equipped with the XBASS technology that reproduces exquisite bass output coupled with soothing mids and lows.

Unlike other ones on the list, this outdoor waterproof speaker comes with the latest Bluetooth 5.3. It ensures solid wireless connectivity within a range of 120ft. What’s more, the speaker doubles itself as a dedicated power bank that can recharge your connected smartphone. The USB type C input, as well as the output port, lets you pass on charge anytime you need. Also, at a max output of 10W, the battery lasts for around 12 hours, and that’s something worth mentioning as it’s one of the most compact wireless speakers you could ever get right now.

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Tribit Bluetooth Wireless Portable Speaker: 10W Loud Deep Bass Sound, IP67 Waterproof…
  • Best Bluetooth Speakers for 2023: Best value micro Bluetooth speaker – CNET

That’s our list of the best waterproof Bluetooth speakers to look out for in 2023. We’ve included some of the best and the most-rated speakers that you can get right now. From JBL’s spectacular Flip series to the newbie Tribit’s Micro 2, we’ve exhaustively covered the most advanced devices for you. We’ve also included speakers based on the budget but has not compromised on the main aspects, the IP standards and performance. 

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