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Valorant Character Tier List: Best Sentinels in Valorant

The characters and their abilities in Valorant make the game much more enjoyable. Sentinels in Valorant are the defender characters. All agents come with their own special abilities. To become a good ally for your teammates, it is very important for you to learn their abilities. It takes time to learn how to execute all the abilities of the agents carefully.

Here is a complete tier list of Valorant Sentinels characters, their abilities.

Sentinel Valorant Characters

Sentinels are considered defenders of the game. They can defend their teammates and base from enemies using their different abilities. They can track an enemy and even slow them down. This will give your teammates an edge over the enemies. Sentinels work as a support system for duelists and initiators. The sentinel agents are as follows.

1. Sage


Sage the healing expert of Valorant is based in China. The agent manages to lock out enemies from touching her teammates and keeping them revitalized while taking on enemies. Sage who belongs to the sentinel class is good at securing the play area with her abilities.

Sage can create heavy barriers between enemies and her teammates. She can slow down enemies for her teammates to get a clearer shot. But the thing that makes sage super special in a game is her ability to bring back an agent from death. With her fully charged ultimate, nobody can kill her allies. Let us discuss the abilities of sage.

Sage Valorant Character Abilities

  • Healing orb: Got hit by enemies and got a lot of damage in the game, don’t worry sage will help you. Sage has the ability to heal herself and her teammates using her primary ability, the healing orb. Activating this ability will make sage equip a healing orb. Place the crosshair on to the teammates that you wish to heal and activate the ability to heal them gradually over time. The ability can be self-used by pressing the alternate key. This will make sage heal herself gradually while in-game. Sage was the only agent who could heal her teammates before the arrival of Skye. Find cover before healing yourself or teammates since it takes time for the health to regenerate after activating the ability.
  • Slow orb: The next basic ability of sage is the slow orb. If the enemies get caught in the slow orb, they become significantly slower than their normal speed. This makes them an easy target to takedown. To use the ability, press the ability key to equip a slow orb. Now aim using the crosshair and throw the orb. The orb will burst when it gets in contact with the ground and create an area in which enemies become slower. Use these orbs on corners and take in enemies that get stuck there.
  • Barrier orb: This ability creates the strongest fortification in the game. This can lock out enemies from entering a territory and blocks their line of sight. To plant this barricade while in-game, press the ability key. After equipping the barrier orb, hold the alt-fire button and adjust the placement of the barrier. Use the cross-hair to position the orb correctly and press the fire key to plant the barrier. The barrier is so thick that it requires a lot of bullets to break it. Plant this barrier in the entrance of the territory to block enemies. The barrier can also be planted if you see your enemy needs some cover while shooting.
  • Resurrection: The ultimate ability of sage can bring a dead team back to life. When the ultimate ability is charged, sage can approach the dead body of an agent while in-game and revive it. While near the enemy, activate the ultimate. Focus on the teammate to be revived and press the fire button to bring him back to life. This ability is so cool that in effect it gives the power of six agents in one game. Make sure to protect your teammate while reviving since for a few seconds the teammate will be vulnerable.

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2. Cypher

Cypher is a Moroccan agent known for his intel-gathering abilities. The agent can watch any location on the map with his preplaced spy camera. His camera can track down enemies in distant areas. The valorant agent can build cyber cages while in-game that allow the teammates to hide in plain sight.

The intel gathering of Cypher is so strong that he tracks down enemies anywhere on the map using his ultimate. Make sure to watch out for Cypher while gaming, he is always watching you.

Cypher Valorant Character Abilities

  • Spycam: Cypher can place a surveillance camera anywhere around the map using his primary ability. The agent can access the camera from anywhere on the map by pressing the ability key again. The camera can throw a tracking dart on to the enemy that makes him visible through walls. The spycam can be called back by cypher and placed on to somewhere else. Make sure to take cover before viewing the visuals of the camera. This makes cypher highly vulnerable for the enemy to kill. Note that the camera can also be destroyed by the enemies.
  • Cyber cage: This ability is similar to the cloudburst ability of Jett. Cypher can create a cage on the battlefield that helps him to hide from enemies. To use this ability, aim the cross-hair to the required spot and press the ability key. Cypher will throw a circular disc into the ground. Aim this disc and press F to detonate a cage that hides the enemy’s line of sight. The ability can be used twice in each round. The cage will be triggered for a few seconds after which it will be destroyed. The plus point of this cover is that it will create a beep sound if an enemy passes through it.
  • Trapwire: This ability can be used twice in the game. Cypher throws a disc that can create an invisible trap wire on the battlefield. The Trapwire can be attached between two points anywhere on the map. Aim the disc using the crosshair and press the fire button to place it when the indication is in blue color. If the enemy player crosses the trap wire, the Trapwire gets activated. The enemy will get a few second windows to destroy it. If not destroyed, it will reveal the position of the enemy, make him blind and restrict his movements. The Trapwire can also be called back if not activated.
  • Neural theft: Cypher has the ability to find the enemy teammates by analyzing the dead body of a fallen enemy. When the ultimate is fully charged, find an enemy corpse on the battlefield. Cypher scans the dead body using his hat and reveals the location of the remaining agents. This ability is highly useful to find enemy teammates that are rotating or camping.

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3. Killjoy

The engineer in Valorant is based in Germany. She comes with lots of gadgets that make her a one-man army. If killjoy fortifies a location, you have to struggle a lot to get in. She can freeze enemies for a large radius with her ability. Making them unable to move will make it easier for you to kill them. If her turret is placed correctly, it will do the job of an extra agent.

The ability of the killjoy to detect an enemy and damage them using her gadgets is very useful in-game. Fortifying a base is done best when done by killjoy.

Killjoy Valorant Character Abilities

  • Turret: Killjoy comes with a bot that automatically fires at an enemy when detected. The turret has a 180° field of view. The turret is one of the important gadgets that can fortify a territory. Placing the turret is like keeping an agent on the lookout. The turret can be deployed by pressing the ability key. It can be set in two positions, covering the whole 360° view. Even after setting the turret, it can be called back and redeployed by killjoy. The bullets from turrets can significantly damage the enemy’s health.
  • Alarm Bot: The alarm bot can be set in any location by killjoy. It sits idle until an enemy player reaches its range. It detects the enemy player and makes him vulnerable. The bot can be placed by pressing the ability key and pointing to the location using the crosshair. The alarm bot can also be recalled by holding the same ability key. This makes this ability reusable. Make sure that your alarm bot does not get destroyed by the enemy.
  • Nanoswarm: It is basically a grenade that can be detonated by killjoy manually after placing. The agent can place these grenades twice in each round. The nano swarm grenade is so deadly and damages the enemy very quickly. Equip the grenade by pressing the ability key, point the crosshair, and fire to the location where the grenade is to be placed. Note that the grenade cannot be activated if the killjoy dies before activating it.
  • Lockdown: The ultimate ability of the killjoy gives her access to a device that can detain all the enemy players caught in the range of it. Press the ult key to equip the device and plan it on to your desired location. Point the crosshair and press the fire key to activate it. Now the device will start scanning enemies nearby you. The enemies have to either get out of the range of the device or destroy the device to prevent it from getting detained. If not, all the enemy teammates will get stuck and become easy targets. Activating this device along with the planting or defusing of spike will make the enemies think twice before approaching you.

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Having agents that can attack and help you reinforce while you are being attacked makes your team more solid. Sentinel agents excel in this area. Using their abilities they manage to keep the enemy team away for the teammates to prepare for a second push. Make use of sentinels to build a sturdy team.

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