Advertise & Partnership

Every partnership and the needs are different; we are looking for long-term partnerships with businesses who are committed to delivering quality services or products. We provide our best to our clients with an extensive array of solutions to meet their business requirement. We are working with the following advertising options that will be suitable to our most valued advertisers like you to meet your business requirement.

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Ad TypeLocationDuration
BannerSideSide Bar 1 Month (min.)
TextLinkMiddle4 Weeks(min.)
Sponsored ArticlesMore Details2 Years
Product Review Articlesmashtips.com2 Years

LocationAd SizeAd Type
Right Side Bar336X260Image
Right Side Bar300X250Image
Middle of article320X50ImageText
Right Side Bar125X125ImageText

Please drop us an email ( with the details mentioned below to ensure your slot.

1, Ad Options:
2, Ad Slots:
3, Ad Time Period:
4, Ad Topic: (Gadget/Software):
5, Ad Target Link (URL):
6, Budget Expected (min $300):
7, Product Review / Sponsored Article Topic:

Note: We are selective with partners, choosing only those companies/services that meet our quality of standards. We are strictly following the policy to not to encourage ads related to gambling, adult content, or such forbidden topics and related sites. We will not permit any redirects of the given links within the period of advertisement. We reserve our rights to remove the ads without prior intimation If we found these policies are violated at any point in time.