Hide Home Bar Android 10

How to Hide Home Bar on Android 10

A major disadvantage of on-screen navigation buttons on Android has been the screen real estate they end up taking. The full gestural navigation on...
How to upload local songs to Apple Music

How to Upload Local Songs to Apple Music?

Apple provides the top-lass music streaming service through Apple Music. With an Apple ID and monthly subscription to Apple Music, you can listen to...

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Delete Broken Registry Entries Windows 10

How to Delete Broken Registry Entries in Windows 10

Windows registry has always been a source of pain to the users. It is complex, bloated, and often throws up errors. The problem is...
Unlock Mac with Apple Watch

How to Use Apple Watch to Auto Unlock Mac

Apple products have greater sync and compatibility with each other compared to any other gadgets in the market. If you have been unaware all...
Best iPad Cases Screen Protectors

10 Best iPad Cases and Protectors for 2018/19 iPad Models

The iPad cases are not just there to protect the device. The built-in features of the iPad cases are good enough to convert the...