Sync Android Phone With Windows10

How To Sync Android Phone With Windows 10 PC.

The Your Phone app provides instant access to 25 latest pictures shot from your smartphone camera. It lets you read and respond...
Top Siri Commands

Hey, Siri : List of Top 10 Siri Commands on iOS

Have you ever thought of using Siri to increase your productivity? Not yet? Then, you need to think about that. Because Siri can do...

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Convert Web Apps to Desktop Apps

How to Convert Web Apps to Native Desktop Apps (Windows/Mac/Linux)

Chrome OS has been slowly gaining its own space in the world of PCs with Chromebooks. Earlier, Mozilla had also tried something similar with...
Setup AutoFill Safari Mac OS

How to Setup AutoFill in Safari to Save Time.

AutoFill feature in Safari is extremely useful when you fill out a form on Website. In addition to the personal information, Safari can autofill...
Best Portable Mini Projectors

7 Best Portable Mini Projectors for Home and Office

There are dozens of mini projectors of different sizes ranging from those tiny palmtop ones to the tabletop multi-channel projectors. The best thing is...