10 Best Portable USB-C Monitors; Get a Second Monitor for Laptop

The portable monitors aren’t new, they were here all the time and gave the users the freedom of converting their home into a mini...

How to Turn Off All Vibrations on Your iPhone

Vibrations along with the ringtones generally help us to recognize the calls and notifications while standing beside something too noisy. However, we might not...

How to Scroll Up and Down Without Touching the iPhone Screen

When you are scrolling through the Facebook newsfeed or reading an ebook, scrolling becomes an uneasy task. You don't want to swipe your finger...

15 Best Games Like World of Warcraft to Play Online for Free

World of Warcraft is one of the best games that ever released for pc. The game has lots of fans all around the world....

How to Mark All Mails as Read in Gmail

Most Gmail users will have their inbox cluttered with newsletters and promotional emails. Having tons of unread emails will eventually result in missing out...

A Complete Guide to Using Nvidia ShadowPlay to Record and Stream Your Gameplay

Live streaming and the promotion of gaming content are becoming more and more common these days. Gamers are looking for better ways to record...

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