limit YouTube time for Kids

6 YouTube Parental Control Features to Limit YouTube Time for Kids

YouTube app for Android and iOS platforms have recently updated with some important features. These are aimed to reduce the addiction to the internet...
Apple Watch Chargers Straps Accessories-F

10 Best Apple Watch Chargers Straps & Accessories

When you consider buying a new Apple Watch, you should also think about some accessories in order to protect your investment. Neither the Apple...

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Draw Windows 10 Mail App

How to Draw in Windows 10 Mail App

I am not a big fan of Outlook and so when I installed Windows 10 on my laptop, I was apprehensive, to say the...
Best Text Editors for PC

10 Best Text Editors for Windows, Linux and Mac.

Have you ever used a specific programming language to create a file from scratch, like HTML or CSS file? Are you familiar with building...
Charge Phone without Electric Power

How to Charge Mobile Phone without Electric Power?

How do you charge your cell phone without electrical wall power? Whether it is an emergency situation or a typical day, we can't live...