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AOHI MagCube PD 40W Wall Charger and Braided Cables Are Perfect for Your iPhone and MacBook

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Having the right charging accessories are important to keep your iPhone, iPad, and MacBook keep running all day long. If you are in search of top-notch charging products, AOHI has a new set of MagCube Power Delivery 40W wall adapter and a couple of braided cables for your devices.

Let’s take a quick look at the AOHI Fast Charger and Charging cables that you can buy for all your gadgets, be it your iPhone, Galaxy phone, iPad, or even MacBook.

AOHI USB-C 40W Fast Charger

The AOHI USB-C PD fast charger is not only quick but also compact. Givens its portability, the charger allows you to plug in two devices that can be charged via the USB C, which can allocate power to both devices depending on which one requires more energy. 

AOHI 30W USB C Wall Adapter Two Colors

Another cool feature of the AOHI USB-C 40W Fast Charger is that it comes with a charging indicator. The indicator changes lights based on the type of device connected. When it’s an Amber breathing light, it means your device is being fast charged. A solid blue light will indicate standard charging, and a solid green light will show that the device is being trickle charged.

AOHI 30W USB C Wall Adapter LED Indicator Light
AOHI 30W USB C Wall Adapter LED Indicator Light

AOHI says that their charger can also be used for charging your MacBook. Given that the wall adaptor for the MacBook is quite big, let’s take a look at the specifications of the AOHI USB-C 40W Fast Charger.

SpecificationsAOHI USB-C 40W Fast Charger
Max Output40W on a single port, 40W shared with dual cables
USB-C Ports2 USB C Ports
Weight4.2 ounces
Dimensions3.66 x 3.54 x 1.06 inches
LED Indicator3 Color Indicator

You can purchase the AOHI USB-C fast charger in either Amber or Black color. If you care about the color of the charger, the black charger should be your go-to color. The redeeming feature of the charger is that it doesn’t cover up other plugs to the outlet it is plugged into.

AOHI 30W USB C Wall Adapter Connected

Whether charging up an iPhone, a Samsung Galaxy, or any device that supports fast charging, you can rely on this wall adapter from AOHI. They claim that the charger will be able to fully charge your MacBook in about 2 hours and your iPhone 13 Pro Max to 50% in 30 minutes.

AOHI 30W USB C Wall Adapter Connected to Wall Socket

You will get the fast charger, a user manual, and some customer service info in the box. The charger does not come with USB cables. You will have to either use your own or call one of the two USB cables from AOHI that we mention below.

You can purchase the Amber-colored AOHI 40W USB-C fast charger for Price not available and Black-colored one for Price not available.

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Apart from the wall adapter, getting the right charging cable is equally important. The AOHI USB-C to USB-C cable is what you need to be using if you want a robust cable for charging your MacBook, iPads, or Android phones.

Since this cable is USB-C at both ends, you can plug it into the AOHI 40 W charger to juice up any that support USB-C charging. This AOHI USB-C to USB-C cable supports up to 100W fast charging which can vary from device to device.

AOHI 30W USB C to USB C Cable

Let’s take a look at all the specifications of this USB-C cable.

SpecificationsAOHI USB-C to USB-C Cable
Power Delivery100 W
Connector TypeMale to Male USB-C
Data Transfer Rate480 Mbps
Max Current5A
Cable Length6 Feet
Weight3.2 ounces
Cable Thickness4.2 mm

AOHI’s USB-C to USB-C cable has been designed to last long, thanks to its nylon braided coating. It will also be tangle free always. The cable is able to withstand over 30,000 bends. In fact, AOHI also claims that the cable is able to easily carry up to 80 kgs of weight.

AOHI 30W USB C to USB C Cable Fast Charging Pixel 6a

This USB-C cable is black in color with amber accents at the tips of each connector. You will also see the AOHI branding on the housing. There is an E-marker chip inside the USB housing that allows it to automatically change charging speeds based on your device’s charging capability.

Overall, the AOHI USB-C to USB-C cable is perfect in every element. If your cable suddenly malfunctions or you’ve received a faulty cable, you can replace it easily under the 18-month warranty period. AOHI’s USB-C to USB-C 100W braided cable is available for Price not available.

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AOHI USB-C to Lightning Cable

Got an iPhone and looking for a good and reliable cable? AOHI has got you covered. The AOHI USB-C to Lightning cable is the perfect pick for charging your iPhones and older Apple iPads that have the Lightning port.

This is a great cable choice when you pair it with the AOHI 30W fast charger. Since this is an MFi-certified cable, you can easily connect and sync your iPhone/iPad to your Mac or PC. Even your Apple AirPods case can be charged using the AOHI USB-C to Lightning cable.

AOHI 30W USB C to Lightning Braided Cable

Now, let’s take a look at the specifications of the AOHI USB-C to Lightning 40 W charging cable for iPhones and iPads.

SpecificationsAOHI USB-C to Lightning Cable
Power Delivery30W
Connector TypeMale to Male USB-C to Lightning
Data Transfer Rate480 Mbps
Max Current3A
Cable Length6 Feet
Weight2.71 ounces
Cable Thickness4.2 mm

This iPhone cable charger is designed to last for a long time. In fact, OAHI claims that the cable is able to withstand 30,000+ bends and can carry a heavy load of 80kgs without getting damaged. The cable’s housing is made up of zinc alloys.

Similar to the USB-C to USB-C cable, this cable comes in black with amber accents. You can also see the AOHI branding on the cable’s housing. It can fast charge your iPhone 12 to 60% in just  30 minutes when paired with 20W adapter. When you want to transfer files that weigh 1 GB, it should take you  25 seconds to complete the transfer.

In case of any problems with the cable’s day-to-day functioning, you can get it replaced right away. You get a 6ft AOHI USB-C to Lightning 30 W cable for $24.99.

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AOHI’s charger and cables are excellent, long-lasting products that you can rely on to power up a number of your devices. All thanks to its high power delivery system, you can easily get all your devices charged up quickly and safely with the MagCube 40W charger adapter, including your brand-new MacBook Air M2. Plus, the longer warranty period ensures that you are always covered for damages. This is a must-have for those looking to get a new set of cables and chargers.


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