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NAKTO 250W E-Bike Review: Low Budget Electric Bicycle for Beginners

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Here, we’ve got the Nakto 26″ City Electric Bicycle to review. This is a beginner-friendly e-Bike that you can get from Amazon or Walmart for a budget-friendly price. This e-bike has a pretty look, an excellent battery life, three modes of running, including full throttle mode for pure electrical bike experience.

We selected this bike to review since this is a low budget ebike that can fit for an average budget. Let us find out whether the Nakto City Electric Bike is really for you or not.


  1. Nakto Low Budget City eBike
  2. Nakto City eBike Overall Specifications
  3. Nakto City eBike Motor
  4. Nakto eBike Battery
  5. Riding Modes & Controls
  6. Nakto e-Bike Comfort & Protection
  7. Nakto e-Bike Brakes & Lights
  8. Extra Accessories with Nakto eBike
  9. Nakto e-Bike Assembly
  10. What’s in the Box
  11. Nakto e-Bike: Pros and Cons
  12. Accessories to buy
  13. Pricing and Availability

Nakto Low Budget City eBike

The Nakto Electric Bicycle fits into the low-budget class of e-bikes that is suitable for the city rides. It’s an average-sized 26 “*1.75″ tire sized electric bike good for 5.5″ to 6.1” rider. It’s unisex and is made to fit into the class of the antique Dutch Styled bikes.

The bike has everything you need for the city rides. It has an excellent front suspension that allows exceptional comfort on bumpy roads. There is a rear carrier that you can expand with additional side bags to keep your essentials.

Nakto City EBike Side Full
Nakto City EBike

The front fork is made of high-quality carbon steel mix and has superior shock absorption. The adjustable seat and the high-intensity bright front light make it a premium choice for your day to day city commutes. The durable Iron Frame with Aluminum Alloy Hub and the additional battery weight make this eBike to 70Lbs with battery and around 13LBs battery weight.

The front-wheel brake is the V break, good with enough power. The rear brake is the expansion break that is attached to the hub. Brakes are also pretty decent. It doesn’t offer the disc type braking, but overall the braking system is good.

NAKTO 250W Electric Bikes for Adults, Shimano 6-Speed Gear 26" Electric Bicycle 20 MPH...
  • {HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL & AFFORDABLE PRICE} :The electric bikes adopts High-strength Carbon...

Nakto City eBike Overall Specifications

Here is the eBike specification from Nakto. Most of the details are described here and the max speed set to 20mPH. However, if you give a push with pedal assist, you can easily ride up to 30MPh.

Nakto City eBike General Specifications

Frame Material High Strength Carbon Steel, Aluminum alloy hub
Frame Size 26″
Dimensions 68″ x 43″
Stem Steel
Handlebar Aluminum alloy Handlebars
Rims Alloy Rims
Wheel Size 26″ (66.0cm)
Tires CST BFT 26*40inches, inflated to 250-280KPA
Electric Bike Class Class 2 (Pedal assist, Throttle controlled)
Total Weight 50-70 lbs with battery
Warranty One year

NAKTO City E-Bike Electrical/Mechanical Specifications

Motor 250W rear hub brushless motor.
Max Speed 22 Miles/Hour
Gear System Shimano 6 Speed Gears
Cranks Aluminum 3 pieces of bike specialized
Pedal Plastic platform
Tires CST BFT 26″
Brakes V brakes, Rear expansion brakes

NAKTO City E-Bike Battery Specifications

Battery 36V*10Ah Large capacity removable lithium battery
Battery Weight 13 lbs
Charging Time 3-6 hours
Range 22-28 miles with pedal assist

NAKTO City E-Bike Rider Information

Saddle Comfortable Waterproof Memory Foam
Saddle Post Length 25 cms quick release
Rider Height 5.3″ – 6.8″
Body Position Upright Relaxed
Suggested Use City Commuting, Cruising

Even though the rider spec mentioning about a wide range of rider height from 5.3′-6.8′, this is meant for the short term. If you are looking for a long ride, always pick the right frame size bike to avoid any back pain and discomfort.

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Nakto City eBike Motor

The bike comes with a hub motor attached to the rear wheel. An economy low power solution for electric bikes. The motor is a 250W brushless high-speed motor. The 250W is the lowest powered electric motor in this category. However, this good enough to carry 250LBs rider without any issue on normal roads.

A 250W rear-hub brushless-motor powers the Nakto Electric bike. With this 250W Hub motor, you can get speeds of up to 20 to 26MPH on the city road, and that’s remarkable. There is also a 6 level Shimano gear system to assist the rider. It can help you to take the rocky terrains and steep climbs with ease.

Nakto City EBike Rear MotorNakto City EBike Rear Motor

The bike is powered by a 36V battery that rests near the rear end. The motor is powerful enough to give you speeds of up to 22 MPH. Based on our test with pedal assist, we could achieve up to 30MPh on a flat smooth road.

You can use the bike as an e-bike or a regular bike. You can either stroll with it the healthy way or use the motor to commute around the city quickly. The motor system is connected to a 6 level Shimano gear set. It assists you during steep climbs and gives a comfortable riding. The gear shifter is located on the right and has the Pedal assist buttons near to it.

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Nakto eBike Battery

When it comes to the battery, the Nakro Electric bike is equipped with a 36V 10Ah lithium rechargeable battery. The 36V/10Ah is a low power battery compared to other expensive eBikes.The eBikes with 2K and above price comes with a 52V battery to supply enough power for with 500W or 750W mid-drive and rear hub motors.

Nakto City EBike BatteryNakto City EBike Battery

It can very well give you enough power to go up to 22 to 28 miles with pedal assist. The battery is removable, and it comes with charge control and over-voltage protection. Whatsmore, the removable seat lets you slide the battery in and out with ease and gives the bike a better center of gravity.

Nakto City EBike Battery CompartmentNakto City EBike Battery Compartment

The battery charger comes with the bike to charge. You can recharge the battery in under 6 hours, and as said earlier, it gives you a range up to 28MPH. Apart from that, the internal protection circuits are pretty trustworthy, and there’s also the temperature protection too.

You can charge the battery by removing from the bike, or with the bike, The Keys along with the battery compartment, will lock the battery and turn on the power to the bike form the battery. You have to keep the key inside to ride the bike.

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Riding Modes & Controls

The Nakto E-bike offers three riding modes, namely the Pedal Assist, Throttle Mode, and the Normal Mode. The normal mode is the old school method of cycling. Even with the Throttle mode and pedal assists, the pleasure of riding a bike through manual pedaling will never go down.

Nakto City EBike Battery LevelNakto City EBike Battery Level & Pedal Assist Button

The Pedal Mode is designed to ease your efforts while pedaling. You have to turn on the pedaling mode with the red switch on your handlebar. When you start your ride, the speed sensing motors slowly sync the speed of the pedaling to make things easy for you. The sensors attached to the chains signify this to the motor and sync its action with your pedaling.

We noticed that you need a couple of pedaling and a certain speed to kick in the pedaling mode. Once the pedaling mode kicks in, the motor will try to achieve the speed while you are pedaling. If you stop pedaling during this time, the motor stops, and the bike will be in normal driving mode. You can slow down the battery discharge in pedaling mode since the motor will not work the whole time.

The Throttle Mode stands for pure Electric mode is where the fun really is. This one is activated by engaging the half twist throttle lever. There are bikes with a thump, half twist, and full twist throttles.

The throttle mode uses the battery power and, in turn, makes the motor run without any pedaling. Once you switch to the throttle mode, you can sit back and ride the bike like a miniature motorbike. In throttle mode, the motor consumes more power, and the battery will discharge soon compared to the pedaling mode.

Other than in pedaling mode and normal mode, there is no role for the six-speed Shimano Gear system. The throttle mode does not depend on the bike gears at all for rear hub motors. However, if you have a mid-drive motor, the gear system comes to the picture, and you can adjust the speed and power with it.

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Nakto e-Bike Comfort & Protection

The Nakto e-Bike truly gives that Dutch style to your ride. It is built on a sturdy steel frame and ensures better durability. It is strong enough to support the weights of up to 250Lbs. The net weight of the bike is around 57Lbs; when the battery is coupled up, it becomes 70lbs. It is pretty much suitable for the average individual between the range of 5’3″ to 6’2″.

The saddle is average comfort, and you can adjust the height to match with the rider height. We have tested this with 6″ rider, and we feel comfortable with the saddle max height position. There is no shock absorber on the saddle shaft; the attached springs underneath the seat offer a bit of comfort while you ride.

Nakto City EBike Front ViewImage Credit: Nakto

Talking about riding comfort, the first thing worth mentioning is the front suspension. It is pretty neat and is of the same carbon steel material that can get for this low budget price. This is good enough to give shock absorption even on the bumpy city roads. It’s not a good idea to take this bike on trails and off roads, since this designed for smooth roads. This gives you a pretty good riding comfort. The seat height is also adjustable to match your correct riding position.

Nakto e-Bike Brakes & Lights

This Electric City bike features rear expansion and front V-brakes. The rear brake system, coupled up with the gear unit, gives better riding and speed controls. The brakes are quite stable but not powerful like the v-break. Based on our test, we believed that the expansion brake system is not working at all while moving the bike backward. Nakto City EBike FrontThe rear brake is not effective in backward rotation. When you go on the hills and want to stop in the middle, your best bet will be the front v-break. In theory, the requirement for the breaks while rotating the wheels backward is rare. Overall, the break gives a good stopping range, even going at top speeds.

Nakto City EBike SaddleNakto City EBike Saddle

But yet, we really thought they should’ve given the disc brake system to the front wheel. It’s because most of the normal pro bikes are coming with improved front disc brakes and this one being an electric bike could’ve got the discs too.

Extra Accessories with Nakto eBike

Some of the extra accessories that you can equip are the rear end reflectors, rear carrier, kickstand, etc. There is a headlight that you can attach to the front. We feel that the headlight is made of cheap, substandard-quality material. You have to be careful when you fit this on the bike; the mounting is easily breakable with the cheap material case for the light.

Nakto City EBike HeadlightNakto City EBike Headlight

The headlight is powered with the same battery, and you have a slide switch to turn on and off the headlight. The headlight also has a built-in horn, and you have the control press button near the left handle grip.

Nakto City EBike Horn ControlNakto City EBike Horn Button

There is a tail reflector already attached to the rear bike frame. This is just a reflector and no light in it. I wish this reflector as a brake light and reflector light attached to the battery, but you can’t expect too much from this under $700 e-bike.

There is a basket that you get as an additional package when you order the bike. But it isn’t that roomy, so it is okay to equip an additional storage option. The E-bikes are swift, so it is advisable to get yourself the best riding gears, accessories, and helmets. You can get some of the best e-bike accessories here.

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Nakto EBike Assembly

The bike comes with 85-90% assembled. You have to take care of only the front wheel, handle, and additional accessories like the basket and headlamp. The assembly is pretty easy if you didn’t face any missing parts or assembly.

Nakto City EBike PackNakto City EBike Box

In our case, the front wheel was over tight, and we had to lose it for a smooth rotation before we attached it to the bike frame. The box is heavy, more than 70Lbs, including battery. The manual, along with the bike is not much helpful to assemble the bike.

What’s in the Box

With the whole delivery, you get the E-bike, a Li-ion rechargeable battery, a battery charger, a carry basket (send in a separate shipment), a tool kit, user manual, and other documents. Upon arrival, you need to assemble the bike on your own. You can even add an additional carrier for the rear if you prefer. The basket isn’t that much roomy. You can carry some limited groceries or stuff after your ride.

Nakto e-Bike: Pros and Cons

What We Like:

  • Low prices e-Bike
  • Unisex design is suitable for men and women.
  • A low step frame makes it easy to get on and off the bike.
  • Good riding posture for the city rides
  • Tires and brakes are decent for the price.
  • Decent battery life and range

What We Dislike:

  • Rear expansion break is not powerful.
  • The rear hub motor is a basic one (250W)
  • No disc or power breaks.
  • The headlight is built with cheap plastic.
  • No LCD Display.

Accessories to Buy

There are a couple of additional accessories we recommend for long riders. This includes the bone conduction headphone (not going to isolate the sound from the road) mobile holder, bike side mirror, bike rack, water bottle mount, etc.

Pricing and Availability

The Nikto City E-bike is a cool bike to take out for the busy city rides. The cost of the e-bike is just under $700, including shipping from Amazon. It comes with essential accessories and tool kits with the whole delivery. The bike comes with a 1-year warranty and as far as we know.

NAKTO 250W Electric Bikes for Adults, Shimano 6-Speed Gear 26" Electric Bicycle 20 MPH...
  • {HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL & AFFORDABLE PRICE} :The electric bikes adopts High-strength Carbon...

There are few models that come with the same power and battery, but different frames suitable for men and women. There is the same power version for women with a frame almost for the same price.

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The Nakto E-bike is pretty awesome and suits people who use the bikes for their daily commute. It is one of the best beginner-friendly e-bikes without much hurting your wallet. This design, in fact, suits the working moms who need to hit the town pretty often.

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The upright riding posture eliminates the risk of back pain and is suitable for older citizens. Being electric helps reduce the fatigue and exhaustion they might feel on a long stroll. Here, we believe we’ve covered pretty much everything from key features to even the pros and cons of the Nakto City Electric bike.


Battery Range
Value for Money


Nakto city bike is one of the most affordable electric bikes available online from Amazon and Walmart. This city bike comes with a high-quality frame, gear sets, and good battery life and mileage range. This city e-bike form Nakto is the best fit for beginners who don't want to hurt their wallets and still want to enjoy the e-Bike ride.


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Nakto city bike is one of the most affordable electric bikes available online from Amazon and Walmart. This city bike comes with a high-quality frame, gear sets, and good battery life and mileage range. This city e-bike form Nakto is the best fit for beginners who don't want to hurt their wallets and still want to enjoy the e-Bike ride.NAKTO 250W E-Bike Review: Low Budget Electric Bicycle for Beginners