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10 Best Cycling Apps for Android and iPhone

Nowadays, the smartphone has become a key as well as a measure to track your body’s mental and physical status. You can easily track your daily cycling routes with the help of cycling apps aiding in planning the route as well as monitor your training programs. You can access the wide array of bike riding apps out and available get a better track for sports enthusiasts. These apps for cyclists allows the individual to set their goals as well as track their cycling progress on the go.

Here are a couple of cycling apps that come with the feature set that easily matches your demands as well as requirements



Barely requiring any introduction, Starva is quite popular due to its features towards mental and physical fitness. There is no greater or excellent app than this cycling app for keeping tracking data. Serving as a great tool to get feedback regarding your riding manner, the app is also good for finding popular routes.

Track your segment as well as compare your stats with other riders on the leaderboards that include professionals. Calculate your time, the distance along with the average pace and speed while recording your routes in real-time. You can use this bike riding app to know when you are performing faster and reaching your goal in a fast manner.

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Garmin Connect

Garmin ConnectAccess Garmin Connect for the more than just a stop for all your health and fitness data. The app for cyclists is available for you when you require inspiration as well as information when planning to beat your previous goal. Easily synchronized with other apps like Apple Health, Google Fit and Starva, etc, the app packs some great features.

Create customized workouts and earn badges for your accomplishments. Join millions of others who walk, run, cycle as well as strive hard to beat yesterday’s goal. Compatible with every Garmin device, it is great to make your body fit and fine for daily activities.

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Bike Computer

Bike ComputerPedal around with confidence and aim to improve with every ride through the Bike Computer cycling app. Along with the features to keep you updated of your cycling records, it also provides safety with unique Keep me Safe feature. Track accurate metrics without the worry of losing battery with the help of Dark Theme.

Personalize the screen with the data and metrics that matter to you the most. Turn your ride unforgettable as well as memorable with the help of available stickers and overlays. Cycle with other users by finding them nearby your location and navigating towards them. You can save your activity when offline to avoid the trouble of always being online.

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Wahoo Fitness

Wahoo FitnessAccess the great features of the app that doubles up as a running, cycling and fitness app to transform the way you ride and reach your goals. Through the help of cycling app, you can easily motivate yourself and stay informed whether you are riding or running.

Receive all information regarding your data with audio alerts at a regular distance as well as time intervals. Choose the preferred data screens from the 13 screens to see the data that is most important for you. See personalized heart rate zone as well as the most accurate calorie burn count. Be on the right track with the help of the in-app GPS whether you are cycling or running outdoors.

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EndomondoWilling to get most out of your runs, walks, cycling and other exercises, then Endomondo is the best tracking app for cycling. Tracking your running, walking, cycling as well as your track over 50+ sports, the app is popular among the fitness enthusiasts and athletes. Keep a full training log by creating a brief of your training log.

Commit to weekly goals and ask your close ones to play your motivators. Switch to audio feedbacks detailing the distance traveled along with pace/speed for each mile or kilometer. Get instant notifications when you hit your personal best and calibrate your progress. Send as well as receive real-time pep talk vocally through the cycling app for better motivation.

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MapMyRideFor each mile you ride, MapMyRide tracks, record the performance as well as stats to improve the outcome. Get to know new workout routes allowing you to save along with share the favorites. Choose among 600 different sports to keep a full log of the activities to track and map the workout. With the Routes feature, find nearby places to ride as well as save the favorite paths.

Keep an eye on your progress by reviewing the previous workouts with personal goals with this bike tracking app. Adjust the goals as well as the performance by reviewing your previous workouts and riding routines. Take control of your nutrition with the comprehensive look it offers at your calorie intake and burns on connection with MyFitnessPal.

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KomootKomoot is the key to make your outdoor riding perfect and free from troubles. Stay guided through your track, road or path whether you are offline. Plan to the last details from the surface, difficulty as well as the elevation to make it all available at your fingertips.

Access the turn-by-turn voice navigation for having the proper focus on cycling and less distraction from the surroundings. Navigate easily as well as firmly even on the small trails or in woods. Download the outdoor adventures and save the topographic maps with just a tap. Differentiate the hiking path between paved road, terrain and land cover.

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ReliveShare daily cycling activities in 3D video stories to millions of others with Relieve. Show others what it feels to be out there and make some amazing stories in the most enjoyable manner. Make your outdoor activities to look cool as well as carve up your hobby in an amazing manner.

Working with ride tracking apps, this bike app for cyclists allows you to see your entire route in a 3D landscape. See the highlights like maximum speed etc over the app to know more about your journey. Know the key stats and location in real time as well as take photos during the activity to share it with friends.

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CyclemeterOne of the most advanced applications for cyclists, Cyclemeter turns your iOS and Android device into a powerful personal fitness machine. Coming with dependable core features, it allows the user to store unlimited variations of workouts in a space of few songs. There is no need to perform a website login to access the features of the app thoroughly.

With Cyclemeter bike riding app, you can view your workouts on a calendar by routes and in the form of activities also. Go deep into the statistics of your cycling routine with the availability of bar and pie charts. Analyze your performance whether it is in split, interval or zone format without any issue.

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ViewRangerDiscover new routes as well as navigate around with utter confidence through the help of ViewRanger. Make your next hike, run as well as the bike ride easily with the use of this cycling app. Working offline even without the mobile signals, the app offers street maps, aerial and satellite imagery to the users.

Use the Skyline feature of the app and pan over the present landscape to identify it. With a library of 9 million peaks, places and lakes in the world, you can easily see direction arrows for easy navigation. View Ranger bike app also supports Apple Watch as well as OS Wear of Google allowing you to explore through the watch on your hand.

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Best Bicycle Riding Apps for Android & iPhone

The smartphone applications have become more effective than it has been in recent years. Cycling apps currently available in the market have the capability to change your entire cycling manner. Measuring the speed, distance, as well as the pace of your movement, these bike GPS apps allow you to overcome the trouble of remembering your last achieved goal. Along with your map for the route, the app keeps count of your total kilometers allows you to create your custom segments. You can easily access any one of the best bike tracking apps to monitor your daily activity and enjoy your cycling experience better.

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