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Android phone and tablet users, browse here for the latest updates on Android OS from Google. The how-tos and tips for Android phone and apps and tweaks to improve Android phone performance. Find tips and tricks on Google Photos, Android 1, Google Play Store and more. Discover the latest Android games and apps to download in your phone.

Use Two Facebook Accounts Android

How to Use Two Facebook Accounts on Android

Normally, we have one Facebook account, but in certain cases you may have two Facebook accounts for various purposes. They may be running a...

10 Best Android Apps for Amazfit Watches

Amazfit from Huami is an amazing smartwatch lineup that mainly takes fitness and performance as its core. Huami offers Amazfit in a wide range...
How Do You Recognize RCS/SMS Message?

How Do You Recognize RCS/SMS Message

Google is officially rolling out RCS Chat, or RCS Messaging to all Android phones. Many are dubbing this as the iMessage for Android and...
Best PS2 Emulators

10 Best PS2 Emulators for Android

Emulators are programs installed on one system that mimics or portrays the role of another system. Although the gaming experience won’t be the same,...
Top 10 10 Top Android 10 Customizations for OnePlus UsersThings To Do To Customize Android 10 On A OnePlus

10 Top Android 10 Customizations for OnePlus Users

OnePlus has earned a reputation as being one of the best OEMs in terms of its software strategy. The company's OxygenOS skin keeps Android...
Remotely Unlock Windows Using Android Fingerprint

How to Remotely Unlock Windows PC Using Android Fingerprint Scanner

Microsoft Windows 10 Operating System for PCs comes with multiple layers of security to avoid the data breach and privacy breakage. Almost every computer...
Best Nintendo 3DS Emulator Android

10 Best Nintendo 3DS Emulator for Android

Anyone who has used any Nintendo 3DS or GameBoy Advance ever will remember that exciting gaming experience that current consoles might overrun but can’t...
Change Bluetooth Audio Codec Android

How to Change Bluetooth Audio Codec of Your Android Device

You might not know this but wired headphones sound better than wireless headphones (or earbuds) when you hook them up to your phone, computer...
Use Google Recorder App on Android

How to Use Google Recorder App on any Android Phone

Google offers the Recorder feature with its latest flagship smartphones Pixel 4. This voice recorder app is much better than most other recording apps out...
Apps to Get Memoji and Animoji on Android

12 Apps to Get Memoji & Animoji on Android

Although Android smartphones don’t have their own sets of Memoji, there are plenty of apps on the Google Play Store that provides the ease...
How To Search Images On Chrome With Google Lens

How to Search Images on Chrome with Google Lens

Google Lens supports direct image search with Google Chrome. Google Integrates the Lens with Google Chrome browser and you can do any image search...

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