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10 Best Audacity Alternative for Android: List of Best Free Android Audio Editor Apps

Audacity is a popular and high-quality audio editing app. With it, you can import, mix, and combine audio files without any difficulty. But, it is not available for Android users. Not only that but edits you make are mostly destructive, that is they are written permanently to the original audio file so it’s impossible to recover after making mistakes.

Here’s a roundup of the best Android audio editor apps like audacity for Android to help you do all your basic and advanced editing on the go.



If you want to cut the best part of your audio and save it as your ringtone or alarm, you can use AudioLab for that. It is a completely free Android audio editor app that will also let you record quality audio. You can mix audio like a pro like professional desktop mixing.

The music editing app for Android does quite a range of functions like Audio mixing, Tag editing, Audio merging, Audio converter, and many more. You can also easily convert text to speech and speech to text with the app.

AudioLab has a simple, modern, and easy user interface to precisely cut your audio. In this music editing app for Android, you can delete, copy-paste, and add silence to any part of your audio. Moreover, you can change the tempo and pitch of the audio and add effects like echo, whoosh, reverb. With this handy application, you are also able to remove karaoke and other noises from your audio.


  • Easy user interface
  • Convert text to speech
  • Different vocal decimal levels


  • Encountering some issues in mix audio feature

Key Features: Audio trimming | Audio mixing | Tag editing | Instant preview | MP3 cutter | Split audio & reverse audio | Voice remover | Voice changer

Download: AudioLab (Free, In-App Purchases)

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Lexis Audio Editor

Lexis Audio EditorWith this Android audio editor tool, you can easily create new audio recordings. You are also able to edit audio files and save them in the desired audio. Lexis Audio Editor is a recorder and player which you can use to cut, copy, and paste any portion of your audio. You have to make sure that you have enough free space on your SD Card to edit sound files, say 500 MB free memory for a 10 min 48k stereo.

Audio formats like mp3, wav, flac, m4a, aac, and wma are supported in the app. For importing video, it should be mp4, 3gp, or 3g2. The music editing app for Android can help you delete, insert silence, trim, fade in, and fade out like in many other editing apps. It can also mix the current file with another file and uses a 10 band equalizer.


  • Good sound preview
  • Easily create new recordings
  • Supports many audio formats


  • No Audio waveform

Key Features: Recorder & player | Cut, copy, paste | 10 band equalizer | Change tempo, speed, pitch | Compressor

Download: Lexis Audio Editor (Free, In-App Purchases)

Super Sound

Super SoundSuper Sound is an easy Audio editing and powerful music editor app for Android. The app will enable you to cut MP3, splice songs, mix audio, convert format, and many more functions like that. Super Sound is an all in one music editing app for Android in which you can access most of the song editing features. You can also join multiple audio tracks into one.

The music editing app for Android also has an in-built MP3 voice recorder. The recording is pretty simple in this Android audio editor app. It also helps you to remove sound vocals leaving you with the background music. The Android audio editor also is a great tool for creating silent audio files. From your music, if you want to select of a portion and set as your ringtone, Super Sound can help you do that.


  • Powerful audio editing features
  • All in one music editor app
  • Fast audio editing app


  • Point settings for trimming can be re-designed

Key Features: Pitch sound changer | Audio equalizer | Sound volume control | Remove sound vocals | Batch song editing | Ringtone cutter | Audio compression | Ringtone cutter | MP3 voice recorder | Mono sound to stereo converter

Download: Super Sound (Free, In-App Purchases)

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WaveEditorYou can use WaveEditor for editing, recording, and mastering audio. The application is widely used for multi-track mixing and editing. Being an Android audio editor, it includes many visual tools like FFT, oscilloscope, and spectrogram. The best audio editing app supports import formats like 3gp, aac, and more.

You can access the built-in file browser for loading and saving files in WaveEditor. You can also use waveform colors in this app like Audacity for Android. WaveEditor also supports a large variety of file types that make it suitable for audio format conversion and media playback. There are zooming, panning, and selection functions in the music editing app for Android.


  • Record, manage and read speech signal
  • Create sound effects
  • Good sound file manager


  • Issues with playback quality after editing

Key Features: Multi-Track mixing | Visual tools | Single sample editing | Auto pitch tune effect | Recorder widget | Alternative waveform colors

Download: WaveEditor (Free, In-App Purchases)


VolocoVoloco is a beautiful application that has a music library from which you can select tracks to sing or rap over. The Android audio editor app will guess the key of your track and tune your voice to that key. You can use this music editing app for Android for quite a range of functions like automatic tuning, harmony, and vocoding. Besides, you can record your performance in audio or video and can easily share them in Voloco.

Moreover, if you want to do the final mixing in some other apps, that is also possible. You can browse through the Top Tracks section in the app. It will let you check out the professional quality tracks that others made with Voloco. In addition, it presents eight vocal effects preset packs like Starter, Modern Rap, P-Tain, and many more.


  • Easy to share
  • Dozens of presets
  • Real-time autotune


  • Some sound issues
  • Notes/ lyrics not shown

Key Features: Easy to share | Export | Top tracks | Beat library | Dozens of presets

Download: Voloco (Free, In-App Purchases)

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Soundtrap Studio

Soundtrap StudioSoundtrap is your everywhere studio by Spotify. It is an online, collaborative music and podcast recording studio. You can make your music with hundreds of software instruments. Besides, there are many high-quality loops available within the app with which you can record podcasts easily. You can also connect with people using the chat in the studio feature of the app.

Antares Auto-Tune is there if you want to edit your vocals professionally. One of the greatest advantage of the Android audio editor app is that, everything is stored in the cloud. You can start a project in your phone and continue on a computer seamlessly. In addition, you can record vocals and play the built-in sample instruments like piano, organ, drums, and more.


  • Save recordings in the cloud
  • Access from any device
  • Chat in the studio


  • All features don’t work on phone

Key Features: Chat in the studio | Save recordings in cloud | High-quality recorded loops | Record music & podcasts together

Download: Soundtrap Studio (Free, In-App Purchases)

Riff Studio

Riff StudioRiff Studio helps you build a setlist of the songs you want to practice. Besides, you can also set their pitch and speed beforehand. The music editing app for Android also lets you set a pitch without affecting the speed of your track. The pitch will be set in semitones and the speed as a percentage of the original speed. The app has a cool user interface and you don’t require fine motor skills to go with it.

While editing in Riff Studio, you can bookmark difficult parts in your track to come back to it later. Also, you can use the quick-jump feature to jump back to the last point you started playing from in a song. Apart from that, it is also able to slow down audio speed or change music pitch instantly for several audio format types. The Android audio editor lets you save or export adjusted songs to your device in MP3 format.


  • Clean user interface
  • High-quality time-stretching
  • Adjust parameters of song


  • No equalizer

Key Features: Pitch shifting | Time stretching | A-B looper | High quality pitch shifting | Speed & pitch adjustment

Download: Riff Studio (Free, In-App Purchases)

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Bass Booster & Equalizer

Bass Booster & EqualizerThe Bass Booster app comes with a cool spectrum and lets you adjust the sound levels of your music, audio, or video. The Android audio editor works with most music and video players and its usage are pretty simple. It boosts volume above the limit of your device and it has a basic adjustable equalizer. There are 3 widgets in the app.

The music editing app for Android is known for its bass boost effect and stereo surround sound effect. It has five bands equalizer and 10 preset equalizations like Normal, Classic, Dance, Flat, Folk, Heavy Metal, and more. You can use 16 colorful themes available within Bass Booster. Apart from that, you can also control the notifications and customize presets.


  • Has a cool spectrum
  • Control notifications
  • Works with most music & video players


  • Fade in/out effects are not perfect

Key Features: Bass boost effect | Stereo surround sound effect | 10 preset equalizations | Cool spectrum | Notification control | 16 colorful themes | Five bands equalizer

Download: Bass Booster & Equalizer (Free)

AndroSound Audio Editor

AndroSound Audio EditorAndroSound has a handy user interface that enables you to edit audio on your phone easily. This Android audio editor app provides you an organized view of all your audio files. Apart from that, you are also able to trim your audio files and add effects to them and produce ringtones. The Android audio editor app also lets you record sound and make it your ringtone.

Other than that, the audacity for Android assists you to do the basic editing. From within the app, you can trim audio files, delete middle parts, add fade in/out effects, and more. Furthermore, the Android audio editor also lets you add echo, change tempo, and edit audio ID tags. You can start new recordings, trim, and produce your own tones and share them.


  • Create and assign ringtone to your contacts
  • Share audio files
  • Search among audio files


  • Difficulty in finding saved files from file explorer

Key Features: Trim audio files | Fade in/out effect | Export files in MP3, AAC | Search among audio files | Adjust audio formats | Assign ringtone

Download: AndroSound Audio Editor (Free, In-App Purchases)

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Music Editor

Music EditorMusic Editor is a very useful Audio Editor, MP3 Cutter, Ringtone Maker, and Song Editor. With the music editing app for Android, you can cut out a certain part of the music as a ringtone, alarm tone, and notification tone. Also, to trim audio features, you can also use Music Editor to connect multiple audio files into one. In Music Editor, you can also play the audio in reverse.

You can also convert audio formats, convert video to audio, compress the quality of audio, and edit audio metadata. Apart from that, the Android audio editor also lets you change the volume level of the audio, edit ID tags, and more. It is the most powerful and complete MP3 Editor and also has all the features you would ever want in a Music Editor.


  • Nice user interface
  • Connect multiple audio files
  • Change volume level of audio


  • No search option
  • Slight gap between merged sounds

Key Features: Trim audio | Merge audio | Volume booster | Speed editor | Split audio | Tag editor | My creations | Ringtone maker

Download: Music Editor (Free)

These are some of the best Android audio editor apps you can try out instead of Audacity on Android. You can use them to edit your audio tracks and video like a pro. You also saw that most of the music editing app for Android support a wide range of import formats. Do give them a try and let us know which app you were most comfortable working with.

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