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12 Best Budget-Friendly eBikes to Buy in 2020

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It is 2020, the normal bikes are now getting replaced by the electric bikes. It gives an alternative way to speed up your commute without physically getting exhausted. The e-bikes are the greenest way for sustainable rides around the city. The time is already up to upgrade to such a sustainable mode of ride. They offer good battery life and can go on for miles without charging. Most of them are stylish and unique and it is high time you invest in something like electric bikes.

Now, we are listing out some of the best e-bikes or electric bikes you can get in 2020.


  1. Best Electric Mountain Bike
  2. Best Fat Tire Mountain E-Bike
  3. Best Electric City Bike
  4. Best Foldable E-Bike
  5. Best Mid-drive Motor Electric Bikes
  6. Best Electric Bikes – FAQs

Best Electric Mountain Bike

Mountain e-bikes can be more powerful with a rigid frame and dual shock absorbers. The mid-drive motors are ideal for mountain bikes for more stability and balance for the bike. However, the mid-drive Mountain bikes are above 15K range, and not listed here.

Ancheer Electric 26” Mountain E-Bike

The Ancheer Electric 26” Bike is for hardcore cyclists who love to conquer the mountains. It’s a premium eMTB (Electric Mountain Bike) that’s equipped with a powerful 350W high-speed brushless motor. The 350W motor gives you enough thrust for your local commutes, mountain cruise, and much more.

This premium e-bike can give you max speeds of up to 20mph in the throttle mode. With the advanced 36V 10.4Ah Li-ion battery, you can reach a range of up to 22 to 40 miles per charge. The removable battery takes around 4 to 6 hours to fully recharge. Whatsmore, Ancheer e-bike for mountainers comes with Shimano 21 speed gears.

This 26″ mountain bike gives greater terrain adaptability. There is a triple riding mode feature that’s worth mentioning. You can shift between the normal mode, pedal-assist, and throttle mode for a full e-bike experience. The Ancheer eMTB comes with a strong suspension fork, that can absorb most of the impacts, even in an uphill climb. There is also a pair of premium front and rear disc brakes. It gives a pretty decent stopping range in even the worst road conditions.


  • Offers decent speed in Throttle mode
  • 5 pedal assist modes
  • Good display and controls
  • Decent travel range


  • Saddle post too short for taller riders
  • No instructions for the display

Key Features: Aluminum Alloy frame | 26″ wheel diameter | 350W high-speed brushless motor | 21 speed Shimano Gear system | LED 4-speed Smart meter | Pedal Assist | Throttle Mode | 20mph max speed | 22 to 40 miles range | 36V 8Ah Li-ion battery | Front and rear disc brakes | terrain control | Adjustable telescopic front suspension

ANCHEER Electric Bike Electric Mountain Bike 350W 26'' Commuter Ebike, 20MPH Adults...
  • POWERFUL ELECTRIC SYSTEM:With removable 374.4Wh battery, you can pedal assist to 40 miles per...

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Yiilove 26” Mountain Electric Bike

The Yiilove Mountain Electric Bike comes with a high-quality aluminum alloy frame coupled with exquisite looks and style. Yiilove eBike comes with a brushless motor that can kick out 250 Watts power, which helps you conquer moderate trails at ease.

Being a modern mountain e-bike, it comes with a 3 level riding mode and has superior front fork suspension. The riding modes include normal biking, pedal Assist, and pure electric mode. The electric-mode can gain a max speed of up to 22 to 30 mph. The rechargeable 36V 8Ah battery gives you a max riding range of 22 to 28Kms on a single full charge.

To help you get the best of various terrains, this electric mountain bike comes with a 21-speed Classic gear system. There are also dual front and rear disc brakes for reliable stopping and controls. The small LED screen displays ride modes, battery power left, and distance to empty indicators. You also get a powerful LED headlamp and adjustable premium seats too.


  • Sturdy and durable
  • Powerful gear system assist
  • Affordable price
  • Easy assembly


  • Suspensions are a bit stiff
  • Limited colors options
  • Non-removable battery

Key Features: Aluminum Alloy frame | 26″ wheel diameter | 250W brushless motor | 21-speed transmission system | LED 3-speed smart meter | triple riding mode | Pedal Assist | 36V 8Ah battery | 22 to 30km/h max speed | front and rear disc brakes | Adjustable front shock-absorber

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Ancheer Electric Bike (Upgraded)

This bike from Ancheer is the facelift version of the 26” Ancheer e-bike we listed here. For riders who want more power, this electric mountain bike comes with an upgraded 500W brushless motor.

The motor combined with the 12.5 Ah battery gives you a mileage or riding range of 40 miles on a single charge. The high-performance motor and the 21-speed gear system gives you speeds of up to 20mph on the throttle mode. This Ancheer E-bike also comes with 3 riding modes, the normal, Pedal Assist, and the Throttle mode. It comes with adjustable handlebars that give the best in class riding experience.

The durable aluminum alloy frame can carry a maximum weight of 150Kgs and suits well for an average-sized man. Unlike its previous version, this updated version has increased battery capacity and a more powerful motor. This is essential if you’re planning to spend a little more time at the trails.


  • Excellent Price
  • Aluminum Frame with a decent finish
  • Throttle mode is excellent during steep climbs
  • Responsive Pedal assist
  • Useful as motorbike or a regular bike


  • Slower speed compared to other e-bikes
  • Takes around 6 hours to charge

Key Features: Aluminum alloy frame | 26″ wheel diameter | 500W high-speed brushless motors | 21 speed Shimano Gear system | LED Smart meter | headlamp and horn | Pedal Assist | Throttle Mode | 20 mph max speed | 15 to 30 miles range | 36 V 12.5 Ah Li-ion battery | Front and rear disc brakes | terrain control | Adjustable shock-absorbing front suspension

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ANCHEER Electric Bike for Adults, Ebike 26'' Electric Bicycle, 20MPH Adults Electric...
  • Strong Body – The fork is made of carbon steel and the handle bar is made from aluminum alloy....

NCM Prague Electric Mountain Bike

The NCM Prague Electric Mountain Bike is a stylish, lightweight eMTB for those who are looking for a good bicycle under a decent budget. The e-bike comes with a 350W motor, that drives the rear wheel directly.

The 468Wh DeHawk battery pack can last for a couple of hours in your normal ride. To couple up with the energy efficiency it offers, the eMTB has various riding modes. When you ride with Eco mode, the battery can last up to 60 miles straight up.

Telescoping suspensions on the front is capable of carrying you uphill, as well as giving a smooth pedaling experience on roads. Both the front and rear wheels are coupled with mechanical disc breaks and all-rounder tires to ensure grip on all surfaces.

From the riding comfort aspect, you get an aluminum stem and riser handlebars, so that you can have a good command over the bike in trails. Shimano Rapid gear shifter with a 21-speed drivetrain combo can help you make the riding fun.


  • Good battery life
  • Eco mode gives more range
  • Tires provide decent grip
  • Lightweight design


  • Not very powerful at inclines

Key Features: Aluminum alloy frame | 26″/27.5″/29″ wheel diameter | 350W high-speed brushless motors | 21-speed Shimano Gear system | LED Smart meter and controller | Pedal Assistance | Eco Mode | 20 mph max speed | 25-60 miles range max | 36 V 13 Ah Li-ion battery | Front and rear disc brakes | Adjustable shock-absorbing front suspension

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Best Fat Tire Mountain E-Bike

Do you need more balance on trails, then you can chose the fat tire bikes. These tires are wider than normal tires, typically 2″ and above. Get the fat tires, if you need more s table and safe drive on trials.

Speedrid E-Bike

The Speedrid e-bike might not be the sportiest but it is one of the most compact and foldable Mountain e-bike you could grab now. It comes with 20” x 4.0″ fat tires that offer better grip and control on the rocky terrains.

Speedrid fat tire eMTB is a versatile piece of commuter that works well as a city bike as well as a mountain bike. This e-bike comes with a 500W brushless motor that gives a max speed of 21mph on the throttle mode. Combined with the 6-speed gear and the 5 level pedal assists you can go up to 21 mph speed with a range of 40 miles.

The powerful 36V, 12 Ah Li-ion battery can store enough juice for your commute in and around the city. Also, the foldable design makes the e-bike a compact one. This makes it all the more convenient to take out during tour hiking trips and beach rides.

The Speedrid e-bike comes with 3 modes. You get the Human Riding, Pedal-Assist, and the Pure Electric Mode. The front and rear come with disc brakes. There is also the front adjustable suspension fork. At a closer look, you could feel a limiting mountain biking experience due to its folding design. It’s a mix of the city bike that lets you commute all around the city. It pretty well suits the amateur riders.


  • Offers better grip on harsh conditions
  • The foldable design gives more storage options


  • Take a long time recharge
  • Not a hardcore MTB
  • Suspensions aren’t upto the mark

Key features: Aluminum foldable frame | 500W brushless motor | Removable 36V 12.5 Ah battery | Double layer Aluminum Alloy wheel | 20″ * 4.0 Thick tires | Max speed of 21 mph | LCD display meter | 5 level pedal assist | 22 mile riding range

Speedrid Folding Electric Bike Fat Tire Electric Bike 20" 4.0, 500W Powerful Motor, 36V...
  • 500W POWERFULL MOTOR: Equipped with 500W high speed brushless motor, increases stronger...

EcoTric Fat Tire E-Bike

The EcoTric E-bike is a pretty stylish electric MTB that comes with a powerful 500W brushless motor. It’s a hybrid bike that can go out as a casual city by as well as a mountain bike. The 500 Watts brushless motor can take you up to 20mph speed.

There is a removable 36V 13Ah Li-ion battery that gives a max range of up to 40 miles on a single charge. The battery pack is protected with a standard ABS plastic shell.

What makes it stand out from the crowd is that it offers a better grip on almost all terrains thanks to its 24”* 4 thick tires. It is rated anti-skid, can adapt to snow, sand, and other complex terrains.

Apart from the throttle mode, there is also a normal mode as well as the pedal mode that can be toggled easily. The eMTB is coupled with Shimano Acera 7-speed rear gear system that offers good control and easy ascend over the mountains.

There are a dual rear and front disc brake system that has a pretty awesome stopping range. The throttle mode data, speed, and gear levels are shown on a dedicated LED display panel.


  • Lighter than most of the e-bikes
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Good battery and range


  • Batteries take a long time to charge
  • The build quality is average

Key Features: Aluminum alloy frame | 500W high-speed brushless motor | 20″ * 4.0 Thick tires | 7 speed Shimano Gear system | LED Smart meter | headlamp | Pedal Assist | Throttle Mode | 20 mph max speed | 22 to 40 miles range | 36 V 13 Ah Li-ion battery | Front and rear disc brakes | Adjustable shock-absorbing front suspension

Best Electric City Bike

City bikes are meat for daily commute on the smooth roads. You don’t need full suspension for these bikes. However, sine this is electric bike that can reach up to 20Miles, you can have disc breaks and front suspension as an option.

Ancheer 26” Electric City Bike

The Ancheer 26” Electric City bike is a Dutch Styled e-bike that suits your day to day city activities. It is built as a casual city commuter e-bike. Ancheer runs on a 250W motor that lets you cruise at speeds of 16 mph.

The motor draws its power from a 12.5Ah rechargeable battery that offers a max range of 35 miles on a full charge. Unlike other ones, the battery isn’t fixed onto the central beam its fixed on to the rear end of the bike.

The Ancheer City e-bike offers 3 riding modes. These include the Normal mode, Pedal Assist, and the Throttle Mode. There is a 6 speed Shimano gear system that enhance your riding when you set it either to the Pedal Assist or the Throttle mode.

The front and rear tires are coupled with disc brakes. These increase the adaptability and stability amid heavy traffic. Unlike the MTBs you don’t need to lean forward to ride due to its upright riding posture. This reduces back pain and hand fatigue when you ride for a longer time.


  • Good riding posture for the city tours
  • Offers optimum speeds on throttle mode
  • gear systems and the Pedal assists are smooth


  • Take a long time recharge
  • Suspensions are not up to the mark

Key Features: Aluminum alloy frame | Dutch Style | Front and rear Disc brakes | 6 Speed Gears | 26’’ X 1.95 Wheels |  36V 12.5Ah Li-ion battery | 250W motor | Upto 19mph on throttle mode | 35-mile range on throttle mode | LED 3-speed level meter

Nakto Electric City Bike

The Nakto Electric City Bike is normal sized 26” electric bike that comes with minimal and simple styling.  It’s unisex and is made to fit into the class of the antique Dutch Styled bikes. The bike has everything you need for the city rides.

Nakto City Ebike has a good front suspension that allows excellent comfort the bumpy roads. There is a cargo compartment or a carry box to keep your essentials. The front fork is made of high-quality carbon steel mix and has premium shock absorption.

This city e-bike uses a 250W brushless high-speed motor. It is powered by a 36V battery that rests near the rear end. With this, you can get speeds of up to 20 to 26mph. There is also a 6-speed rear Shimano gear system to assist the rider. It doesn’t offer the disc type brakes, but the overall braking experience is pretty decent. You can read the full review NAKTO 250W City Electric Bicycle Review: Low Budget E-Bike for Beginners.


  • Unisex design is suitable for men and women.
  • A low step frame makes it easy to get on and off the bike.
  • Good riding posture for the city rides
  • Tires and brakes are decent for the price.


  • The rear hub motor is a basic one
  • No disc or power breaks.
  • The headlight is built with cheap plastic.

Key features: Aluminum alloy frame | 250W rear hub brushless motor | Upto 22mph on throttle mode | Shimano 6 Speed Gears | V brakes, Rear expansion brakes | 36V*10Ah Rechargeable battery 

Best Foldable E-Bike

You can’t forget the connivance of a foldable bike if you want to explore the new locations every time. The foldable e-bikes are easy to carry and you can take them while you want to explore a new location.

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Elifine Electric Folding Bike

The Elifine e-bike is a foldable electric bike that comes with a 250W brushless motor. It is coupled with a rechargeable 8 Ah battery that can run up to 28km on a full charge.

The Elifine electric folding bike features 3 modes – Normal mode, Pedal Assist, and the Throttle mode. In throttle mode, you can cruise the streets with up to 30kmph. The bike features an aluminum alloy frame that’s foldable so that you can carry it around and keep in your car trunk very easily.

The Elifine e-bike has a 21-speed gear system that helps you during the pedal assist. There is a compact LED display that shows the current riding mode, average speed, and gear when you’re on the roads.

There are front and rear disc brakes and a powerful LED headlamp to aid you on the streets. The shock-absorbing front suspension is pretty neat. It suits both the mountain terrains as well as the city roads.


  • Is a bit lightweight compared to other ones
  • Foldable design helps you store and move them anywhere with ease
  • Easy assembly


  • Not that much suitable for city rides
  • Pedal-assist turns off abruptly

Key features: Aluminum alloy frame | Foldable design | 250W brushless motor | Upto 18 mph on throttle mode | 21-speed gear system | Front and rear disc brakes | 36V*8Ah Rechargeable battery | LCD display meter | LED headlamp

elifine 26'' Electric Folding Mountain Bike with Removable 36V 8AH Lithium-Ion Battery...
  • High Quality Material ---- The electric bicycle adopts 100 percent lightweight aluminum alloy...

Emdaot 20” Folding Electric Bike

The Emdaot e-bike is a foldable electric bike that’s pretty compact. It is a 20” e-bike that works on a 250W brushless motor coupled with a removable Li-ion battery. With this, you can cruise with speeds of up to 15mph on the throttle mode.

This best foldable e-bike adopts a lightweight aluminum alloy frame that can be folded and stored. It takes minimal storage space and you can take it anywhere at ease. The Emdaot e-bike features front and rear disc brakes and has front suspensions. The seat height is low but there is the adjustable handlebar for a comfortable ride.

The 7-speed gear system enhances the riding experience and helps aid in pedal assist and throttle mode. This e-bike comes with a 3-speed smart meter button. You can choose the modes according to your needs and get the battery and speed variations on the meter.


  • The bike has a stable motor of 250 W.
  • The material of the bike is of high quality.


  • The seat is not comfortable for long rides.
  • The battery life does not last for an extended period.

Key features: Aluminum foldable frame | 250W brushless motor | Removable 36V 12.5 Ah battery | Max speed of 15 mph | LCD display meter l Pedal Assist | 43-mile riding range

20" Folding Electric Bike with Removable Large Capacity Lithium-Ion Battery (36V 250W),...
  • The electric bicycle adopts lightweight aluminum alloy collapsible frame for quick folding and easy...

Best Mid-drive Motor Electric Bikes

Mid-drive motors are powerful than rear-drive eBikes. The mountain bikes and trail riding bikes can go for mid-drive motor when converting their bikes to an eBike. In addition to the power, the mid-drive motors are providing more balance to the rider. These bikes are expensive compared to other models, and we want to list a few here.

Schwinn Voyageur

The Schwinn Voyageur e-bike is a mid-range electric bike designed for casual cyclists who look for extra power. It is the perfect choice for local and city rides. The bike comes with a 250W brushless motor coupled with an 8-speed drivetrain gear system.

This Electric bike comes with a lightweight Aluminum frame that looks more like the Dutch-style bike. It gives a pretty neat upright riding position with adjustable handlebars and seats.

It gives you speeds of up to 20mph on the streets. You can get up to 40 miles on the throttle mode thanks to its 36V 10Ah battery. There is also a handlebar LCD display that includes info on pedal assist levels, estimated range, battery life, and many more.

Coming to the front fork and suspensions, the Schwinn Voyageur comes with NEC coil spring suspension. The shock-absorber is adjustable and gives you a comfortable ride on all terrains.


  • Hybrid and versatile use
  • The downtube battery keeps weight low and Enhances balance


  • Low power motor
  • Assembly is a bit complicated

Key features: Hydroformed 6061 Aluminum | 250W Mid-drive motor | Removable 36V 12.5 Ah battery | Max speed of 20 mph | LCD display meter l NEC coil spring suspension | pedal-assist |upto 40 miles on the throttle mode

Schwinn Voyageur Electric Bike, Mid-Drive, Medium Step-Through Frame, Dark Blue
  • The Voyageur ebike is designed for casual cyclists who are looking for extra power on their rides...

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Greenergia Mid Drive E-Bike

The Greenergia e-bike comes with the mid-drive 500W powerful motor. It can let you cruise with speeds of up to 30 to 38kmph on the throttle mode. What makes it appealing is the fact that it offers good power and is reliable and efficient.

There is a 43V 12.5Ah rechargeable battery that is rarely seen outside. Its because the battery is concealed inside the lower frame of the bike. This increases the style and makes it look tough on the roads.

This Mid-drive e-bike comes with an aluminum frame body that is made to last for a lifetime. It also features superior tires that give an excellent grip on riding terrains. There are front and rear disc breaks that enhance the stopping range.

The throttle mode is assisted by the speed sensor and 8-speed rear gear system. There is a small LCD meter that shows speed, gear, pedal-assist levels, and much more. Apart from that, The premium suspension and the adjustable handlebar gives you the best riding experience.


  • The Mid-drive system is far quieter compared to the other ones
  • Powerful motor & battery
  • Stylish and reliable and comes in a decent price tag


  • Bit expensive
  • A bit bulky and not suitable for short riders

Key features: Aluminum alloy frame | 500W Mid-drive motor | 43V 12.5Ah rechargeable battery | Max speed of 30 to 38kmph | hydraulic front and rear disc brakes | LCD display meter | 8-speed rear gear system | NEC coil spring suspension | Pedal Assist

Best Electric Bikes- FAQs

What exactly is an e-bike?

An e-bike uses an electric motor and a battery to give you thrust or power to the normal pedaling action. They help the travel further and faster with less effort without feeling exhaustion. They can be highly helpful on the rocky and mountain trails that are steep and tricky.

Why should you get an e-bike?

They ease up your riding. They are extremely useful in hilly areas and help transfer heavy loads over long distances with relative ease. It is healthier and convenient at the same time. The e-bikes cost you way less compared to cars and motorbikes. They help you stay fit both financially and physically.

What are the different modes of an e-bike?

An e-bike normally comes with the Pedal assist and throttle mode. The throttle mode lets the motor do the business where you only need to give the initial push. The Pedal Assist provides power from the motor to help you pedal easier.

When you turn on pedal assist and choose your level of assist, the motor will provide a certain level of power output as you pedal. This may feel like a slight push as you ride. The sole difference between these two is that in pedal-assist mode, you need to pedal the bike, but with less force whereas on the throttle mode, the motor does it for you.

What type of e-bike should I buy?

The markets are filled with tons of e-bikes that serve different purposes. There are Mountain electric bikes, Urban e-bikes, and electric road bikes. The first step is to choose the right one. Each of them serves different needs and it is important to analyze it before proceeding. For an e-bike, we recommend at last front suspension and disc breaks.

Which motor is best for electric bike?

There are three types of drives for e-bikes. The rear hub motor attached to the rear wheel bub, and comparatively cheaper and low power. There are front hub motors too to attache dot the front wheel. The third one is the mid-drive motors. These are powerful, expensive, and give more stability to the bike.

Which battery is best for electric bike?

The size and quality of the battery determine how long and how far the thing might favor you. Always try to look out for e-bikes with larger battery capacities. These in turn give you more “distance to empty” or mileage on a single charge. The batteries come with a voltage range from 24V to 52V and the capacity starts from 10Ah.

Which e-bike motor has the best power?

The more power to the battery, your bike can ride more easily and carry more weight. The downside is that the powerful battery draws more current from the battery that discharges quickly. If you are a city rider, you may need a lower power motor with a battery to cover 1-2 days’ commute. For a mountain bike, you can have a power full battery and high power motor from 500W onwards.

Choosing the right type of motor does matter. If you are planning to buy an eMTB, then it is better to go for the mid-drive system cause they deliver more power during steep climbs. If your planning to get one for the local rides or the city rides, getting the Hub-drive motor would be okay. These motor types are generally easy to use and low on maintenance. They also cost a fraction less than the mid-drive motor e-bikes.

If you are someone who thinks about climate changes and environmental impacts by vehicles, it is high time you move to an e-bike. Moreover, it is really fun to ride an e-bike, since the motor can assist you most of the way, while only need to pedal a few distances. Choose the best electric bike that suits your need, from the list of e-bikes above.


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