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12 Best Folding Electric Bikes for Teens and Adults to Buy in 2022

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Folding electric bikes are an excellent way to commute around the city while avoiding traffic jams. Should you get a foldable e-bike with a 750W motor or a 500W motor? Do you need a 12A lithium battery or something even more powerful? To answer all your questions, w have listed a handful of the best folding electric bikes for teens and adults.

So without further ado, here is our list of electric bikes that will surely offer you the best bang for your buck without compromising quality.

Engwe EP-2 PRO Folding Electric Bike

ENGWE 750W Folding Electric Bike for Adults

The Engwe EP-2 PRO is a fat tire electric bike with a 750W hub motor and 7-speed shifter. This ready-to-travel, the easy-to-store electric bike holds up to 330 lbs, suitable for teens and adults. Anyone from 5’10” to 6’12” can comfortably ride this e-bike without discomfort.

The quick-release in the middle of the stem lets you fold the ebike in just a few seconds. You can then carry the ebike just like a suitcase or put it in your car’s trunk without wasting space.

The fat tires offer great traction and off-roading capabilities, yet, they might not be suitable for flat road or long-distance riding. Engwe’s ebike sports mechanical disc breaks and a lockable suspension fork front for safety and riding comfort. The EP-2 PRO also features LED front and back lights.

The twist power assistance feature helps you reach the maximum throttle just by half-twist. Three riding modes, including pedal assist, are present to make your evening rides effortless. The 750W brushless hub motor can pull up to 60nm of torque, which proves its hill riding and offroading capabilities. The ebike comes 85% assembled, and you just need a couple of wrenches to assemble the rest.


  • Sturdy frame
  • Adjustable seat and handlebar
  • Lockable front fork suspension


  • Not powerful enough for heavy offroading
  • Faulty battery

Key Features: 6061 Alloy Frame | Adjustable Seat and Handlebar | 20-inch wheel | 750W Brushless Gear Motor | Max. Speed of 28 MPH | 12.8A lithium battery | 25-mile range | 7-speed transmission | leather seat | 85% pre-assembled | 330lbs Max Load | HD LCD Display

ENGWE 750W Folding Electric Bike for Adults 20" 4.0 Fat Tire Mountain Beach Snow Bicycles...
  • 【 🎉Peak 960W Motor and Long Battery Life】 The ENGWE EP-2 PRO electric bike is equipped with a...

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Swagtron Swagcycle Pro

Swagtron Swagcycle Pro Pedal-Free App-Enabled Folding Electric Bike

The SwagtronSwagcycle Pro is a tiny electric bike, but don’t let its size fool you. This tiny foldable bike houses a powerful motor that delivers speeds up to 18 MPH and allows the bike to climb hills with inclinations up to 12 degrees. Unlike other bikes on our list, the Swagcycles has a pedal-free design means you will be commuting only with the throttle and no pedaling involved.

A single charge will let you ride the Swagcycle pro for up to 15 miles. When paired with the ‘Swagcycle 2’ app, you can also monitor and track your trip, speed, and GPS location. The battery pack has an inbuilt compartment to store the charging cable so you can plug in the ebike anywhere you go. Also, one USB port is given to charge your phone on the go.

The folding electric bike has a 10-inch back wheel with a 250W hub motor and a bigger 12-inch wheel that guides the bike forward. You can only collapse the handlebar neck, but the rest of the stem is not foldable. Still, the ebike is easy to carry on a daily basis. The front and rear mechanical disc brakes give enough stopping power for the folding ebike.


  • Smart connectivity
  • Pedal-free design


  • Underpowered motor
  • Not completely collapsible

Key Features: Aluminum body | 12-inch wheel | 350W Brushless Gear Motor | Max. Speed of 18 MPH | 4.4 Ah Lithium-ion battery | 15.5-mile range | 3hr charging time | Dual Disc Brakes | Pedal-free Design | Collaspable Neck | Air-filled Tires | 264 lbs Max Load | App-Enabled | 4-speed transmission

Swagtron Swagcycle Pro Pedal-Free App-Enabled Folding Electric Bike with USB Port to...
  • Robust and foldable; the e bike’s sturdy frame can support up to 264 pounds and collapse its stem...

Gyroor C3 Folding Electric Bike

Gyroor C3 Folding Electric Bike for Adults Teens

Weighing a hefty 48 pounds, Gyroor C3 is a heavy folding electric bike. The Gyroor C3 has a powerful 450W motor that can make climbing even a 15-degree steep a breeze. Although the bike looks tiny overall, the bulky stem and battery compartment make it heavy to lift, especially when taking public transit.

This versatile bike has a dual disc break so you can be sure the bike will stop at the very second you want it to. With a top speed of 18.6 mph and a range of up to 28 miles per charge, the Gyoor C3 is an efficient bike for city rides. You can recharge the battery in under 5 hours.

The shock absorbers in this folding ebike are a boon for when you are riding a bumpy road or an uneven surface. There is an LCD screen for speedo and odometer reading, but no app support is provided. The ebike does not have a “fold in half” mechanism as its handle stem is the only collapsible body part.


  • Shock absorbers
  • Easy to fold
  • LCD Display


  • No gear shifters
  • Heavy ebike
  • Limited folding

Key Features: Aluminum body | 14-inch wheel | 450W Motor | Max. Speed of 18.6 MPH | 10.5 Ah Lithium-ion battery | 28-mile range | 5hr charging time | Dual Disc Brakes | 265 lbs Max Load | 15 Degree Climbing

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Gotrax EBE1 16″ Foldable Electric Bike

Gotrax EBE1 16 inch Foldable Electric Bike

Gotrax EBE1 is a full-size folding electric bike with a 350W rear wheel hub motor. The lightweight alloy frame can be folded from the middle and easily carried to anywhere. The removable 7.5Ah battery has a range of up to 25 miles on pedal assistance and 15.5 miles on pure electric drive. It takes anywhere from around 4 hours to 6 hours in order to juice up the battery, and once fully charged, it can travel as fast as 15.5MPH.

An LED display and front lights offer good visibility at night. It can carry up to 265 pounds of load at ease. The rear shock absorber in this ebike can deliver a smooth ride even on bumpy roads. Standard disc brakes are provided at the front and rear wheels. Although, the lack of additional gears could be a turnoff for daily riders.


  • Completely collapsible
  • Rear suspension
  • Battery Indicator


  • No LED taillight
  • Unreliable battery

Key Features: Aluminum body | 16-inch wheel | 350W Motor | Max. Speed of 15.5 MPH | 7.5 Ah Lithium-ion battery | 27.9-mile range | 4hr charging time | 160MM Dual Brake System | Max Load up to 265 lbs

Gotrax EBE1 16" Electric Bike for Adults, 25km/h & 25KM Range by 350W, Foldable Commuter...
  • 🚲【COMFORTABLE AND SAFE RIDING】The GOTRAX EBE1 electric bike is equipped with a rear...

Ancheer 16-inch Folding Electric Bike

ANCHEER 16 inch Folding Electric Bike for Adults

The Ancheer electric bike is a small foldable bike best suited for daytime commuting in and around the city. The folding ebike has a 250W stable brushless rear hub motor that allows it to carry a load of up to 220 pounds and still obtain a range of around 30 miles on a single charge.

You may speed up to 19mph through throttle or pedal-assist. There are three riding modes available: pedal mode, throttle mode, and pedal-assist mode, which all depend on your riding preference and needs. The bike generates a maximum torque of up to 34Nm, which enable it to scale hills with an inclination of even 10 to 15 degrees.

The battery pack for this ebike is installed behind the seat post, and it is easy to remove as well. Quick-release in the middle of the frame makes it easy to fold and carry the ebike anywhere. The folding ebike is suitable for anyone under 220lbs and between 5ft and 6.2ft.


  • Removable battery
  • Completely foldable
  • Easy installation


  • No headlights
  • Battery not secure
  • Weak motor

Key Features: Aluminum body | 16-inch wheel | 250W rear wheel motor.| Max. Speed of 19 MPH | 8 Ah Lithium-ion battery | 30-mile range| 3hr charging time | Dual Brake System | Max Load up to 220 lbs | 90% Pre-assembled

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‎Xprit TDT1401Z Folding Electric Bike

XPRIT Folding Electric Bike

Xprit ebike is another light and portable folding electric bike on our list. This bike is powered by a 250W motor that can be charged both on and off the bike, meaning the battery is removable. This battery is, however, protected with the built-in lock. A rear luggage rack is fitted in the Xprit folding ebike to carry any items while riding.

The bike has a maximum range of 27.9 miles on a single charge, and it can reach speeds up to 15.5 mph within seconds. Additional accessories, including bottle holders, front and rear lamps, fenders, and safety reflectors, are included right out of the retail package.

The folding ebike can be collapsed to fit in a minimal space, be it your trunk or inside a subway. Both the handlebar and main frame are foldable. One thing to note is that you get only single gear on this folding ebike, and the pedal-assist mode is limited to level 1.


  • Rear luggage rack
  • Removable locking battery
  • Bright LED headlight


  • Substandard build quality
  • Difficult assembly

Key Features: Aluminum alloy body | 14-inch wheel | 250W Motor | Max. Speed of 15.5mph | 10 Ah Lithium-ion battery | 27.9-mile range | 3hr charging time | Max Load up to 264 lbs | Dual Braking System

XPRIT Folding Electric Bike, Light Weight, LCD Display, Full Throttle/Pedal Assist (14''...
  • UL2271 Certified 36V/10Ah Battery together with 250W Brushless Motor can boost the bike to 15.5mph...

Jasion EB7 Electric Bike for Adults

Jasion EB7 Electric Bike for Adults

Jasion EB7 foldable electric bike weighs almost 50 pounds, partially due to its aluminum body and a huge 500W battery. This battery can last anywhere from 20 to 40 miles depending on usage and terrain. The dual suspension system and dual disc system are both essential features that boost not only the rider’s comfort but also your safety too.

This folding electric bike also comes equipped with a pair of huge 20-inch fat tires that makes offroading easy and fun. The throttle works using a half-twist mechanism which prevents accidental activation and thereby avoids injury. The LCD displays the speed and range information.

For the cycling enthusiast in you, there is a 7-speed Shimano gear system for you to ride through any terrain. You can also carry the electric bike to buses, trams, or subways by folding it in a couple of steps. A USB port is also placed under the LCD screen to charge your phone while on the ride.


  • 7-speed gear
  • Throttle twist
  • Dual suspension


  • Not comfortable for all ages
  • Heavy ebike

Key Features: Alloy Frame | Adjustable Seat and Handlebar | 20-inch wheel | 500W Brushless Gear Motor | Max. Speed of 26 MPH | 10Ah lithium battery | 40-mile range | 7-speed transmission | Dual suspension system | Dual disc brake

Jasion EB7 2.0 Electric Bike for Adults, 850W Motor 28MPH Max Speed Folding Ebike, 48V...
  • Jasion EB7 2.0 Electric Bike with Front and Rear Fenders, Rear Rack, New LCD display. Powerful Motor...

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ECOTRIC Foldable Electric Bike

ECOTRIC Electric Bike 500W Foldaway

The Ecotric fat tire ebike packs a punch; from the 500W brushless motor to the giant 20-inch fat wheels. It has four easily switchable riding modes that make riding adventurous and fun. This folding ebike puts out a very impressive range between 30 and 45 miles even with a maximum load of 200 pounds while in pedal-assist mode.

The Shimano 7-speed gear system with the hub motor lets you ride with 20MPH max speed. Both wheels are given disc brakes for safe braking even at higher speeds. The removable battery sits behind the seat and has a lock for safety measures.

The folding ebike is upgradable with accessories from Ecotric, including a folding lock, bag, phone case, and even a suspension upgrade.


  • Four riding modes
  • Color LCD screen
  • Dual suspension
  • Removable battery


  • Low-quality build
  • Improper welding

Key Features: Aluminum Alloy Frame | Adjustable Seat and Handlebar | 20-inch wheel | 500W Brushless Gear Motor | Max. Speed of 20 MPH | 15Ah Lithium Battery | 45-mile range | 7-Speed Shimano Gear | Double Suspension Fork | Mechanical Disc 160mm Rotor | Smart LCD Dashboard | Max. Load of 200 pounds | 5-hour Charging Time

ECOTRIC Beginner Electric Bike 500W Foldaway E Bike 20" Fat Tire Offroad Folding Electric...
  • 500W GEAR MOTOR- Brushless geared hub motor Strong power High efficiency Quieter, lighter, smoother....

VIVI Foldable Electric Bike

VIVI Folding Electric Bike for Adults

With 26-inch tires and a 40-mile battery range, this mammoth of an e-bike is from Vivi. Strong and durable, this bike has an aluminum alloy frame with a dual suspension system to withstand on any trail conditions.

The rear wheel is equipped with a 350W brushless hub motor. The folding ebike can reach speeds up to 20 mph. Apart from the standard three riding modes (pedal, throttle, pedal-assist), there is a booster mode that lets you push the ebike in case you have to take it up a steeper hill.

Due to the front and rear dual disc braking system, the bike has an excellent stopping distance of 2m meaning if you slam the breaks, your electric bike will come to a complete halt in equal to or less than 2m. This bike also comes 85% assembled, so you won’t waste much time setting it up.


  • IP54 Waterproof
  • Removable battery
  • Four riding-modes


  • No taillight
  • The battery doesn’t fully charge
  • Not suitable for all terrains

Key Features: Aluminum Alloy Frame | Adjustable Seat and Handlebar | 26-inch wheel | 350W Brushless Gear Motor | Max. Speed of 20 MPH | 10.4Ah Lithium Battery | 40-mile range | 21-Speed Shimano Drivetrain | Suspension Fork | Smart LCD Dashboard | 4 hours Charging Time | 85% pre-assembled | Climb up to 30-degree slopes

Vivi Electric Bike, 20" Electric Bike Folding Electric Bike 500W Ebikes for Adults, Adult...
  • 【500W ADULT ELECTRIC BIKES】The electric bicycle is equipped with a high-power high-speed...

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DYU S2 Electric Bike

DYU S2 10 inch Mini Size Folding Electric Bicycle

This odd-looking foldable electric bike is called DYU S2. This folding ebike bike has a pair of 10-inch tires which are rather small compared to industry standards but, in turn, make handling and carrying the bike a cakewalk. The S2 ebike has a 250W motor that lets users ride up to a 15-degree inclination.

The integrated tail lamp and the fish-fin mudguard give this bike an out-of-this-world look. The eye-catchy design also hides the battery compartment within the frame itself. That means you cannot remove the battery but can plug it in directly for about 4-6 hours to charge it fully.

S2 has an LED headlight and dual disc braking system, making this a very safe bike to use. The tiny ebike from DYU can only attain a max speed of 15 MPH, but the battery can last up to 45 miles, depending on how you ride. And yes, the bike has a pedal and lets you ride with pedal assist.


  • Futuristic design
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to carry


  • Underpowered motor
  • Non-removable battery
  • Comes in one-color only

Key Features: Aluminum Alloy Frame | Adjustable Seat and Handlebar | 10-inch wheel | 250W Motor | Max. Speed of 15.5 MPH | 10Ah Lithium Battery |37-mile range | 4 hours Charging Time | 90% pre-assembled | Climb up to 15-degree slopes | Fixed speed cruise control | Max. Load of 265 pounds

SOHOO Folding Fat Tire Ebike

SOHOO Adult Step-Over Step-Thru Folding Fat Tire E-Bike

Sohoo S126 foldable electric bike has huge 20-inch tires and comfortable seating that lets you tackle any terrain with ease. Unlike other competitors, this model from the Sohoo sports a mirror for checking traffic behind. Powered by 12Ah lithium-ion battery, which in turn runs a 500W motor.

This Sohoo electric bike also has a 5-inch LCD display, along with completely watertight connectors and wiring. This folding ebike supports any rider within a height between 5.2ft to 6.4ft.

The step-over design of the ebike is mostly suitable for adults. If you are looking for an ebike with a step-through design to hop in and out easily, check our next ebike on the list.


  • Sturdy design
  • LCD Backlit Display
  • 5 Power Levels
  • Foldable Pedal
  • Waterproof Connectors
  • Responsive electric motor


  • No taillight
  • Bad suspension fork
  • Low customization
  • Loose battery clamp
  • No turn signals

Key Features: 160mm Double Disc Brake | 20-inch tire | Top Speed of 28mph | 13Ah Lithium Battery | 7-Speed “Shimano” Drivetrain | Charging Time of 5 Hours | 6061 Aluminum-Alloy Folding Frame | Total Payload Capacity of 290 lbs | Climb up to 25-degree slopes | Removable anti-theft battery | Range of 55-miles on a single charge

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Heybike Ranger Electric Bike

Heybike Ranger Electric Bike for Adults Foldable

Heybike Ranger is optimized to better fit the city rides. This foldable ebike is best suited for city traffic, moderate trails, and neighborhoods. The step-through design with adjustable handlebar and saddle post make it suitable for riders of any height.

A 500W brushless rear hub motor powers this ebike using a 15Ah lithium-ion battery. The Heybike Ranger also has a 7-Speed Shimano gear system and 20-inch tires that let you conquer any slope without breaking a sweat. The folding ebike from Heybike has a top speed of up to 25 Mph and a battery range of around 40 miles per charge.

Heybike Ranger also comes equipped with both front and seat suspension that further increases the comfort of the rider. Ranger’s max load capacity is around 330lbs, so no worries about your body weight. Like many other folding bikes, you can collapse the Heybike Ranger from the middle of the frame and the handlebar vertically.


  • Step-through design
  • Removable battery
  • Storage spaces
  • Puncture-resistant tires


  • Defective speedometer
  • Easily scratched

Key Features: Dual Front and Seat Suspension | Adjustable Seat and Handlebar | 20-inch wheel | 500W Brushless Gear Motor | Max. Speed of 25 MPH | 15A lithium battery | 40-mile battery range | 7-speed transmission | 330lbs Max Load | HD LCD Display. Buy from Amazon

Heybike Ranger Electric Bike for Adults 500W Foldable Ebike with 48V 15Ah Removable...
  • 55 MILES RANGE & 25MPH TOP SPEED-- Ranger is equipped with a larger capacity 48V 15Ah battery and a...

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Electric bikes make the commute easier, and being foldable means, you get to carry your bike anywhere. Whether buying an ebike for your teen or even for you, the above-listed ebikes can deliver you the best riding experience paired with durability and style.


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