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Gyroor C2 Folding eBike Review: Futuristic Electric Bike That Rolls with You

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E-bikes are taking the world by storm. They run at minimal cost, almost make no noise, are eco-friendly, have a minimal environmental impact, are lightweight, and much more. The Gyroor C2 is a futuristic e-bike that comes with versatile features to let you roll at ease. The question is, does the Gyroor C2 eBike fit your need? Well, only one way to find out.

We’ve been living with the Gyroor C2 eBike for quite a while now. Read on to hear our voice and see if it’s the right choice for you.

Gyroor C2 EBike: Overview

When I unpacked this bike first time, I was so surprised by the minimal design concept of this model. The Gyroor C2 eBike is not another addition to the e-bike market. Unlike other bikes you have seen, the Gyroor C2 does not have a drivetrain. There is no pedals, cranks, chain, cogs, or other conventional mechanical parts.

Gyroor C2 stands out with the “completely foldable” design, which is rare. This moves the C2 a notch above the rest.

Regarding the foldable eBikes, Gyroor C2 stands out with the “completely foldable” design, which is rare. Per the spec, the bike can be folded to save 50% of the space. Pretty easy to carry inside your car trunk when you want to take your bike to the trail. This moves the C2 a notch above the rest. And to add the cherry on top, once the C2’s folded, three mini wheels make it easy for you to roll it anywhere. You can stow it away to make those short trips after that.

Gyroor C2 Ebike Overview

This all-electric bike is powered by its dedicated 450W brushless motor with 36V/10Ah. Gyroor promises to run the bike up to 20 miles on a single charge (5 hours). The Gyroor C2 eBike can reach a top speed of 18.6mph (30Km/H), built with a 14″ pneumatic tire. There is a LED display in the front to show you all the information like battery level, speed, and power. The bike can carry a maximum load of 265LBS.

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Gyroor C2 Folding Ebike: Specifications

Gyroor C2 eBike: General Specifications

Frame MaterialAerospace-grade Aluminum Alloy frame
HandlebarAluminum alloy
Tire Size14″ Pneumatic tires
Saddle Post2 ft from ground level
Total Weight53lbs with battery
Warranty1-year warranty, six months for battery

Gyroor C2 eBike: Electrical/Mechanical Specifications

Motor450W (36V, 10AH) Brushless Rear Hub Motor
Max Speed19 Miles/Hour
PedalFixed resting footpegs
BrakesDisc Brakes & EABS

Gyroor C2 eBike: Battery Specifications

Battery10Ah battery
Charging Time~5 hours
Range20 Miles

Gyroor C2 eBike: Rider Information

Age PreferredTeens & Adults
Body PositionUpright Relaxed
Suggested UseCruising, Commuting, Short-rides
Total Payload265 lbs

C2 Design

E-bikes are here to add to your convenience, reduce pollution and save a buck. But, this does not mean it should look boring; the Gyroor C2 E-Bike doesn’t. It not only looks cool and tidy but is practical as well. Let’s see how the Gyroor C2 ebike makes so much practical sense to the daily commuters.

Gyroor C2 Ebike Overall Design

Portable Frame: The Gyroor C2 eBike has a patented C shape design, and a 3-fold design makes it demand less room to carry around. The additional trolly wheels and handle design offer more portability. It might look small and delicate in pictures, but in reality, it is a bit heavy and strong.

Gyroor C2 Ebike Folded and Placed Inside Trunk

Dimensions: The Gyroor C2 eBike stands 940mm high (37″) and 1100mm (43.3″) in length, and the seat height is 740mm (29.1″), and these are fixed. These dimensions render a sturdy stance with a combination of silver and black. The footpegs are about half feet above the ground, fair enough to roll from the curb to the road.

Gyroor C2 Ebike Tires

Stylish Design: The Gyroor C2 eBike not only looks tough, but it is stylish, unique design makes it cute. The C2 is built out of IPX4 Aerospace aluminum alloy. The wheels are shod with wear-resistant, anti-skid, and shock absorbent tires. These 14-inch pneumatic tires take the brunt of the roads since they are shock absorbent as well. The rim’s borders painted in red add to make this bike cool on a night drive and bring attention from other drivers.

Gyroor C2 Ebike Headlight and Taillight

Safety Lights: Up in the front, the C2 eBike has a headlight, and in the back, there’s a tail light and red reflective sticker. The handlebar is wide enough for a study ride, and the grips are well cushioned.

Display: The LED display is attached to the handlebar in the middle and the menu/power button just below the display. The display will show the battery level, speed in Km/H or MPH, speed mode, power, and the headlight status. The display is a Color LED display and easy to read both in night and sunlight without any issue.

Control Button: This button works as an on-off and menu button for the bike. You press and hold the button for about 3-4 seconds to turn on or off the bike, and the bike will turn off itself after 10 minutes of idle time. This same button can be double-clicked to turn the headlight and taillight on or off. You can quickly press the button two times for the headlight to turn on. For those who want to use in Km/H or MPH, you can switch between these units with the same button.

Cruise Control: The thump control attached to the handlebar offers smooth control for the speed. When you ride for a while with a contact speed, it can be switched to cruise control which makes the long ride smooth. The max. speed can be set to three different modes, and you can switch the modes even while riding.

Gyroor C2 Ebike Handlebar Grip and Buttons

Under, the foot-peg height is set at 6-inches from the ground, which strikes the right posture. Overall the weight of the C2 comes to 53 lbs. The whole body weight is quite heavier than an average MTB out there. But, as the battery and motor add to the curb weight, this does not sound too heavy for an avid ebike user.

Gyroor C2 Ebike Footpeg Height

Its lightweight nature lets you carry it while you are busy doing other activities too. This is one of the main reasons it will suit individuals from various walks of life.

It does not take much effort and time to fold and unfold too. Thanks to the three mini wheels, it folds in half and helps you roll it like a spinner.

It does not take much effort and time to fold and unfold too. Thanks to the three mini wheels, it folds in half and helps you roll it like a trolly. Of course, there will be places where you cannot carry further. Hence, you might have to fold and park it then and there.

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Reliability and Mobility

The Gyroor C2 eBike has taken birth in an E-Mobility manufacturer’s home, which is also BSCI approved. Let’s dive into more details on how it performs in real-life scenarios.

The cruise controlled max. The ride is smooth, and the motor is pretty quiet.

Moreover, the Gyroor C2 EBike comes with IPX4 standards of waterproof ratings. This means you can ride the Gyroor C2 EBike in an environment where dust and water dominate the air. However, we’d recommend you not park the Gyroor C2 EBike in continuous rain or where there is bad weather for a long.

This is where folding the C2 and rolling it to a safe shelter makes sense. And that doesn’t take much of your time either. Once you are ready to move from A to B, all you have to do is ‘open’ it back up, again, in a few seconds. You will learn more about it once you start using it. Well, we did.

Gyroor C2 Ebike Folded

The process of folding and unfolding the Gyroor C2 EBike is quite easy. We timed the process, and folding or unfolding the Gyroor C2 takes 2-3 minutes in the first few attempts. Once you learn it, just unfold the eBike, and the 450W brushless hub motor is ready to drive the wheels in less than a minute. It works in tandem with the removable 36V/10Ah battery that passes enough energy to power up the powerful motor.

This ebike is capable of climbing a 10-degree slope with its maximum payload, which is not bad.

One of the major concerns about bikes is also addressed here by the Gyroor. This ebike can climb a 10-degree slope with its maximum payload, which is not bad. But anything more obtuse than this, it might take some time to get there and heat up too. You might want to build momentum here before hitting that climb then. A provision to pedal up the climb would’ve made sense, though. Of course, this is all considering its most load-bearing capacity, 265 lbs.

The Gyroor C2 EBike can run on one of the three riding modes to match your requirements. Actually, the maximum riding speed is limited with these modes, and you can do 10Km/H (low), 20Km/H (medium), and 30Km/H (high), which will display in White, Yellow and Red colors.

Gyroor C2 Ebike Riding Posture

The bike is equally suitable for teenagers (check your local rules) and adults due to its versatile design. We tested Gyroor C2 with people at various heights. The rider you see above is of 5’8″ height and fits perfectly onto the eBike’s saddle. And the rider in the video is 6″ in height, and he could manage to ride the bike without any difficulty. The only downside is that the seat post and handlebar heights are not adjustable, which can be annoying for some.

Safety Features

The Gyroor has loaded the C2 EBike with updated safety features. Before hopping in, you must ensure that the front-wheel quick-release and the real wheel screw pins at the hinges are fairly tightened.

It has a headlight on the front stem that intersects the one-sided fork. The headlight reaches up to 15 meters with enough spread and intensity. This will help the rider for clear vision at night or while in tunnels.

Gyroor C2 Ebike Headlight Test

There is a tail lamp that lights up when the brakes on the C2. This is for the safety of pedestrians and those around ebike. There is a reflective sticker on the body and on the wheels that adds to the safety of the C2. This pulls the attention of the people around you from a distance. It also gives them good visibility in dark riding.

Gyroor C2 Ebike Disk Brakes

Another one that has you covered is the quick and efficient brakes. The C2 has disc brakes on the front wheel and back and is equipped with EABS to stop you on a dime. The braking distance is 4 meters. The more we rode the Gyroor C2 EBike and used the brakes on it, the more confidence-inspiring it was.

Gyroor C2 Ebike Brake Levers

Of course, to brake well, you need a good grip on the handlebars. Hence, the C2 has a non-slip handle grip that helps you hold the handlebar. To add more to the safety, Gyroor ships a bell on the handlebar good enough to alert the pedestrian just in case. The 14″ wheels and the smooth saddle offer a smooth riding experience for the rider.

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Battery Range and Recharging

Let’s get to the talk of the town now. How does the Gyroor C2 EBike manage to kill our range anxiety? At full charge, the Gyroor C2 EBike will run for 20 miles before it runs out of juice. Of course, it all depends on what mode you use, the average speed, the rider’s weight, etc.

We tested this C2 bike in all the riding modes with a moderately built rider, who was about 6” and 180 lbs on a flat road. With these conditions, the C2 returned a mileage of about 21 miles. After which, the exhausted battery was off for charging. The LCD screen shows the battery bars, but the lack of an odometer or “miles to empty” comes at the downside.

Gyroor C2 Ebike LCD Display with Battery Range and Speedometer

The C2 will provide 20+ miles and cruise control on the ride, ensuring the rider gets a comfortable ride on this cute eBike.

Gyroor has given a provision to save the battery too. The C2 will shut itself off if it is stationary for 10 minutes. In this way, you will be able to save the battery for that extra run. This will also help when you forget to turn it off. This could be useful when you are chatting with someone on the way, and the C2 is stationary for more than 10 minutes. With this feature, Gyroor has made a smart move to conserve battery power.

To charge the 36V/10AH battery from 0% to 100%, the battery takes around 5 hours. The charger comes with a 42V DC @ 2A power supply and a three-pin port on the frame to connect the charger. The battery is attached to the frame with four screws, and you can replace the battery if required in the future.

Gyroor C2 Ebike Charger

We drained the battery of the Gyroor C2 EBike to 0% and charged it back to 100%. It took between 5 to 6 hours for us to get ready for the next run. Once charged, there is a green light on the charger box that indicates the charged status of the battery.

Pros and Cons

What we liked:

  • The unique 3-fold design.
  • 14″ Tire & effective brake system.
  • Strong frame with decent payload.
  • High build quality with an IPX4 rating.
  • Color LED Display and LED Headlight.

What we disliked:

  • No pedal assembly.
  • No odometer display.
  • Fixed height saddle and handle.

Key Features: Unique 3-Folding design | 18.6 mph max speed | Cruise control | 3-speed riding modes | Disc brakes with EABS | 36V/10Ah battery | 6 months battery warranty | 450W brushless motor | 265 lbs maximum payload | Front & rear lights | 14″ pneumatic tires | IPX4 Rating

What’s in the Box

The best part about the Gyroor eBike is that it is an easy-to-carry and ride. The folding eBike comes fully assembled, just need to fix the saddle. You can get the ready-to-ride bike from the full-packed box in less than 20 minutes. Once folded, it rolls with you like one of your trollies.

Gyroor C2 Ebike Whats in the Box

Let’s have a look at what comes in the box once the Gyroor C2 eBike arrives. There is the folded eBike with the battery attached to it. You get the charging adapter rated 42VDC@ 2A to charge the eBike battery. You can have the user manual and an additional guide for folding and unfolding images. The Saddle and a couple of screws and a couple of hex keys to fix the saddle on the frame. There is an additional phone folder that can be fixed on the handlebar to keep your phone while on the ride.

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Pricing and Availability

The C2 eBike is currently available on the Gyroor website for $659, which includes the battery. While considering the 10AH battery and 450W motor with a good quality frame, this price is reasonable and won’t drain your wallet.

Buy Gyroor C2 eBike: Gyroor Website.

The Gyroor C2 eBike is also listed on Amazon, and you can buy it directly from the website too.

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Our Take

The Gyroor C2 E-Bike is a smart e-bike with a decent range that will suit 18-50 years old. Yes! It is easy for the elderly and simple and efficient for a teen. The unique 3-fold futuristic design, additional three mini trolly wheels, and handlebar design make this easy to carry with you, even in your car’s trunk.

The C2 is an e-bike that will be with you for a long time with the reliable build quality. The fit and finish are also decent, which makes it look cool. Of course, it isn’t meant for heavy-duty utility. But, if you are looking for a foldable bike for a city or college campus, the Gyroor C2 eBike offers a perfect ride.


Design and Build Quality
Battery Range
Safety Features
Value for the money


The Gyroor C2 is a futuristic e-bike that comes with small footage, good power and solid design. The unique folding design, decent payload capacity and battery life makes this unique from other folding eBikes. Of course, it isn’t meant for heavy-duty utility. But, anything apart from that, the Gyroor C2 EBike is a perfect ride for you.


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The Gyroor C2 is a futuristic e-bike that comes with small footage, good power and solid design. The unique folding design, decent payload capacity and battery life makes this unique from other folding eBikes. Of course, it isn’t meant for heavy-duty utility. But, anything apart from that, the Gyroor C2 EBike is a perfect ride for you.Gyroor C2 Folding eBike Review: Futuristic Electric Bike That Rolls with You