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12 Best Ebike Accessories and Parts to Buy in 2020

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If you’re the one who loves to roam around the streets with your ebike, then having some of the best accessories can make a huge difference in your ride. But getting the best of the best accessories for your bike can be tough. Have you found hundreds of gadgets and accessories but not sure which one is for you?

Here we’ve compiled a list of some of the best eBike accessories that emphasize on riding security and comfort.

Opamoo Bike Phone Front Frame Bag

Opamoo bike phone front frame bag a multipurpose front frame bag that doubles itself as a bike mobile holder. It includes compartments of different sizes that lets you store riding gears. The bike frame back is of waterproof polyester. The compartments are sealed with the help of durable zippers.

The front compartment is where you keep your phone. The front compartment includes a sensitive TPU film that lets you type and navigate through your phone. There is also a small hidden earphone hole through which you can connect your headphones.

What’s more, there is a sun visor on the top. It helps you see your screen even during heavy sunlight. This eBike accessory can be installed on the front frame. The included velcro straps make it easy to install it and keeps it stable during your ride.

Key Features: Multipurpose storage option | Large storage compartments | Waterproof | TPU + Polyester | Phone holder | Sensitive TPU screen cover | Reflective cover | Sun visor | Easy installation

Bike Phone Front Frame Bag - Bicycle Bag Waterproof Top Tube Cycling Phone Mount Pack...
  • [ Sealed Zipper For Higher Waterproof ]_The bike top tube bag is made of ultralight and stylish...

BV Bicycle Bag

The BV Bicycle bag is a comprehensive storage option for your rides. It is a pair of king-sized rider panniers that are useful during long rides on your bike. This bike accessory comes with large pockets and compartments that let you store almost anything.

The bicycle bag features an angled pocket design that ensures easy riding even when the bags are full. Each pannier has a rigid back panel that maintains easy access so that you can store as well as take things out with ease. You can mount the panniers into the rear storage compartment. There are mounts with two bungee hooks and straps that fit most bikes with ease.

Key Features: Total Capacity: 26 L | Waterproof and durable | 3M Scotch Lite reflective trim | Rigid Back Panel | 2 adjustable bungee hooks

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MEACHOW Handlebar Rearview Mirror

Most bikes normally don’t include a rearview mirror. But it’s one of the important accessories to ride safely through the roads. On that note, we’ve got the Meachow rearview mirror. These pair of scratch-resistant rearview mirrors let you keep an eye on what’s coming from behind. They increase the riding experience and makes your ride far more safe and secure.

This eBike accessory is blast resistant and gives a clear view. There is an anti glare coating that reduces the effect of glare. This eBike rearview mirror is universal. It is pretty stylish and is easy to install. The rearview mirror, on the whole, is rotatable. This lets you park your bike anywhere with ease.

Key Features: Lens–Blast-resistant | Stylish and durable | Easy to install | Scratch and impact resistant | 360 degree rotation

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  • Lens–Blast-resistant safety glass lens with anti-glare coating High–Definition,Anti-glare,...

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Zealot S1 Bluetooth Speaker

The Zealot S1 is a portable Bluetooth speaker that comes with a rechargeable power bank. It is a pretty awesome gadget for your bikes as it offers an LED Flashlight too. This Bluetooth speaker comes with good audio capabilities and supports both the AUX and Micro SD.

There is the Neodymium stereo amplifier that gives you enhanced audio even on the crowded roads. The gadget for bikers comes with a 4000mAh internal battery that doubles itself as a portable power bank. There is also a powerful LED flashlight that can help you get through during the night.

The Zealot S1 comes with pretty much everything you need for the outdoors. The bike mount, carabiner, and all audio cables are durable and weatherproof. You can recharge it through the normal USB A power cord.

Key Features: Bluetooth connectivity | powerful speaker | LED flashlight | 4000 mAh internal battery | Neodymium stereo amplifier | IPX7 rating | Carry case and cycle mount

ZEALOT Portable Bluetooth Speaker, Bike Speaker, Bluetooth Speaker, Handlebar sepaker,...
  • [Bluetooth Speaker] Zealot S1 parlantes bluetooth is design for your cycling bike...

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Kryptonite Evolution

Getting a durable and heavy duty bike locks can really make the difference. The Kryptonite Evolution is one of the best heavy-duty bicycle locks. It comes with simple operation and has a 13 mm hardened steel shackle. The top U bar locks directly into a crossbar with a dual locking mechanism making it impossible to break.

The pass-through crossbar design includes an enhanced Anti Rotation feature. It provides excellent protection and strength against twists and cuts. The Kryptonite bike lock comes with the Key Safe initiative. Registering your keys online will enable you to get an extra set of keys for free in case of key lost.

Key Features: mm hardened steel shackle | Double bolt mechanism | Anti Rotation | 3 sets of keys | LED replaceable key fob

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Kryptonite Evolution Mini-7 Bike U-Lock with Cable, Heavy Duty Anti-Theft Bicycle U Lock,...
  • 13mm Hardened Max Performance Steel Shackle Resists Hand Tools, Bolt Cutters, and Leverage Attacks;...

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Wotow Multifunction Bike Repair Tool Kit

It’s important to keep a portable tool kit with you when you hit the roads. The Wotow Multifunctional Tool Kit is a compact 16-in-1 toolkit that includes all the necessary wrenches screwdrivers etc.

The whole toolkit is quite portable. It is roughly the size of your palm but is made of good quality aluminum. It is an affordable eBike accessory that comes at a reasonable price tag. The Wotow multitool kit is one of the best Multifunctional tool kits available online at cheaper price tags.

Key Features: Set of 16 essential tools | Durable | compact and portable | Made of good quality aluminum | Easy to use

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WOTOW Bike Repair Tool Kit, 16 in 1 Bicycle Multitool with Bike Tire Levers Hex Spoke...
  • Built to Last --- WOTOW 16 in 1 multi tool is made by Chrome-Vanadium Steel, corrosion resistant and...

Vibrelli Mini Bike Pump and Glueless Puncture Repair Kit

The Vibrelli Mini Bike Pump is an affordable eBike accessory that has an old school design. It’s a handheld pump that comes with a portable design. It features a dual pumping mode that includes the pressure or volume pumping.

With this portable mini bike pump, you can easily pump out up to 120Psi pressure. It is also pretty easy to switch from high volume to high pressure. Moreover, you can switch between the Presta and the Schrader valves using the Super Fit Value. With the whole delivery, you get an emergency glueless patch kit.

It is an easy to stick puncture patch that can be peeled and applied onto the punctured area. This eBike accessory comes with a durable Aluminum alloy. The telescopic design of the pump makes it easy to change pressure settings with no time.

Key Features: Aluminum body | Compact and portable | Max pressure output of 120Psi | Easy switching between Presta and the Schrader valves | telescopic design

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Mini Bike Pump & Glueless Puncture Repair Kit - Presta & Schrader Bicycle Pump - 120 PSI...
  • "SUPER-FIT" Clever Valve - No adaptors needed. Automatically locks onto both Schrader and Presta...

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CYCPLUS Rechargeable Electric Compressor Air Pump

The Cycplus Rechargeable Air Compressor pump is a handy accessory for your eBikes. It is a portable electric pump that offers 150PSI air pressure. It has a durable and compact design that includes a small LED display that shows the tire pressure. The pump has the ability to stop inflating when the rate reaches the preset tire pressure value.

This electric air pump is compatible with the Schrader, Presta, and Dunlop valves. It works with almost all types of bikes including city cruisers, MTBs. The Cycplus Air Compressor comes with an inbuilt Li ion battery. It can go on for hours and days on a single charge.

The electric air pump for ebikes also includes battery protection circuits that keep the current values stable. What’s more, there is an emergency LED flashlight that offers 7 hours of enduring lighting.

Key Features: Rechargeable Air Compressor | Max pressure: 150 Psi | LED emergency flashlight | compact and portable | Air pressure sensor | Auto inflate cut off

CYCPLUS Bike Tire Pump, Portable Electric Tire Inflator with 150 PSI and Auto-Stop...
  • 【CYCPLUS】 As a professional manufacturer, we have been focusing on bicycle products since 2014,...

Wsdcam Wireless Anti Theft Bike Lock

The Wsdcam Wireless Anti Theft Bike Lock is a great eBike accessory that comes with a vibration triggering alarm. It’s a pretty handy tool to look out for as it’s extremely durable and strong. The antitheft bike lock comes with adjustable vibrational trigger levels. This lets the lock beep even when the slightest vibration is felt.

The alarm is pretty loud and can very well keep your bike safe and secure. The advanced strap system makes it harder to detach for thieves to breakthrough. The eBike accessory comes with waterproof and shockproof assurance.

With the lock, you get a remote controller that is compact and easy to use. The ebike lock works within a range of 66ft. It has everything you need, from alarm tone change to even the bike search button. The bike search feature helps you find your bike that’s parked on a crowded spot. There are 6 interchangeable alert tones that help you find where your bike is parked.

Key Features: 115 dB Alarm | Vibrational sensor | 6 interchangeable alert tones | 7 variable settings | IP55 rating | waterproof and weatherproof | Removable 3 AAA batteries

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BurningSun Bike Light

The BurningSun Bike Light is a solar powered bike headlamp that comes at an affordable price tag. Apart from being an all-out headlamp, it’s a portable power source that can charge your smartphones or USB powered tail lights. This headlamp and solar power bank combo comes with a USB power output of 5V.

Talking about the design, the ebike accessory is utility-driven and attaches to your handlebar. There is a solar panel on its top and includes a powerful 2000mAh internal battery.

The ebike accessory also includes a powerful horn. The 140dB loudspeaker lets you toggle with around 5 horn sounds. The solar LED headlamp is waterproof and dustproof. But a thing to note is that the solar panel doesn’t endure heavy rains.

Key Features: 350 Lumen LED headlamp | Solar-powered | Portable power bank | inbuilt 2000mAh battery | USB output | 140dB powerful horn | Horn toggle | USB powered LED tail lamp

BURNINGSUN Bike Light Set and Horn Solar Powered USB Rechargeable 4 Mode Bicycle Headlight...
  • ★ USB OUTPUT - It can charge your cell phone and USB tail light , So your electronic device on the...

Langersun GPS Tracking Warning Stickers

The Langersun Warning stickers include GPS tracking and are one of the most essential but underrated bike accessories. Not just the eBikes, It’s ideal for every vehicle and works as reflective tickets that keep the oncoming traffic cautioned in the dark. The waterproof stickers intact have GPS trackers that help you determine your vehicle in case you lose your bike or so.

Key Features: GPS tracker | Waterproof | Ideal for every vehicle | Reflective in nature

Vont Bike LED Headlamp

The Vont Bike LED headlamp is yet another useful eBike accessory that comes at a reasonable price. It’s one of the most versatile and brightest LED headlamps that offers 120 Lumen of brightness. The light beam is powerful enough to let you see what’s ahead 1000ft away.

The ebike headlamp is waterproof and has durable housing. The compact design and the use of military-grade materials make it reliable. Unlike other headlamps, there isn’t any hectic installation or wiring needed. You can attach it to your handlebar with ease. The headlamp is easy to adjust and you can manually adjust the focus too. You can switch the light modes from high, low, or strobe.

With the whole package, you get an LED tail light. Both the taillight and the headlamp works on the normal AAA batteries. This eBike accessory is useful enough and can last for up to 6 hours before replacing the batteries.

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Key Features: 120 lumen brightness | Waterproof housing | adjustable focus | Strobe mode | LED tail lamp included | Works on AAA batteries | Upto 6 hours battery life

Vont Bike Lights, Bicycle Light Installs in Seconds Without Tools, Powerful Bike Headlight...
  • ULTRA BRIGHT LED ILLUMINATION TECHNOLOGY - Recognized as one of the most versatile and brightest LED...

Getting the right accessories can make your ride enjoyable and rather safe. The first thing you should consider after getting your eBike is to get the best and the important accessories. The ones on our list are guaranteed to make your rides far safer. Some of the addons are also utility-driven and come at a very reasonable price tag.


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