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10 Best Bike Computers with GPS and Bike Speedometer

If you love to hit the streets on your bike, you might need to get a bike computer. They can help track data in real-time and give turn by turn navigation, speed, and trip information. These computers are a sure shot bike accessory for all bike enthusiasts.

Here we’ve got some of the most premium and the most affordable bike computers to look out for.

Garmin Edge 530

The Garmin Edge 530 is a pretty compact bike computer that comes with a touch interface. It gives efficient trails and routes that are exclusively for your bikes. This bike computer includes bike alarm, group messaging, and tracking.

There is the Garmin Cycle Map with popularity routing. This helps you get personalized attractions on the routes that you’re on. Apart from navigation and tracking, there is also the rider analysis. It gives insights on your VO2 max, recovery training effectiveness, and other important data.

You can also see the altitude effects and hydration levels with the right sensors. The Garmin Edge 530 provides exclusive mountain trails with the Trailforks app. The app gives trails from more than 80 counties with prior weather and other real-time info.

The ClimbPro feature shows the rate of ascent and grade when you are on a steep trail. There is also the Shimano eBike system that gives data on gear positions, battery life, assist levels, and remaining range.

The bike computer connects with your phone through the Wifi and even has Bluetooth too. The battery pack gives you enough power for an entire week’s worth rides.


  • Turn by turn navigation
  • Shows you trails
  • Highly configurable
  • Rider health analysis


  • Configuration issues
  • The small screen is not so visible during broad daylight
  • Battery backup issue

Key Features: WiFi + Bluetooth | Ant+ | Touch screen | Navigation | Biking routes | Bike Alarm | Performance tracking | Shimano Steps eBike system | eBike data | Personalized bike routes |  up to 20 hours with GPS | Training plan integration and alert-based workouts

Garmin 010-02060-00 Edge 530, GPS Cycling/Bike Computer with Mapping, Dynamic Performance...
  • Performance GPS cycling computer with mapping. Compatible with Vector (power meter). Power meter...

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Wahoo Elemnt Bolt Bike Computer

The Wahoo Elemnt Bolt is one of the best all-round bike computers for bike enthusiasts. It can give you performance data, bike routes, and turn by turn navigation. The GPS bike computer uses the WiFi and Bluetooth to pair with your smartphone. With this, you can configure, link, and access popular cycling apps and wireless sensors.

You can also sync pre and post-ride data to your linked cycling apps. With smartphone connectivity, you get messages and call alerts and even tracks your fellow riders while you are riding.

The bike computer has a decent screen with large navigation buttons, but no touch screen. There is a quick look LEDs that can track power, heart rate, speed, and other things.

Integrating 3rd party apps like the Shimano lets you get all info related to your eBike. It shows the present gear, distance to empty, and other important data. Coming to the battery, the Wahoo Element Bolt offers up to 15 hours of battery backup.


  • Simple setup through the companion app
  • Excellent mapping and navigation
  • Affordable price
  • Good battery life


  • Requires an active smartphone connection all the time
  • Needs smartphone access for GPS services
  • No touch or color screen

Key Features: WiFi + Bluetooth | Navigation | Biking routes | Performance tracking | 3rd party apps | eBike data | Personalized bike routes |  up to 15 hours with GPS

Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt V1 GPS Cycling/Bike Computer
  • ON-DEVICE TURN BY TURN NAVIGATION - The ELEMNT BOLT will automatically generate turn-by-turn prompts...

Garmin Edge 520

The Garmin Edge 520 is a mini bike computer that comes with GPS and has tons of pre-loaded cycling maps from around the world. It offers you turn by turn navigation and alerts you of upcoming hazards and sharp turns.

The companion tracker and group messaging features let you stay connected with your fellow riders. Coming to the connectivity, the Edge 520 has Ant+ only. There isn’t Bluetooth or Wifi connectivity. The screen is pretty compact and offers full color, with button controls.

The new pedal-based power meter measures the total power with greater accuracy. Getting the Training Peaks app gives you scheduled workouts with every ride. The TrailFork app lets you download tons of mountain and off road cycling trails from around the world. It includes topographic info, heat maps, and trail conditions.

The Edge 520 Plus bike computer works on the Li-ion rechargeable battery. It gives you up to 5 hours of battery life on GPS. With the whole package, you get USB charging cables, Standard Mounts, and a flush-out front mount for the unit.


  • Touchscreen works well
  • Compact and works well with the outdoors
  • Real time navigation does extremely well


  • Lacks wireless connectivity like Bluetooth and WiFi
  • Expensive

Key Features: WiFi + Bluetooth | Navigation | Biking routes | Performance tracking | 3rd party apps | eBike data | Personalized bike routes |  up to 15 hours with GPS

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Meilan M3

Meilan M3 is a mini bike computer that uses the best GPS sensors that calibrate the date and time for you. It comes with a 1.7” anti-glare mini LCD that’s visible even during broad daylight. The device doesn’t offer navigation and there isn’t any app or smartphone connectivity. It is a basic bike computer that shows bike and rides data.

The M3 gives details including riding time, max speed, altitude, odometer and ride distance. The Meilan bike computer can store ride records automatically. But there isn’t any data tracking and upload functions.

The mini bike computer unit is water and dustproof. It can be attached to the handle stem to get efficient ride relates info. Coming to the battery part, the M3 comes with a rechargeable battery that offers up to 9 hours on a single full charge.


  • Affordable
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Real-time and accurate speed stats


  • Lacks wireless connectivity
  • Extremely basic

Key Features: GPS | GPS calibrated time zones | 1.7” anti glare mini LCD | Shows ride data including average and max speed | Odometer | Altitude tracker | IPX5 rating |  up to 9 hours with GPS

MEILAN M3 Mini GPS Bike Computer, Wireless Cycling Computer Bike Odometer Bicycle...
  • 【BUILT-IN HIGH-SENSITIVITY GPS CHIP】High-sensitivity GPS chip is adopted in our wireless bike...

Garmin Edge 830

The Garmin Edge 830 is another GPS cycling computer with mapping and turn by turn navigation. It comes with an intuitive touch-enabled display that shows every bit of data regarding your ride. The Edge 850 comes preloaded with the Garmin Cycle Map and gives turn by turn navigation alerts.

The Bike computer can pair with your smartphones through WiFi and Bluetooth. It helps you sync routes and rides data onto your account.

The device comes with TrailForks trail data. With the app, you can sync rides onto Trailforks straight from the Edge 830. It features trails from more than 80 counters and gives info regarding topography, heatmaps, and other important data.

The Edge also gives data on the ride difficulty, elevation, and acceleration. There is also the dynamic performance tracker that tracks every aspect of the ride as well as the rider.

When it comes to the battery, the Edge 830 lasts up to 20 hours on GPS and up to 40 hours on an additional power pack. The battery is better in this range but when it comes to price, it’s a bit of a turn off for some.


  • Full mapping and automatic rerouting
  • Compact and solid build quality
  • Offers good tracking and accurate data


  • Faulty UI
  • Set up is cumbersome

Key Features: WiFi + Bluetooth | Ant+ | Touch screen | Navigation | Biking routes | Bike Alarm | Performance tracking | Shimano Steps eBike system | eBike data | Personalized bike routes |  up to 20 hours with GPS

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Garmin Edge 830 Mountain Bike Bundle, Performance Touchscreen GPS Cycling/Bike Computer...
  • Performance GPS cycling computer with mapping and touchscreen

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Garmin Edge 130

If you think that Garmin Edge bike computers are overpriced then think twice. The Garmin Edge is a compact and easy to use GPS computer that comes with a rugged design, made for the trails. It flaunts a 1.8” that’s crisp and easy to read even during low light conditions.

With the GPS and altimeter, you can be sure of how much, and how fast you’ve gone, all from the compact display. The bike computer gives you turn by turn alerts and even shows how to get home in the easiest way. You can plan and download your routes with the course creator feature from Garmin Connect.

There are tons of bike oriented trails that you can choose from. With the Wifi connectivity, you can get notifications of calls and messages right from the screen. The Edge 130 is compatible with Varia cycling awareness devices.

The bike computer gives alerts to approaching cars when it is paired with a phone. The Edge is also packed with some more innovative features and is packed with a powerful battery that gives up to 15 hours on a single charge.


  • Compact, and easy to use
  • Pin-sharp display
  • Affordable alternative to Garmin 520
  • Easy to configure


  • Basic navigation
  • No mapping
  • No much features to boast

Key Features: USB, ANT+, Bluetooth | compact display | Basic Navigation | Shows Basic speed, distance, time, elevation | Heart rate sensor | Bike Alarm | Performance tracking | Inbuilt barometric altimeter | Personalized bike routes |  15 hour battery backup

iGPsport GPS Bike Computer

The iGPSport GPS Bike Computer is a good alternative to the Garmin bike computers. It comes with a high sensitivity GPS receiver that lives to track your curated locations. With this speedometer, you get the speed, and the total distance clocked.

Apart from speed and distance, the bike speedometer comes with altitude and temperature tracking. It also shows the rider related specs like calorie burned and laps.

The device is compatible with heart rate monitors, cadence sensors, and speed sensors. The iGPSport bike computer comes with auto on/off feature. When the device detects motion, it switches on and gets running on its own.

The bicycle computer also features automatic backlight function according to sunrise and sunset timing. There is the Bluetooth connectivity apart from the ANT+. It enhances smartphone connectivity and lets you access 3rd party apps. The battery is also pretty decent. It comes with a rechargeable battery that offers up to 12 hours on a single charge.


  • Value for money
  • Accurate GPS Positioning
  • Easy to use


  • No mapping
  • The sensors lack accuracy

Key Features: Bluetooth 4.0 | Ant+ | Mono LCD screen | Navigation |Smartphone connectivity | Cadence sensor | Auto On/Off feature | Performance tracking | Altitude and temperature tracking | 12-hour battery backup |

iGPSPORT GPS Bike Computer Wireless Cycling Computer with ANT+ Function Bike Speedometers...
  • GPS BIKE COMPUTER: High-sensitivity GPS receiver for fast positioning, live-tracking your place,...

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Wantacme Wireless Bike Computer

The Wantacme Wireless bike computer supports GPS, Beidou, etc., for superior satellite positioning. It can give you accurate location data with prior speed tags on its 2.8” mono LCD display. With this bike computer you can access crucial travel info like the current speed, distance traveled, the time elapsed altitude heart rate, cadence, and many more.

The large LCD screen is good but it is not touch or color LCD. It is a mono LCD display with auto backlight and is visible even during broad daylight. The Wantcme Bike Computer comes with Bluetooth 5.0. it lets you stay connected with your smartphones and helps you get notifications of calls and messages.

The GPS computer for bikes features an inbuilt 500 mAh internal battery. It provides up to 25 hours runtime even on the GPS. The package comes with an easy to attach bike mount for your bike handle. With the IPX7 ratings, the device is durable and can withstand harsh rain and other climates.


  • Affordable and offers 15 different modes
  • Excellent display that is visible even during heavy sunlight
  • Impressive 25-hour battery backup


  • Heart rate sensor is not accurate
  • Bluetooth connectivity issues

Key Features: Bluetooth 5.0 | Ant+ | LCD Display | 15 different metrics Biking | | Dynamic tracking | heart rate sensor | Day to night transition | Smartphone data sync | 25-hour battery backup

XOSS G+ Bike Computer GPS, Wireless Cycling Computers Bicycle Computer GPS Bike...
  • GPS BIKE COMPUTER - The bicycle computer supports GPS, Beidou, GLONASS, Galileo four Satellite...

Cycplus GPS Bike Computer

The Cycplus GPS Bike Compter is an affordable bike accessory that gives accurate ride info for cyclists. It offers data from speed, distance traveled, altitude, and slope youre currently on. It has a 3” backlit LCD screen that shows everything including temperature and other alerts.

This Bike computer comes with ANT+ and has Bluetooth for smartphone connectivity. The inbuilt GPS enabled faster positioning. After connecting it to your smartphones, you can sync your trip routes and see the exact routers you’ve taken so far.

There is also the ANT+ sensor that supports consistent recording of various data such as speed, cadence, heart rate, and power. The Strava account can also help sync data onto your smartphone within a jiffy.

The Cycplus bike computer comes with an IPX5 rating. It is strong and can withstand rains and is build for the outdoors. There is a powerful 1100 mAh internal battery within the unit. This gives enough power to last up to 30 hours on the GPS and Bluetooth.


  • Well set up and easy to read screen
  • Simple to use
  • Visually attractive.


  • No ability to record data externally
  • Limited functionality


Key Features: Bluetooth 5.0 | Ant+ | LCD Backlit display | Navigation | Biking routes | Bike Alarm | Performance tracking | Auto On/Off | smartphone sync | IPX5 rating | 1100 mAh internal battery | up to 30 hours with GPS |

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CYCPLUS GPS Bike Computer Waterproof Bicycle Speedometer and Odometer ANT+ Wireless...
  • 【2.9-inch Screen】- The glare-free backlit screen introduces FSTN technology, which is highly...


CooSpo Bike Computer

CooSpo Bike Computer is pretty neat and affordable. It pairs with most ANT+ sensors and gives speed data within a jiffy. There is also the inbuilt GPS and can track and analyze the distance and time elapsed for your ride.

This bike computer devices comes with a small 2.4” backlit display. It is a good alternative to those expensive bike computers and never comprises essential features like navigation and mapping.

On the eonnectivity side, you get ANT+ and Bluetooth 4.0 coupled with excellent battery life. With the anti-glare display, it adjusts itself according to the sunrise and sunset timing. The lap function is also a neat feature that’s often underutilized. It gives lap wise data and shows your performance on the bike.

With the IP67 waterproof rating, you can cruise through even the harsh and unprecedented weather with ease. When it comes to battery life, the CooSpo bike computer is phenomenal. It offers up to 36 hours on a single charge and is rechargeable via the USB.


  • Solid build quality and value for money
  • Wireless connectivity is good
  • Excellent battery life


  • No proper instruction leaf with the whole package
    A bit hard to fasten it to the handlebar of the bike

Key Features: Bluetooth 4.0 | Ant+ | LCD Backlit display | Inbuilt GPS | Auto On/Off | Bike Alarm | Performance tracking | Heart rate sensor | smartphone connectivity |  up to 36 hours with GPS |

COOSPO Bike Computer Wireless GPS,Cycling Computer Bike Speedometer Auto...
  • ✅Accurate GPS Positioning-BC200 has 3 modes of global positioning, which can provide accurate GPS...

Best Bike Computer- Buying Guide

What is a bike computer?

A bike computer also called a cyclometer is a wireless device that’s mounted onto the handlebar of the bike. It displays trip info and tracks performance stats and can store them for analysis. Moreover, they give navigation and turn by turn route alerts in real-time. It is similar to the heads-up display that you have on your cars. 

What data can I get using a bike computer while riding a bicycle?

With the best bike computer, you can get information like Current speed, Maximum speed, Average speed, Elapsed time, Trip distance, Elapsed time 2, Odometer, Clock, Altimeter, Calorie counter, and Heart rate monitor.

Do I need GPS and navigation on a bike computer?

The important thing to look at while buying a GPS bike computer is the GPS and mapping feature. It is good to look out for a device that offers route navigation and mapping. Some of the older versions just give an accurate position at that time. In fact, getting a premium device like the Garmin 830 gives you tons of pre-loaded bike trails around the world with turn by turn navigation.

What is the best screen size for a bike computer?

The screen size of bike computers varies a lot. There are small compact ones and there are pretty large ones. But it is better to get a device that has a screen size of 2” to 3”. The screen should be crisp and vibrant. It should be visible during heavy sunlight. The LCD backlit screen is good and an excellent starter pack. There are some more devices that offer color screens with auto wake feature.

Can I track my riding performance with a bike computer?

Getting a bike computer that can track the cadence, altitude, and slope are much better than devices that only give current and average speed and distance traveled. Getting a bicycle computer that can track different metrics is always a good side. Some devices also analyze rider performance and even offer heart rate monitors.

Is bike computer waterproof?

The waterproof standards are a must to look out for. Most of the time, bike computers encounter harsh weather including heavy rains. Getting a device with IPX7 will be excellent. But you can go a level down to IPX6 as its also pretty waterproof.

Can I connect my smartphone with bike computer?

New and improved devices come with WiFi and Bluetooth apart from ANT+. The WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity lets you sync the computer with your smartphones. This helps you get personalized notifications of incoming calls, messages, and many more. There are pretty more customizations that you can work out when you have wireless connectivity.

Which bike computer should I buy?

The price defines what features you get. If you’re a newbie, then getting a starter like the iGPSport Bike computer will be a good choice. There are also some premium ones like the Garmin 830 and the 520 Plus that offers tons of features. These devices really do a lot but you have to pay more to get more.

Choosing the best bike computer depends on your riding behaviors and data you need. If you are a commuter rider with no need for GPS system, you can opt for the lower priced bike computers. The fully-fledged ones with GPS and touchscreen are mainly for pro riders.

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