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10 Best Altimeter Apps for Android to Measure Altitude

If you’re the one who is into much of trekking then this one is for you. Altimeters help you determine the precise altitude at which you’re currently on. But the fact is, getting an altimeter costs too much. But, your Androids smartphones can be your personalized Altimeters with the right apps.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best Android Altimeter apps that you should definitely try out.

Just A Compass

Just A Compass

The “Just A Compass” app is a powerful app that is capable of calculating your accurate altitude and elevation on Android. It is a simple compass app that shows the geographic north, true altitude, and much more. It comes with a pretty neat user interface and is rather stable and secure.

The app can retrieve useful data about your current position. It shows your altitude from the sea level at your current position. Just A Compass app can even show the sunrise and the sunset time as an added feature.

It also shows the true north and helps you stay aware of your surroundings when you’re on the mountain trails. What’s more, it is a great and solid app without any annoying ads. The ad-free interface and the minimalistic design and accuracy make it the top Altimeter app in the list.


  • Easy to read
  • Pretty accurate and reliable
  • Limited app permissions required


  • Not completely ad-free
  • Gets personalized ads when you switch to the internet

Key features: Accurate Altitude and Elevation data | Latitude and longitude in UTM format | Shows True and Magnetic north | Works offline | Shows sunrise and Sunset timings

Download: Play Store (Free)

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GPS Tools

GPS toolsThe GPS Tools is an all in one app for travelers and for people who love doing outdoor activities. With the GPS Tool Android altimeter app, you get everything in a single interface. You can access GPS location, speedometer, altimeter, compass, navigations, weather forecasts, and many more.

It gives realtime altitude and hiking maps including area finder and much more. The GPS Tools app is battery efficient. It works like a breeze on Android devices including the Wear OS.

The app offers quick GPS Updates and works offline. It helps you get the exact location and the altitude from the sea level even in low signal areas with good accuracy.

The GPS tools app has everything from the GPS location, compass, altimeter, and every essential on a single screen. There is also the Trekking Pro to help you during your trekking.


  • All in one app for travelers
  • Simple, clear and concise data
  • Intuitive app interface
  • Easy to use and well organized


  • Issues with data tracking and logging
  • No access to topographic maps

Key Features: All in one app | location tagging |High accuracy Altimeter | Works both online and offline | Location sharing | includes speedometer, Compass | Weather forecasts | Trekking Pro

Download: Play Store (Free, In-App Purchases)

Accurate Altimeter

Accurate-AltimeterThe Accurate Altimeter for Android is an all-out Altimeter app that lets you get altitude data when you’re offline. You get accurate altitude values with different modes.

The first mode is to use satellite triangulation. This mode might be slow but works without the internet. The second method works by taking the ground elevation at your current position through a global elevation map. This mode offers quick responses and is accurate. The third method is to use the pressure sensor of your device.

The app calibrates itself on pressure from the nearest weather station. You can download and save a large area of the global elevation map. Thus, you can get accurate data when you are in remote areas.


  • Easy to use
  • Reliable and accurate readings
  • Shows activity log and altitude history


  • Altitude readings can fluctuate at slow internet areas
  • Tracks a lot of data including cookies
  • Is not completely add free.

Key features: Enhanced app interface | Works offline | 3 mode altitude estimation | Altitude tracker and logger | Snapshots with altitude and location stamps | Satellite triangulation | Pressure sensor data calibration

Download: Play Store (Free, In-App Purchases)

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Altimeter Free 

Altimeter-freeThe Altimeter app is a pro-grade app that helps you get accurate altitudes and elevation from the sea levels. It uses both the GPS and barometric sensors to get accurate altitude data.

It can also store data of recent treks, greatest height reached, and many more. The app is capable of calibrating on its own. You get the data in either meter or in feet and you can set it to default from the app settings.

With this android app, you can store, access, and get real-time data on weather and navigation. The app includes real-time weather forecasts. Moreover, you can click photos that include the place and altitude stamps.


  • Accurate and quick results
  • Zero or limited app crash issues
  • Useful for travelers


  • Too many ads
  • Occasional calibration issues

Key features: Professional Algorithm for accuracy | Trend and chart interface | Works on GPS and Barometric sensor | Both metric and imperial units | weather forecasts | Location sharing and data logging |

Download: Play Store (Free)

Barometer & Altimeter 

Barometer-and-AltimeterThe Barometer & Altimeter app is a simple app for measuring pressure, altitude, and temperature. It works on the GPS, pressure sensor, and the altitude algorithm to get the accurate data of the area you are on.

If your device lacks the barometric sensor, then the app retrieves pressure data via the internet. This altimeter app for android can get accurate values of your altitude above the sea levels.

Apart from the altitude, temperature, and pressure, the app gives data about the humidity and current weather data. It is one of the most trusted Android apps that show real-time trek essential data from Altitude to pressure and humidity.


  • Easy to use
  • All in one app


  • Far too simple interface
  • No Widget
  • Doesn’t support the horizontal view

Key Features: Al in one travel app | Temperature indicator | Accurate Altimeter | Works on GPS | Offline and online mode | Humidity indicator | Weather forecasts | Pressure data through Barometric sensor

Download: Play Store (Free, In-App Purchases)

Altimeter and Altimeter Widget

Altimeter-and-altitude-widgetThe Altimeter app is your own personal altimeter for your phone. It shows you the elevation, altitude, and tracks your location data. It works as an elevation meter, logger, and a mapper.

This Android altimeter app uses GPS data to give you accurate altitude values. With the inbuilt barometric sensor, the app calibrates itself to give real-time results.

The camera feature lets you take images with altitude and location stamps. It can record altitude profiles and elevation tracks for your favorite journeys. The app works pretty well even in low internet areas.

There is also a Pro version that you can buy if you are looking for enhanced features like the Altimeter widget for the home screen. The app is a real help for those who love to hit the outdoors. 


  • Accurate reading and easy calibration
  • Provides latitude, longitude with prior addresses
  • Quick and reliable results


  • The free version is filled with ads
  • Take a bit of time load the app

Key Features: Barometric and GPS based | Altitude Tracker | Altitude widget | Location logger | 4 calibration modes | can take Snapshots within the app | records and tracks altitudes | Pro version includes the widget

Download: Play Store (Free, In-App Purchases)

My Elevation

My elevationThe My Elevation Android Altimeter app uses the internet to get your precise altitude above the sea level. It tracks your elevation from the location data and gives real-time results.

The app requires an active internet connection to function. There is no offline mode, so the app might glitch when you are in a no-internet zone. The My Elevation app features the Follow Me Mode. With this, the app keeps tracks of your movements with proper elevation updates every second.

The app shows the current weather of your location. It even gives prior weather forecast and keeps you aware of the weather is getting worse. It has an inbuilt search feature that lets you browse about the local attractions and historic events of your current location.


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Nearly correct readings


  • Doesn’t work without an active internet
  • Not usable in regions where there is no cell range

Key Features: Internet and GPS based Altitude data | Tracks elevation | Follow me mode | Altitude logger | weather forecasts | Inbuilt search option | Snapshots with altitude stamps

Download: Play Store (Free)

Altimeter GPS

AltimeterThe Altimeter GPS helps you check your altitude wherever you are. It is a pretty smart app that is perfect for hikers and travelers. With this app, you can get high precision data on location, altitudes, and many more.

Unlike the Altimeter and Widget app, this Android app can work both online and offline. The Altimeter app uses the GPS Satellites to get your location and altitude in offline mode. It also uses the inbuilt barometric sensor to get real-time data.

But some of the devices lack this sensor and so the app collection pressure data through the internet. With this app, you can get the altitude data in both meters and feet. You can record the lowest and the highest altitude from your journey.

You get everything in the form of charts that are comparable. The app also favors taking a snapshot with altitude and location stamps.


  • Simple and quick data
  • Easy to read


  • Occasional ap glitches
  • Can’t see notifications of the dark theme

Key features: High precision data | Works on both online and offline | Triple mode of data | barometric pressure analysis | GPS triangulation | Auto calibration with sensors

Download: Play Store (Free, In-App Purchases)

DS Barometer

DS BarometerThe DS Barometer might not be an all-out altimeter but still, it pulls out the best possible results in real-time. Apart from the results, the app is quite stable and has a cute user interface.

The DS Barometer works well with devices having barometric sensors. It also suits the device without the sensor and uses the internet to retrieve pressure data. Apart from the barometer, the app can retrieve altitude data with ease.

It matches the sensors, GPS, and the internet to accurately track your location and altitude data. The app gives you a detailed report of how the data is determined in real-time. You can toggle the altitude units with ease. The app shows them in meters and feet.

The Altimeter comes with LIDER and RADAR survey supports that enhance the readings. The app is a bit buggy though and has a bit of Ads. If you hate getting ads, then you can always go for the paid version.


  • All in one trekking ap
  • Accurate Altitude readings
  • The barometric sensor works both offline and online


  • Buggy
  • Too many ads

Key Features: Innovative UI | GPS triangulation | Offline mode | LIDAR and RADAR Support | Pressure readings | Works on the phone with or without barometric sensors

Download: Play Store (Free, In-App Purchases)

Altimeter Pro

Altimeter ProThe Altimeter Pro is one of the few apps that give true altitude above sea level. It is a handy tool that allows you to get altitude values with ease. It works with the GPS and device location to get the altitude values.

With the app, you can get your altitude and location in some of the remote locations of the world. It can work well with or without the internet.

Unlike other ones you saw above, this altimeter app doesn’t fancy much. It’s an all-out app to retrieve your altitude, nothing more, nothing less.  


  • Clean, simple and no hectic settings
  • Accurate altitude readings
  • Works well with the native navigation map


  • Does not work with location mode
  • Constantly searches for network and drains the battery

Key Features: True Altitude | No networks required | works on both online and offline | Calibration with EGM96 | Address at current location | Location coordinates

Download: Play Store (Free)

These are our best picks when it comes to the Altimeter apps for your Android devices. Most of them are quite premium and has a pretty easy to use interface. They are a sure shot in giving accurate altitude values and elevation of your current location.

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