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10 Best Compass Apps for Android to Navigate Easily Anywhere Anytime

Compass apps help in navigation in the outdoors, mostly when you cannot access the GPS connectivity. A compass app uses the device’s accelerometer to detect direction. They are handy for hikers, boaters, and many other outdoor activities. You can easily track your route, distance, speed, and altitude if you have a compass app for android on your phone.

Here, we discuss some of the best compass apps for Android you can use while going for a hike with your friends or family to avoid getting lost in the woods.

Digital Compass

Digital Compass

Digital Compass has a compass and a map. It includes latitude, longitude, direct addresses, and a correct heading and magnetic heading. Also, you will be able to use this compass app for Android as a slope level meter.

The Digital Compass app for Android shows sensor status as well. You have to take certain precautions while using the navigation app. You should not use the app if you have magnetic covers, as the compass app will show errors. If it shows a wrong reading, you have the provision to calibrate your phone by waving the device in figure 8 twice or thrice.


  • Shows accurate direction
  • Works without an internet connection
  • Self-calibration


  • The app has so many ads
  • The readings are not reliable
  • Irregular bugs

Key Features: Full-screen maps | Magnetic strength | Address | Digital | Accurate readings

Download: Digital Compass (Free, Premium)

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Compass Pro

Compass ProCompass Pro is one of the best compass apps for Android. The compass app will always show you your North, your heading, and your location. It has a modern and attractive material design. Even if you close the app, it will work in the background giving status bar notifications.

You can change the look of your compass by changing the color scale. The Compass Pro app supports units like degrees, mils, and grads. The compass app for Android also displays magnetic heading which is your direction relative to magnetic north.


  • Reliable readings
  • GPS checks calibration of the Compass
  • Cheap


  • So many Ads
  • It does not work on some devices
  • Irregular bugs

Key Features: Camera | Map | Weather | Flashlight | Pressure

Download: Compass Pro (Free, Premium)

Just a Compass

Just a CompassJust a Compass is an easy-to-use compass app for Android. One of the attractive features is that it is free and without Ads. The compass app makes use of magnetic declination to determine the magnetic and geographic North. You can choose a color theme including high contrast.

The Just a Compass app also shows you the Latitude and Longitude in MGRS and UTM format. Using Just a Compass, you can measure the magnetic field strength as well. You will also be able to know the sensor accuracy. The compass app also shows you the address of your current location. Accuracy of altitude is ensured as the compass app uses EGM96 as the geoid reference.


  • Easy to use
  • Minimal Ads
  • Works well even in a humid climate


  • It does not show correct values
  • Correction in readings takes time
  • Dark theme is not available

Key Features: Minimal Ads | Sensor accuracy | Address of current location | Sunrise and sunset time | Magnetic field strength

Download: Just a Compass (Free, Premium)

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Compass 360 Pro

Compass 360 ProCompass 360 Pro works like a real compass if your phone has a magnetic sensor to detect the Earth’s magnetic field. The app uses a compass card that swings naturally to give you the orientation. It supports many languages. You can access the Compass 360 Pro app even in the absence of an internet connection.

Two bearings are supported by the compass app, which includes a decimal bearing and cardinal bearing. Decimal bearing provides detailed direction, while the cardinal path expresses general rule. You can avail the true magnetic North with the smooth movement of the compass needle.


  • Easy calibration
  • Readings are correct
  • There are only fewer ads


  • There is no GPS satellite
  • The app shows full-screen ads
  • Irregular bugs

Key Features: Professional design | Decimal bearing | No internet required | Support many languages | Free

Download: Compass 360 Pro (Free, Premium)

Navigation GPS Compass 360 & Route Finder App

Navigation GPS Compass 360 & Route Finder AppGPS Navigation Compass enables you to know the true magnetic North digitally. If you are a person who loves to travel, this compass app will be the best choice as it also has a map and an accurate compass. It displays on-screen directions and degrees. You can navigate to your destination using this compass app.

You have to keep a few things in mind before using this app. Your smartphone must have a magnetic sensor and always keep the phone parallel to the ground, turned towards the red arrow while taking the directions. The compass app has large numbers. It also displays magnetic strength and can also be used as a slope level meter.


  • Readings are correct
  • Useful GPS
  • The app shows location status


  • There are many ads
  • Confusing features
  • Full-screen ads

Key Features: GPS location | Dark theme | High precision compass | Digital | Measure magnetic strength

Download: GPS Navigation Compass 360 and Route Finder (Free, Premium)

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Digital Compass 2020 & Accurate Weather App

Digital Compass 2020 & Accurate Weather AppDigital Compass 2020 shows your latitude, longitude, and accurate weather updates. You should hold your device in a parallel direction for the app to work. The Compass has additional features like measuring the wind pressure, humidity percentage, and accurate weather forecast view.

If you are stuck with direction confusion, a GPS compass will help you access your current location. This compass app for Android supports telescope compass, camera compass, digital Compass, and standard Compass. The telescope compass has maximum sensor accuracy in locating directions.


  • Free digital Compass
  • Shows accurate weather
  • You can keep in touch with current affairs


  • There are too many ads
  • irregular bugs
  • Not supported in some devices

Key Features: Standard compass view | Accurate weather forecast | Shows wind direction | Check on humid climate

Download: Digital Compass 2020 & Accurate weather App (Free)

Smart Compass

Smart CompassYou require a magnetic sensor in your device for Smart Compass to work. The compass app has magnetic sensors to show you directions and azimuth. If you turn your phone into portrait or landscape mode, you can quickly fix the headings. It also has a camera view which gives a total picture of directions. The app supports GPS and map, and a metal detector is used to verify the magnetic sensor.

The performance of your compass app depends on how well your magnetic sensor works. You will calibrate your device using specific app options like night mode, background image, and digital. The compass app comes with a GPS speedometer as well. It supports azimuth types like degree, mil, quadrants, and back azimuth.


  • The app is more comfortable with calibrating
  • Gives reliable directions
  • Tracks north as the phone rotate


  • Full-screen ads
  • The app interrupts other apps
  • Compass is not stable

Key Features: GPS and map supported | Dark theme | True north | Material design | Screen capture

Download: Smart Compass (Free, Premium)

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CompassCompass updates you about your direction, location, and navigation. You can measure magnetic strength and know sensor accuracy with Compass. Being one of the best compass apps, it also allows you to adjust background and text color according to your likes.

The compass app links to maps for finding routes and nearby places. Using this app, you can also access weather information. It supports a camera view and has a flashlight. You will know if the surface is horizontal or vertical using the bubble level option in the compass app.


  • Shows magnetic true north
  • Reliable directions
  • Accurate readings


  • There are so many ads
  • Irregular bugs
  • Not supported in some devices

Key Features: Easy-to-use | Custom theme color | Supports camera view | Dark theme

Download: Compass (Free, Premium)

Compass Steel

Compass SteelCompass Steel is an Ad-free digital compass app. You can choose between True heading and Magnetic heading in this app. It would help if you kept in mind that the True title is based on the True North, while the Magnetic heading is based on Magnetic North. It has a Sun and Moon direction indicator as well.

Before using Compass Steel, you are required to set and save a target direction. Compass Steel self-calibrates and compensates for the tilt as you use it. Because of a high contrast design, you will get improved readability in this app.


  • There are no ads
  • Adapts to location easily
  • The app does not use data


  • Readings are not accurate
  • The directions are not correct
  • Irregular bugs

Key Features: No ads | Easy to read | Shows Sun and Moon direction | Multiple color themes | Set and save targets

Download: Compass Steel (Free, Premium)

Accurate Compass

Accurate CompassJust like all the other compass apps, Accurate Compass also requires a magnetic sensor on your device. You should make sure that your device is not affected by any magnetic objects. The compass app requires magnetic strength between 30 and 60 microteslas. If the compass’s calibration does not work correctly, you can try rotating the device in different directions.

Accurate Compass is one of the best compass apps with Google map service and correct heading. It shows notifications on calibration. It also shows latitude and longitude and works well when held horizontally to the ground level.


  • The app gives correct readings
  • It is a very easy-to-use app
  • It also has a simple design


  • Irregular
  • It has too many ads
  • It doesn’t have self-correction

Key Features: Google map service | True heading | Shows correct address | Shows calibration notification

Download: Accurate Compass (Free, Premium)

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These are our best picks when it comes to the best compass apps for Android users. Most of them have an easy-to-use interface. They will show your directions, latitude, and longitude. Some of the apps also give you details about the weather and magnetic field strength. In order to get accurate directions on your phone, make sure your phone has an inbuilt magnetic sensor.

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  1. You and your associates may be interested in my research regarding the level of accuracy (or lack thereof) of iPhone compass apps; and I think the same results apply to Android compass apps. My research involved methodical measurements of the residual (after calibration) compass azimuth deviation errors and the determination that these errors can be corrected – definitely. The iPhone compass apps investigated include Compass 55, Compass Deluxe, SpyGlass, and Theodolite.
    The results of my research are posted at “tru-path.org” – for all to see. You and your readers may be interested.
    Now, I’m investigating Compass Commander Go, Pro Compass, and Qibla Compass. These results will be posted soon.
    Your comments are welcome.


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