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Firestick Automatically Playing Movies? How to Turn off AutoPlay in Fire TV

How will you feel if a movie or TV show starts playing automatically while you are casually browsing the content on your Amazon Fire TV? Well, it will be annoying especially during the night after a long day at work. Fortunately, you can turn off the autoplay by just changing some settings on the Firestick.

Let’s see how to turn off autoplay for movies and TV Shows on Firestick, especially on Netflix.

Disable AutoPlay in Amazon Firestick

While you are on the Fire TV Home screen, you will see thumbnails listed under different categories like Recently Watched, Next Up for You, Latest Movies, and more. If you just took a pause while browsing through the thumbnails, the trailer or preview of the movie/TV show will start playing automatically.

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To turn off or disable the autoplay of content on the home screen, you need to change the settings in the Preferences menu. Let’s see how to do that.

On your Home screen, click the Settings (gear) icon located at the end in the middle of the screen.

fire tv settings home screen

After you select the Gear icon, you will see a list of options displayed below that. Scroll down and click on Preferences.

fire tv list of settings

From the PREFERENCES screen, click on the option titled Featured Content.

fire tv preferences menu

In the screen titled FEATURED CONTENT, select the option Allow Video Autoplay. If the value is ON, press the center button on your Fire TV remote to turn off video autoplay. Likewise, turn off the option titled Allow Audio Autoplay.

fire tv turn off autoplay

After disabling both the autoplay options, go back to your Home screen and try browsing the content. Now, even if you pause for long on a thumbnail, the video will not play automatically anymore.

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Now, you can peacefully browse the content on your Fire TV home screen without worrying about the auto-play of videos from nowhere.

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