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10 Best Golf Apps for Apple Watch Users for 2020

Apple Watch is an amazing device, and you can take advantage of the sensors and dedicated App Store. The good news for Golf lovers, there are a lot of dedicated Golf GPS apps for Apple Watch. And, if you are an avid golf lover, then those will work like a charm. This article helps you with that and compiles the best golf apps for your Apple Watch.

Try these best golf apps with your Apple Watch and take your golf playing to the next level. Let us dig deep into each one of the apps one-by-one;


Golfshot is the most advanced golf GPS available for Apple Watch. This golf app is only the Golf app that offers AR on the golf course. Golfshot has information for over 40,000 golf courses and over 500,000 holes to pinpoint around the world.

Golfshot GPS app for Apple Watch

The main highlight of this Golf app is the ability to visualize the course in a 360-degree view. You can also track your shot distance/direction, the club used, detailed statistics, etc.

Moreover, you also track distance to hazards and targets. Use Siri for voice help and monitor your health activities. It also features to email your scorecard. Besides, it also offers a premium version that provides you detailed statistics.

Key Features: Auto Advance | Voice Hole feature | Powerful Statistics | Handicap Index | Siri support | AR feature | Library of Coaching | Download Golfshot for Apple Watch

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Hole 19 is one of the best golf apps for Apple Watch. This app is highly accurate and provides a view distance of over 95% of courses around the world. You can track your and the partner’s score side by side. Once downloaded, Hole 19 gives you access to over 1 million active users of this app to communicate, compete, and make friends.

Hole 19 Golf GPS app for Apple Watch

Moreover, you get the birds-eye view of the golf course. Besides, you can track hazards, dodges, and more. Hole 19 offers a simple and intuitive interface. This Golf app has a professional scorecard function which gives a detailed analysis.

For more features like AR view, auto change holes, HD Maps, etc., you can buy a subscription for $5. And, there are no annoying ads in the free version as well.

Key Features: GPS Rangefinder | Digital Scorecard | Accurate Statistics | Augmented Reality | Distance Tracker | Auto Change & HD Maps | Download Hole19 for Apple Watch

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GolfLogix GPS

GolfLogix, with its new update for 2019, has added some more features. The GolfLogix offers accurate GPS distances, 3D color maps, 4-player scoring, etc., makes this one of the best golf apps for Apple Watch users. This Watch Golf GPS app has information available for more than 35,000 courses across the globe.

GolfLogix GPS app

Besides, you also get the aim assistance to perfectly aim the holes. The main highlight feature of this app is the Putt Breaks. The Putt Breaks allows you to click the location of the ball and drag the box to wherever you want to aim. Moreover, it gives you laser-guided aim assistance and a close-up of the colored map.

GolfLogix gives you more statistics than compared to other apps. But, you have to pay a subscription fee to use most of its advanced features.

Key Features: Accurate Putt and Hole Aim | 3D Colored Map | Precise GPS | 4-player scoring | Download from App Store: Download GolfLogix for Apple Watch

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Zepp Golf

Zepp Golf is an app that works with the $150 Zepp Golf 2 sensor. This app is a personalized coaching system that helps you learn the nits and grits of golf. It offers training courses from LPGA Pro Michelle Wie. Zepp features do not stop here. Besides, it uses advanced-tech to track your club swings.

Zepp Golf app for Apple Watch

Moreover, you can track your track tempo, hand path, and speed. Besides, it can capture your swing in a video for your training. All this is included in the free version of the app.

With the Zepp sensor, you can use this app to get detailed statistics for essential metrics. Additionally, you also get 3D Swing analysis, real-time swing metrics, and access to a library to master the art of swing.

Key Features: Ball tracer technology | Voice assistance | 3D Swing Metrics | Smart Coach & Infographics | Download Zepp Golf for Apple Watch

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GolfNow – Book TeeTimes Golf GPS

If you are a golfer, you know the importance of tee time. GolfNow is the best tee time booking app, trusted by over 3 million golfers around the world. It offers you amazing deals, and discounts available during tee time.

GolfNow Tee Times app for Apple Watch

GolfNow offers tee time on over 6,000 courses worldwide. Besides, it is also a golf GPS to track your game at over 30,000 courses worldwide. You can check for best deals on resorts, make reservations, get information, etc. right within the app.

Moreover, you also get in-depth statistics, course information, a scorecard for up to 4 players, etc.

Key Features: Tee Times for over 6000 courses | GPS Course search | 4 player score format | in-depth statistics | Download GolfNow for Apple Watch


TheGrint is the best Golf handicaps, providers. It offers USGA licensed handicaps, GPS for 37,000+ courses, and more. You can track your’s as well as your friend’s handicap easily with TheGrint. There are other features, also.

TheGrint golf app

Like for instance, you can use the simple interface of the app to track your score. Moreover, compare your live scores with others via its leaderboard feature. The free version also includes Pro-Like statistics. Lets you organize your tee time as well.

It also offers the best in class customer support that responds quickly. The paid version of the app includes the “Scorecard Picture Service.” You have to upload the image of your scorecard, and it will transcribe the hole by hole scores for you.

Key Features: Licensed Handicaps | GPS Rangefinder | Pro score tracking | Accurate game and point calculations | Download TheGrint for Apple Watch

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Golf Pad

Golf Pad offers many essential features for free. It provides golf range finder, scorecards, shot tracker, etc. Golf Pad has an intuitive and easy interface. This app is available on more than 40,000 courses worldwide. Moreover, it does not need any registration to use this app.

Golf Pad golf app

Many premium features are available in Golf Pad for free. Like instant distance, scoring for up to 4 players, club tracking, aerial maps, and more. Besides, it has a full-featured GPS range finder app. You can also share your scorecard across various social media networks.

Moreover, this app provides detailed statistics for putts, accuracy, penalties, etc. But, the con is that you have to purchase a subscription of $19.99 for Apple Watch support.

Key Features: Optimized battery usage | GPS Rangefinder | Shot tracker | Aerial course map | Detailed statistics | No registration | Download Golf Pad for Apple Watch

Golf GPS ++

Golf GPS ++ uses your iPhone and Apple Watch to track shots and GPS distances. You can also get built-in putt and wing analysis. It is available for free on iPhone but not on the Apple Watch. You have to buy a premium subscription for Apple Watch support.

Golf GPS ++ app for Apple Watch

Moreover, it tracks your swing speed, grip, tempo, swing plane, etc. Golf GPS ++ gives you detailed statistics for improving your game performance. Besides, it offers access to over 35,000 courses worldwide. You do not need an internet connection to use this app. The Gesture Recognition Technology tracks accurate club swings. Furthermore, it automatically tracks your game score.

You can visualize holes in 2D and 3D maps. Also, get real-time wind direction forecast and other insightful information.

Key Features: 2D and 3D map | In-depth statistics | Real-time wind direction | Automatic hole switching | Putt analysis | Download Golf GPS ++ for Apple Watch

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Fun Golf/ Tag Heuer Golf

Tag Heuer Golf, which was previously known as Fun Golf, is a premium app for Apple Watch. You get exclusive 3D maps for over 39,000 golf courses around the world. This app gives you a precise shot tracker with impressive accuracy. Fun Golf gives you pro-level insights.

Fun Golf or Tag Heuer Golf app

In the Apple Watch, you can view the course’s 2D visualization. Moreover, it gives real-time statistics directly to your watch. To run this app on your Apple Watch, it requires watchOS 5. You also get 4 player scoring format and can be saved instantly. Besides, you can also opt for an annual or monthly premium subscription.

Key Features: 2D and 3D Maps | Access to over 39,000 courses | Accurate shot measure | Club recommendation | Download Fun Golf/ Tag Heuer Golf for Apple Watch


Last but not at all the leat, 18Birdies is a must-have an app for golf lovers. You get accurate GPS, digital scorecard, a side game tracker, tee time, and more. Moreover, it also features to connect with other golfers as well. It gives tee times on over 6,000 plus courses worldwide.

18Birdies golf GPS app

You can always check your insights on your history of shot and scores. Shot tracking allows you to take a snapshot based on shot shape, quality, and power. You can also opt for premium membership in the app. It gives you more features like Advanced GPS, strokes gained, live weather maps, and more.

Key Features: Advanced GPS | Partner Discounts | Live Weather map | Digital Scorecard | Download 18Birdies for Apple Watch

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The above list compiles the best golf apps for Apple Watch owners. There are a lot of apps on the App Store and choosing the best one might be tiresome. So this list provides you with the best app to improve your game and overall performance. You can test each of the apps and use whichever suits the best for you.

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