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10 Best Apple Watch Chargers for All Watch Models

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Apple Watch charger is one of the best gifts that you can buy on these holidays. The charger cable that comes with Apple Watch is a default charger with a magnetic base. There are dedicated Watch chargers that come with additional features. The travel charger for iWatch comes with an internal battery. The all-in-one charger has a wireless charger for iPhone and AirPods, and you can charge all devices same time.

Let’s see the list of best Apple Watch chargers with additional features that work with all Apple Watch models and sizes.

All in One Charger for Watch, iPhone & AirPods

All in one solution for your Apple devices. This wireless charger can juice up your iPhone, AirPods and Apple Watch. The iPhone charger stand can charge any Qi-enabled device.

The charger supports fast charging for the phones. This charger stand can supply up to 80W at 14A output. The iPhone wireless charger can deliver up to 15W. The Wireless charger was made with three coils charge 1.5 times faster.

The charger is powerful enough to charge all three devices at the same time.

For Apple Watch, you have to use your magnetic charger cable or buy another charger cable. The AirPods should be the wireless models to charge with this device.

You can place the iPhone in both vertical and horizontal positions and supports charging in both directions. There have two USB ports that can deliver up to 2.4A output. The aluminum body charger is equipped with the protection circuitry to protect your device from overcharge, overcurrent and overvoltage protection, etc.

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2-in-1 Wireless Charger for Apple Watch & iPhone

You can have a 2-in-1 charger with this iPhone stand. The iPhone charger bed comes with an additional charging stand for Apple watch.

The stand is a 2 in 1 device that can charge both iPhone and Apple watch the same time. The Wireless charger support all the latest iPhone models quipped with Qi charger.

The charger does not ship with iWatch charger. You have to buy it separately or you have to use the current Apple Watch charger.

The watch will charge in nightstand mode and you can see the display. You can hide the extra cable, in the bottom storage room. The iPhone charger support to charge the phone with compatible case. The wireless charger protected from over current and short circuit. The silicone mats keep the iPhone in place on the charger bed.

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Elegant Apple Watch Travel Charger

This is one of the gorgeous Apple Watch travel charger wrapped in high-quality leather.

The leather fabric design and elegant look make this Apple watch charger one of the best gift.

Just like the exterior, the interior material is designed to protect your Apple Watch from scratches.

Travel Charger for Apple Watch

A perfect travel charger for your Apple Watch? You can have this Smartree charging case. This is a portable Apple Watch charger that can charge your watch while you travel.

The internal 3000mAh battery comes with charger that can recharge Apple watch while keeping in the case. This travel case can charge your Apple watch up to 6 times with one recharge.

The travel charger doesn’t have the magnetic charger. You have to use your Apple Watch magnetic charger with this rechargeable case to use as an Apple Watch charger.

Rechargeable Charger for Apple Watch

This Watch charger is shaped like a keychain, built with an internal rechargeable battery. This is portable and charge the Apple Watch on move.

The pocket-sized charger can deliver full charge from the rechargeable battery. The charger comes with a 700mAh Lithium battery. The portable charger can charge your Apple Watch three times with one recharge.

This is a Mi certified Watch Charger for Apple Watch. The keychain charger is compatible with 38mm and 42mm size supports all models.

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Vintage Media Player Shaped Watch Charger

This is going to be in your office table or home office if you are looking for a vintage designed Apple Watch charger.

The watch display lined up as the screen fo the music player. The charger stand can work as a nightstand with the clock display and key functions. The vintage designed Appel watch charger will work with all Apple Watch models and size.

Your Apple Watch can simplly place on this music player shaped charger and perfectly fit for any model. The vintage charger is made of scratch-free silicone that prevents the watch from moving around.

Cordless Apple Watch Charger

This cordless charger fro Appel Watch is the compatible Apple Watch charger. You can use this USB charger right from your laptop or any USB port to charge the Apple Watch. There is no lengthy cable or bulky design. This portable Apple Watch charger is like a USB flash drive in design.

You can adjust the angle fo the charger in to vertical or horizontal before placing the Watch on it. There is no extra cable of hassles of tangling cables. This is going to be one of the essential Apple Watch Charger that can be a nice addition to your travel gadget list.

The device is protected from over-current, over-voltage, short circuit, etc. The cables charger will work with all models and all sizes of Apple Watch models.

Foldable Apple Watch Charger with Night Stand

This is a foldable charger that comes with a magnetic charger and watch stand combined.

You can replace the default Apple Watch Magnetic charger with this Lxory Apple Watch Charger.

This is a Mi certified charger support all Apple Watch models with all sizes. The foldable design lets you place the watch as flat or lifted in nightstand mode.

Apple Watch Night Stand Charger

This is the cheapest Apple watch charger stand you can get. This charger stand is just below 10 bucks and you can use this as a nightstand.

This is just a watch stand, that you have to use the Watch Magnetic Charger with the stand.

You can use this as a nightstand for all Apple Watch models. You can place the Watch on the charger easily.

The design lets you easily place the Apple Watch in your Stand. Please be aware that the magnetic charger is not included with the product.

Wireless Charger for Watch with Lightning Port

This is a charger cable that can use for both Apple Watch and iPhone. The additional lightning port attached can be used to charge the iPhone.

The Watch charger supports all Apple Watch models. The Watch needs around 3 hours to fully charge. It is recommended to use 5V, 1.5A power supply to charge both devices fast.

The cable comes with 1.5m length, and portable. The cable offers over-current and over-voltage protection.

Magnetic Charging Cable from Apple

This magnetic charger direct from Apple, with 1meter cable length. There are no other features, other than the magnetic charger base.

This is the same that comes with Apple Watch.You can buy this if you lost your charger or if you want an additional charger in your office.

The charger work with Inductive charging and MagSafe feature. You can follow the list below if you want chargers with more features.

We’ve listed the best chargers for your Apple Watch. These are compatible with all models, and some of them need the original magnetic charger cable to work. The all in one cable stand work with iPhone, and good choice if you have more than one Apple device.

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