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12 Best Portable Travel Chargers for Apple Watch

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The Apple Watch needs to charge at least every alternative day to keep it alive. It is better to have an Apple Watch portable charger in your travel bag at all times. Some of these portable chargers come with a built-in battery to charge your Apple watch on the go.

Hence, we did some research and came up with a list of the most trusted and portable smartwatch chargers for your Apple Watch.

Cute Travel Pouch Apple Charger

Smatree Charging Case

As the name says, the Smatree Charging Case is an MFI certified charging case for your smartwatch. By far, its one of the neat ideas for a compact charging case. This portable Apple Watch Charger comes with a 3000mAh internal battery.

Hence, you can charge your Apple smartwatch up to 6 times when you are on the go. Being a charging case, you can place your Apple Watch inside the case within the magnetic holder. You can also zip the cover to keep it safe inside.

Smatree Charging Case

This safety feature means that you can toss it into your bag and leave it to do the rest. It can also act as a storage as well as a charging compartment. This portable Apple Watch Charger is compatible with the Apple Watch Series 1, 2, 3, and Series 4. You might see that the charging time changes with each model. This is because of the battery capacity of these models. The Smatree charging case can be charged in 4 hours through the USB port.

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Appel Watch Leather Charger Case

Sena Apple Watch Charging Case

The Sena charging case is a charging case that is made of leather. It is a hybrid charging and storage case for your Apple smartwatch. The leather casing is its best feature and comes with a glossy and smooth texture. This travel Apple Watch charging case can carry your charging cable and smartwatch with ease.

Sena Apple Watch Charging Case

You can wind the cable within the inside portion itself. There is also an opening on the top where you can pull the charging cable out. As you see, it doesn’t feature an internal battery. You need those cables all the time for charging.

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Night Stand Watch Charger

LXORY Foldable Watch Charger

The Lxory Apple Watch Charger is an MFi Certified portable charger. The is a fully functional magnetic charger, comes with a charger. You just need to plug the charger to the USB port and you’re ready to go. You can use keep this charger as an additional Apple Watch Charger to keep in your travel bag. This portable charger is compatible with all watch models and series.

LXORY Foldable Apple Watch ChargerThe foldable design of this charger lets you place the Appel Wath in a flat position or lifted up. The lifted up mode offers a better viewing angle for the watch in nightstand mode. The built-in USB cable is 3 feet long and that’s enough to connect the charger to your wall USB power.

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Budget Friendly Watch Charger

Spigen S350

The Spigen S350 is mot3 like an Apple Watch Night mode stand. It is one of the best Apple Watch stands that not so expensive. Unlike other portable Apple watch chargers, the S350 doesn’t include circuits of its own. So for charging, you require the magnetic charger for charging. It can accommodate all Apple smartwatch models. But yet, you might fill a bit of an issue with the series 4 model though.

Spigen S350

The design part is not complex. Its made of good quality plastic coated with a TPU layer. It comes with a rubberized base that holds the stand intact. The Spigen S350 favors horizontal arrangement also. This makes the watch fixed within the stand. A thing to keep in mind is that you don’t receive a charging cable with the package. You need to get one for yourself.

Buy from Amazon: Spigen S350

Portable Apple Watch Charger

Ugreen Portable Charger (Upgraded)

The Ugreen Portable charger is an MFI certified smartwatch charger. It is compatible with all Apple smartwatches including series 4. This portable Apple Watch Charger comes with a foldable design and a magnetic charging module.

You can charge your Apple series 2 in under 2 hours. It comes with a 45° adjustable design to make it support nightstand mode. The Ugreen portable chargers are quite innovative and trustworthy. Also, their design is above average and affordable.

Ugreen Portable Charger( Upgraded)

The dimensions are of the standard pocket size and this makes it easy for travelers and businessmen to take it anywhere. Apart from that, it adheres with all safety norms of Apple and has other security features. The portable Apple watch charger includes overvoltage and short circuit protection. You receive a 4 ft USB cable to charge the device through your wall socket or PC.

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2-1 Apple Watch Charger

Moretek Charger Stand

The Moretec charger stand is a basic charging stand that can help you charge your Apple smartwatches. It is a portable 2 in 1 charging dock for the Apple Watch and AirPods. This Apple Watch travel charger can accommodate all models of the smartwatch series ranging from series 1 to series 4. A thing to keep in mind is that this thing here is a portable charging stand, not a charger at all.

Moretek Charger Stand

The Moretek charging case is made of durable silicone material. The metal stand and the panel keeps your smartwatch and AirPods safe and secure. In order to charge your smartwatch, nee need to equip yourself with a magnetic charging cable. You can also keep the excess charging cable inside the docking compartment. This arrangement makes it neat and less fussy due to no sign of wires.

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Watch Charger with USB Port

Simpeak Charging Stand

The Simpeak charging stand is a multifunctional charging dock that can hold your Apple smartwatch. It comes with a combined 4 port USB charging output. This means that you can charge your smartphone or other gadgets while you dock your smartwatch. With a combined output of 5V, you can charge around 4 devices at once. For charging your Apple smartwatch, you need to get yourself an additional magnetic charging cable.

Simpeak Charging Apple Watch Stand

The cable can be placed inside the docking compartment with ease. The hollow organizing compartment takes care of your cable from external damages. With this Apple Watch Travel Charger, you can have a cool Night mode stand. This helps you to keep it safe while you are traveling or not using it. Also, the Night mode charging mode of the Apple watch is enabled when charging With this charging dock.

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Charger for Apple Wath & iPhone

Cvida Wireless Charger for Apple Watch

The Cvida Wireless charger comes with a 5000mAh internal battery. This portable Apple watch charger can charge every single model of the Apple smartwatch series. As its Qi-certified, you can charge your smartwatch as well as your smartphone simultaneously. Bring compact and sleek makes it easy to carry around.

Cvida Wireless Charger for Apple Watch

The compact design saves your precious space and is ideal for travel purposes. As it comes with additional USB ports, this portable Apple watch charger is compatible with the iPhone as well as the Androids too. Unlike the charging cases, you can charge your smartwatch without connecting the magnetic cable to an external wall socket.

Buy from Amazon: Cvida Wireless Charger for Apple Watch

Compact Apple Watch Charger

Winyue Wireless Charger

The Winyue wireless smartwatch charger comes in a compact design with an inbuilt magnetic charging module. It is one of those pocket-sized Apple Watch chargers available on the net. You can place your smartwatch on the magnetic charging pad and it can charge your device in 3 hours. With this travel charger, you can make a full charge as fast as the original Apple charger.

Winyue Wireless charger

The Winyue portable charger is compatible with Apple Series 2, 3, 4, Apple Sport, Nike+, etc. Unlike the other models, Series 4 cant be charged as quickly as other models. This MFI certified Apple charger comes with safety features such as the short circuit, over-voltage protection, etc. Coming to the design part, the Winyue portable charger is lightweight and pocket-sized. There is a hooking cable which lets you quite portable.

Buy from Amazon: Winyue Wireless Charger

Apple Watch Charger Key Chain

Pantheon Portable Charger

The Pantheon power bank is the most portable one you’re ever gonna encounter. This thing here has an exceptional design and that too in a key chain-like appearance. It comes with a 700 mAh internal battery that lets you charge your Apple smartwatch anytime. This is by far the perfect solution to Apple smartwatch users who love traveling.

Pantheon Portable Charger Apple Watch

Unlike other bulky battery packs, you only can take this Apple travel power bank everywhere, keeping it inside your pocket. Also, this device is certified safe by Apple and hence you never need to worry but safety issues.

With this smart charger, you can charge your series 1 Apple watch thrice and series 2 twice. As its completely wireless and small, you cannot charge your iPhones with this one. It’s designed for smartwatches alone.

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Portable Apple Watch Charger

Choetech Apple Watch Charger

The Choetech portable power bank is an Apple certified device that lets you charge your Apple smartwatches. Choetech Apple Watch charger is compatible with series 2, 3, 38mm, 42mm, and the sport edition. The inbuilt 900 mAh high-density polymer rechargeable battery lets you charge your devices when you’re on the go.

CHOETECH MFI Certified Apple Watch Charger

The pocket-size design lets you carry it inside your pocket and the key chain design allows more convenience. You can charge you’re the Choetech power bank for smartwatches through the USB port. Also, there is an LED panel that shows how much charge is left with you. There is also an LED cutoff signal that saves precious battery charge when it’s in idle state.

Buy from Amazon: Choetech Apple Watch Charger

Battery Pack for Apple Watch

Ugreen Wireless Battery Pack

The Ugreen wireless charger is a lightweight charging module for the Apple smartwatches. The inbuilt magnetic charging pad is ideal for all three Apple smartwatches. It offers a quick charge in about 2.5 hours and has a battery capacity of 2200mAh.

It is one of those few brands that is certified safe by Apple. This power bank for Apple watch has safety features to save your device from overvoltage and short circuits. You can, in fact, charge two Apple devices at once.

Ugreen Wireless Battery Pack

This power bank can charge your iPhone as well as your apple smartwatch at the same time. You can charge your iPhone through the USB port with ease. Also, you can charge the smartwatch through the magnetic pad. The USB port comes with a charging chip that detects your device and delivers fast charging.

You can receive a max output of 1A at optimum conditions. A fun fact is that this Apple watch travel charger can charge the smartwatch for 4 times on a single go. You can check the LED indicator to determine the amount of charge left om the power bank.

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10 Best Portable Power Banks for Apple Watch and iPhone

Appel Watch Charger Key Chain

FlagPower Portable Powerbank

The Flagpower power bank is yet another product for the Apple Watch. It is one of those portable power banks that comes with the compact keychain design. What sets apart this one is that it comes with a USB cable to charge the power bank. And also, this one is Apple MFi certified. Like most of the similar products, this too has a 700mAh battery, capable of charging your Watch 2 times on the go.

FlagPower Portable Powerbank

Coming to other aspects, you can see that it isn’t made using cheap plastics. In fact, it is made using ABS and metal shell. This makes it durable and long-lasting. When it comes to protection, this Apple watch travel charger is CE, FCC & RoHS certified. Also, it has prior safety features such as voltage protection, etc.

Buy from Amazon: FlagPower Portable Powerbank

Pocket PowerBank for Apple Watch

Zens Wireless Smartwatch Charger

The Zens wireless battery pack is an Apple exclusive device you can take out when you’re on the go. It is a compact and pocket-size power bank that stores 1300 mAh rechargeable battery.

With this battery pack, you can charge your smartwatch 3 times and up to 2 times for the series 2 models. You can place the smartwatch on the charging pad and is compatible with the series 2, 3 models.

ZENS Wireless Apple Watch Charger

This MFI portable power bank is designed to be portable and features a block design. This Apple watch travel charger adheres to all safety norms and comes with voltage protection technology.

The presence of an LED battery indicator helps you know how much juice is left. It even shuts off itself automatically to save battery charge. You can charge this wireless smart charger through the USB cable. You receive an extra USB cables with the whole package.

Buy from Amazon: Zens Wireless Smartwatch Charger

When it comes to chargers, and that too for Apple, you require something efficient and premium. Our list featured some of the best and most portable smart chargers the smartwatches available online.

The portability is one of the main aspects that determine the utility level of these gadgets. Make sure you’ve analyzed your needs and considered the budget before jumping into conclusions. If you’re really in the hunt for something portable and convenient Apple Watch chargers, then this list is made just for you.

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