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12 Best Travel Apps for Apple Watch for Next Trip

When you plan a vacation or a business trip, you have a lot of things to take care of. There are dedicated travel apps for Apple Watch owners to help in your trip. This Apple Watch apps could make your experience better. You can plan, book or do more with the comfort of Apple Watch. You will get real-time flight alerts, gate number, language translation, airport map, walking directions, etc. with these Apple Watch Travel Apps. If you are planning for a trip, you must check these apps.

Here is the list of best travel apps for Apple Watch owners those are going to help you with real-time flight status, language translation, etc.

Map App on Apple Watch

You can get guidelines and directions from the built-in Map app in Apple Watch. The map on Apple watch supports Siri and you can request guidance through Siri. The digital crown control brings you more features about the Apple Watch. You can get suggestions based on your location, recent locations, favorites, etc. by scrolling the crown.

Apple Map in Apple Watch

The turn alert from Apple Watch guides you to turn left or right turn or about the destination. You can select the alerts for different modes, such as Driving, Walking or Driving with CarPlay. The transit function will show you the public transportation options including train, bus stops, schedules, etc. You can see more details for using Apple Map on Apple Watch from Apple Watch user guide.

Key Features: Support Walk, Drive Modes | Turn by turn alerts | Siri Support | Download from App Store: Map App on Apple Watch

TripIt: Travel Planner

You need an app on your Apple Watch to plan your trip. When you book a flight, hotel or car, you can add all those details to this app and plan the trip accordingly. The app will generate a map based on your trip.

TripIt Travel Planner

The app supports offline features and also Siri commands. The premium plan track all your trips, flight refunds if any, check in reminder, etc. With this Appel watch travel app, you can get the real-time flight alert, security line status, interactive terminal and airport maps, gate reminders, etc, TripIt is an ideal travel app for Apple watch and helpful if you are a frequent traveler. The subscription plan cost $48.99 for a year.

Key Features: Support Walk, Drive Modes | Turn by turn alerts | Siri Support | Download from App Store: TripIt: Travel Planner

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App in the Air

Booking your flight does not end your task. You also have to keep tracking the flight for delays and boarding time, etc. App in the Air for Apple Watch is your personal flight assistant. It gives you real-time status, in-airport navigation, flight profile, airport tips, etc.

App in the Air travel app for Apple Watch

Moreover, you also get security wait time, gate changes, in-flight courses and more. It has a clean and simple design. This app is available in more than 100 countries. The premium membership will give you access to automated check-in, real-time status updates and more.

Besides, you can track your relative’s flights too. It also offers all your flight history. Overall, a great travel app for Apple Watch.

Key Features: Track Loyalty Points | Accurate details | Flight history | Real-time flight status | Download from App Store: App in the Air

iTranslate Translator

iTranslate Translator is a very popular and highly rated app. While traveling, you need a handy translator to communicate in the local language. This travel efficient app for Apple Watch can translate any text or websites. You can also start with voice-to-voice conversations in 100+ languages.

iTranslate Translator travel app for Apple Watch

Moreover, you can use the app offline without any internet connection. ITranslate Apple Watch app can use to select and listen to the translation either in male or female voice. In addition to that, it also offers to switch between different dialects. When you are using this app with your iPhone, you can use your camera to instantly translate menus or signs and more.

This translator apps for Apple watch has a dictionary and a phrasebook with over 250 preloaded phrases. This app also features iMessage and Keyboard extension as well to make your life easy. When you select the best Apple Watch apps for traveling, add this app into your list.

Key Features: Offline Translation | Translate via Camera | Voice-to-Voice Conversations | Download from App Store: iTranslate Translator

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iTranslate Converse

Another great app from iTranslate is the iTranslate Converse. This app converts your Apple Watch into a two-way live translator. It has a simple and intuitive design. The best thing about this Apple Watch App is, this translate app can translate into 38 languages.

Since the app offers automatic detection of language for accurate translation, you won’t be stuck in the street without knowing the language.

iTranslate Converse travel app for Apple Watch

You just have to tap and hold to speak and once you are done, release the button to translate. It has accurate translation even in noisy environments. Moreover, this Apple Watch Travel app also gives you full transcripts for every conversation.

You can avail its service via any of the three subscription terms. iTranslate Converse annual subscription costs $39.99/year. With the current update, you get support for iOS 12 and WatchOS 5 as well. The only downside of the app is that it requires an active internet connection to work and doesn’t support offline conversion.

Key Features: Simple interface | Superior live translation | 38 languages support | Download from App Store: iTranslate Converse

Citymapper Transit Navigation

You may already have Apple Map in your Apple Watch. However, there is another Apple Watch app for navigation purpose. Citymapper is one of the best navigation assistance travel app. You get real-time departures, line status, transit maps, and more.

Moreover, this navigation app for Apple watches also integrated with Uber. This travel app for Apple Watch also shows you Bike routing and you can share your live bike location as well.

Citymapper Transit Navigation Apple Watch App

Citymapper has great coverage all over the world. Besides, you can vote for your country at their website to add it to Citymapper. You get direction for the best pick-up spots for your Uber and Lyft. Citymapper Apple watch app also features live bus tracking.

Basically, it will give you tracking for almost every mode of transport except helicopters. It is indeed a great travel app to have, and you can keep right on your Apple watch.

Key Features: Real-time tracking | Frequent Updates | Uber & Lyft integration | Download from App Store: Citymapper


Now we are all familiar with Uber and nice to have this app in your Apple Watch. But, it is important to mention this app if you are out traveling. When you land in a new place, you need commuting facilities. Uber is the best ridesharing app and you can get your ride anytime and anywhere.

Uber travel app for Apple Watch

With Uber Apple Watch app, you also get easier payment solution via credit/debit card, wallets and more. Uber is available in more than 500 cities worldwide. There is a lot more option within the suiting your needs like UberX, UberPOOL, etc.

When you request a ride, the Uber app uses your watches location to find out nearest Uberservicess. You can see driver’s picture, and vehicle details on the Apple watch and track them. If you want to your ride in luxury then you can book a UberBLACK which gives you an option for high-end vehicles. Besides, you Uber to commute anyplace you are traveling in.

Key Features: Best in class | Worldwide presence | Download from App Store: Uber

XE Currency

XE Currency is the best currency converter for Apple Watch. This currency converter app helps you with currency exchange graphs and exchange rates information. This Apple watch app provides detailed information free of cost. XE Currency is a highly downloaded app with millions of users.

XE Currency app for Apple Watch

You can also track and view up to 10 currencies of your choice. Moreover, you also get access to tracking precious metals. This is a very helpful travel app that gives you information about the latest exchange rates. You can compare and check the exchange price between your provider and market.

XE Currency also works offline as you can save the last updated price. It has a clean and simple user interface. A must-have travel app for Apple Watch.

Key Features: Currency Converter | Currency widget | Historical Charts | XE rates alerts | Monitor precious metals | Download from App Store: XE Currency

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Dark Sky Weather

Dark Sky Weather is a weather app for Apple Watch. You have to pay $3.99 to download the app. Yes, there are other ways from which you can check the weather of any city you are traveling too. But, it is the most accurate weather app available for your Apple Watch.

Dark Sky Weather App for Apple Watch

This Apple Watch weather shows you minute to minute updates about the weather. Moreover, this app also lets you know when the rain will start or stop. Dark Sky has different weather animations and intuitive interface. It shows you the weather in a radar animation which looks classy.

Besides, you also get push notifications on your Apple Watch for weather alerts like storms, floods, hurricanes, etc. Overall, a nice travel app to have for Apple Watch.

Key Features: Smooth Animations | Minute-to-minute Notifications | Simple design | Download from App Store: Dark Sky Weather

CARROT Weather

CARROT weather app is another great weather forecast app. It draws the data and weather details from accurate sources. The sources include AccuWeather, WillyWeather, etc.

Carrot weather app for Apple Watch

This app gives you great interactive weather details. It shows dialogues, characters and scenery change for daily forecasts. With Apple Watch you can also receive notifications about storms, hurricanes, etc.

You can also track the storm maps and stay out of harm’s way. Ultra-premium club users get access to future radars, lightning strikes, and 12 extra map layers. Besides, it also supports Siri for voice assistance. Moreover, you get a simple and clean user interface. But, you have to pay $4.99 to use this weather app.

Key Features: Precipitation notification | Siri shortcuts | Radar and Satellite Maps | 6500+ hilarious spoken dialogue | 51 secret locations | Download from App Store: CARROT Weather


When you are traveling, you are just on the run. You go from one place to another and lose track of your water intake. WaterMinder app is an outdoor travel app for Apple Watch. WaterMinder Apple Watch has easy to use interface and intuitive features. You can set your body weight and track water intake.

WaterMinder app for Apple Watch

This Apple Watch app shows you an animation of a glass filled with water. As your water level goes down, the water in the animated glass also lowers. Moreover, you can also track it via water percentage. WaterMinder supports iMessage stickers. Besides, you can create custom cups.

You can also track your progress and view your history and graphs. It works in integration with the HealthKit app to capture body statistics.

Keyword Features: Today Widget | Measurements in different metrics | Earn and Share Achievements | Simple Interface | Download from App Store: WaterMinder


When you travel, you not only want to visit new places but, also want to eat good food. Every place has its famous eating and drinking joints. Foursquare app for Apple watch is a great travel companion.

Foursquare travel app for Apple Watch

Once you land in a new place, this app will show you some useful information. It will show you the best places to visit, food joints, which is famous in the city, which is the best delicacy served in the city, and more. You can just say the specific word and it will show you places where it is situated.

Moreover, you can also use the app to find info like nightlife, outdoor seating, romantic places, etc.

Key Features: Short reviews of the places | Acts as a local guide | Detailed information | Download from App Store: Foursquare

Best Apple Watch Travel Apps

Believe it or not, apps have changed the way we do anything. We have an app for almost anything we want to do. Wearable devices have also seen their niche grow. Apple watch is a great device to keep track of everything and get help to. With everything getter smarter, why should you lag behind in traveling?

The above Apple Wath apps give you complete control over your vacation. Wherever you travel, make sure to have the travel apps that would make your journey a great experience. Please let us know in the comments below if you also have any favorite travel app you wish to feature in this list.

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