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HOVSCO HovRanger eBike Review: Packed with Surprising Features

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There are plenty of R&D efforts going on to make eBikes relatively efficient and future-ready. We recently stumbled upon the all-new HOVSCO HovRanger, and it’s a pretty neat solution to all your urban commuter issues. The HovRanger is a stylish and robust 500W gear hub city eBike packed with many features up its sleeves. This eBike is intriguing in every detail. We are here with a complete and comprehensive review to let you know why you should have an eye on the Hovsco HovRanger eBike right now.

The Hovsco HoveRanger has been with us for a while, and it has endured some serious testing lately. Let’s find out what this city eBike is capable of and make sure to stick on till the end.

HOVSCO HovRanger eBike: Overview

This City eBike is aesthetically pleasing and gives you a rugged feel every time you step onto the roads

The Hovsco HovRanger is a classy electric mountain bike with a geared brushless hub motor that delivers a max power of 500W (970W Peak) and 65Nm torque. HoveRanger is powered by a 48V/720W rechargeable battery that doubles itself as a flashlight once removed.

Hovsco HovRanger Review
Hovsco HovRange

This eBike offers a max range of 60 miles at optimum riding speeds and is equipped with Torque Sensor. The Torque Sensor or the Torque Sensor Assist System measures the force you apply on the bike’s pedal. It then tracks and samples every pedal force in real-time and adjusts the power output accordingly.

The best thing that I felt convinced about was the bike’s design. This City eBike is aesthetically pleasing and gives you a rugged feel every time you step onto the roads. A great battery rated 720Wh makes it suitable for even city commutes. The bike is pretty much hardcore in design. This one comes in Dark Grey and Indigo, and I love this Indio glossy design. And yes, the bike comes in two variants, the Step-Through as well as the Step-Over versions.

Hovsco HovRanger

Its aluminum frame and riding stances make it a hybrid eBike that could cruise along the cities or even the wild. With two riding modes, the pure electric and the pedal assist, you could cruise around the city or take it for a long ride out into the wild without any worries.

As we move on, we’ll talk in detail about its design, battery setup, charging, riding modes, and other stuff.

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HOVSCO HovRanger eBike: Specs

The Hovsco Hovranger is a great commuter eBike that’s stylish enough. It features a powerful mid-hub motor and offers a great range thanks to its powerful Samsung Li-ion battery.

HOVSCO HovRanger Size Chart (Image Credit Hovsco)

Before going into detail about the technical aspects of the bike, it is important to be aware of the overall specifications. Take a look at the overall specs of the Hovsco HovRanger eBike;

Specification HOVSCO HovRanger eBike (HovCity)
Motor 970W (Peak) 500W (Sustained),
48V Brushless Rear Hub Motor
Battery Removable Internal Lithium-ion
48V, 15Ah (720Wh, Samsung)
Battery Range40-60 Miles Average
Charger 54.6V 3A Fast Charger,
4 Hours Charging
Crankset 170mm w/ 42 T
Frame6061 Single-Butted Aluminum Alloy
with Internal Battery
Tires27.5 x 2.25″ Ebike Rated Tires
Rear Derailleur7 Speed
BrakesHydraulic Disc Brakes,
180mm Rotors
Chain 7 Speed
Speed 28mph Max
Pedal Assist5 Levels
Battery Light 120PCS LED Lamp Beads,
4-meter Range, 20 m² Area
Sensors IncludedTorque Sensor + Cadence Sensor
Weight (w/ Battery)55.8 lbs

The bike can handle up to 300 lbs and weighs around 55.8 lbs with a battery. As you know, the battery is the main weight-contributing part of eBikes.

HOVSCO HovRanger eBike: Design and Build Quality

The built-in LED Flashlight on the battery is a simple but innovative idea that comes in handy if I get a flat tire or get stuck at the night.

The Hovsco HovRanger flaunts a classy mountain bike design. But it’s rather more a mix of both a city bike and an MTB which focuses on utility. Unlike hardcore MTBs like the Trek Allant+ 7, this eBike features a more subtle yet noticeable mix of performance, utility, and reliability.

Hovsco HovRanger Battery Compartment
Hovsco HovRanger Battery Compartment

The unisex low-cut central frame and well-concealed integrated battery pack were the things I felt were innovative. Also, the battery swaps as a dedicated LED flashlight up to 4 meters long that aids you in case you get lost on the roads.

The HovRanger has a sturdy aluminum frame, a hub motor, and a powerful 720Wh rechargeable battery. Apart from the powerful motor that offers two riding modes, the eBike even comes with dedicated dual hydraulic brakes for better stopping power. It also includes a 7-level derailer and has the Pure Electric and Pedal Assist riding modes.

Hovsco HovRanger Review
Hovsco HovRanger Review

The pedal assist kicks the moment you apply force on the pedals. With the pedal assist enabled, you could cruise at a top speed of 28mph (Class-3). But right out of the box, you’ll be able to cruise at around 20mph. You’ll need to access the other speed levels by unlocking them via the Hovsco app, which I felt rather odd.  

The initial riding speeds can get maximized when the motor reaches its peak power output of 970W. But a thing to note is that the range is fairly limited. The 60 km range is something that you’d get only when the riding conditions are favorable. The range even drops to around 40 miles if you’re planning to use only the purely electric mode, the Throttle Mode.

Hovsco HovRanger

Apart from that, the HovRanger features 27.5” Panasonic eBike-rated tires. This makes it suitable for adults of height 5.1” to 6.2”. It also comes with an LED headlamp as well as a rear reflector (I wish they had a rear brake light instead of a standard reflector) light, and a decent LCD backlit color display.

We’ll talk about the LCD display as well as the app-based configurations you’ll need to enable as we go on.

HOVSCO HovRanger eBike: Motor and Power

The new Hovsco HovRanger’s start feature is its rear hub motor. Of course, it might not be everyone’s piece of cake, but its performance and power output suits the dynamics of the eBike pretty well. The small and silent, 500W motor is well integrated with the bike frame and offers crucial power delivery at the time you need the most.

Hovsco HovRanger Real Wheel
Hovsco HovRanger Real Wheel

The motor, manufactured by Sutto has its pros as well as cons. The only issue that I could point out right now is the motor’s High Power Low Torque configuration. We’d have to do a bit more slop tests to find out if this combination hits the sweet spot or not. 

Hovsco HovRanger Review

The Sutta Hub motor offers a max torque of 60Nm. The motor facilitates case biking around the city thanks to its 5-level Pedal Assist. The 5-level pedal assist is well facilitated by the motor and lasts until around a maximum range of 50 to 60 miles on average.

Hovsco HovRanger Gear
Hovsco HovRanger Gear

The Pure Electric Mode also lets you cruise along the streets just like you would with your motorcycle. The throttle mode, you feel really powerful when the motor kick in. Since you are depending on the entire battery power, you’ll notice a drop in battery power and range. Another thing that I felt could be a bizarre issue is that the power delivery at most of the levels isn’t even. This could be attributed to the Torque Sensor, which sometimes processes false outputs. As a normal rider, you won’t feel any of these, and you can enjoy the ride without any discomfort.

Hovsco HovRanger Hydraulic Break
Hovsco HovRanger Hydraulic Break

Of course, the bike lets you cruise at speeds of 28mph, but out of the box, you’ll find that the speed is capped at 20mph. You’ll need to enable a bit of app-based tweaks and settings in order to upgrade it to the maximum speed. The Hovsco HovRanger is a perfect match for the Trek Allant, which offers a 500W motor. But yet, the Trek Allant isn’t getting an upgrade any time soon, so it’s good to stick with the HovRanger if you ask me. And if you consider the price, this is almost half the price with many features you get.

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HOVSCO HovRanger eBike: Battery and Charging

No matter what eBike you choose, always go for a branded battery to avoid the risk of fire and related accidents. ( a piece of advice, though!)

The Hovsco HovRanger eMTB comes with a removable Samsung/LG 48V 15Ah battery that offers a decent riding range. The Removable Integrated Battery, or the RIB, is a one-piece battery and cover with an inbuilt handle that lets you easily attach and remove the battery. It is one of the most convenient ways to remove the battery, recharge it, and reinstall it into the battery compartment.

This 15Ah, 720Wh battery sometimes seems a bit overpowering to the motor. And I believe we’ll be getting its benefit in the long run by negating its shorter torque effect. Of course, for a hub motor eBike, you can never ask for more, as a 720Wh battery is something you’d normally encounter with the most premium eBikes in town.

The HovRanger’s battery can cover up to 60+ miles on pedal-assist mode and around 40 miles on pure electric mode. And Hovsco guarantees that the battery gives you around 80% efficiency even after many charging cycles. 

Hovsco HovRanger Battery Placement
Hovsco HovRanger Battery Placement

Editors Note: When I saw the downward design of the battery compartment, I was a little worried about the heavy battery. I change my mind after a few miles of the ride. The battery compartment and the locking mechanism are pretty strong and well-designed to keep your battery in place.

The keys are just to secure the battery to the frame. In addition to the key lock, there is an additional knob to lock the battery and keep in the battery compartment securely.

Hovsco HovRanger Battery Charger
Hovsco HovRanger Battery Charger

The Battery’s built-in LED strip can be controlled with multiple modes. Each time you press the light button, the light will switch to different brightness and blinking modes. I didn’t get a chance to check the range in full throttle mode; occasionally, I forgot that I should ride with full throttle. I guess the 40-mile claim with the full throttle is achievable with this powerful battery. Again this depends on the type of road, riders’ weight, and of course, the wind you need to consider.

What I liked more is that the battery isn’t bulky. Hence it was easy for me to carry it to the charging point without much hassle. Another interesting and peculiar thing about the battery is that it doubles itself as a dedicated LED Flashlight or, to be precise, an LED strip light. (20 Sq.m bright light as per Hovsco). All you need to do is pop out the battery and switch it on. The HovRnager battery does give you great illumination and could come in handy if you ever get stranded in the abyss.

HOVSCO HovRanger eBike: Riding Modes

The Hovsco HovRanger features two riding modes, the Pure Electric or, what we normally say, the Throttle Mode and the Pedal Assist Mode. The Throttle mode lets you cruise through the streets when you need a bit of push to get through the chaos of the city. It lets you attain up to 20mph speeds, and yes, you can unlock higher speeds if needed. The Throttle Mode here roughly maxes out at around 22mph. The Pedal Assist, on the other hand, could cruise through the streets with a max speed of 28mph.

Hovsco HovRanger Riding
Hovsco HovRanger Riding

The eBike, when switched on, automatically sets to the Pedal Assist Level 0. There aren’t any noticeable delays in the Pedal Assist mode while switching to higher levels. But there is an acute lag in power delivery during the rides, probably due to the Torque Sensor. If this is your first eBike, you’ll need to get familiar with the sensor’s response, or else you’ll probably have a tough time with the Pedal Assists.

Hovsco HovRanger Thump Throttle
Hovsco HovRanger Thump Throttle

The Pure Electric Mode, as they say, is rather responsive and smooth. It offers a great cruising speed of 20mph, and you can easily cruise to a max distance of 40 miles. Unlike the native twist throttles you’ve seen lately, the HovRanger has a rather peculiar setup. The Thumb Throttle neither obstructs the flow of the handlebar nor creates a ruckus but stays fairly aligned and easily accessible.

HOVSCO HovRanger eBike: Ride Experience

The HovRanger is dynamically built to meet whatever the street throws at you. It is suitable for all ages and offers great ride comfort to anyone in the height range of 5’1” to 6’6”. The Hovsco HovRanger offers exceptional throttle mode power. It could tackle steep slopes only on the throttle mode, which is splendid. The seating posture is upright, and the downtube never obstructs while you get on or off the eBike.

Hovsco HovRanger Handle Bar

Unlike the other eBikes with twist throttle, the HovRanger features a thumb throttle. Once engaged, you can easily cruise at speeds of up to 20mph on the streets. The response of the throttle mode is instant. It could attain a bit above 20mph but could be unlocked for higher speed levels from the app.

Hovsco HovRanger Real Wheen
Hovsco HovRanger Real Wheen

After a few test rides on a full charge, I could see that the HovRanger was beautifully able to pull out a max range of 55 miles on the pedal assist. I haven’t tested its range with every pedal assist level yet, but overall, it was able to pull out a decent riding range on average. The battery takes around 5 hours to recharge fully and can give you a whole day’s worth of battery life on the streets.

Hovsco HovRanger Saddle
Hovsco HovRanger Saddle

The handling is also quite exceptional. There’s minimal palm fatigue in the long run, and the brake levers, gear shifts, and thumb throttle are accessible quite easily. Once you switch from the throttle mode to the pedal assist, you’ll see that the Torque Sensor gets activated.

But if you ask me, the Torque Sensor does hold an upper hand over the Cadence Sensor. The Torque Sensor senses the amount of pressure you apply on the pedals. This is, in turn, sampled, and the rear hub motor accordingly adjusts the power output. Even if you pedal it lightly, the eBike will give power based on how hard you apply force on it.

Hovsco HovRanger Full Front Back Night
Hovsco HovRanger Full Front Back Night

There is also torque force info that shows how much the torque sensor applies power to the motor. On the whole, the bike offers greater comfort and lower fatigue during long rides. It is pretty much suitable to take it with you for your mountain treks as the bike shows characteristics of a hardcore MTB.

Editor’s Note:

  1. The front light is bright enough to ride in the dark. However, I would disagree with the position of the light. The headlight has to beam through a bunch of cables, and I see Hovsco chose the wrong location for the headlight.
  2. This eBike comes with a reflector instead of the rear light. I strongly recommend a battery-powered break light instead of the passive reflector for an eBike that is supposed to ride through the city on busy streets in the dark.
  3. The ring bell or a horn is cheaper, and would be a nice addition for those who ride on the sidewalk or busy pedetrain streets.

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HOVSCO HovRanger eBike: Suspension and Braking

The Hovsco HovRanger comes with 27.5” x 2.25” puncture-resistant Panasonic tires that are durable to the core. The riding dimensions make it suitable for people of all ages. The suspension on the bike is pretty neat and does its job well. There’s noticeable damping of unnecessary jerks and bumps, and the front suspension is adjustable. The tires, along with the suspension play a huge role in giving you enhanced riding comfort.

Hovsco HovRanger Front Back
Hovsco HovRanger Front Back

The aluminum alloy front suspension fork offers travel of 75mm, giving you better shock absorbency. The lockout mechanism also sets in your prescribed suspension levels so that you get maximum riding comfort. The compression and preload adjustment suits best for the city rides.

Hovsco HovRanger Front

One thing to embpasis here, Hovsco has earlier launched a fat tire eBike, HovAlpha, which emphasizes better tire grip and riding comfort than anything.

We’ve reviewed a couple of eBikes before, and all those comes with a mechanical break. I would say, when you ride a powerful eBike, the hydraulic bike is not an option, but a must.

Hovsco HovRanger Rear Break
Hovsco HovRanger Rear Break

The HovRanger features dual hydraulic brakes. These hydraulic brakes come with 180mm rotors and excellent stopping force. At top speed to zero, there were many tire lock-ins, but overall, the brakes are super efficient. And for a hybrid eBike that features both the city and mountain biking characteristics, the brakes shouldn’t be the thing that takes away the luster.

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HOVSCO HovRanger eBike: Display

The HovRanger comes with a backlit LCD display that shows almost all data related to the eBike. The display is attached right at the center of the handlebar. The first thing I noticed is that the display is extremely brilliant. The backlit display is easy to read even on a hot sunny day. The display shows the odometer reading, battery level status, Pedal Assist, and the current speed at which you’re cruising.

Hovsco HovRanger Display
Hovsco HovRanger Display

There is a sticker on the display that has a QR code embedded. You’ll need to scan the QR and download the Hovsco app. The app gets connected to the display via Bluetooth. And one more thing, the Display isn’t Touch Sensitive. All the operations are done with the help of the buttons you see on the left side of the handlebar, ie, right above the thumb throttle. On the whole, the LCD is something that I’m truly satisfied with. The display have both White and Blue colors to easily read the information even in sunny day. I’m in the Florida Sun, and I could easily navigate through the disaply information in sunny day.

Hovsco App

As I’ve mentioned earlier, you’ll need to download the Hovsco app, which is available on both the iOS and the Android platforms. The app lets you activate the eBike warranty and access other crucial data related to the eBike’s performance. You can keep track of the range, battery status, and expected charging time within the app.

Hovsco HovRanger Phone App

The Hovsco HovRanger, out of the box, performs like a Class II eBike. That means the max riding speed is capped at 20mph even in the pedal assist mode. In order to enable riding speeds of up to 28mph, you’ll need to upgrade it to the Class III status, and for that, you’ll need to be logged in to the app.

Hovsco HovRanger App
Hovsco HovRanger iPhone App

Within the app, head on to your profile section. on the Profile, you’ll see the “eBike Classes.” Tap on that, and you’ll see an option prompting you to switch from class II to Class III. The process is fairly simple and once enabled, you can easily attain speeds of more than 20mph on the Pedal Assist Mode.

A thing to note here is that the Throttle Mode will still be capped at 20mph even if you upgrade it from Class II to Class III.

Hovsco HovRanger Class
Hovsco HovRanger Class Selection

Eventhough in the first ride, I struggled to get the enough motor power and speed. The HovRanger was throttled to 6 mph out of the box until I connect the iPhone app to the bike. I don’t know this is a standard settings and the user supposed to connect to the app before they start riding. After connecting to my phone, rest of the things were smooth.

I agree that the app has nice UI, and easy to use. Howvere, as a city rider, I don’t see much advances features in the bike. I wish if the app support the advanced features like electric lock, theft alert, that would be great. I agree, for this price, it is not fare to ask more.

HOVSCO HovRanger eBike: Accessories

The HovRanger comes with quite a number of accessories to enhance your rides. You can get the HiveRanger Fender Sets for around $90. There is also a front-mounted basket as well as a rear rack that enhances utility. Apart from these, you can also get a rear rack Tail Light priced at around $20.

The accessories I mentioned here aren’t free; you’ll need to equip them separately. But what you get free is the dedicated LED headlamps. The headlamps are integrated and offer a good amount of illumination. The eBike does hold an upper hand in terms of the LEDs, as the illumination is so much more apt and useful at this price range. The rear gear guard comes with the bike free, it was difficult to fit on the frame and finally I dropped that.

What’s In The Box

The eBike comes in a fairly neat package with 85% assembled. The bike requires you to assemble the rest of the parts, and it is quite easy. Other than the eBike frame and tires, in the box, you’ll find the following;

  • eBike Battery Charger
  • Battery pack with built-in LED strip light
  • A kickstand, Left and Right Pedals
  • Screwdriver, Wrenches & Hex keys
  • Warranty and Necessary documents

Pros and Cons

What We Like:

  • Affordable Price for the spec.
  • Riding Ergonomics is spot on
  • Powerful Motor & Battery
  • Hydraulic brakes are pretty solid
  • The torque Sensor is a great
  • Supporting Smartphone App

What We Don’t Like:

  • Accessories come at a price, not free
  • No rear brake light (only reflector)
  • No ring bell or horn.

Key Features: 500W Brushless Rear Hub Motor | 48V, 15Ah (720Wh) Li-Ion Battery | Ergonomic Riding Stance | 40-60 Miles Range | 6061 Aluminum Alloy Frame | 7 Speed Derailleur | 27.5 x 2.25″ Ebike Rated Tires | Torque Sensor + Cadence Sensor | 28 mph Max Speed

Pricing and Availability

The Hovso HovRanger flaunts some excellent technical specs and is packed with greater performance. It is fairly priced and offers real competition to all those other eBike cruisers out there. At present, the eBike costs $1799 from Hovsco’s official website. Also, all the accessories that include the rear racks, fenders, and tail lights, could be bought from the official website.

The eBike ships to the US and the UK as a class II eBike which, by the way is upgradable to Class III. The company even offers a 15-day return period if you wish to return it in case you’re not satisfied.

The HovRanger is also available to buy from Amazon too. And for those who want to buy from Amazon, you can use the link above.

Final Thoughts

The Hovsco HovRanger is a neat hybrid eBike that lets you cruise elegantly through the streets. Its performance is packed and comes with a good range and power outputs. The hybrid design makes it suitable for you to take it out to the streets or the mountain trails. The hydraulic breaks, built in LED Battery and Elegant design make this a great buy for city riders.

The Riding Modes are pretty much efficient, and the max speed of 28mph is something worth mentioning. The riding comfort is pretty solid, and thanks to the suspension and as the hydraulic braking system, you get the perfect riding experience, be it on the streets or the rocky mountain trails.


Design and Quality
Motor and Battery
Smartphone App
Value for the money


Powerful motor, long-range battery, hydraulic breaks, and elegant design for a reasonable price. This is one of the best eBike for city rides, that you can rely on. You have to spend a few more bucks if you need accessories for you though.


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Powerful motor, long-range battery, hydraulic breaks, and elegant design for a reasonable price. This is one of the best eBike for city rides, that you can rely on. You have to spend a few more bucks if you need accessories for you though. HOVSCO HovRanger eBike Review: Packed with Surprising Features