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12 Best Bicycle Helmets to Stay Safe on Road and Trails

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When it comes to cycling accessories, getting the best safety accessories is a must. The first and foremost thing is to get yourself the safest bicycle helmet. These helmets not only protect your head from impacts but also improve the overall riding experience to a great level.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best bikers helmet to look out for this year.

Best MIPS Helmet for Adults

MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) helmet is build with high quality form inside to protect your brain from impacts. This is good to protect from heavy impacts and good for road and mountain riding.

Giro Cinder MIPS Cycling Helmet

The Giro Cinder is the best adult cycling helmet and is one of the best selling ones. Apart from the great fit, it offers the best in class protection and adheres to all safety standards. The bike helmet comes with an in-mold polycarbonate shell with EPS lining.

The bicycle helmet is comfortable to wear and is the best one when it comes to impact and shock absorbing standards. The proper air vents ensure proper airflow between the bicycle helmet and your head.

You get the thermoformed SL roll cage made of ultra light polycarbonate. It is fused to the helmets to reduce impacts from falling. This bike helmet is a great option to consider as it is adaptable to everyday commuting as well as pro cycling.


  • Comfortable and stylish look
  • Premium build quality
  • Affordable


  • Less aerodynamic
  • Air vents not that helpful in warm climates
  • The fastener is of moderate quality

Key Features: In-mold Polycarbonate shell | ROC LOC 5 tech | 26 airflow vents | Impact and Shock Absorbent inner layer | Nano bead EPS foam | AURA Reinforcing Arch design | Wind tunnel ventilation system | Anti Microbial padding

Smith Optics Convoy MIPS Mountain Cycling Helmet - Pool, Medium
  • When designing the Smith Convoy, we set out to create a mountain bike helmet that felt like it was...

Adult Road Bikes Helmet

Road bikes are built to protect you from the front impact. These are light weight helmets with more ventilation of high speed.

Giro Aether

The Giro Aether is the updated version of the Giro Cinder. It is a premium helmet with a lightweight design with greater impact absorbance. The helmet for bikers combines the open-air design that reduces air resistance.

Inside the Aether bike helmet, there is a dual-density EPS foam liner. It helps manage a wide range of impacts without compromising aerodynamics and airflow.

The shell is made of a 6 layer of polycarbonate and has inner padding to provide comfort while riding. The 3-way fit tuning allows easy and adjustments in seconds so that you get comfortable while you are on the roads. The bicycle helmet for cyclists comes with integrated eyewear docks. It has rubber grips to support the sunglasses while you ride.


  • Excellent fit
  • Comfortable and stylish design
  • Good Air ventilations


  • Expensive
  • A bit heavier

Key Features: 6 piece Polycarbonate shell | ROC LOC 5 tech | 21 airflow vents | IMpact and Shock Absorbent inner layer | 3 Way fit | Independent liners | Eyeglass grippers | Anti Microbial padding | Nano bead EPS foam

BELL Z20 MIPS Adult Road Bike Helmet - Remix Matte/Gloss Gray/Crimson (2019), Small (52-56...

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Best Mountain Bike Helmets for Adults

The mountain bike helmets are designed to absorb the impact from all directions. The full coverage option offers additional protection for the face, mouth, and chin.

Ouwor MTB Helmet

The Ouwor Mountain Bike Helmet is one of the best MTB helmets you can ever find. It is made of a strong Polycarbonate shell coupled with high quality EPS foam. This enhances the impact absorbing ability and gives more safety when you’re cruising on the rocky trails. With the integrated molding technology, you get improved protection every time.

It’s a unisex helmet and offers excellent comfort. There are high quality chin straps and rear dial adjustments to enhance comfort and fit. This MTB helmet comes with a detachable visor that’s easy to install on your own. The lightweight design coupled with 16 air vents keeps you cool during the long run. The soft inner sponge pads provide greater comfort and keep you cool while you’re tackling the rocky trails.


  • Quality materials and construction
  • Excellent ventilation system
  • Easy to adjust and comfortable
  • Removable visor for versatility


  • Limited air vents for proper air circulation

Key features: In-mold Polycarbonate shell | Dual EPS lining | Custom fit design | Anti-microbial padding | Adjustable dial and clips | airflow and ventilation | Sweat guide padding

OUWOR Road & Mountain Bike MTB Helmet for Adult Men Women Youth, with Removable Visor and...
  • The bicycle helmet is made of strong PC shell and high quality EPS foam, providing more safety with...
Basecamp Bike Helmet for Men Women with LED Safety Light Removable Sun Visor Lightweight...
  • 【Impact Resistant Bike Helmet】Basecamp bike helmet meets US & EU cycling standards. In-molding...
Giro Verce MIPS Women's Mountain Cycling Helmet - Matte Midnight (2022), Universal Women...
  • Our Roc Loc Sport system allows you to quickly and easily dial in your fit and the plush, quick dry...

Best Bike Helmets for Daily Commute

These are the basic helmets with less ventilation and not much styled like other helmets.

Retrospec CM-2

The Retrospec CM 2 is a great and affordable helmet for the daily commuters. It’s versatile and suits the eBike riders as well as the skateboarders. It is tested and proven to show excellent performance and offers an excellent fit. The classic design is quite cute and is coupled with proper air ventilation. There are 11 air vents to keep you cool and comfortable every time.

There are 2 sets of interchangeable pads that offer the best fit and comfort. The fully foamed ABS surrounds the high quality EPS foam to increase the shock absorbing capacity. There isn’t much to flaunt with the design part, it’s less aerodynamic but is capable of shielding and protecting your head during collisions thanks to its increased shock absorbing power.


  • Comfortable and fits great 
  • Unisex affordable
  • Superior impact absorbing capability


  • Prone to scratches
  • Not quite aerodynamic

Key features: ABS + EPS build quality |  three size options | Anti-microbial padding | interchangeable pads | 11 Air vents for air circulation | Sweat guide padding

Retrospec cm-2 Classic Commuter Bike/Skate/Multi-Sport Helmet , Matte White ,Medium
  • Tested and approved for Bike, Skate, Ski. CPSC 16 CFR Part 1203, STM F2040-11 / ASTM F1446, EN 1077,...
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Apusale Bike Skateboard Helmet, Adjustable and Multi-Sport for Skate Scooter, 3 Sizes for...
  • Its Rugged ABS Shell and shock-absorbing EPS foam effectively reduce the impact of any potential...

Best Premium Bike Helmets for Adults

The premium road bikes made with carbon composite material to reduce the weight (near 200g), that cost more.

BELL Z20 MIPS Bike Helmet

The Bell Z20 offers great fit and aerodynamics. It comes with an in-mold Polycarbonate shell and has inner EPS lining. The shell has a MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) protection to protect your skull and brain during fall.

The EPS foam comes with higher densities than any other bike helmets and can protect your head from impacts. The custom-fit design lets you get the highest degree of adjustments.

The inner padding is highly anti-bacterial. It is of quick-drying material and inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacterias. You can get the bike helmet in the 3 standard sizes – the small, medium, and large.


  • Good aerodynamics
  • Looks premium and stylish
  • Extremely impact absorbing
  • Neat paddings


  • Not reliable at high speeds
  • Fit issues
  • Takes longer to dry


Key Features: In-mold Polycarbonate shell | Dual EPS lining | Custom fit design | MIPS integration | Anti-microbial padding | No twist tri-glides | Enhanced airflow and ventilation | Sweat guide padding

BELL Z20 MIPS Adult Road Bike Helmet - Matte Ghost (2018), Small (52-56 cm)

Best Smart Helmet with Bluetooth

Lumos Kickstart Smart Bike Helmet

The Lumos KickStar Helmet is one of the few smart bike helmets with Brake and Turn indicators in the form of bright LEDs. These LEDs act as a hazard light and can help you during emergencies. You can control the LEDs on the bicycle helmet through your smartphones as it comes with wireless connectivity.

The LED lights can stay on for up to 18-hours with the inbuilt battery on the bicycle helmet. There is the Remote controller or Hand gesture supported to activate the front and the rear turn lights without any fuss. You can also adjust the level of lightings and it offers up to 3 customizable flashing modes.

Coming to the protection standards, this rider’s helmet with the Multi-directional Impact System. It has an extra layer of safety paddings apart from the EPS foam core that protects you from impacts. The waterproof and shock absorbent design also offers 22 vents for airflow.


  • Comfortable
  • LED Brake and Turn indicators for extra safety
  • Wireless Handlebar Remote
  •  Automatic Warning Lights


  • A bit heavier
  • Expensive
  • Needs frequent recharging

Key Features: In-mold Polycarbonate shell | EPS Foam Core | Bluetooth Connectivity | LED Hazard lighting | LED Hazard lighting | LED Hazard lighting | Customizable flashing modes | 22 Air vents for airflow | Impact and shock absorbent

Lumos Kickstart Smart Bike Helmet | Front and Back LED Lights with Turn Signals | Sky Lime...
  • Enhance your cycling identity - Choose Lumos Kickstart, the smart helmet designed for those who...

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Compact and Foldable Helmet for Bikers

Fend Commuter Bike Helmet

The Fend Bike Helmet comes with a foldable design. You can easily and store it in your backpack. The bicycle helmet is built with a durable ABS shell with an impact-absorbing EPS core. There is also a pretty awesome matte finish that gives it a premium touch.

Apart from the bikes, you can use the helmet during your skateboarding sessions. The helmet, in fact, isn’t that much effective above 20mph. The bike helmet is definitely not for the pro cyclists but is a good option for those amateur commuters.

The comfortable design combined with the integrated dial fit system gives you the perfect fit. There are extra padding adjustments that give you the perfect fit.


  • Easy to store and carry
  • Classic look
  • Simple design
  • Sturdy and durable


  • Folding flaps might get distorted
  • Not effective in high-speed

Key Features: ABS Shell | EPS Foam lining | Foldable design | Visor and sunglass grip |  CPSC and CE safety certified | Air vents for proper airflow | Aerodynamic and superior fit.

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Best Helmet with Tail Lights

Abus Hyban Urban Helmet

The Abus Hyban comes with integrated tail light. It features a powerful LED taillight system that’s visible from even a mile away. The bike helmet is pretty much an everyday gear. You can use it for city rides, commuting, skateboarding, and many more.

The 13 air inlets and 5 outlets ensure optimal ventilation and safety. This helmet for bikers features a micro-adjustment fit that allows for a custom fit. There is a dual-reflective strip on the rear of the helmet to keep you visible to other vehicles in low light.

The bike helmet also boasts a removable visor and has replaceable inner padding and linings. The mesh liner is anti-bacterial and dries quickly. The airflow vents increase the performance while you’re riding at high speeds. There is also a soft touch strap that is easy to install and adjust.


  • Superior fit
  • LED taillights
  • Hazard warning flash


  • A bit heavy
  • Expensive
  • The LEDs are prone to damage

Key Features: Polycarbonate shell | EPS Fine lining | LED taillight system | Aerodynamic and superior fit | 13 air vents for airflow | Micro-adjustable fit | Anti-microbial padding | replaceable and washable pads

ABUS Urban-I Helmet with Integrated LED Taillight
  • SAFETY FIRST - ABS Hard Cover Technology, certified which means all ABUS Helmets meet and exceed all...

Bern Allstone

The Bern Allstone is built for the urban riders who need extra protection. It comes with the ZipMold+ construction and a shell made of high-quality polycarbonate. The Allston offers 3 shell sizes and has a 360° retention system for improved fit. This bikers’ helmet comes with 16 lager air vents for optimum airflow.

The design isn’t that much aerodynamic but features an air visor. The flip visor and the anti-bacterial padding and liner give you protection as well as a premium look. The paddings and liners are replaceable. You can add the extra hazard light as an add-on to the helmet if you prefer.


  • LED lights
  • Chin straps reflectors
  • Affordable


  • Adjustable dial loosens itself occasionally

Key Features: ZipMold+ construction | Polycarbonate shell | Boa 360° retention system | LED tail light | Chin strap reflectors | Superior airflow | 16 air vents | Aerodynamic | Flip visor and sunglass gripper

Bern, Allston Helmet with Flip Visor, Matte Cyan Blue, Medium
  • Style: Built for urban riders and commuters who want a top-of-the-line city lid with aggressive...

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Best Helmets for Dirt Cycling

Giro Montaro

The Giro Montaro suits well with guys who love dirt cycling. It’s quite sporty and is made to withstand harsh conditions. The compact shape offers deep coverage and has the MIPS technology. It reduces the effect of impacts during a fall to a great extend.

The ROC LOC 5 Air fit boosts airflow at higher speeds and during steep descents. In addition to the airflow, there is the anti-microbial brow pad that helps keep you comfortable and avoid sweat running from head to face.

It comes with goggle integration with strap grippers on the back of the helmet. There is also a visor to improve your visibility. Apart from that, you can mount an action camera. The EPS lining and the Polycarbonate shell offers better protection even at higher speeds.


  • Advanced MIPS protection
  • Comfy and strong
  • Well-vented and stylish


  • The camera holder is not durable

Key Features: In-mold Polycarbonate shell | ROC LOC 5 tech | 26 airflow vents | Impact and Shock Absorbent inner layer | Nano bead EPS foam | AURA Reinforcing Arch design | Wind tunnel ventilation system | Anti Microbial padding | Camera mount

Giro Montaro MIPS Adult Mountain Cycling Helmet - Small (51-55 cm), Matte Walnut (2018)
  • MARKET-LEADING PROTECTION: Engineered in Giro’s category-leading helmet test lab

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Best Helmets for Kids

Giro Scamp

The Giro Scamp bike helmet is exclusively for the kids. The helmet is lightweight and comes with a dial adjust system and inbuilt MIPS technology. It’s a smaller package of what Giro makes for the adults. This helmet comes at a reasonable price and offers complete protection for your kids while they ride.

The ROC LOC fit and the Pinch Guard buckle provides an easy and comfortable fit. The buckles are not that cumbersome and are kid-friendly. The lightweight design with 8 air vents gives your kids safety without compromising on comfort.

Like all premium helmets, the Scamp is also made of a polycarbonate shell with EPS lining. The paddings are made to give your kids protection and comfort at the same time. There is a small visor to give your kids better visibility. The bike helmet suits well with kids under 10 years of age.


  • MIPS protection
  • Integrated visor
  • Rear dial-adjust


  • No magnetic buckle
  • Limited vent holes
  • Hard to keep chin straps tight

Key Features: MIPS integration | Polycarbonate shell | EPS lining | inbuilt visor | Adjustable fit | Rear adjustable dial | 8 air vents for airflow | Comfortable padding | replaceable and washable pads

Bell Spark Jr

The Bell Spark Jr is a kids’ exclusive mountain bike helmet. It comes with an in-mold Polycarbonate Shell combined with EPS foam to give a sturdier fit. The integrated MIPS function can reduce rotational forces that can cause accidental impacts. The kid’s bicycle helmet flaunts an ergonomic design.

There are 13 air vents to support better airflow and to eliminate sweat. It comes with a small visor on the front to enhance visibility for your kids. There are the quick adjust fasteners and buckles that are easy to use and strong.

It is kid-friendly and your kid can easily buckle the helmet all by himself. This kid’s helmet comes with universal compatibility. In this context, it means that the Spark Jr can fit well with kids under 10 years of age.


  • High-quality construction
  • MIPS technology
  • Large air vents
  • Integrated visor


  • Rear dial is too small for little hands to operate

Key Features: In-mold Polycarbonate Shell | EPS lining | 13 air vents for airflow | Aerodynamic and ergonomic | Adjustable dial | Kid friendly | Excellent padding | Replaceable and washable pads

Best Bike Helmets: Factors to Consider While Buying

How to choose the right cycling helmet?

Choosing the right helmet comes down to three factors: head size and fit, coverage and comfort, riding purpose.
The main aspect to consider is the type of ride you’re interested in. There are different types of helmets for pro cyclists, daily commuters, and dirt cycling enthusiasts. It is important to always analyze your need.

How Do Cycling Helmets Work?

The cycling helmets include two fundamental parts, the expanded polystyrene foam layer, and a tough outer shell. Most of the helmets come with polycarbonate shells to which the EPS foams are attached. The EPS foam reduces the effect of impacts and absorbs shock after an event of a fall. Now, the advanced bikers helmet offer MIPS that separates the shell and the EPS foam with a low friction layer. This layer enhances the effect of rotational effects during angled impacts.

What is MIPS Technology and how does it work?

The Multi directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) is an inner liner of the helmet that helps to reduce rotational energy to the brain in an angled impact. It allows better protection during an event of a fall and reduces the effect of impacts.

What safety standard should you look for while buying a bike helmet for cycling?

The helmets should adhere strictly to the safety standards of the respective country. These standards show how effective the helmets are in real life.

Do cycling helmets have air ventilation?

Cycling helmets require large air vents for proper airflow. It lets you keep your head cool and reduces the effect of sweat. A thing to note is that with more air vents, the helmets become lighter. This might offer less protection.

What are the best padding for bicycle helmets?

The paddings on the helmets should give comfort to the rider. To get the best possible fit, it is important to have a great amount of padding. The paddings reduce the effect of impacts. Most of the helmets come with anti-microbial, removable, and washable paddings these days

Should I buy the helmets with right fit for cycling?

The helmets should offer the right fit. If it is loose, then there’s no real point in wearing one. It won’t give you the desired protection at any level. Measuring the head size and selecting the right size the basis of selecting the best helmet.

Wrapping up, these are the best bike helmets you can choose under different categories. You can choose the right helmet for you based on your riding nature, average speed, and the right fit for your head.


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