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Trek Allant+ 7 Electric Bike Review: A Premium Mid-Drive Commuter E-Bike

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When it comes to the premium eBikes, Trek is the bigwig in the league, especially for MTBs. Trek pioneered many modern premium eMTBs for the past years, but a few for commuters. Trek’s Allant+ 7 is a commuter ebike specifically made for fast-paced city life, ensuring quality and power. The ebike comes with a mid-drive motor that’s powerful enough to cruise through the street.

Let’s take a peek at what this premium eBike is capable of and see whether it is worth a shot or not.


  1. Trek Allant+ 7 Overview
  2. Overall Specifications
  3. E-Bike Motor
  4. Electric Bike Battery
  5. Riding Modes
  6. Tire and Braking System
  7. Riding and Comfort
  8. Accessories
  9. What’s in the Box
  10. Pros and Cons
  11. Pricing and Availability

Trek Allant+ 7 Overview

Trek Allant+ 7 is a premium eBike that gives excellent performance on the streets. The hybrid ebike is built for riders and commuters who crave a stylish, durable ebike. Allant+ 7 bike comes with exceptional features like the best in class suspension fork, powerful Bosch mid-drive motor system, and many more.

The electric bike from Trek features a sleek hydroformed aluminum frame body. The high step frame is made of durable material and can withstand hard crashes. The frame houses a 500Wh rechargeable battery that pumps up the power to the mid-drive motor. The Bosch CX 250W mid-drive motor helps you cruise through the streets with speeds of up to 20mph with the Pedal Assist.

Trek Allant+ 7 Electric Bike Overview Design

The mid-drive motor provides better weight balance and allows you to enjoy the ride with better on-road stability. With the Pedal-assist mode, the 500W removable battery offers a range of up to 120 miles. It is something interesting that we have looked for while reviewing this premium commuter bike from Trek.

With such a powerful motor drive from Bosch, we expected a throttle mode. But, no, it only comes with the pedal-assist mode, which helps you to pedal but no motorized riding alone.

A thing to note is that the bike comes in two variants, the low and the high frame ones. Both of them come in small, medium, and large sizes, and this, in turn, makes no fuss in choosing the best bike that fits your physique overall.

Trek Allant+ 7 EBike Overview Look

What’s more, the electric bike comes with a superior Shimano MT200 Hydraulic braking system. Trek Allant+ 7 electric bike offers the best in class stopping range and shows off its efficiency whenever you need it the most. The SR Suntour Suspension fork combined with the 9 speed Shimano drivetrain gear system gives you excellent riding quality in almost all terrains.

Overall Specifications

Take a look at the overall specs of the Allant+ 7. The bike features a premium quality frame and other components and offers excellent performance on the pedal-assist mode. Trek’s electric bike suits riders of all ages and is more or less a hybrid eBike that can go well with many types of terrains.

Trek Allant+ 7 E-Bike General Specifications:

Brand Trek
Frame Material Hydroformed alloy
Handlebar Bontrager alloy, 31.8mm, 15mm rise, 600mm width
Wheel Size 28-inches
Total Weight 54lbs
Warranty 2-year warranty & Lifetime for the frameset.`

Trek Allant+ 7 E-Bike Electrical/Mechanical Specifications:

Motor Bosch Performance CX 250W Mid-drive
Max Speed 20 Miles/Hour Pedal Assist
Gear System Shimano Alivio M4000, 9 speed
Pedal Bontrager Satellite City pedal
Brakes Shimano RT26, 6-bolt,180mm

Trek Allant+ 7 E-Bike Battery Specifications:

Battery Bosch PowerTube 500W
Charger Bosch standard 4A Charger (U.S. Standard)
Charging Time 5 – 6 Hours
Range 100 – 110 Miles

Trek Allant+ 7 E-Bike Rider Information:

Gender Preferred Unisex
Body Position Upright Relaxed
Suggested Use Commuting, Cruising

Moreover, the bike comes in 3 sizes, small, medium, and large. The versatile size range helps you get the best fitting one that offers excellent comfort and riding postures.

Trek Allant+ 7 E-Bike Motor

Trek Allant+ 7 electric bike comes with a mid-drive Bosch Performance Line CX 250W motor. The bike motor weighs around 3 kg and offers a max torque of 75Nm, letting you cruise the streets with speeds of up to 20mph. The mid-drive motor brings better control and stability with higher speeds.

Trek Allant+ 7 Ebike Bosch Mid Drive Motor

As of now, there isn’t the throttle mode yet. The Bosch Performance Line CX motor is the 4th generation motor and is far lighter than its older version. But coming to reality, our test rides proved that the motor isn’t that much powerful as we expected. The Bosch ebike motor is a mild motor that doesn’t really give out its true potential. You can really feel the lack of a wow factor when the motor is at its peak, compared to most other bikes that come with a throttle mode as well as pedal assist modes.

Unlike other eBikes, the motor isn’t really exposed. The motor and the mid-frame region is gracefully covered and has an aluminum alloy skid plate to protect the bike motor from scratches and damages. Apart from the plus points, we encountered a con that the motor is a bit noisy. At the highest pedal assist range, the motor becomes somewhat restless, and you can feel it on the ride.

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Trek Allant+ 7 Electric Bike Battery

Trek Allant+ 7 commuter ebike comes with a removable 13.4 Ah 36 V battery that offers excellent performance. The battery is efficient enough to take you out to the streets for a whole day’s worth of adventure.

Trek’s battery system called RIB (removable integrated battery) is basically a shield with a handle. The shield is screwed onto the battery pack and gives good overall protection. The battery pack system is easy to remove from the right side of the frame and safer to carry around. You can charge the battery on or off the bike.

Trek Allant+ 7 Ebike Removable Battery Compartment

The battery compartment looks neat and stylish. A slight pull can get the battery out of the compartment for a quick charge. There is also an additional lock to keep the battery safe and intact.

Trek Allant+ 7 Ebike Battery Release Button

On a single full charge, Trek claims a mileage of 120 miles before running out. But yet there are conditions that affect the performance and at optimum, the bike gives an average range of 100 miles during the usual commutes. The Bosch Range boost technology adds a secondary battery to your ebike to help you cruise that extra mile.

Adding the extra battery adds up the bike’s net weight and can cause a few stability issues. Also, the extra battery costs a bit and can make the entire cost quite high. Keep in mind that the additional battery can only be coupled with the Allant+ 7 high step ebike. You cannot install the battery with the other one in any manner.

Trek Allant+ 7 Riding Modes

When we say electric bike, it is not always the self-driven high-power bike that runs like a motorcycle. In Trek Allant+ 7, there is only the Pedal Assist mode as your cruise mode. That means you need to pedal as usual, and the motor will ease up the entire process for you.

Trek Allant+ 7 Electric Bike Riding Modes

The bike offers speeds of up to 20 to 28 mph on the streets on the pedal assist. The 9 speed Shimano Alivio drivetrain also gives you that required thrust whenever you encounter steep climbs. The pedal assist mode itself comes in three different options:

  • Eco: For short city rides, it offers maximum battery life.
  • Sport: For fast rides and steep climbs. Delivers maximum power.
  • Tour: Suitable for long rides, helps you with consistency on the road while pedaling.

Unlike other ebikes in the league, there is no delay in power during the pedal assist. The initial pedaling gets the pedal-assist mode on and things are then taken care of the motor itself. There isn’t the pure throttle or auto mode. This could be a major turn off for some but after all, Trek keeps the pedal-assist mode working perfectly and neat without many flaws.

Tire and Braking System

This premium ebike from Trek comes with high-quality Schwalbe G one tires. They are a set of pure hybrid tires that suit both the urban and mild off roads. The bike tires on this Trek bike are comparatively performance-oriented tires that offer excellent grip on rocky trails. There is a layer of reflective seal on the sides of the tire to increase the visibility for other co riders or other vehicles when you’re on the road. The tires also have a puncture-resistant casing that reduces the risk of flat tires during the ride.

Trek Allant+ 7 Ebike Front 28 inch Tire

Talking about the braking system, the Allant+ 7 comes with Shimano MT200 hydraulic brakes. These sets of brakes offer great efficiency on all types of terrains. They give a superior stopping range and you will have overall control of the bike when you are on the roads.

Trek Allant+ 7 Ebike Front Brake
Front Disc Brake – Trek Allant+ 7

The brake levers are pretty neat and stylish. They have a special luster as of the central frame and is extremely efficient. You get the best response from even the slightest pressure applied on the lever. Because of the hydraulic brakes and the derailleur protective cover, removing and assembling the rear as well as the front tires are quite cumbersome. You might need to visit the services in case of tire or brake issues.

Riding and Comfort

The riding comfort is exceptional in the Trek Allant+ 7. From seats to handlebars and the front fork suspensions, everything is crafted out perfectly to give you the best possible comfort. Let’s say the ebike manages to give you a 9/10 comfort for the price you pay. There is no rear suspension even if you pay a fortune to buy this bike. Although, as a commuter bike, you may not necessarily need a rear suspension always.

Trek Allant+ 7 Ebike Front Suspensions
Front suspension forks – Left & Right

The Trek Allant+ 7 ebike uses a 31.6mm seat post, which is fairly wide. It provides strength and many possibilities for seat adjustments. The adjustable seat and handlebar make it easy for people with back pain and neck pain to cruise through the streets with comfort. The hybrid design makes it an excellent choice for both the urban and the rocky off roads.

Trek Allant+ 7 Ebike Seat Saddle Comfort

The comfort factor rests mostly on the SR Suntour suspension forks. These adapt so well to almost all terrains and give a smoother ride always. The adjustable spring coil within the suspension lets you calibrate it according to your comfort levels. The fork’s lockout feature also ensures you’re always riding efficiently.


The major add-on that’s worth mentioning is the Bosch Purion Display. The fully-functional screen features a fully functional digital speedometer with a backlit display. The device shows every aspect of your bike, including battery status, range indicator, and low battery alarms. The display shows the current gear you’re on and shows the optimal conditions for your drives. What’s more, it gives periodic alerts of pending services too.

Trek Allant+ 7 Ebike Speedometer Odometer Console with Controls

Other accessories include a powerful 180 lumen LED headlamp that sits at the front fender, in between the suspension forks. The light is powerful enough to guide you through at odds time. Moreover, there is also a small LED tail light strip that sits at the rear rack. They aren’t that powerful but suit the overall style of the Trek Allant+7 ebike.

Trek Allant+ 7 Ebike Headlight and Brake Light Accessories

The front fender is connected directly to the suspension fork lowers, unlike on many other e-bikes. This upgraded fork with direct mounts means your fender won’t get bumped out of position as easily, and you won’t hear it rubbing on the tire nubs.

Trek Allant+ 7 Ebike Carrier and Mount

Plus, there are plenty of rack mounts on the bike. This allows you to increase the carrying and storage capacity. The rear rack is great for carrying small backpacks and other stuff and is strong and sturdy.

What’s in the Box

With the whole delivery, you get the E-bike, the rechargeable battery, Bosch standard 4A (100-240V) charger, a tool kit, a user manual, and other documents.

You can also get the AXA Blueline taillight, Herrmans MR8 dynamo light, kickstand as an addon. But you should get them separately.

Pros and Cons

Here are what we like and dislike about the Trek Allant+ 7 electric bike throughout our usage.

What we liked:

  • The mid-drive motor offers more power and stability.
  • High quality included fenders, rear rack, and integrated lights.
  • Offers both the high step and the low step frame.
  • Both the versions offer S, M, and L sizes to achieve the best fit.
  • Wider customer care network and service centers.
  • Concealed battery for a higher degree of protection
  • Possibility to add an additional battery to increase the riding range.

What we disliked:

  • Not a powerful motor.
  • Only the high-step frame is compatible with the optional Bosch Range Boost second battery pack.
  • There are no USB or charging ports of any kind.
  • The location of the battery charging port is very low on the left side of the seat tube.
  • The motor becomes quite noisy at the higher pedal assist level.
  • Highly expensive and not an entry-level ebike.

Instead of online delivery like the direct sell bike brands like Himiway and other brands, Trek deliver their product through the dealers. This make sure the quality and easy of access parts and service. If you are looking for a reliable brand with after sale service and support, Trek is the brand you can depend, if you have a fat wallet!.

Pricing and Availability

The Trek Allant+7 is a good and reliable option to consider if you are seriously into electric bikes. This Trek bike is a premium ebike that goes well as an urban as well as an off-road cruiser. Allant+ 7 comes not cheap and is tagged at $3599 Trek online store. Given its price, some of you might have surely felt a jolt and can have a hard time getting to a conclusion. There are plenty of other neat options that come with both the pedal assist and the throttle mode, which this one lacks.

But, yet, it’s Trek, and they have rolled out some serious and trustworthy ebikes over the years. If you are seriously looking for an ebike that offers a premium touch coupled with excellent durability, then the Trek Allant+ 7 is a decent option to consider.


Build Quality
Motor Power & Torque
Battery Range & Capacity
Riding Comfort
Value for Money


Trek Allant+ 7 is of course the electric bike for those who look for trust and quality, with a long-term usage assurance. There is no throttle mode to push along the road, but the pedal-assist mode works decently and helps you cover over 100 miles in a single charge. Allant+ 7 is for those take daily commutes on bikes so seriously and comes at a price range of $3599.


  1. Bought one – waiting for a seat stem and handle bar thingy to come in. Reviews seem good – hope I like it.

  2. Yes, the bike is expensive compared to the similar spec bike. For that price, you also get the direct support and warranty through the bike dealer shops.

  3. Hi from Spain…
    I am looking for this ebike, have you tested the motor with 75 or 85 Nm??? 85nm must be very powerful.


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Trek Allant+ 7 is of course the electric bike for those who look for trust and quality, with a long-term usage assurance. There is no throttle mode to push along the road, but the pedal-assist mode works decently and helps you cover over 100 miles in a single charge. Allant+ 7 is for those take daily commutes on bikes so seriously and comes at a price range of $3599.Trek Allant+ 7 Electric Bike Review: A Premium Mid-Drive Commuter E-Bike