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Himiway Cruiser Review: All Terrain Premium eBike for a Budget Price

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The fat eBikes are fun to drive and have plenty of features that offer good comfort and stability. They can do well as a city commuter as well as an off-road cruiser. The thick tires on these eBikes provide a good grip on almost all terrains and give good shock absorption even on the bumpiest trails. Now, the fat tire eBike league is crowding up, and getting one among the best can be a bit confusing.

Here, we’ve got the Himiway Crusier that’s an all-purpose eBike, with an affordable price for the premium quality. Let us take a peek at what this premium fat-tire eBike has got in store for you.

Editor’s Note: We have tested the cruise mode, pedal-assist, and hill-climbing with our team member, who is 6′ and 180LBs weight. See our testing videos.


  1. Himiway Cruiser eBike Overview
  2. Himiway eBike Motor
  3. 840Wh Samsung Battery
  4. Throttle and Pedal Assist Riding Modes
  5. Fat Tire & Disc Braking System
  6. Riding & Comfort
  7. Himiway eBike Accessories
  8. eBike LCD Display
  9. Himiway eBike Assembly
  10. What’s In the Box
  11. Himiway Customer Support
  12. Tips for A New eBike Rider
  13. Himiway eBike Pricing & Availability

Himiway Cruiser eBike Overview

The Himiway Cruiser is a premium commuter that is a utility-driven as well as a performance-oriented eBike with fat tires. The Cruizer is a little bit of the city commuter, a little bit of the off-roader, and a little bit of cruiser that comes at a pretty reasonable and affordable price tag. Himiway is a newcomer in the league but has made some high quality, well-crafted eBikes that have got a lot of heads turned.

They have surely adhered to their build quality and have made the Crusier with a strong and durable Aluminum frame combined with a 750W powerful motor and 26*4 fat tires. The tires are pretty wide in order to increase stability and comfort in all terrains. Combined with the front suspension, tires, and the seating posture, you can go on for hours without feeling a tinge of fatigue.

The Himiway Cruser comes with a geared 750W hub motor coupled with a 48V 17.5Ah battery. The motor can crank up the momentum and give you a max torque of up to 80Nm. The high-speed brushless motor can help you cruise the streets with speeds of up to 22 miles on the throttle mode and up to 28 miles when combined with the pedal assists.

Himiway Cruiser eBike Review

With Samsung’s 48V 17Ah removable battery, the bike can go over 60 miles on a single charge on the pedal assist. That’s a lot for an e-bike. When you’re on the throttle mode, you get a max mileage of up to 35 miles and that’s a marvel. The batteries get a 2-year warranty and that’s something most of the eBike manufacturers fail to offer.

As you saw, the bike offers two riding modes, the pedal assist, and the throttle mode. With a 5 level pedal assist, the bike can very well cruise the street without any delay or lag. The bike comes with the Shimano Altis 7 speed gear system. It lets you give that necessary thrust that comes in handy during those steep hilly terrains.Himiway Cruiser Head Tail Lamps

Whatsmore, the Himiway Cruiser comes with powerful Tektro Mechanical Disc Brakes both in the front and rear. The brakes are pretty efficient and stop your vehicle. Moreover, the disc brakes include motor inhibitors that cut off the power from the motor at the moment you apply the brakes. This will provide more safety and control on the bike in an emergency braking.

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Himiway Cruiser Fat Tire E-Bike General Specifications

Brand Himiway
Frame Material 6061 Aluminum
Handlebar Aluminum alloy
Wheel Size 28-inches
Total Weight 72lbs with battery
Warranty 2-year warranty

Himiway Cruiser E-Bike Electrical/Mechanical Specifications

Motor 750W Brushless Gear Hub Motor
Max Speed 22 Miles/Hour
Gear System Shimano 7 speed gear shift system
Pedal Alloy pedal with reflectors
Brakes Tektro Aries 180mm brakes

Himiway Cruiser E-Bike Battery Specifications

Battery 48V 17.5Ah Samsung lithium battery
Charger US standard 2.0 A smart charger
Charging Time 6 – 8 hours
Range 35 – 60 Miles

Himiway Cruiser E-Bike Rider Information

Gender Preferred Unisex
Body Position Upright Relaxed
Suggested Use All-terrain, Cruising, Off-roading

Take a look at the overall specs of the Himiway Cruiser. It comes with a high power brushless rear hub motor coupled with a 17.5 Ah, 48V rechargeable battery. The bike features a stylish design that comes with a mid-step 18” aluminum frame. The tires have additional reflection rings on both sides that help the other drives see the bike rider on the road easily.

The Kenda tires are 26×4″size with a pressure of 20PSI capable of giving good protection on some of the most crooked trails. The bike is a bit heavy 72LBs and carries 275LBs. The bike suits the average rider with a height of 5’4″ ~ 6’2″. The bike also supports a good riding posture and has an adjustable seat.

Himiway eBike Motor

The Himiway Cruiser has the Luanxing 750W rear mounted hub motor. This eBike motor weighs around 4Kg that’s mounted on the rear and lets you cruise the streets at up to 28 mph.

You feel the difference with this 750W motor compared to the other 250W motorbikes we reviewed before. If you are in the USA, the maximum power of the eBike motor is restricted to 750W in a few places.Himiway Cruiser Hub Motor

This bike offers a max torque of 80Nm and offers two riding modes. The motor delivers good power at the instant it is turned on. There aren’t any delays on the pedal-assist or the throttle mode. You can activate the motor by the twist throttle that’s at the right side of the handlebar.

Overall, the motor is pure power. It just takes you with it the moment the power is activated. Being a 750W rear hub motor, the power delivery is quite crisp and the maintenance is low. A flaw that we noticed is that the motor is a bit noisy. The motor noise can be heard the moment you apply the throttle. Also, the rear part of the bike tends to be a bit heavy with the hub motor.

Our Take: We have tested this bike on a grass field. The ground was not smooth and the hill area was almost 30-degree steep. The 750W motos didn’t hesitate at all to carry me (180LBs) with cruiser mode. The motor power went up to level 4 and declined, once the bike achieves the speed.

840Wh Samsung Battery

The Himiway Cruiser features Samsung’s 48V 17.5Ah rechargeable battery. It is elegantly concealed onto the downtube with a detachable case. There is a small air-cooled controller that’s beneath the downtube so that the battery stays at an optimal temperature. The battery is one of the game changers when it comes to the Himiway Cruiser.

The 840Wh battery ensures a long-range ride. With a high power (Ah) battery, you can reduce the number of charge cycles, that can improve the battery life.Himiway Battery On Bike

With this 17.5Ah battery, you can get a max range of up to 60 miles on the pedal assist and around 35 miles on the pure throttle mode. Although the bike offers excellent mileage, the battery takes a hell lotta time to get buffed up. The battery is removable and can be popped out of the downtube with the key.

You get a basic two amp charger and can take around 8 to 10 hours to fully recharge the battery from 0% power. The battery can charge in 6-8 hours if you connect before the battery fully discharge.

Unlike most of the eBike batteries, this Samsung battery is pretty big and bulky. The battery weighs around 4kgs and adds extra weight to the central region. But, on a closer look, we found that the added weight balances the extra bulk on the rear due to the rear hub motor. This ensures better stability and control for the mountain ride.Himiway Cruiser Battery

Whatsmore, the Himiway offers an exclusive 2-year warranty on the battery alone. This could come in handy as the battery is prone to overexposure to extreme heat and continuous usage on a low battery. Make sure to keep the battery above 20% to get the best possible power outputs because it takes a lot of time to recharge when it’s completely drained.

Our Take: We rode almost 150Miles on the bike. And the battery is going through the second discharge cycle. If you are using the bike with a mix of pedal assist and cruise control, you can get up to 60-75 miles. If you provide enough pedaling power in mode 1 to ride at speed of 10-12 miles, the battery power consumption will be very minimal, which gives you more ride time.

Throttle & Pedal Assist Riding Modes

The Himiway Cruiser comes with the Launxing 750W powerful motor that offers both the pedal assist and the throttle mode. From level 1-5 you can use ride with pedal-assist mode or pure cruizer mode.Himiway Cruiser Control Button Panel

Pedal Assist Mode: You get 5 level pedal assist with a fixed amount of power in each mode. Upon switching on the electric power for the bike, the pedal assist sets itself to level 1. On level 1 pedal assist, you can cruise at a minimum of 12-13mph or a certain percentage of the battery power. Each level of the pedal-assist speeds you up by about 2-3mph. Coupled with the pedal assist, you can attain speeds of up to 25 to 28mph. The motor will kick in a 1/4 to 1/2 rotation of the pedals. The motor will keep running for a short period of time after you stop pedaling (overrun).  

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Throttle Mode: The throttle is a half-twist throttle and activates from level 1 onwards. The throttle mode is powerful enough to carry you with the 750W motor. The bike lets you cruise at speeds of up to 22mph on the streets. It can very well give you that necessary thrust so that you could conquer the hilly terrains with ease. When you get tired, you can turn on the cruiser and relax while you ride.

Walk Mode: This is going to help you when you want to walk with your bike. Especially on the hill or mountain where you want additional push for your bike to move on. Keep pressing the “_” button for 2 seconds and the bike will enter into Power Assist Mode”. The bike will move at 6KMs/hour speed rate. Do not ride on the bike in this mode, this is to help you to move the bike.

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Fat Tire & Disc Braking System

The tires on the Himiway Crusier are the key players that make it an exclusive all-terrain eBike. The Kenda Krusades 26*4 fat tires are pretty good for off-road as well as for the local city rides. It gives you an excellent cushy feel on almost all terrains thanks to the added volume. With the fat tire design, the bike gets a bit of an added suspension apart from the front fork suspension thanks to this added volume.

The tires also have a good level of off-road thread that makes off-roading a bit easy. The fat tire eBike combines the comfort of off-road capabilities and commuting utility. Another interesting point about these tires is that they have a reflective strip along the edge. It’s a petty useful feature that adds a bit of security when you’re riding during the nights.

Himiway Cruiser eBike Full Review

With the added tire width, you can encounter tire punctures often, and there isn’t any real puncture protection of any sort. Also, the tire installation is a bit tricky and can give you a bit of fuss if it’s the rear on that’s busted. A useful tip to counter tire damage is to adjust the tire pressure according to the terrains you’re gonna ride. Adjusting the tire pressure for the off roads and the city rides can make a lot of difference to your riding comfort.

Talking about the brakes, the Himiway Cruiser comes with a decent set of mechanical disc brakes that give a stable braking potential. Both the front and the rear 180mm mechanical provide ample stopping power even in the harshest conditions.Himiway Cruiser Gear

A thing to note is that the brakes are prone to damage in the long run. Compared with other eBikes in this range, they are somewhat on the low side. If you’re planning to cruise at high speeds, then it’s important to give a daily checkup on the brakes and make sure they are well maintained. The reason behind this is that the bike, on the whole, is heavy and a heavy bike cruising at high speeds will definitely wear through the brakes faster in the long run.

Our Take: The fat tires are good for grip and suitable for all terrains. While you do a mountain ride or on a gravel road or sand, and the less inflated tire compensates for the suspension. The downside, they are heavy and drag.

Riding & Comfort

The Himiway Crusier is a pleasure to ride on almost all terrains. It comes with a durable frame, adjustable saddle, handlebars, and front suspensions. The bike favors an upright riding position that’s sporty enough.

The adjustable seat post and the handlebars make it easier for you to get a suitable riding posture. The 300mm seat post length enabled greater adjustability and good up to 6.2″ rider height. You won’t need to think of replacing the seats as they are quite comfortable.

Himiway Cruiser Shock Absorber

Talking about the suspensions, this eBike comes with front fork suspension with lockout. It absorbs a lot of impacts and the setup includes clickers for lockout and preload adjust.

Our Take: The fat tire with low pressure guarantee you a cushy effect on the ride. However, it would be nice to have a rear shock absorber for a comfortable ride. We know, for a $1399 price tag, that is too much to ask!

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Himiway eBike Accessories

The Himiway Crusier, unlike other eBikes, comes with a lot of handy accessories, and a 2-year warranty. Each of the accessories makes the bike innovative and comfortable to ride. You get a powerful LED headlamp, a compact yet sporty tail lamp, a rear rack, a side kickstand, fenders, multipurpose bike tool, a bunch of cable ties, and a pretty “Himiway” printed cap.

Himiway Cruiser Accessories

The LED 48V headlight is powerful enough to guide you in the dark. The rear tail lamp is a bit small but is powerful to give an alert signal even during broad daylight. The rear taillight and headlamp draw power from the bike’s main battery. The rear light turns on when you activate the headlight with the control panel button.Himiway Bike Rack Tail Light

The rear rack is pretty good quality with a pretty wooden panel engraved with “Himiway” on it. Full-scale fenders that come with the eBike are quite durable and strong. It can block sand and snow while driving. The multipurpose bicycle repair tool that does every bit of work on the bike. Most of the eBikes lack a multi-functional repair tool but Himiway implemented this so that you could get things done without any external aid.

Our Take: The rear rack is well made and strong. The headlight is bright and powerful for a night time ride. The rear light also blinks when you break the bike, a nice feature that can warn your fellow riders in the dark.

eBike LCD Display

The LCD Display on the Himiway Cruiser is a 3” grayscale display. It is easy to use and is bright enough to be visible even during broad daylight. The display provides crucial info that includes speed, total mileage, motor power, battery level, etc. The display also shows the pedal assistance and motor power output in real-time.Himiway LCD Full Display

You can even keep track of your current, max, and average speed during your ride. The display will also give you an idea about the ride time for each ride, and the total miles on the bike. You can’t reset this total mile.Himiway Cruiser USB Charger

Our Take: Good enough size and visible on sunny days. The display panel also supports a USB port. This lets you charge your smartphone while being mounted onto your bike, and no need to worry about phone battery in your daily commute.

Himiway eBike Assembly

The Himiway Crusier comes almost 80% assembled. All you need to take care of is to install the front wheel, saddle, and handlebar, and front-wheel fenders. The assembly process takes no time and can be done all by yourself.Himiway Cruiser eBike Packing

The multipurpose repair tool that comes with the delivery helps you immensely during the installation. The display also comes fixed on to the handlebar and the angle is adjustable. The front tire and the saddle come with a quick lock knob. A slight twist and a press keep things secure.Himiway Cruiser Bike Tool

The Himiway Crusier offers strong fenders that you get free with the delivery. These are also easy to install and protects the bike from dust and snow. On top of the rear fender, you can attach a rear rack that’s multipurpose. It works well as a load carrier or as a pillion seat.

Our Take: We took around 45-60 minutes to assemble all the parts and accessories. You don’t have the instructions in the manual for all the parts. But, you can do everything pretty much yourself with the tool provided with the bike.

What’s In the Box

With the whole package, you get the eBike(needs assembling), Samsung 48V 17Ah battery, a standard 2 Amp charger, user manual, and other important documents. You also get a lot of addons that are pretty useful.

You receive a front LED headlamp and a small tail lamp, an aluminum kickstand, rear rack, fenders, branded cap, etc. Everything is pretty strong and looks premium. They add a bit of versatility to your eBike and make your ride safe and secure.


  • The Himiay is an all-terrain ebike that suits almost every conditions
  • Premium build quality combined with excellent performance
  • Excellent battery life that offers more mileage on both the riding modes
  • Fat tires offer good traction and stability even during harsh conditions
  • The 2-year warranty is applaudable as most eBike providers only offer a limited warranty
  • Himiway offers a number of premium quality accessories that make riding joyful
  • The rear rack is has a wood platform that works well as a cargo carrier as well as a pillion seat


  • The bike comes in single frame size and single color option
  • The Kenda fat tires are excellent but offer drag without motor power.
  • Mechanical disc brakes are good but, hydraulic would be nice for e-bikes.
  • The charger is basic and this makes recharging the batteries quite cumbersome
  • The gearing range of 14-28 on the cassette is limited, which means a limited pedaling range
  • There is audible motor noise along with the fat tire riding sound.

Himiway Customer Support

Well, I’ll be worried about customer support when I buy a bike for more than 1 grant. We did some research on Himiway customer support before we write this article. We experienced a minor issue when we received the bike. It was an LCD value glitch, that can be resolved in a few minutes.

We contacted customer support by email and we received a reply in 24 hours. However, the reply was not addressed the solution for the issue. We contacted the customer support number directly on the second attempt. The call went to a voice recorder, but we received a call back within 10 minutes. He resolved the issue in two minutes over the phone. So far, we are happy with the customer support and we saw the accessory store, just in case if you break any part. 

Himiway eBike Pricing & Availability

The 750W motor coupled with the 48V 17.5Ah battery gives excellent performance compared with other eBikes in this range. At present, you can get the Crusier online, direct from the Himiway online store. It  offers some excellent add-ons and accessories that most eBike manufactures don’t include.

Himiway Cruiser Long Range Electric Bike, 750W 60MI 48V 17.5Ah Battery 26"x4" Fat Tire,...
Himiway Cruiser Long Range Electric Bike, 750W 60MI 48V 17.5Ah Battery 26"x4" Fat Tire,...
  • 【60 Miles Long Range】Himiway ebike equips with Samsung/LG 48V 17.5Ah battery with a LARGE...

We have a special discount code for MashTips readers. Please use the discount code “MT50″ and you will get a $50 discount for each bike and you will get a bunch of accessories for free of cost (deal expired). The accessories include free full fenders, the handlebar cover, the rear rack, a Himiway cap, and the tool for assembly.

Please use the code “2BIKES” if you are buying two eBikes from Himiway and you get $100 OFF for both bikes.

The Himiway Cruiser is an excellent all-terrain eBike that comes with 26*4 fat tires. These tires offer pretty good grip and traction on every terrain and weather conditions. With a powerful hub motor coupled with an everlasting battery, the Himmiway Crusier is a sure shot investment and one of the best Fat Tire eBikes.

Tips & Tricks: New eBike Rider

We drove almost 150miles on the bike. These tips are based on our experience and hope this will help the new users who are going to buy the bike. 

  1. Start charging your battery before you start the bike assembly. If you got the battery fully discharged, it will take 8-10 hours to charge the battery in full. 
  2. For the first ride, make sure to check the battery level on both LCD and Battery Pack LED Displayry level, and make sure both are displaying the same charge level.
  3. Please take to your local bike shop to calibrate the rear gear and disc breaks to the perfect level if you are planning this bike for the daily commute.
  4. The front-wheel comes with quick liver and snaps the liver by placing the bike straight. make sure the wheel fixed in a proper way.
  5. It is better to recharge the battery when the battery drops to 20-25% battery, and stop charging when you see the full battery on the battery pack LED display. You don’t need to wait until you see the Greenlight on the battery charger. That LED shows 100% battery level. The best approach to keep the battery in 20%-80% for long life.
  6. Do not cruise your bike to full power. Twist the throttle gradually to attain the speed. This will help to increase the battery life and motor peak load.
  7. Take your bike outside the garage before you turn on the battery. The default power set to one. The motor will kick on immediately, just in case if you turn on and start pedaling.

Hi Himiway, I would appreciate it if there is an easy fix to set the default power level to “Level 0” when we turn on the bike.

There are a couple of additional accessories we recommend for long riders. This includes the bone conduction headphone (not going to isolate the sound from the road) mobile holder, bike side mirror, bike rack, water bottle mount, etc.


Build Quality
Motor Power &Torque
Battery Capacity & Quality
Riding Comfort
Value for Money


We are amazed by the 750W hub motor. The 840Wh (48V 17.5Ah) battery guarantees you a long ride up to 60miles with pedal assistant mode. Front fork suspension with lockout and fat-tire for an additional cushion effect. Moreover, the frame and parts are of good quality premium material. The bike is a steal for $1399.


  1. I’m living on the Northern side of the US and have a lot of steep roads in my daily commute? How is the cruise control or pedal assist work for me?

    • Pedal Assist will give you an additional push. The combination of pedal assist with the right choice of gear would be helpful for you.

  2. I ordered two bikes direct from Himiway And they couldn’t provide a hardship date. They kept on pushing back shipping so I decided to cancel my order because they couldn’t confirm when they could ship the bikes. They charge me at 8% cancellation fee even though it was they who could not provide a shipping date. Terrible company. I will never order a bike from them again. I will gladly pay that 8% not to have to ever deal with them. Unethical

  3. why you should not buy a HIMIWAY bike:
    -looks like a scam, smells like a scam, feels like a scam but its just how himiway does business.
    -Customer service is non existent rude and ready to hang up in order to not face the customer.
    -Shipping is never on time.
    -there is an undisclosed foreign transaction fee which is non refundable,
    -they charge a cancellation fee (whopping 15%!) and after 2 weeks mine haven’t even been shipped!.

    BEWARE!!! you’re better off spending a bit more rather than losing your money on what is still in my case a gamble because who knows what I’ll receive and when.

    • Hello Alejandro,
      Thank you for posting your comments here. We do apologize for any inconvenience.
      -Our bikes are all back order now. It will have an estimated shipping time on our website. Sometimes, it may be delayed. We will explain the delivery situation.
      -Our transactions are not conducted through the US banks, so customers do not need to pay sales tax. But the transactions are cross-border payments, so some card issuers will charge this fee.
      -We only charge an 8% cancellation fee if the bike is not shipped.
      We have refunded you for the unshipped accessory. Please let us know if you have any questions.
      Thank you for your support and understanding 🙂

  4. I did long research about this model and confused about the power and real power. Landed on this page, thank you for the detailed review. You convinced me to buy one.

  5. I bought one, only the downside is that the rear rack. It is not stronger and I can’t carry my kid with me. Himiway team, please upgrade this one with more stronger model. The bike is powerful,but the rack is weaker one.


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We are amazed by the 750W hub motor. The 840Wh (48V 17.5Ah) battery guarantees you a long ride up to 60miles with pedal assistant mode. Front fork suspension with lockout and fat-tire for an additional cushion effect. Moreover, the frame and parts are of good quality premium material. The bike is a steal for $1399.Himiway Cruiser Review: All Terrain Premium eBike for a Budget Price