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10 Best iPhone Bike Map Apps for Cyclists

Route planning is pretty important if you are a serious cyclist who loves to ride through new roads and trails every day. Unlike driving a car through country roads, you need pretty well-packed apps to find hidden trails and unexplored routes in the area while cycling. There are plenty of bike map apps for iPhone available that can help you plan your routes, find new trails, and keep track of your riding stats.

To get the best out of the cyclist in you, we have curated the best bike route apps for maps and navigation, for iPhone users.

Google Maps

Google Maps

Google Maps is a navigation honcho, one of the best apps you can use to find location, navigation, directions & whatnot. Apart from the driving and transit modes, Google Maps comes with a cycling mode as well. You can find the trails nearby and cycling routes in your city to have a great cycling experience using Google Maps.

You can add as many stops as you want and the Google Maps will find the best route. You can also download the offline map for the places where you will have no internet access. The app gives you turn by turn navigation by voice and screen.

With millions of businesses, attractions with photos, and street view, you can literally find anything you wish for. Need a companion for biking, try Google Maps, one of the best bike route apps on the App Store.


  • Super easy to use
  • Records speed, pace & other details
  • Real-time ETA


  • Limited to 100-odd cities only
  • May not be always accurate (but it’s rare)

Key Features: Docked bikeshare | Turn-by-turn voice & visual navigation | Offline maps | Millions of POIs, business & more | Live location sharing

Download: Google Maps (Free)

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AllTrailsAllTrails is an all-powerful bike trail app with more than 100,000 hand-curated trails. Searching for the best kid-friendly trail or a dog-friendly trail? You’ll find them on All Trails. Discover your neighborhood, get GPS, and topo maps to know which part of the route is a climb or a descent to prepare beforehand.

AllTrails bike map app shows decent stats related to cycling, running, and hiking on the go. With built-in social media sharing, you can share your exciting adventures with your friends right away. You can also get offline map support, but with premium.

The app can also give you information about real-time overlays such as pollen, light pollution, air quality, and other factors. Track your progress on the app. No doubt AllTrails is an all-powerful bike map apps that double as a progress tracker, GPS companion & more.


  • Stats & Progress on the go
  • Get real-time map overlays
  • Follow the trail


  • Need premium for offline
  • Inaccurate data sometimes

Key Features: 100,000+ trails | Trails curated for hiking, running & mountain biking | Off-route notification | Social media sharing

Download: AllTrails (Free | Offers In-App Purchases)

Map My Ride

MapMyRideLove cycling? Track your every move on a cycling quest with Map My Ride. The bike trail app has a database of new workout routes that you can ride on or choose your favorites. Reach everyday goals with Map My Ride in an effort to excel in cycling may it be for leisure, for hiking, or towards a professional career.

The cycling app for iPhone can give you audio feedback in the realtime while riding. Know what was your pace, distance, elevation, calories burned, and other stats with its in-depth analysis and insight. Get hands-on with your previous workout information and improve with each day.

The bike route app pairs up with SpeedFrom Gemini 2 enabled shoes to record your performance on the go. The premium version for map My Ride offers personal training, heart rate monitoring analysis, and more features.


  • Discover trails & routes
  • Easy map/route sharing
  • Maps exportable to GPX


  • Many features are premium
  • Expensive
  • No live tracking on the free version

Key Features: Tracks more than 600 sports | Personal goal tracking | Pairs up with heart rate monitor | Social media sharing | Free stats

Download: Map My Ride (Free | Offers In-App Purchases)

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StravaBored with usual biking across the next block or a few kilometers? Spice up your biking quests with Strava, a high-caliber bike tracks app that tracks everything from your run, cycling routes, and performance.

The bike track app tracks everything from your speed, pace, elevation, distance, and other key stats. It also analyzes the power generated and calories burned which at the end of the day, a goal for many bikers. If you are tired of your usual cycling routes, Strava has plenty of routes you can ride on.

Strava doubles as a social media app so you can share your activities with your friends as well. Also, you can check out what your friends are up to and compare your performances and compete for greater results. The bike map app can also pair up with various wearables including Apple Watch.


  • Ride stats
  • Pairs up with a lot of GPS devices
  • Real-time tracking & monitoring


  • Advanced features need premium
  • Privacy concerns

Key Features: Track cycling, swimming, surfing & other activities | Reliable | Discover new routes & maps | Join teams, clubs & follow people | Compete with your friends

Download: Strava (Free | Offers In-App Purchases)

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Ride With GPS

Ride with GPSSearching for the best iPhone trail app for cycling? Ride with GPS is one of the best companions when cycling. Plan your route from Point A to Point B and get turn-by-turn voice-based navigation on the way.

Ride with GPS is an excellent bike map app that shows you different routes that fit your needs. You can also add Points of Interest along a route with the bike route app.

Plan your route and download the map for offline use. But, you need to subscribe to Basic and Premium plans to unlock voice navigation and offline map downloads. You can check out your elevation at any given point so you know where exactly you’ll find the higher climb.


  • Advanced route editing
  • Offline map downloads
  • Turn by turn navigation


  • Many features are paid
  • Route editing is a website-only feature

Key Features: Segment matching | POIs | Voice-enabled navigation | Easy social media sharing | Offline map downloads | Photo GPS integration

Download: Ride With GPS (Free | Offers In-App Purchases)


BikeMapBikemap is one of the best bike map apps that offers more than 6 million cycling routes across 100 countries. Discover routes as per our preference and set out on the quest to reach point B to Point A. You can choose between road and mountain rides.

The iPhone bike map app has intelligent voice navigation that works both when online and offline. You can download maps for offline use as some areas might not have an internet connection. You can access the map data, navigation, and other features right on your Apple Watch.

Just like Google Maps, you can use the bike map app for iPhone to find the point of interest along your route.


  • Discover bike routes
  • Download maps for offline use
  • Turn-by-turn voice instructions


  • Some features are premium-only
  • Occasional odd routing

Key Features: 6M+ bicycle routes | Stay updated on obstacles ahead | Add points | Search for POIs

Download: Bikemap (Free | Offers In-App Purchases)


Komoot Komoot is truly outdoor planning and navigation app for cyclists. It offers maps and routes for mountain biking, commute, and leisure as well. The cycling app uses OpenStreetMap that makes the data on the app updated.

Komoot also gives you options to download cycling maps offline with voice and turn by turn navigation. You can also search for canyons, mountains, waterfalls, and other highlights on the place you are visiting.

The bike map app shows elevation, speed, the pathway to follow, and other details. The ETA alters based upon the distance and your speeds as it correlates so that you know exactly when you’ll reach.


  • Pairs up with Garmin and bike computer
  • Turn-by-turn voice navigation


  • Lacks heart rate and power data
  • Many features and premium

Key Features: Covers hiking, cycling & mountain biking | Search routes with criteria

Download: Komoot (Free | Offers In-App Purchases)

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CyclemeterAnother perfect app for your cycling quests is Cyclemeter. The cycling app lets you track even minute activities and it is completely accurate. Just strap your phone onto the handlebar, launch it and you are ready to go.

The iPhone bike map app is great for recording your cycling sessions as it tracks everything from bike cadence, bike speed, heart rate to bike power. It also uses your iPhone’s barometric sensor to measure any ascent and descent as well. Cyclemeter stores all the data locally on your iPhone which eliminates privacy concerns for good.

You can use Google Maps to train your location and the terrain ahead, switch to Satellite, Maps, and Hybrid mode as you want. The cycling app also keeps track of weather and temperature on the way which is then fed onto the system to calibrate and produce performance analysis.

Ask Siri for stats and you have all the stats read out to you. Just like Strava, the Cyclemeter has social media integrations as you can share your workouts and more on Facebook & Twitter. It pairs up with Strava and MyFitnessPal too. You can export the data or get its backup on iCloud as well.


  • Shows detailed graphs & visuals
  • Free Live-tracking
  • Design your training plans


  • Doesn’t calculates calories burned
  • Limited free version

Key Features: Track cycling, swimming & other activities | Track heart rate | Siri-enabled | iCloud backup | Deeply integrated with social media

Download: Cyclemeter (Free | Offers In-App Purchases)


ViewRangerIf you love mountain biking, running, backpacking, or any outdoor adventure, ViewRanger is for you. Find more than 250,000 trails across the U.S. and 23+ other countries that you’ll love to use. The app has a free version that offers multiple worldwide map types such as terrain, aerial, satellite, and street.

ViewRanger offers stats on speed, distance, time, compass bearing, and also sunrise/sunset timing with it. ViewRanger is a perfect bike trail app for you to share your routes with your friends. You can also get 3D AR navigation features with the premium subscription.


  • Unlimited Offline maps
  • BuddyBeacon for safety
  • 3D AR navigation


  • Difficult to search for some routes
  • There are no in-app tutorials

Key Features: Skyline AR | 250,000+ routes | Stats at a glance | 3D Flyovers | Live trip stats | Unlimited tracks & photos

Download: ViewRanger (Free | Offers In-App Purchases)


TrailforksWith 300,000 detailed mountain trails and routes to discover, Trailforks is a great iPhone tracks app to try. If you love mountain biking, this app is for you. The app also offers offline trail maps. Trailforks has a lookup feature where you can search for photos, videos, regions, routes, and more.

There’s a mountain biking heatmap to find the riding difficulty along trails. Get custom topographic maps with contours that you can check out for your mountain biking quest. An emergency info function generates your GPS coordinates for emergency purposes. It also covers multiple other sports & activities.


  • Downloadable offline maps
  • Easy to use
  • Extensive trails and routes for MTB


  • Cannot work with Apple Watch
  • Timely update notifications

Key Features: 20,000+ routes & 300K MTB trails | Biking heatmap | POIs | Custom-made mountain trails with contours

Download: Trailforks (Free | Offers In-App Purchases)

Apart from these, the Apple Maps app on your iPhone now comes with support for cycling. It has very limited features so that you might need to use third-party apps listed here to get the best while cycling.

You can choose any of the best iPhone bike map apps for your biking quest. Google Maps is comparatively a lot flexible and powerful bike map apps but it does lack contours and information on elevation and descent and it is limited while Strava is considered as one of the best. Let us know which one you would like to use on your biking quest.

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