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Best Skype Bots to use with Android, iPhone and PC.

We use chat applications all the time to communicate. What you think about integrating these chat apps with AI-based bots, that can help you in a smart way while spending time with your chat platform. The common use of artificial intelligence is viewable in the form of bots that come in several instant messengers. The Skype bot is a popular example; allowing the users to experience the power of bots that can do amazing things through your favorite chat program.

Skype bots do not work like other similar bots, most of them are backed with AI, that make these Skype bots smart and resolve your issues with few messages. These featured bots allow you to minimize several long processes into short. The user can use these Skype bots for mobile while chatting with friends, just by simply clicking on them.

Save your time by seeing the best Skype bots listed on our list below in the article. All these bots are, useful and aid you in multiple ways while messaging others on Skype.

How to Get Skype Bots?

It is pretty easy to add Skype bots on your account. Once you add them, bots will be there every time you log in to your Skype account. On Windows 10 app, you can simply click on the select Bot tab to search for the bots and add them from the populated list.


On Android, you can add the bots on the Skype app, by clicking on the ‘+’ icon present on the left bottom side of the screen. After clicking it, you have to tap on ‘Find Bots’ option to start the search for your desired bot. On iOS, in the Recent tab, click on the bot icon to search the available bots. You can also see them in your Contacts.


Skyscanner is a popular app in the travel category and many people use to plan their trips. Popular as a travel search engine, the same functionality is now accessible in the form of a Skype bot. With Skyscanner bot, you can find the perfect airplane to fly to your destination with a simple search in a matter of seconds.

Sky Scanner

The functionality is not limited, Skyscanner skype bot can be used to plan your entire trip starting from the hotels to the mode of transportation. Just enter the departing city as well as the location where you want to go for the needed results along with some extra details. Seamlessly this Skype bot can predict future rates and alternate routes.


Murphy is a Skype bot powered by Microsoft Cognitive Services giving similar features of Bing Search Engine. The user can chat with the bot and ascertain some humorous answers to their “What if” questions. Each time, a question is put up, Murphy replies with an image, picturing the answer of the asked question.


More the user interacts with the bot, the AI algorithm, learns more to give better results. The resultant image is present in its memory for 10 minutes only and after the time limit, the picture erases automatically. Go and try it, you might get some hilarious answer in return.


Love Memes, then create them instantly while chatting with friends, using MemeBot. This Skype Bot is there to assist in your daily process of creating a good meme. Reduce the effort and time to create a meme, within just a few seconds. Just provide the image you want to be there in the meme along with the top text and bottom text.


After this, you will get your own meme without any need to download the same from Google or Bing. The response time of the bot is quick and gives out efficient results easily.


Solitaire is a well-known card game that almost everybody plays on a daily basis. When you are getting the chance to play it while using Skype, then why install a separate app? Play the game in the format that is entirely based on the way you text the people on it. This Skype bot also acts as a helper giving you the possible moves option to select the preferred one.


A preview of the selected move is shown to the user to make the correct choice. While playing the game on Skype, you might find the similarity with its computer interface. Among the featured bots, this Solitaire bot is a must-have for the fans of the game.

Your.MD bot

All of us are concerned regarding the health status and checkups. Now, the Skype user can get health info as like chatting with friends using this Your. MD bot. With Skype, you can check the symptoms on the bot anytime, anywhere, and for free easily. The medical info present on the Skype bot is reliable, and work based on the given the symptoms provided by the user. All the medical articles and info’s pulling by this bot is clinically approved by the UK’s National Health Service.


Sky Sports Jeff Bot

Thousands of people love the Premier League. With bots on Skype, you can track the live game updates with Sky Sports Jeff Bot on Skype. Sky Sports bot let you get instant news on a daily basis on your loved teams of the Premier League by telling him whom you like. The minute-by-minute scores and team fixtures are also told by the featured bot along with the odds and predictions.

Sky Sports Jeff

The bot also messages live clips and commentary on a weekly basis during the Soccer Saturday. Be in the loop about Premier League with Jeff Stelling all the time. Just message the bot through Skype, whenever you want to know the game updates.


StubHub is a great productivity Skype Bot available for the people. Any user can access StubHub bot for finding tickets for sports, concerts, and theater whenever they want to. Utilizing the features of the bot is easy as chatting with friends. Get to know about the availability of tickets with the bot of any show with few messages on Skype.

Stub Hub

Tickets of any show are accessible over this featured bot easily and booking possible at the same time. You need to message the name of events or show in order to get the ticket list on your screen.

Candy Escape

Having a knack for solving puzzles, then you will surely love Candy Escape Skype bot. You are trapped inside a candy castle and in order to escape from the dungeon, the user needs to solve the puzzles. It is entirely up to your intelligence and quickness to get out of the prison of evil Candy King. Escape the confines of the candy castle and choose your way to freedom.

Candy Escape

The quest game is a fun escape from a boring conversation. Any user can easily relax their mind and have fun at the same time while texting the other person. Play Candy Escape bot anytime and anywhere when bored or stressed from your Skype account.

Modern technology is adopting artificial intelligence into most of the gadgets and software platforms. With the help of bots, your smartphone’s voice assistant and self-driving cars are becoming more smart and efficient. Bots are fun as well as great means of communicating and getting things done.

Do a lot more with Skype bots from just ordering food and booking tickets. Get the best Skype bots to make your life easy and you can do almost anything o the net with the help of AI backed bots. Most of the featured bots are certified and accessible without any problem and available on Skype. The mobile platform for Skype bots is gradually expanding and bots for mobile are currently available in selected countries only.

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