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How to Download iCloud Calendar and Export to PC

The iCloud calendar is a free feature from Apple, which can be used for scheduling your events like Google or Outlook Calendar. This calendar is easy to setup and uses on all your Apple devices as long as you are an apple fan. If you want to switch from Apple or want to back up your events on the calendar then this post will help you to export iCloud Calendar to PC. This is also applicable if you want to switch from iOS to Android or any other mobile platform. You can keep this file as a backup of all your iCloud Calendar entries that you can use to import later or to move any other Calendar platform.

Open iCloud Calendar

The first step to make sure your iPhone or iPad Calendar synced to iCloud. Go to your iPhone Settings > Mail & Calendar > iCloud and make sure your Calendar Sync turned on.

Now login to iCloud account here. Click go to your desired calendar left sidebar and click on Grey or Green share button.Get Public

Get iCloud Calendar Public Share Link

Turn on the public share, copy the public share link. Once you copied that link, you can turn off public share.


Replace Calendar URL

Open any browser like Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. Paste the link that copied from the iCloud public share.


Now replace the first part of the link ‘webcal’ to ‘HTTP’ as per the screen shot. Press Enter to browse the link.


Download iCloud Calendar

When you press the Enter key, you will get a popup window to save the file. That is your iCloud Calendar backup file, save it in a secured location.


Now you can use this single file to import to another calendar platform like Google Calendar or Microsoft Calendar and you can use to move to your Android phone.


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