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Best Android Apps to Stream Media Files to Chromecast from Phone

Chromecast is a thumb-sized media streaming device that plugs into the HDMI port on your TV. You can cast your favorite entertainment and apps right to the big screen from your Android phone, tablet or Chromebook with the help of this device. By default, your Android device can stream device screen and YouTube videos to Chromecast. However, Chromecast is not limited to cast only Android screens and YouTube videos.

There are built-in apps in Google Play Store that can stream various formats of video files and beautiful photo slideshows into your TV screen, let’s go through a few of them.


Casting media to your Chromecast is now simple with AllCast. Share your entire local photos, music as well as videos to the television. There is no specific support for playing the media as it does handle the camera roll and cloud storage.

You can also broadcast the files from cloud providers like Dropbox, Instagram, Google+, and Google Drive. It just works like magic and simple. The free version of the app comes with a limit of 5 minutes playing the media. With the upgrade to the premium version, you can remove the viewing limit and stream endlessly.

PlayStore Link: AllCast

LocalCast for Chromecast

The great casting solution is here in the form of LocalCast. Automatically assign the subtitles to your Chromecast stream by selecting a dedicated folder. The app will search the folder before the playback. The app does support wireless headphones and allows you to listen to your headphones.

LocalCast streams everything from Kodi, Internal Storage, NAS, DLNA Servers, Samba Servers, Plex, Serviio, Universal Media Server, Google Drive, Dropbox, Web pages, and Windows DLNA Server. During the playback, you can rotate, zoom and pan the pictures on the ‘Now Playing’ screen. The free version is full of advertisements and can be disabled through the premium version.

PlayStore Link: LocalCast


Tubio serves as a great medium for streaming web videos and music from your phone to TV. There is no need to pair and set up a dongle, play any media without any media. Comes with one-touch play and pause along with other features giving you full control over the playback. The user can easily view the video and audio from diverse platforms easily. Bookmark the websites for instant access whenever you open the app. The HD content works seamlessly on the app as well as on the Chromecast. The app does inherit all the features to be more than once.

PlayStore Link: Tubio


BubbleUPnP is a versatile app that inherits various features allowing you to stream your media to Chromecast. You can also play the incompatible media through the help of transcoding. The app comes with an integrated full-screen image viewer as well as a controller. Every media is available for download to the SD card. BubbleUPnP can stream all your music, videos and photos to Chromecast. This app has some additional features like playback queue, editable playlists, scrobbling, sleep timer, various shuffle modes, full-screen image viewer, and controller, etc.

Through the playback queue, editable playlists, scrobbling and sleep timer, you can easily enjoy the content. Play high-quality formats like MKV, AVI, MOV, WMV, WTV, RMVB, TS, FLAC, WMA, by custom appearance and track selection. You can also set a sleep timer to ensure that the playback automatically turns off after a certain time.

PlayStore Link: BubbleUPnP


Over 3 million users choose the app and instantly stream your media to the Chromecast with AllConnect. This app is the complete streaming solution for your smartphone and tablet. It does come with the support of advanced playback functionalities. The app allows you to change diverse items present on the queue regardless of the media.


The interface of the app is user-friendly and does serve as an intuitive media-streaming tool for all. You can easily connect more than one device through the app and access the content with ease. View all your favorite music, photos and movies regardless of their size on the big screen through the app.

PlayStore Link: AllConnect

Videostream Chromecast

Experience all your full 1080p content in the large screen through the Videostream Chromecast. It is the easiest way to stream the multimedia content from your device to any TV with Chromecast. No account is needed to be made; one can start watching right after app installation.

Videostream Chromecast

The app does support more than 400 video and audio codecs out of the box. Get extra control over playback through the settings available allowing you to change the size and color of subtitles. You can also monitor the downloads of the app and get notifications after they are done. Just pair your Chromecast and watch seamlessly.

PlayStore Link: VideoStream

MegaCast – Chromecast player

MegaCast comes with real-time support for transcoding allowing the Chromecast to run the files that it does not support. You can easily use the app to stream almost any type of multimedia content seamlessly with ease. The app does come with LAN casting support for all video, images and audio formats. Play almost any video without any restriction through the Chromecast by adding them to your playlist. The app does support DropBox casting as well as DLNA casting to give you more control over your content. MegaCast is a powerful Chromecast streaming application available to use on Android device.

PlayStore Link: MegaCast

Chromecast is powerful enough to stream videos files, photos, device screens and even media files stored in the cloud accounts into the big screen.

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Even though the Chromecast device itself is not supporting to stream many video formats, these Android apps are powerful enough to do this job for you. These apps can support a good range of video formats and also can offer additional streaming of your MP3 files & Photos.

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