Best Windows10 Lightweight Browsers

7 Best Lightweight Browsers for Windows 10 to Save Memory

Most of us know the big giants like Google Chrome (the popular one nowadays), Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera and so on. It is true...
Android Data Saver Browser App

8 Best Android Data Saver Browser to Save Data Usage

When you consider data saver browsers, those can compress and deliver the data when you browse from the internet. These lightweight Android browsers can save...
pdf compressor tools

Best 6 PDF Compressor Online Tools to Reduce PDF Size

There are many reasons for choosing PDF compressor tool to reduce PDF size to a small size. There is a limit for maximum file...
Online PDF Merge and Split Tools

6 Best Online PDF Merge and PDF Split Tools to Manage PDF.

PDF Merge and PDF Split tools are essential for those who handle with a lot of PDF files and email attachments. As long as email...
Choose Right SSL Certificate

How to Choose Right SSL Certificate for Website?

Time to switch website from HTTP to HTTPS and need SSL certificate for your site? Google is going to display “Not Secure” warning on...
iOS light weight browsers

7 Best Browsers for iPhone/iPad to Save Memory and Data

Lightweight browsers for iPhone and iPads are dedicated to open the website quick with less data consumption compared to the default Safari browser. These...
android light weight browsers

7 Best Lightweight Browsers for Android for Fast Browsing Experience.

As smartphones come with more and more covetable features or applications these days, it becomes difficult to choose what suits the best for your...
stream chromecast from computer

5 Best Chrome extensions to Cast Videos & Photos from PC to TV

Chromecast is coming with a bunch of video stream apps to play videos from PC to TV. These apps are going to be important when you...
Google Data Collect

8 Places Where Google Saves Your Online Activity That You Can Control

There is no privacy in the internet world now. Whenever you search something on browser, or travel with your smart phone, each and every...
save webpage to clean pdf

How to Save a Clean PDF Version of a Webpage By Removing Ads

Internet bring you all the information you want into your screen with a simple mouse click. You can get plenty of information on any subject...
Website Speed and Mobile OK

Best Online Tools to Optimize Your Website Speed and Mobile Compatibility

Once you build a website, there are many things to do to make your site into a stable and smooth running web platform for your...

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