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PapersOwl: A Free Plagiarism Checker for Students

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Plagiarism is a serious matter to look on, whether you are into academic papers or creative writings. It is quite easy for duplicate content to come in between your research papers when it is written with the help of various citations. You need to take the issue of plagiarism quite seriously since it can even get you expelled from the academics. So, we do recommend you use some online free plagiarism checker for students, for their research papers and academic write-ups.

In this article, we are introducing a new platform named PapersOwl, a free plagiarism checker for students, for their research papers.

PapersOwl Plagiarism Checker Features

Plagiarism checker tools are not some new things on the internet, and there are many known platforms available today. However, not all of them do have reliable and deep plagiarism checking dexterities. On the other hand, you can use several other platforms that could help you get away with your academic essays. PapersOwl Plagiarism Checker is such a tool you can use for your academic purpose without even thinking twice. Here we list out some of its unique features if you would like to read further.

Free to Use

One of the interesting facts about the PapersOwl Plagiarism checker is that you do not have to pay for it. You can start using the platform completely for free, and it will take no time to analyze your academic works and research papers.

Free Plagiarism Checker By PapersOwl

Additionally, it does not require you to install any apps to run the platform.

High-Quality Algorithms

The PapersOwl Free Plagiarism Checker for students is not just a tool to match the sentences you have written as a part of your research paper to find the copied parts. It uses various algorithms to find the duplicate parts on your paper, comparing with other thesis papers or essays across the globe. They have their own set of sources, which help them find almost every research paper published on the internet. Therefore, it would not be like some google search matching technique used by standard antiplagiarism websites.

The tool takes your entire work and makes it to parts to match with various sources across the web. If any of the original parts on your sentences found matching with any of others’ works, it logs the report. When the scanning is finished, you could be able to find the sources that have matching parts from your own work. Do not worry. It is quite common for such instances while referring the web to find more detailed explanations on topics. You can find the entire report on your essay and decide what to do.

Professional Editors

It is simply a known fact that we cannot rely on technology for everything. Similarly, we can trust the algorithms and pitch-perfect programs to an extent only. Most of the plagiarism checkers for students on the internet only provide the automated validation of their essays by matching using the tools. However, you have to have some human assistance to make it to the perfect sense. Well, you can have it on the PapersOwl Plagiarism Checker, not only for checking the “copy” on your work but also they do correct the essays for you.

Order Essays on PapersOwl

The expert service on PapersOwl offers a rewriting of your paper, up to 75%. They can rewrite the entire research papers up and can pass you with 100% confidence. You do not have to worry about the success rate or copy content percentage on your work. Also, they keep it confidential. No one cannot find out whether you have done it all by yourself or not. It can cost you at least US$8 per page and can deliver you a five-page essay within 2-3 days.

Get Your Works Done

Apart from the editing option in the plagiarism checker tool, you can also get your works done easily with the PapersOwl. They offer a varied range of paper writings, and you can get unique research papers or essays from the experts. You can get a quote from the successful writers across the PapersOwl platform for the academic paper of your kind.

How Does it Work?

The free plagiarism checker for students from PapersOwl is an easy to use platform for all kinds of essay papers and scholar works. You can simply copy and paste the text from your document to the PapersOwl website to start checking the entire text for copied content. It also allows uploading an entire document.

When the uploading is finished, the PapersOwl Plagiarism Checker’s algorithms divide the text into several sets of fragments. It then uses them to match with various sources of thesis papers. PapersOwl claims to be using various methods to match the sentence with other works and can save you from ruining your essay. For matching, they also have a huge set of sources where they can pull out essays from all over the globe and match with the work of yours. You can find the rate of plagiarism in your text when it finishes the matching. Also, you can print out the report if necessary.

How to Check Plagiarism using PapersOwl?

Whenever you need to check for the rate of plagiarism on your academic work or research papers, you can simply visit the PapersOwl website and do it for free. It does not need any additional installation of applications to check for the copied parts. Here is how you can check for plagiarism on your academic works using PapersOwl.

Enter Title and Body Content on PapersOwl Free Plagiarism Checker for Students

  1. Open PapersOwl Plagiarism Checker page on your PC.
  2. Provide the title of your research paper essay. Note that it must be between 1 and 100 characters.
  3. Paste the rest of the text to the next input field. You can also drag and drop the entire document to the same box to check for plagiarism.
  4. Check “Agree to T&C” checkbox and click the button “Check for Plagiarism.”
  5. Wait for the website to finish matching.
  6. You can find how much percentage of your text is copied from other sources.
  7. Click on the button “I NEED PLAGIARISM-FREE CONTENT” next to the Similarity Index to make your research paper plagiarism free.

Similarity Index for Plagiarised Text and Correct the Copied Content from PapersOwl

When you choose to get rid of copy content from your essay on PapersOwl, you will be redirected to the order page. There you can choose the type of your essay, focus topic and number of pages. You just need to provide your essay title, upload the document and provide the deadline to get the essays. The PapersOwl writer will take care of your work and make it unique within the deadline. However, you have to pay at least $8 per page. The cost may differ based on what you choose – write, rewrite or edit the essay.

Talking of the cost-effectiveness, it is quite affordable as an essay with copied content can be cleared at just $8 per page. Considering such key factors, we can take it as one of the best plagiarism checker platforms available online.


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The PapersOwl is a free plagiarism checker for students, with most of its features available at no cost. Apart from the plagiarism checking, they also offer reliable rewriting up to 75% of an entire essay. It is suitable for all kinds of students. You can get a small essay corrected in a couple of days at an affordable cost, as well as get a big essay done from scratch, taking weeks.


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The PapersOwl is a free plagiarism checker for students, with most of its features available at no cost. Apart from the plagiarism checking, they also offer reliable rewriting up to 75% of an entire essay. It is suitable for all kinds of students. You can get a small essay corrected in a couple of days at an affordable cost, as well as get a big essay done from scratch, taking weeks.PapersOwl: A Free Plagiarism Checker for Students