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10 Best WhatsApp Alternatives for Free Text and Call from Anywhere in the World

WhatsApp is the most popular free text and calls app, and pretty much everyone uses it. Many are switching from WhatsApp for many reasons. If you are looking strictly at a privacy aspect, you can install any other privacy-focused messaging apps.

Here, we have a list of the best WhatsApp alternatives for free text and call that works almost anywhere in the world.


A close competitor of WhatsApp and a promising WhatsApp Alternative App, Telegram promises as being a new era of messaging. 100 Million active users in a very short period, Telegram is right behind WhatsApp with the user base and excellent features.

Telegram messenger

Many people term the messaging app to be WhatsApp on steroids. Launched in 2013, Telegram allows you to create super groups with 5000 members and send any form of document to your contacts easily. The messages are self-destructing ensuring the privacy of the user and having a sharing limit of 1.5 GB that is stored in the cloud.

Key Features: FAST: Fast messaging app | Multi-platform sync | Unlimited messages | 256-bit symmetric AES encryption | share large videos, documents of any type | Free app | No third parties access to data | Offers Secret Chats

Download Telegram: iPhone | Android | WindowsWeb (Free)

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Threema app

Threema, A Swiss-based company launched this secure app, and now one of the best WhatsApp Alternative apps available in the top three mobile platforms. This secured app keep your data away from hackers and is packed with a bunch of excellent features and similar app like WhatsApp.

Threema can be used completely anonymously. Threema encrypts end-to-end encryption for all messages, group chats, and medial files. This secure message app uses the NaCl cryptography library, an open-source encryption technology, and the encryption keys stored on your devices to prevent backdoor access.

All the messages going through the Threema app are immediately deleted after they have been delivered and local files are stored encrypted, this makes maximum security to your communication.

Key Features: Secure messaging app | NaCl cryptography encryption | Prevent backdoor access |  write text and send voice messages | Share videos, pictures an, locations | Supports any type of file | Group support | Conduct polls | Use Threema as anonymous

Download Threema: iPhone | Android | Windows | Web ($2.99)


BOTIM Messenger

Botim is just another alternative to WhatsApp that does exactly the same things. You can make free audio and video calls to your loved ones, and even text like in WhatsApp using Botim. The interface kind of reminds me of the WhatsApp app itself. This is a huge plus if you are trying to teach the elderly people how to use Botim who are already familiar with WhatsApp.

Although the chats and calls are encrypted, the app is supported by occasional ads you will see amidst the chats. One best thing is the Botim is available in most countries where even WhatsApp is blocked.

Key Features: Enrypted chats | WhatsApp lookalike | Group chats and calls | Builtin emojis | No restrictions

Download BOTIM: iPhone | Android | Web (Free)

Signal Private Messenger

Signal Private Messenger

Signal is the open-source, secure alternative for the WhatsApp that just got popular due to the privacy concerns regarding Meta’s WhatsApp. The open source signal protocol favors secure texting and message sharing across your friend circle and family without even worrying about the big daddy watching over your shoulders.

Signal lets you message your loved ones through the secure channels and keeps the end-to-end encryption on all free texts and calls you make. Plus, its media sharing and data saving features makes it a perfect alternative for WhatsApp.

Key Features: Open Source | Signal Encryption Protocol | Works in slow networks | Unlimitted free calls and chats | Disappearing messages | Popular social networking app

Download Signal: iPhone | Android | Windows | Mac (Free)

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Brave Talk

Brave Talk

Brave Talk, unlike other apps in our list, is not a standalone messaging app. It is just a video chatting feature included in the Brave browser, which has been famously blocking trackers and unwanted popup ads from websites. The run for privacy does not stop with just blocking trackers in Brave Browser. The Brave Talk is one of such options and you can talk to your loved ones from anywhere in the world, similar to WhatsApp.

Since the Brave Talk is not restricted is most countries, you will be free to talk with your friends and family. All you need to do is to open brave.com/talk within the Brave Browser and share the link to join. Whatever you speak in Brave Talks stays in the Brave Talks with its encrypted video calling. You can use Brave Talk from any device just by using the Brave Browser.

Key Features: Free to use | Encrypted calls | Works within Brave Browser | No texting option | Similar to Google/Zoom Meet

Download Brave Browser: iPhone | Android | Windows | Mac (Free)


Available on Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, and Symbian, Viber is the most wide-platform supported WhatsApp Alternative app. You can also seamlessly transfer calls and messages to your desktop for connecting with your Viber contacts whenever you want to.

Viber Messenger

Viber allows you to make both audio and video calls at an excellent quality even on a 3G connection. More than a dozen languages are supported by the app and have more than 200 million users all around the globe.

Key features: Support audio or video calls, text, share photos and videos | Groups with up to 250 participants | Secured communications | Hide chats

Download Viber: iPhone | Android | Windows | Web (Free)

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LINE is one of the best alternative WhatsApp that was released to the public in the first half of 2011. Now one of the most popular instant messaging services in the world. You can make group calls 200 friends at the same time through the app.

Line messenger

LINE is known to have the world’s largest sticker collection featuring the famous and diverse characters from different parts of the world, allowing you to express the way you want. The app is really simple to use and no hassle in the interface.

Key Features: Free voice and video calls | Social networking service | Group chats

Download LINE: iPhone | Android | Windows | Web (Free)


WeChat is one of the popular messaging applications present in China; the app has about 963 million users all over the world. A good looking app with exquisite features, allowing you to make new friends by connecting with strangers.

Wechat messenger

With its Look Around and Shake feature, you just have to shake your device to get know the strangers around your place. As a networking app, WeChat is a good option considering the other apps present in the market.

Key Features: Multimedia messaging | Group chat | Voice& Video calls | Privacy support | People Nearby feature | Real-time location sharing

Download WeChat: iPhone | Android Web (Free)

KakaoTalk Messenger

KakaoTalk Messenger is a stunning smartphone app which is quite popular due to its fast and speedy services. Similar to WhatsApp, it uses your phone number and contacts in order to find other KakaoTalk users which are about 150 million worldwide.

KakaoTalk messenger

If you are a shopping freak, then the app offers you exclusive coupons and deals from your favorite brands. This WhatsApp alternative app also has Android wear supportability, allowing you to receive and reply to messages through your wearable devices.

Key Features: Speedy Messaging | Free messages & multimedia | Free calls to 1:1& group | Group Chats | Share your location | Unread count

Download KakaoTalk: iPhone | Android (Free)

Kik Messenger

It is described as the first smartphone messenger with a built-in browser and relies on old-school usernames for the identity of the user. Kik Messenger offers impressive texting experience, making the users love the interface as well as the functioning of the app.

Kik Messenger

This instant WhatsApp alternative messaging app is solid, offering you to share pictures, videos, GIFs, games and more. You can also add new friends with similar interests on the app without any phone numbers.

Download Kik: iPhone | Android | Web (Free)

BBM (Discontinued)

BBM was the exclusive security message app that was exclusively available to BlackBerry devices. However, seeing the demand for the app on other platforms, this WhatsApp alternative app is now there for every platform.

BBM Messenger

Having a user base that goes over 100 million, it is widely used for its security and privacy features. This WhatsApp Alternative app lets you when the other person is typing a message and nudge them through a Ping alert. BBM offers their users private chat, timed messages, and pictures options to give them more control over their conversations.

Key Features: Free Messaging & Calls | Message Broadcast | Stickers and Emoticons | Selfe destructing messages | Unsend photos or messages | Share location

Download BBM: No Longer Available

The messaging apps are demanding more security, end-to-end encryption and easy UI screens that can handle text messages, images, and videos.

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There are plenty of Alternative WhatsApp Apps, providing you similar features and functions like WhatsApp in a unique way, which you will like to use. You can choose one of this WhatsApp Alternative app that stands on your needs of features, privacy, and security.

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  1. Line and Kakao Talk are my personal favorites. I found them when I was searching through alternatives.co for a great option to Whatsapp. Have been using both ever since for messaging.

  2. Telegram is nice app. I was using for a long time now. After this WhatsApp new features many of my friends are there in telegram.

  3. Helpful article, thanks. Really worthy alternatives to WhatsApp.
    You should pay attention to another app – Utopia p2p. It is an anonymous, decentralized ecosystem with its own E-wallet and Browser. The application guarantees complete security of personal data. Currently available in the desktop version.


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