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10 Best Google Chrome Extensions for Netflix

Netflix is an all-encompassing, most binged video streaming platform on the planet. It has years’ worth of content in case if you decide to binge-watch it all and yet fail. While binge-watching, you might be wasting time with the intros or browsing through its catalog. That’s where these Netflix Chrome extensions come to play. Skip intros, jump to the best shows, use shortcuts, and more with these extensions on Chrome for Netflix.

Here we have curated a list of the best Netflix extensions you can use on Google Chrome.

Netflix Party (now TeleParty)


Imagine you and your friends are binge-watching Netflix Originals or a season of “The Office”. Now imagine all your friends in different corners of a city or even countries and have plans to watch a movie/episode. Simply download and install Netflix Party (now Teleparty) Netflix Chrome extensions and ask others to do the same.

Simply share the link of the movie/episode you are watching and bingo, all the paired devices of your friends will sync. Now you can binge-watch Netflix with friends remotely at the same time and there’s a chat window for group chat too. Netflix Party extension for Google Chrome is available for Netflix, Disney Plus, HBO, and Hulu as well.

Key Features: Auto-syncs video playback across connections | Syncs Ads (if any) | Live group chat | Receives updates & improvements

Download: Netflix Party (Teleparty)

Super Netflix

Super NetflixNetflix controls the video resolution when you are watching an episode or movie. Now, it might dial down the situation and show you a 480p resolution even if you have a strong internet connection. Well, that is where Super Netflix comes into play. This Netflix Chrome extension lets you tweak video quality by altering bitrate.

You can skip intros, control video speed by decreasing or increasing it. You can also upload custom subtitles whilst watching any content on Netflix. Super Netflix literally gives you the standard Netflix watching experience an adrenaline shot. It hides descriptions and spoilers of the next episode before you watch it. This Netflix extension simply blurs it so you don’t have to swallow any spoilers and ruin the fun.

Key Features: Blurs spoilers/descriptions | Control video speed | Control video resolution | Automatically skip intros

Download: Super Netflix

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Trim NetflixTrim is one of the best Netflix Chrome extension available out there if you’re a type of watcher who pays attention to IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes ratings. Once you install this Chrome extension for Netflix, you will see both Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB ratings on the top of the thumbnail on Netflix.

You can check the scores or tap on them to read about them in detail. A Fade Out feature actually restricts content from 7 and above of IMDB rating on both Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. It means you won’t see many movies or TV series with an IMDB rating below 7.

Key Features: IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes ratings | Works on both IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes | Fade Out mode

Download: Trim

Netflix Profanity Filter

Netflix Profanity FilterNo doubt Netflix has some great content on-board but sometimes, the kind of language used isn’t appropriate for kids at home. You can’t beep every profane or foul word they say. That’s where the Netflix Profanity Filter extension for Chrome comes. The Netflix Chrome extension censors word both spoken and subtitles if you enable subtitles while watching any movie or series.

Once you install it, add profanity words in its dictionary and there you go. The Netflix extension will automatically censor those words. You can add words later and it is totally customizable. It works just like how a TV channel would censor a sentence containing abuses and profanity.

Key Features: Customizable Profanity Word List | Censors both sound and subtitle

Download: Netflix Profanity Filter

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Netflix Hidden Categories

Netflix Hidden CategoriesWhen you go to Netflix, you see a few categories. Tap on it and you’ll get the content for the respective category on the screen. But there are more than 20,000 hidden Netflix categories available. You can download the “Netflix Hidden Categories” Netflix extension for Chrome where you search for verified hidden categories and pick the one you want to watch.

Search for TV shows and movies across thousands of hidden categories. Save your favorites such as Military Dramas or Suspenseful British Independent Movies among others using the Netflix Chrome extension.

Key Features: Access more than 20,000+ hidden Netflix categories | Free to use

Download: Netflix Hidden Categories


NflxMultiSubsThere’s a tonne of content available on Netflix under non-English sitcom, TV show, and movies. It’s good if you are bilingual but not everyone is bilingual. That is why adding a subtitle makes a lot of sense. NflixMultiSubs is a way to go as this Netflix Chrome extension shows bilingual subtitles on all shows.

The Netflix extension supports a majority of international languages including Russian, Japanese among others. You can pop-up the settings menu on-board during movie playback. The subtitles gel well with the native Netflix player as it integrates seamlessly without any hassle.

Key Features: Subtitles integrates well with native player menu | Pop-up settings | Full langauge support (Bilingual) | Ad-free

Download: NflixMultiSubs

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Enhancer for Netflix, Crunchyroll, etc by SIMKL

Enhancer for NetflixEnhancer for Netflix, Crunchyroll, etc by SIMKL is a true one-stop-shop for you. The Netflix Chrome extension shows you trailers of anime, movies, and TV shows before you start watching them. Unlock hidden gems on Netflix with more than 27,000 secret Netflix categories.

It is truly a powerful Netflix extension as it also shows you IMDB, SIMKL, and MAL ratings on each listing. This Netflix chrome extension automatically shows watched movies/TV shows in gray. It integrates with SIMKL and imports history too. It also synchronizes TV and mobile watch history on Netflix so you exactly know where you left that movie or episode that day on your phone.

Key Features: Integrates with SIMKL seamlessly | Browse more than 27,000 secret categories |Watch trailers before watching movies/shows |Shows IMDB, MAL, SIMKL ratings.

Download: Enhancer for Netflix, Crunchyroll, etc by SIMKL

Wachee VPN

Wachee VPNWachee VPN is an unblocker Netflix Chrome extension that allows you to watch content from Netflix U.S. and other countries. Unlike using proxies and VPNs that might be detected, Wachee VPN is undetectable. With access to libraries from across the globe, you can binge-watch more than 93 percent of the content Netflix offers.

The Wachee VPN for Netflix is available free of cost with SD quality playback for a limited time every day. You can upgrade to its premium weekly, monthly, and yearly plans for $1.99, $4.99, and $2.99/mo. You can access the best servers across the globe with Wachee VPN.

Key Features: Access 93 percent of Netflix content | Free & affordable premium plans | Easy to use |Built-in Netflix VPN

Download: Wachee VPN

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Netflix Extended

Netflix ExtendedWith 40,000+ downloads, if you are searching for a good Google Chrome extension Netflix, try Netflix Extended. It skips recaps and intros which are among the time-consuming elements when binge-watching. The Netflix Chrome extension has features like title ratings on the details screen. It needs a bit of configuring but once you get it done, the Netflix extension will automatically hide dislikes titles, spoilers among other elements.

Use its various shortcuts like press “N” to go to the next episode or “B” to the previous one and so on. The Chrome extension for Netflix basically puts your Netflix account on adrenaline. Netflix Extended also keeps track of your watched history, reloads videos if stuck for more than 5 seconds, and so on.

Key Features: Ad-free & free-to-use | Powerful shortcuts catelog | Title ratings from IMDB, RT, Meta | Skip intros & recaps

Download: Netflix Extended

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Video Adjust for Netflix

Video Adjust for NetflixMovies and TV shows are shot based on their genre. You won’t see a horror scene with completely lit backgrounds or a comedy scene with a dark background. There are some use cases for this Netflix Chrome extension as you can tweak the video in case the scene is too colorful or too dark.

This Netflix Chrome extension gives you access to brightness, saturation, and contrast when watching Netflix. You can tweak that in order to gain a proper viewing experience in all types of scenes.

Key Features: Tweak saturation, contrast, and brightness of videos | Simple & easy to use interface

Download: Video Adjust for Netflix

Depending upon what type of viewer you are, you might have come across different extensions not included in this list. Anyway, Netflix has some great content that you might get around if you use these Netflix Chrome extensions. Plus, using VPN services allows you to get access to Netflix content geo-restricted in your country. That’s just years’ worth of content on Netflix that you are yet to binge so good luck.

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