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Hyper e-Bike Review: Cheap Electric Bike for City Riders

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The eBikes are getting popular and more and more people are getting them as their mode of local commutes. Here we have got the 700C Hyper eRide City Electric Bike for you. This is a pretty neat beginner eBike that you can get from Walmart at a fraction of what you have to pay for the high-end ones. The Hyper bike looks quite classy and is a 250W hub motor eBike with a 280Wh battery concealed in an aluminum frame body.

We got this the 700C to review as it’s a beginner-friendly eBike that a low budget pack. Come let’s find out what’s there to grab your interest and to see whether the bike is really worth it or not.


  1. Hyper E-Ride City E-Bike Overview
  2. Hyper E-Ride City E-Bike Overall Specifications
  3. Hyper E-Ride City E-Bike Motor
  4. Hyper E-Ride City E-Bike Battery
  5. Riding Controls
  6. Riding and Comfort
  7. Braking System
  8. Extra Accessories
  9. Assembly
  10. What’s in the Box
  11. 700C Hyper E-Ride Pros and Cons
  12. Accessories to buy
  13. Pricing and Availability

Hyper E-Ride City E-Bike Overview

The 700C Hyper E-Ride is a beginner-friendly City eBike that has a step-through frame, front and rear fenders, and a rack in the rear. Hyper is making quality BMX bikes for the last decades. The bike is designed to give you an upright position and the handlebars are adjustable to ease up your ride.

700c-Hyper-E-Bike Review
Image Credit: Hyper eBike

Hyper eRide city bike is a unisex e-Bike that has a decent look and gives a snug riding feel to the average-sized guys. The bike has a sleek design and is excellent for the city rides. The front suspension increases the comfort while you’re on the bumpy city trails.

This City eBike comes with a brushless 250W hub motor combined with a 36V rechargeable battery. The power factor isn’t that applauding and there won’t be any super thrust to get you through the street. But yet, the pedal assist is enough to give you a decent riding speed and makes steep climbs on hilly terrains easy.

700c-Hyper-E-Bike Battery Lock
Hyper E-Bike Battery Lock

The frame is quite sturdy and has a step-through design. The bike has superior shock absorption and has an adjustable seat and handlebars good enough for the city ride. With this eBike, you can skim through the streets with speeds of up to 20MPH and gives a runtime of 1hour/20 miles.

The brakes on the bikes are the V brakes or the Rim brakes. It’s a bit outdated but has enough power. The 6 speed Shimano gear set is entry-level but fine. The gears help quite well during the 3 level pedal assist modes.

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Hyper E-Ride City E-Bike Overall Specifications

These are the overall specs of the 700C Hyper eRide. The bike suits people good with a height of 5.3″ and above. The brushless hub motor offers a max speed of 20 miles that is tuned.

Hyper E-Ride City E-Bike General Specifications

Frame MaterialAluminum
HandlebarAluminum alloy
Wheel Size700C
Total Weight50.7 lbs with battery
WarrantyOne year

Hyper E-Ride City E-Bike Electrical/Mechanical Specifications

MotorRear Hub Brush-less 36V / 250W
Max Speed20 Miles/Hour
Gear SystemShimano Grip 6 Speed Gear Shifters
PedalPlastic platform
BrakesFront & Rear V-Brakes

Hyper E-Ride City E-Bike Battery Specifications

BatteryIntegrated Flush-Mount 36V / 7.8 AH
Battery Weight13 lbs
Charging Time4 hours
Range1 Hour / 20 Miles

Hyper E-Ride City E-Bike Rider Information

Gender PreferredUnisex
Body PositionUpright Relaxed
Suggested UseCity Commuting, Cruising

The above spec meets the demand for an average city rider for the price you pay. The bike covers up to 20 miles per charge and good enough for your daily commute. You can get this bike for just under $600 from Walmart.

Hyper E-Ride City E-Bike Motor

The Hyper eRide comes with a 250W Brushless Rear Hub motor coupled with a 36V rechargeable battery. The motor is just an entry-level with 250W suitable for beginners. However, it enough to carry a 250LBs rider through a hilly trail without much of an issue with its Pedal Assist. However, there isn’t the throttle mode and that could be a major turn off for some.

700c-Hyper-E-Bike Gear
Hyper eRide Bike Rear Hub

The brushless motor combines with the 3-level pedal assist mode to give you speeds of up to 20MPH. You have to pedal in order to get the motor to assist your ride. There is a sensor near the chainring that senses your pedaling action.

Changing the pedal assist levels give the necessary boost to give a head start. You can boost the speed within pedal assist mode to achieve the maximum speed.

There is also a 6 Level Shimano gear system that helps the rider to ease pedaling. The gear set is from Shimano but is entry-level. Its one of the old school gear system but tries well to give a boost to your ride.

700C Hyper E-Ride Battery

The battery in the eRide is pretty decent and offers enough power to last for up to 1½ hours on the pedal assist. It comes with a rechargeable 36V, 7Ah battery and you can see that its pretty basic. But at this price range, the battery combined with the motor does try hard to give you a pleasant ride.

700c-Hyper-E-Bike Battery Frame
Hyper eRide Battery Frame

The eBike battery gives you enough power to go up to 22 to 25 miles on the pedal assist. The battery is concealed and you might never feel that you’re standing near an eBike. The additional lock comes to remove the battery from the frame.

The battery compartment in the frame is a pretty neat and clean design without any additional bump to conceal the battery. The removable battery lets you charge with the bike or removed it from the frame.

700c-Hyper-E-Bike Battery Case
Hyper eBike Battery Compartment

The 5 LED indicated the battery charge. There is an additional turn-on button next to the battery level indicator to turn in battery power. There is also a charging port on the bike so that you can directly charge it without removing the battery.

The keys along with the bike lock the battery with the frame. There is a separate one the top part of the battery compartment that helps you switch on the battery.

Hyper E-Bike 36V Battery

The battery lasts quite a while with one charge offers up to 20 miles. Hyper eBike is easy to remove & charge or charge it on the bike. The battery takes around 4 hours to get charged.

And yes, be ready to charge it quite often as you’ll most probably reach the battery limit once your ride’s over. There are prior battery protection circuits and are rated with the highest protection standards.

Riding Controls

The 700C Hyper eRide has only the Pedal Assist to flaunt. Unlike other eBikes on the market, including the Nakto eBike we’ve reviewed, there isn’t the Throttle mode. This might be an issue for some. But at this low price range, it’s a sure shot to get into the field of eBikes. This eBike offers 3 level Pedal Assist.

700c-Hyper-E-Bike Control
Hyper E-Bike Control

You can adjust and set the level on the panel near the handlebar. Once you get on the bike and start pedaling, the pedal assist kicks in. Depending on the level, the pedal-assist gives you a forward thrust that can reach a max value of 20mph. Within the chain rung, there is a sensor that detects the pedal action. It adjusts the level of pedal-assist you need.

With pedal assist, you can achieve three modes of speed, Low-Med-High. With High mode, you can achieve just 20MPH with pedal assist. There is also a 6Km button that offers very low cruize power just to push the bike while you walking with it. This mode doesn’t work like an electric bike.

Prior braking reduces the speed of the motor and reduces the overall speed. Keeping the pedals idle doesn’t really switch off the pedal-assist mode or reduce the speed.

700c-Hyper-E-Bike Pedal
Hyper E-Bike Pedal Shaft

The 6 level Shimano gear set works hand in hand with the pedal-assist to give an easy climb up a hilly trail. The use of the gears can be felt while you’re on the pedal mode.

There is also the normal mode that is simply the old school bike riding. The gears also help with the manual pedal as it can help reduce the energy to pedal on hilly and steep trails.

The power assist does not come on immediately after you start pedaling. The Assist kick in after you complete two or three pedal cycles. This will work perfectly with a flat surface when you ride in the city.

The pedal-assist comes a bit hard when you climb the hill. The motor will kick in after you achieve a certain amount of stroke. You need a few cycles, to pedal in and it is a bit hard to do when you climb hills.

A thing to note is that as there is no throttle mode, the batteries are able to thrive a bit longer than usual. But in our opinion, Hyper could’ve implemented the Throttle mode as its one of the key things that make a bike an eBike.

Riding and Comfort

The Hyper eRide comes with a sturdy central aluminum frame and looks quite sporty. The step-through design makes it easy for people of all ages to use this eBike. It is strong enough to carry an average person that weighs up to 250LBs.

700c-Hyper-E-Bike Frame
Hyper E-Bike Step-through Frame

The bike is lightweight and doesn’t give stress like the premium ones that are heavy. The bike suits the average guy between the range of 5’3” to 6’2”. But the tall riders might feel a bit of an issue and a bit of back pain is inevitable.

700c-Hyper-E-Bike Shock Capacity
Hyper E-Bike Front Shock

The saddle comes with an adjustable post. And the seat is not that much comfy as you think. You can replace the seat with a dual spring comfy seat if you want.

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The front suspensions are good but not up to the mark. But yeah, bring an entry-level budget-oriented eBike, we can go in terms with that. A thing worth mentioning is that the bike suits the city rides. It will be good not to take it to off roads and bumping trails.

Braking System

The brakes on the eBike are average. We can just tell average as its the outdated rim brakes both on the front and the rear. Some of the other eBikes from Ancheer and Nakto at least give front disc brake but they are a bit pricey. You might feel that the components are a bit cheap and you might often require occasional adjustments of brakes and gears.

700c-Hyper-E-Bike Break
Hyper E-Bike Rear Break

You can have an upgraded model with a disc break if you want to have a feel of more control and security. However, for a city bike with 20mph, maximum speed, this break will be enough to control.

Extra Accessories

Some of the extra accessories that you can equip are the rear end reflectors, rear carrier, kickstand, etc. The bike comes with front and rear reflectors with the delivery. But there isn’t a headlight and not connected to the battery.

700c-Hyper-E-Bike Saddle
Hyper E-Bike Rear Career

You should equip an aftermarket one if you need it. You can very well hardwire it to the internal battery. If you wish you can go for a good quality horn as the bike in the factory state has a below-average one.

The Tail side reflector is also basic, but at least they could’ve opted for an electric LED brake light. If you have some basic knowledge of electronics, there are few eBike accessories you can order and fit this bike.


The bike comes nearly assembled. The major part of the assembly time required fo the rear wheel and gears. All these things are taken care of before shipping and assembled well. All you need is to take care of the seats, front wheel, and the pedals. The bike is quite easy to assemble.

There’s even an online video on the Walmart page that shows you how to assemble it. If you pick up the bike at a local Walmart, they’ll assemble it for FREE.

What’s in the Box

With the whole delivery, you get the E-bike, a Li-Ion rechargeable battery, a battery charger, a tool kit, a user manual, and other important documents. The bike needs to be assembled.

Hyper eRide eBike Battery Charger
Hyper E-Bike Battery Charger

There is the necessary institution booklet that shows what goes where and how. There isn’t anything else like a carry basket or an LED headlight except the front and rear reflectors. You need to get those extra accessories separately.

700C Hyper E-Ride Pros and Cons

What We Like:

  • Super affordable and offers durable components at this price range.
  • Very easy to ride thanks to the upright and step-through design
  • The battery is concealed into its frame. This gives it a nice and classy look.

What We Dislike:

  • The saddle is low quality and not comfortable.
  • There is no electric bike (throttle) mode.
  • No disc brake
  • Low power hub motor.
  • No LCD Display.

Accessories to Buy

You can have some additional accessories for your eBike for a comfroit ride. Let’s have a bone conduction headphone (that will not isolate the outside sound whiel riding), mobile holder, and more.

Pricing and Availability

The 700C hyper eRide is a pretty good option for your day to day commutes. It suits the city rides and works well around people of all ages. It is a perfect entry-level eBike for people to get around the city. The upright riding posture eliminates the risk of back pain and is suitable for older citizens.

You can buy the Hyper eRide from Walmart at a never to miss price of $598. The budget e-bike comes with essential accessories and has a tool kit with the whole delivery.


Battery Range
Value for Money


The 700C Hyper E-Ride is a beginner-friendly City eBike that has a step-through frame. Hyper E-Ride is a beautiful city bike with pedal assist. The battery lasts quite a while, and the six-speed Shimano shift is good for the basic level. The Hyper e-Bike it’s a beginner-friendly eBike with a low budget pack good for city riders.


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Hyper e-Bike Review: Cheap Electric Bike for City RidersThe 700C Hyper E-Ride is a beginner-friendly City eBike that has a step-through frame. Hyper E-Ride is a beautiful city bike with pedal assist. The battery lasts quite a while, and the six-speed Shimano shift is good for the basic level. The Hyper e-Bike it’s a beginner-friendly eBike with a low budget pack good for city riders.
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