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12 Best Digital Multimeters for Electrical & Auto Mechanics

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Sometimes, it is hard to find the faulty knots in your household devices. That’s where the need for a multimeter really strikes you. They can do the hard part with utmost accuracy that is, detecting faulty electrical or battery issues. The old analog ones are now replaced with the digital multimeters for good. These digital multimeters are pretty much an essential tool when it comes to the mechanics and DIY guys.

Here, we’ve got you some of the coolest and the most accurate Digital Multimeters that you should look out for in 2020. We’ve also mentioned some of the best clamp meters too.

Best Digital Multimeters for Everyone

  1. Best Multimeter for Electronics
  2. Best Digital Multimeters for Auto Mechanics
  3. Best Clamp Meters
  4. Factors for Buying a Digital Multimeter

Best Multimeter for Electronics

Fluke 117 True RMS Multimeter

The Fluke True RMS Multimeter is for the professionals who need high accuracy and reliability. The True RMS can measure the RMS value of current and voltages with high accuracy. The non-contact voltage detection offer security and AutoV/LoZ function prevent false reading. The True RMS meter can display the min, max, and average value in real-time.

Fluke 117 can measure the frequencies. The AutoVolt feature detects the type of voltage you’re measuring based on the source of AC or DC. The low impedance value offers you accurate results every time. Fluke Multimeter comes with a large LED screen that shows the readings and other measurements. There is the True RMS for accurate measurements on non-linear loads.

This RMS multimeter comes with a threshold of up to 10A when it comes to current. When it comes to voltages, you can go up to 600V. It can even detect DC Milli-Volts and is calibrated to give more accuracy. The Fluke 117 is ergonomic and sturdy in design. It is compatible with the optional magnetic hanger for hands-free operation. With the whole package, you get a carrying case and hardpoint Lead test set.


  • Professional quality
  • Low input impedance
  • Large white LED backlight
  • Wide range of operating temperature
  • 400-hour battery life
  • Non-contact true RMS voltage measurement.


  • A bit of fluctuation during AC measurements
  • The Hardpoint lead tip is just average
  • Expensive

Key Features: True RMS readings | non-contact voltage detection | AutoVolt detection | LED Backlit screen | Compact ergonomic design | Threshold value – 600 volts, 10 amp | Min/Max/Average values in realtime | 400 hour battery usage

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Fluke 117 Digital Multimeter, Non-Contact AC Voltage Detection, Measures...
  • VoltAlert technology for non-contact voltage detection

Kaiweets Digital Multimeter

The Kaiweets Digital Multimeter features 6000 True RMS counts. It comes with an auto-ranging and detects AC/DC voltage and current and gives accurate readings. Apart from these, it lets you track resistance, frequency, temperate (with separate probe) and many more.

Kaiweets Digital Multimeter comes with a good LCD backlit display that shows the readings without flickering. The switches and the dial is of Premium quality. There are a negative polarity indicator and hazard warning on the device. When the readings hit the threshold, the screen flashes red to indicate overvalue.

The Kaiweets Multimeter comes with noncontact voltage detection with sound and light alarm. Kaiweets Digital Multimeter comes with Auto Power Off, and Auto-ranging to increase testing accuracy. Apart from that, there is a flashlight at the end for emergencies. The device also has a stable kickstand and a safety case.


  • Detailed and precise in function
  • Automatic turn on and shut off
  • A good warranty period of 3 years


  • A bit too sensitive
  • A bit complicated selector dial

Key features: TRMS 6000 Counts | auto-ranging | LCD Backlight screen | non-contact voltage detection | AutoVolt detection | Auto Power Off | Hazard Warnings | Flashlight | CAT III 1000V, CAT 600V safety rating | test leads and K-Type thermocouple | Intelligent Anti Burn | Overload protection

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KAIWEETS Digital Multimeter TRMS 6000 Counts Voltmeter Auto-Ranging Fast Accurately...
  • WIDE APPLICATIONS - KAIWEETS HT118A Multimeter measures up to 600V AC/DC voltage, 10A AC/DC current...

Fluke 87V

The Fluke 87V is an industrial-grade Digital Multimeter that gives you accurate readings in under a second. It gives accurate voltage and current values on motor devices and other unstable equipment. Fluke 87V has industry level precision and has the auto range and Auto voltage detection. The threshold values as well as the least count is far more industry oriented.

With this digital multimeter, you can measure voltages up to 1000V, both AC and DC. It also can calculate duty cycles and even check the reliabilities of the diodes. With the whole package, you get the test leads, alligator clips, and a holster. The device works on the normal replaceable 9V battery. It gives you up to 300 hours of usage time.


  • True RMS system
  • Automotive design
  • Wide range of operating temperatures
  • Large backlit LED screen
  • Safe and reliable


  • The Thermometer isn’t that much accurate
  • Expensive

Key features: True RMS 6000 counts | Auto AC/DC detection | Inbuilt thermometer | Dual display resolution | LCD screen | Threshold value – 1000 volts, 10 amp | CAT III 1000V, CAT IV 600V safety rated | 9V Battery powered

AstroAI Digital Multimeter

The AstroAI Digital Multimeter comes with 6000 True RMS counts that give accurate AC readings in no time. It comes with an Auto-ranging feature combined with True RMS for both AC and DC supply.

The device is portable and lightweight and has features like the Data Hold, Auto shut off, and many more. The hanging magnet and kickstand make it easy to take and record values easier than ever. The Astro AI Digital Multimeter has a pretty lager LCD backlit display. It is ideal for industrial as well as household use. The overload protection and overheat protection helps you stay safe from potential hazards.


  • Automatic turn on and shut off is good
  • The Auto-ranging is accurate
  • Affordable
  • Useful for industrial purposes


  • The probe wires are prone to damage in the long run

Key features: True RMS 6000 counts | Auto AC/DC detection | Auto-ranging | Threshold value – 600 volts, 10 amp | LCD Display | 9V battery power | Polarity and overload warning | low battery indication

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AstroAI Digital Multimeter and Analyzer TRMS 6000 Counts Volt Meter Ohmmeter Auto-Ranging...
  • Versatile Digital Multimeter - Accurately measures AC/DC Current, AC/DC Voltage, Capacitance,...

Crenova MS8233D

This Digital Multimeter comes with auto-ranging and you can use it everywhere. It is pretty useful for your household appliances as well as industrial equipment. With this device, you can measure electrical parameters and get accurate readings. The Crenova Digital Multimeter comes with an LCD display.

There is the Data Hold feature to check the measurement later. The Auto shut off helsp to save the battery by shutting off automatically. The multimeter comes with a foldable kickstand for hands-free use. There are inbuilt overload protection and can protect it from internal circuit burns. With the whole package, you get a durable carrying case, test leads, alligator clips, and an extra 9V battery.


  • Readings are accurate and take no time
  • Affordable
  • Durable and the clips are strong


  • User manual lacks clarity
  • Continuos usage leads to occasional variations in readings

Key features: Auto-ranging | AC/DC auto-selection | LCD display | Polarity indicator | Auto shut off | Data Hold | 9V battery power | Threshold value – 600V, 10A | overload protection | Rubber edges with kickstand

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Crenova MS8233D Digital Multimeter 6000 Count Auto-Ranging DC AC Voltmeter Ohm Volt Amp...
  • 【More Versatile than Expected】The multimeter can measure DC/AC voltage, DC/AC current,...

Acegmet Digital Multimeter

The Acegmet Digital Multimeter is a compact device that qualifies industrial standards. It comes with TRMS up to 10000 counts and has the Auto ranging. This Digital meter has both the Automatic and the manual mode. The automatic mode has an auto voltage detecting function. This multimeter features overload and burnout protection. The Auto Fuse function helps to keep the multimeter safe wheen the current is too high. It comes with a large LED screen that shows the readings and other indications.

There are reverse polarity and battery indicators to help you. Apart from the voltage and current, you can take readings of duty cycle, humidity, resistances, and much more. The switches and the dial is of Premium quality. With the whole package, you get the Test Leads, Aligator clips, and a Holster. The device works on the normal replaceable 9V battery.


  • Meets industrial standards
  • Affordable
  • Strong and durable


  • Sensitive with certain high-end appliances

Key features: True RMS up to 10k counts | Auto-Ranging | Large LED screen | Auto Fuse Disconnection | Reverse Polarity warning | Auto AC/DC detection | Replaceable battery | Battery level indicator

Digital Multimeter, ACEGMET TRMS Auto/Manual Ranging Multimeter Tester AC/DC Current,...
  • [ENJOY THE FUN OF MEASUREMENT] Our voltage testers provides two measurement modes, automatic and...

Best Digital Multimeters for Auto Mechanics

Klein Digital Multimeter

The Klein Digital Multimeter offers Auto-Ranging that reads AC/DC voltages, current, and resistance. It can even measure the temperature, capacitance, and many more. It is for auto mechanics and is quite durable. This Digital Multimeter can read up to a threshold value of 1000V. There is the CAT III safety rating and has internal protection systems. The device is quite durable and pottable.

Klein is able to endure harsh conditions and is heat resistant. It works on the normal 9V battery. There are battery indicators as well as polarity warnings. It comes with overload protection and has an accessible fuse compartment. With the whole package, you get a carrying case, test leads, alligator clips, and all other needed items. You also get a replacement battery and other adapters.


  • Suits the pros as well as the amateurs
  • Affordable
  • Reliable readings


  • A bit bulky
  • the cords aren’t that long
  • Hazy display

Key features: Auto-ranging | Auto AC/DC detection | LCD display | Reverse polarity indicator | CAT III safety rating |Threshold value – 1000V, 10A | overload protection | sturdy and compact | Replaceable battery

Klein Tools MM600 Multimeter, Digital Auto-Ranging, AC/DC Voltage and Current,...
  • Multimeter measures up to 1000V AC/DC voltage, 10A AC/DC current and 40MOhms resistance plus...

Extech EX360

The Extech Ex360 is a compact True RMS Multimeter for Auto Mechanics. It is an 8 in 1 value determining device that’s ideal for a wide range of electrical appliances. It comes with an inbuilt non-contact voltmeter that helps you detect voltages without any potential hazards. The True RMS values to detect accurate AC voltage and current values. The LoZ feature prevents the display of false readings due to ghost voltages.

Extech comes with a 1000V voltage range and up to 40 MegaOhm resistance range. There is a large 6000 count white backlit display that allows easy reading. Near to the screen, there is the data hold button to freeze the fluctuating readings. This digital multimeter is lightweight and ergonomic.


  • Reliable and affordable price
  • The backlight can stay for 5 seconds
  • Auto shutoff saves power and gives good battery backup


  • Expensive
  • Occasional fluctuations

Key features: True RMS with 6000 counts | Auto-ranging | Non-contact voltage detection | Threshold value – 600V, 10A | LoZ feature | LCD backlit screen | Compact and Ergonomic | 9V battery | Battery indications | Overload protection

Digital Multimeter, ACEGMET TRMS Auto/Manual Ranging Multimeter Tester AC/DC Current,...
  • [ENJOY THE FUN OF MEASUREMENT] Our voltage testers provides two measurement modes, automatic and...

Innova 3320 Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter

The Innova 3320 is the best digital multimeter to get when your vehicle needs a quick repair. It’s a good device that helps determine voltages of automotive and household systems. It comes with an auto-ranging scale that eliminates manual ranging every time. There is a large LED display that shows readings and other potential hazard warnings.

Innova Multimeter is pretty good to use even during a sunny day thanks to its backlight display. It comes with a sturdy design and the switches and the dial are okay. There are the color-coded LEDs and comes with a temperature measuring probe too. The device can measure up to a threshold value of 600V and offers a resistance range of 10 megaohms. The Innova 3320 comes with rubber guards, along with a kickstand for more protection.


  • Affordable
  • Accurate measuring and safe diagnosing
  • Comes with Rubber guards and kickstand setup


  • Not suitable for industrial use
  • Sensitive to sudden voltage changes

Key features: Auto-ranging | LCD backlight display | Color-coded LEDs | Auto AC/DC detection | Threshold value – 1000 volts, 10 amp | Rubberised edges with kickstand | Works on AAA batteries | Reverse Polarity Protection | Auto Shut off | Battery Quick Check LEDs

INNOVA 3320 Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter, Red & Black
  • UL certified product designed to safely and accurately troubleshoot a variety of automotive and...

Best Clamp Meters

AstroAI Digital Clamp Meter

The AstroAI Digital Clamp Meter is easy to use and quite portable. It can read AC/DC voltages, current, resistance, and all electrical parameters. It comes with a durable design and is lightweight. The True RMS helps you get accurate readings of both AC and DC voltage and current. This digital clamp meter features a jaw opening to use as a clamp meter. It helps you take readings of electrical current without breaking the circuits.

It comes with a decent backlit display with minimal settings. There is not that much to boast about the display, everything is quite simple when it comes to the display. This true RMS Multimeter comes with low battery warnings. You get a flash blink and a beep to notify you that the battery is running out. There is a thermocouple that helps you determine the temperature of nearby objects.


  • Safe and secure operation
  • Good battery life
  • Portable and lightweight


  • The display is not up to the mark

Key features: True RMS with 6000 counts | Auto-ranging | Auto shut off | Continuity beeper | Data Hold | Backlit display | Jaw opening for safe operation | Thermocouple | Works on a 9-volt battery

AstroAI Digital Clamp Meter TRMS 6000 Counts Multimeter Auto Ranging with AC/DC Voltage,AC...
  • True-RMS 6000 Counts Clamp Meter: This multimeter can fastly accurate measure AC/DC Voltage, AC...

Tacklife Clamp Meter

The Tacklife Clamp meter is an awsome utility device that can measure electrical parameters, including circuit continuity. It features auto-ranging and can give you accurate AC/DC current and voltage readings every time. There is an easy to read LCD backlit display. The Jaw opening on this digital clamp can track AC/DC parameters without disrupting the circuit continuity.

The clamp meter function is quite safe and you can use it for repairs of your household appliances. You can use this clamp meter to track the temperature too. The Tacklife Clamp meter comes with a non-contact sensor that can sense an AC live wire. It flashes and gives a beep sound when you place it near a 90 to 100V live wire.


  • Measures several ranges
  • True results
  • Bright backlit display
  • User-friendly interface
  • Comes with several safety elements


  • The clamps are a bit thick

Key features: Auto-Ranging | Backlit display | Non-contact voltage sensor | overload protection | compact and lightweight | Temperature sensor | Warning beeps | circuit continuity tester | works on 9V battery |

Meterk Digital Clamp Meter

The Meterk Digital Clamp Meter is a multipurpose meter with True RMS and Auto Ranging. It gives you accurate readings of AC/DC voltages and AC currents. It is efficient in giving readings of other electrical parameters including duty cycles. This True RMS Clamp meter offers non-contact voltage detection. It can detect voltages and can avoid electric shocks.

There are prior alarms and warnings if the sensor detects a live wire above 90V. Apart from that the device can confirm the circuit continuity and has low voltage induction. It meets all the safety standards and has a CAT III rating. With the whole package, you get test leads and a storage case. The clamp meter works on the normal AAA batteries. It gives enough power to last up to a month.


  • Accurate measurements
  • Well built and easy to use
  • Inexpensive


  • Does not measure DC current.
  • Beeper is a bit noisy at times

Key features: True RMS with 6000 counts | Auto-ranging | LCD display | Auto Shut off | Non-contact voltage detection | Overload protection | CAT III protection | Live wire alerts | works on AAA batteries

Factors for Buying a Digital Multimeter

What is the Advantage of a Digital Multimeter Over the Analog Ones?

Digital multimeters come with more accuracy and eliminate the hectic reading process. You get everything within the blink of an eye within its screen. The standard digital multimeters have an accuracy of 0.5% on DC Voltage, while this is 0.01% in the case of benchmark ones.

What Should I Look for Before Buying a Multimeter?
  • The accuracy of the device and the parameters it can measure. It includes the voltage, current, and resistance, temperature, transistor check, etc.
  • The range of these parameters and measuring capabilities (Min-Max range support for each parameter).
  • The size and backlit supported LCD will help to work in a low light environment.
  • TRMS values and their abilities to read AC parameters for professionals.
  • Weatherproof standards. See if they come with the CAT III rating.
  • Build quality, portability, and Auto-shut off to save battery
Should You Consider a TRMS or a Non-TRMS Multimeter?

The True RMS is applicable in the case of AC parameters. The Fluctuating AC makes it hard to get an accurate reading and hence the root mean square value is more useful.

It can calculate the values of both the sinusoidal and the non-sinusoidal AC (like square) waveforms. If you are developing something or working or hardware design, you must have a TRMS meter. For home use, you don’t need to pay for the TRMS feature.

What is Auto-Ranging?

The Auto Ranging on the multimeter lets it adjust its own internal range to find the correct current and voltage values. Auto-ranging can be very helpful if you are a newbie in electrical and you have no idea how much voltage you are going to measure. These Auto-Ranging multimeters are more reliable than the other ones.

You can have decent multiple meters below 50 bucks from Amazon for home use. However, if you are a professional and you work with non-standard ac voltages and other parameters,s better to invest in expensive TRMS multimeters for high accuracy.


  1. Lowes sells nice Southwire DVM’s (10031S) and Clamp On Current Probes (21010N) very cheap plus easy to return than dealing with On-Line Orders


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