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10 Best Magnetic Phone Charger Cables for Android & iPhone

Do you remember the MagSafe connector from Apple? Magnetic Phone charger cables are equipped with MagSafe-like ports that can be attached with a connector. This MagSafe like phone charger can be used as a universal phone charger that you can use for an iPhone or Android phone. The benefit of these cables is that you can easily snap in these cables to the phone ports like lightning port or UCB-C port. You can use the same magnetic snap cable for all types of ports you have.

Let’s see the best Magnetic Phone Charger to work as a universal phone charger cable for a lightning port, micro USB and USB-C.

TOPK USB Magnetic Charger Cable


The Topk USB Magnetic Cable comes with a Micro USB and a Type C. The additional cable has a 90 degree Right Angle connector that is best for Mac owners. This nylon braided cord is durable and can rotate 360 degrees. The built-in LED light on the cable help you to locate the cable in the night. This cable also supports QC 2.0 fast charging. The cable is compatible with USB C phones, Android Micro USB ports and supports charging only.

TOPK USB Magnetic Charger Cable:

GARAS Magnetic Phone Charger Cable

GARAS-Magnetic-Phone-Charger-CableThe Garas cable is a 3 in 1 Nylon Braided magnetic cable. The cable supports QC 2.0 fast charging and comes with a built-in LED. This Garas cable is packed with a micro USB, Lightning Port, and Type C ports to charge your Smartphone The cable supports data transfer data up to 400Mbps. The LED with the cable helps you to locate the cable. The cable is braided with Nylon for long life and durability. The cable is good for Android, Samsung, iPhone and supports both charging and data transfer.

GARAS Magnetic Phone Charger Cable: Check on Amazon

NetDot USB2 Magnetic Charging Cable

NetDot-USB2-Magnetic-Charging-Cable-NetDot brings the magnetic charging cable with a lightning adapter and micro USB connector. The magnetic connector keeps the adapter with the cable. The built LED on the cable helps to locate the cable, and the cable supports data transfer only for Android phones. The cable with adapters is compatible with Android and iPhone devices.

NetDot USB2 Magnetic Charging Cable: Check on Amazon

YICHUMY USB Charger Cable

YICHUMY-LED-Flowing-USB-Charger-Cable-MagneticThis magnetic USB 3 in 1 cable comes with a glowing LED light. The package contains the adapter for both iPhone and Android phone charging. The cable is built with nylon for long durability. Two magnetic adapters come with the cable, one lightning port and a micro USB port. The cable is good for Android, Samsung, iPhone, and supports only charging.

YICHUMY USB Charger Cable:

UGI Magnetic Phone Charging Cable

UGI-3-in-1-Magnetic-Phone-Charging-CableUGI offers a 3 in 1 Magnetic Phone Charging Cable packed with a micro USB, Lightning Port, and a Type C USB adapter. The cable is 6.6ft Nylon Braided with LED Light. The cable won’t work for data transform and is designed for only charging purposes. This Magnetic phone charger can provide a maximum of 2.4A. The cable is compatible with iPhone, Android, Type C port devices, and is good for charging only.

UGI Magnetic Phone Charging Cable:

LSGAE Magnetic Phone Charger 3 in 1 Cable

This magnetic phone charger cable is coming with a universal port and 3 connectors that can attach to this universal port. There are Type C, Lightning and micro USB connectors are coming with the cable. The cable and connector support a maximum of 2.4A. The strong magnet will keep your device connected to the charging cable. You can rotate the Magsafe connector 360 degrees and the magnetic connector rotate along with the device. You have to simply place the cable near to the connector and the strong magnet will attach the device to the cable. The inbuilt blue light helps you to locate the cable in the dark.

LSGAE Magnetic Phone Charger 3 in 1 Cable:

Cellinnovation Magnetic Lighting USB

Cellinnovation-Magnetic-Lighting-USBThis phone magnetic cable will work as both charging and data transfer cable. There are three adapters coming with this cable: Type-C, Micro USB, and Lightning Adapter for iPhone. The inbuilt smart IC offers up to 2.4A at 5V while charging an iPhone and Android. The cable is made with the premium nylon braided material for long durability. The cord is robust and tangle-free. The connectors are metal gold-plated for better connectivity. This cable is coming with adapters for iPhone, Android, and USB-C based phones.

Cellinnovation Magnetic Lighting USB:

Crozziz Magnetic Phone Charging Cable

Crozziz-Magnetic-Phone-Charging-CableThe cable comes with 3 packs that include 9 Adapters, 3.3 ft Straight Cable, 3.3 ft L Shape Cable, and 6.6 ft L Shape Cable. The “L” shaped cable is ideal for iPads while playing the games. The strong magnet will hold the adapter and cable together. The built-in LED will help you to locate the charger cable in the dark. This magnetic phone cable will work with iPhones, Samsung, Android, New MacBook Pros, and Pixel with Type C adapters. The magnetic cable is good for charging purpose only, and the data transfer is not supported.

Crozziz Magnetic Phone Charging Cable:

Elough Magnetic Charging Cable

Elough-Magnetic-Charging-CableElough brings the magnetic phone cable with charging and data transfer functionality. The Premium Durable Braided Nylon cable is 3 ft length and offers High-Speed Charging. This is a USB 3 data cable that offers up to 5GBPS data transfer, which is 10 times faster than USB 2.0. The LED attached to the magnetic cable can help you find the charger port in the dark. The cable can deliver 3A at 9V/5V. The cable supports Samsung, iPhone for both charging and data transfer.

Elough Magnetic Charging Cable: Check on Amazon

FULLOPTO Magnetic Charge Cable

FULLOPTO-Magnetic-Charge-CableThis charger cable offers high charging speeds up to 2.4A with an LED indicator. The 90 Degree Magnetic Fast Charge Cord comes with a Type-C adapter for the latest phones like Pixel. The cable is built with Over Charge Protection that will disconnect automatically when the battery is full. The cable supports only the charging function, not for data transfer.

FULLOPTO Magnetic Charge Cable:

WMZ Magnetic Multiple Charger

WMZ-Magnetic-Multiple-ChargerWMZ brings the magnetic cable with Type-C and micro USB. The phone cable is 3.3FT long that supports both charging and data sync. The cable is nylon braided for high durability. The cable with a magnetic adapter supports up to 2.1A charging and 480 Mbps data transfer. WMZ magnetic cable magnetic adapters support Samsung, Type-C port devices, both charging and data transfer.

WMZ Magnetic Multiple Charger:

The separate ports for the iPhone will stay with your phone all the time. You just need to snap in the phone connector to the magnetic cable to start charging. These ports attached to the phone will keep the phone away from dust.

With magnetic cable and adapters, you don’t need multiple cables for different phones. You can have one cable and use multiple adapters for Android, iPhone, and Pixel phones. A few of these magnetic cable manufactures offer to supply additional magnetic port adapters for an additional price.

When you shop around for Phone Magnetic cables, make sure some of the cables will support only charging, but they offer 360-degree rotation that avoids cable tangling. If you want a cable for both phone charging and data transfer, it is advised to go for USB 3.0 cables for fast data transfer support.

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  1. I like these innovations but haven’t had much success with the die to the length of the adapter. I have a rugged phone and a large number of these chargers in recent production have difficulty maintaining a consistent electrical connection. The slightest movement stops charging. Like to see 4-5mm adapters.


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