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20 Best iPhone USB-C Charger Adapters and Cables for iPhone 12

The Apple iPhone 12 has just been launched and it’s the most advanced iPhone yet. As a part of their “environment awareness initiative” this time you wouldn’t be getting a charging adapter. Now you’ll be getting only the USB C cable in the box. So, it is important to get a look at some of the best iPhone 12 chargers and charging solutions.

Here’s our list of the best iPhone 12 charging accessories that can be the right solution to your charging issues.

Wireless Fast Charger

Getting the best wireless fast charger for your iPhone 12 lets you put it to charge without actually plugging iPhone to a wire. The all-new MagSafe charger is an excellent choice for iPhone users.

Apple MagSafe Charger

The MagSafe is Apple’s one-step solution to wireless charging. It can unbelievably make wireless charging easy and reliable. The MagSafe comes with perfectly aligned magnets that initiate wireless charging to your iPhone 12.

Apart from the iPhone 12, it compatible with all wireless charging compatible smartphones and the Apple Airpods. Apple MagSafe Wireless Charger can be used to charge your iPhone 8 or above. A thing to note is that you need to get the Apple 20W wall plug for the MagSafe to deliver optimum performance.

Key Features: Wireless charging | 15W power output | Qi charging | 1m USB C cable | iPhone 8 & Above | AirPods Wireless Charging

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Apple MagSafe Charger - Wireless Charger with Fast Charging Capability, Compatible with...
  • The MagSafe Charger makes wireless charging a snap. The perfectly aligned magnets attach to your...

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Fast Charger Adapters for iPhone

Apple sells normal charger adapters, but only 18W fast chargers can support iPhone fast charging. You can also look out for some of the best third-party fast charger adapters for iPhone.

Apple 18W USB-C Power Adapter

Apple’s official charger adapter is the best and most reliable option while buying an adapter for your iPhone. The new iPhone 12 comes with a USB-C to loghtning cable and it can fit perfectly with the Apple 18W USB-C power adapter.

The charger adapter for iPhone 12 supports fast charging and it the perfect match to juice up the iPhone 12 battery with MasgSafe wireless chargers at the full potential. There is no risk factors in terms of compatibility or current issues since it is an official Apple product.

Key Features: Apple official power adapter | 18W Output | Supports MagSafe | Optimal charging performance for iPhone

Apple 18W USB-C Power Adapter
  • The Apple 18W USB-C power adapter offers fast, efficient charging at home, in the office, or on the...

Anker 18W iPhone 12 Charger

The Anker 18W iPhone charger is a great charging solution to your iPhone 12 and offers 2.5x faster charging than the old iPhone charger adapters. The charger comes with the USB C port, and you can charge your iPhone up to 50% in under 30 mins.

This iPhone 12 charger comes with a foldable plug. It is easy to pop it out and whenever you need to charge your device. With the foldable and compact size, the Anker iPhone charger is always travel-ready. It’s pretty compact and not so bulky.

Key Features: Wired charging | 18W power output |Power Delivery 3.0 | MFi certified | Compact and lightweight | Foldable Plug | Versatile compatibility

Anker iPhone Charger, 18W USB C Fast Charger with 3ft Powerline II USB-C to Lightning...
  • High-Speed Power Pack: The iPhone charger that comes with everything you need to deliver high-speed...

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Anker Nano 20W iPhone Charger

The Anker Nano is a 20W charger that’s the most compact on this list. It comes with 20W output that is designed to deliver maximum power to your new iPhone 12. This iPhone charger chan charges your iPhones from 0 to 100 up to 3x faster than the normal USB C chargers.

The Anker Nano is much smaller and compact. This gives more power while utilizing minimal space and makes it extremely portable. Apart from the iPhones, it works well with Android smartphones including Samsung Galaxy S20 and many more.

Key Features: Wired Charging | 20W power output | MFi certified | Up to 3X times faster charging | Dual USB C Port | Power Delivery 3.0 | Versatile compatibility

USB C Charger 20W, Anker 511 Charger , PIQ 3.0 Durable Compact Fast Charger, Anker Nano...
  • Designed for iPhone: Anker Nano is designed to provide the maximum charge to iPhone 12.

Lisen USB C Wall Charger for iPhone

The Lisen USB C wall charger comes with a 20W power delivery that’s enough to charge your iPhones in under an hour. This USB C charger comes with a stable and compact design.

Along with the Lisen USB C charger, you get a durable double layered braided USB C to lightning cable for your iPhone. There are also multiple safety circuits snd mechanisms that make the charging safe and reliable.

Key Features: Wired fast charging | 20W power output | Power Delivery 3.0 | Durable and portable | MFi certified | double-layered braided material | Versatile compatibility

iPhone USB C Charger, LISEN 20W iPhone USB C Wall Charger Fast Charging USB C Block...
  • 20W HIGH SPEED POWER :This iPhone fast charger can charge your mobile phone from 0% to 58% in just...

USB-C Car Chargers

Car chargers are common nowadays, but most of them do not suit the new USB-C cable that comes with iPhone 12. Checkout these USB-C car chargers for iPhone 12 and 12 Pro Max.

Choetech USB C Car Charger

The Choetech USB C car charger comes with the advanced Dual Port PD 3.0 technology and can give a max charge output of 18W each. The charger adapter supports Apple fast charging protocols and offers quick and reliable charging for your iPhone 12.

Apart from the iPhones, you can use it to charge any device with a USB C cable. Coming to the safety standards, the Choetech USB C car charger has inbuilt intelligent protection systems. The charger can withstand a power surge and has over voltage and over current protection.

Key Features: USB C Charging | Dual Port PD 3.0 | 18W power output | QC 3.0 auxiliary port | LED charging indicator | Overvoltage protection | Plugs into the car 12V Port

Belkin USB C Car Charger

The Belkin USB C car charger is a decent USB C car charger for iPhone 12. It offers 18W max output and can recharge your iPhone within a jiffy. With the Belkin 18 W charger, you can dash from 0 to 50% in under 30mins.

The car charger also supports the iPad and the iPad Pro. A thing to note is that you need to have a USB C cable in order to charge. There is only a single USB C port. But there is the higher version of the Belkin 18W charger that comes with dual-port support.

Key Features: USB C Charging | 18W power output | PD 3.0 | LED charging indicator | Overvoltage and over current protection | Plugs into the Cigarette lighter port (12V)

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Ainope USB C Car Charger

The Ainope USB C car charger is a dual port 18W charger that includes both the PD and the QC 3.0 charging protocols. With this USB C car mobile charger, you can charge two devices simultaneously. It’s one of the versatile car chargers that come with enhanced safety ratings and certifications.

You can use the MFi certified USB C car charger to boost up your iPhone 12 and any older iPhone models. The Ainope USB C car mobile charger is compact and has an all metal body. The thumb-sized charger perfectly fits into most of the cigarette lighter ports with ease.

Key Features: USB C wired charging | Dual Ports | 18W power output | Power Delivery 3.0 | Auxillary USB A port | Quick Charge 3.0 | Compact and Metal body | Overvoltage and temperature controls

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USB-C Power Banks

Want to connect the new iPhone cable directly to a battery pack or power bank? Check out the USB-C power banks.

Aukey USB C Power Bank

The Aukey power bank is a 20000mAh portable power source that comes with a USB C port. It is ultra-slim and lightweight, making it quite portable. The USB C power bank features a dual USB A outputs and a USB C input/output ports. With the multi-port support, you can recharge multiple devices including smartphones and the iPhones all at once.

The iPhone 12 power bank has a max capacity of 74Wh and can recharge your iPhones and other USB enabled smartphones within no time. The PD 3.0 and the QC 3.0 technologies take care of the charging process and make sure you get quick and reliable power output.

Key Features: USB C power source | 2000 mAh capacity | 74Wh output | Dual Output source | Power Delivery 3.0 and Quick Charge 3.0 | Slim and portable | Multi-port support | LED battery status indicator

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Anker PowerCore USB C Power Bank

The Anker PowerCore USB C power bank comes with 20,000 mAh battery capacity and offers a max charge output of 18W. The massive battery capacity provides enough juice to go charge your iPhone 11 uo to 5 times and the iPhone 12 around 4 times from 0 to 100%.

Apart from the iPhones, this 18W USB C power bank works well with any USB C enabled smartphones and the iPads. There is also the USB A port that helps you charge your devices with normal USB cable.

Key Features: USB C portable power source | 20,000 mAh | 18W power output | USB A Auxillary port | over voltage protection | Power Delivery 3.0 and Quick Charge 3.0 |

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Choetech Portable Charger

The Choetech Portable charger is a USB C enabled smart charger for your iPhone 12. It offers a battery capacity of 26800 mAh and is ideal for USB C enabled devices. This smart power bank is capable of identifying the connected devices and can deliver power accordingly.

The portable charger for iPhone 12 can give power outputs of 18W to 100W and can effectively recharge iPhone, iPad and even Mac within no time. Equipped with two QC 3.0 USB A ports and a PD 3.0 USB C ports, it can very well a number of devices at the same time. With the whole delivery, you get a USB C to USB C charging cables and a 60W wall charger.

Key Features: USB C power source | 28600 mAh capacity | 18W power output | Dual Output source | Power Delivery 3.0 and Quick Charge 3.0 | Slim and portable | Multi-port support | LED battery status indicator | 60W input charger

Power Adapter for All Your Apple Devices

Don’t limit your charger adapter for one device. You can buy these Power Delivery charger adapters to charge your iPhone 12, iPad, iPad Pro and MacBooks.

RavPower USB C Charging Adapter

The RavPower USB C Charging adapter comes with the P.D 3.0 and is powerful enough to charge your iPhones, MacBooks, and iPads within the blink of an eye. It comes with dual fast charging that detects and optimizes the power required for the connected devices.

The universal compatibility makes it a star among the quick charge adapters. It works flawlessly with both the Power Delivery and the QuickCharging protocols. This USB C charging adapter comes with advanced GaN technology. The GaN and the Pi chip works in tandem to lower power consumption and helps maximize charging efficiency.

Key Features: USB C output | Dual port | Compact and portable | P.D 3.0 | GaN tecnology | Efficent and quick charging | Universal compatibility | MFi certified

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Aukey USB C Charger

The Aukey USB C charging adapter is compact and offers excellent power delivery. It is a 100W charger that’s basically suitable for the MacBook Pro. It is 50% smaller than the generic Macbook charger and even has a foldable plug for maximum portability.

The Aukey USB C charger comes with the PD 3.0 and is perfect for not only the Mac but also your new iPhone 12. This 100W PD charger can charge your iPhone at lightning speeds. There are inbuilt protection protocols and standards that make it easy to use with all your gadgets.

Key Features: USB C output | up to 100W power delivery | smart device recognition | P.D 3.0 |Compact and foldable design | Over voltage and Over current protection | Temperature control

Choetech USB C Charging Adapter

The Choetech USB C Charging adapter comes with dual PD 3.0 ports and offers a max power output of 100W. It’s compatible with the iPhone 12, MacBook Air/Pro, and other USB C enabled devices that require quick charging.

The GaN technology makes charging quite efficient and safe. The Choetech USB C charger is 30% smaller and is compact and portable. The easy to fold plugs make it easier to store and transport. Apart from the Macs, this USB C Charging adapter works flawlessly with the iPhones and the iPads too.

Key Features: USB C output | up to 100W power delivery | Dual port support | Smart device recognition | P.D 3.0 | Compact and foldable design | GaN technology | Over voltage and Overcurrent protection | Temperature control

USB-C to Lightning Cables

Apple USB C cable coming with iPhone may not last longer. You can buy some premium aftermarket USB C to lightning cables for your new iPhone 12.

ESR USB C to Lightning Cable

The ESR USB C to lightning cables are pretty premium and reliable. It is one of the best USB C to lightning cable that enables fast charging for your iPhone 12 and other USB C enabled devices. It can deliver great power delivery when coupled with the PD 3.0 ports of your adapter or the power bank.

The ESR USB C cable is made with braided nylon and promises good durability and style. The aluminum casing around the charger head is quite durable and strong.

ESR USB-C to Lightning Cable, (1 Meter, MFi-Certified), PD Fast Charging Cable for iPhone...
  • MFi Certified: this USB-C to Lightning cable is certified MFM (Made for iPhone) by Apple to ensure...

Anker PowerLine lll

The Anker PowerLine lll is an MFi certified iPhone USB C to lightning cable. It has a strong braided nylon outer covering and can withstand harsh conditions. It is one of the best USB C cable in order to take power delivery to the fullest.

The cable is tested and is proven to give transfer speeds of up to 480Mbps. The powerline lll is around 6ft and can go for more than a million plugging and unplugging sessions. Apart from the iPhones, this USB C cable is compatible with Mac and other USB C enabled devices.

ESR USB-C to Lightning Cable, (1 Meter, MFi-Certified), PD Fast Charging Cable for iPhone...
  • MFi Certified: this USB-C to Lightning cable is certified MFM (Made for iPhone) by Apple to ensure...

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Lisen USB C to Lightning Cable

The Lisen USB C to lightning cable is yet another MFi certified charging and data cable that comes at an affordable price tag. It is compatible with most of the iPhones including the iPhone 12, 12 Pro and 12 Mini.

This MFi USB C to lightning cable works flawlessly when coupled with the 20W PD 3.0 Ports. With the unique anti breaking design, this premium USB C cable is a good and reliable USB cable to get with the new iPhone charger.

LISEN [Apple MFi Certified] USB C to Lightning Cable 6FT [Never Rupture] iPhone 14...
  • AMAZING DURABILITY: Reinforced iPhone 12 charger cable with special SR joint, Lasts 30x longer than...

Many of the iPhone 12 users are going to rely on the older charger adapters they already have. But the thing is that the new USB C cable comes with iPhone 12 does not pair up with the older chargers. In such cases, you don’t need to buy an extra USB C adapter, instead, you can go for a USB C to USB A converter to plug the new USB C cable into older iPhone chargers.

In order to get the best of your iPhone 12, it’s important to get the best charging accessories. We believe you’ve got an idea of what features and power ratings are optimum for the new iPhone 12. We’ve included the MagSafe wireless charger to our list but keep in mind to get the 18W charger for optimum charging performance.

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