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10 Best Continuity Camera Mounts for MacBook

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With the rise in remote work, online meetings, and digital content creation, the MacBook’s built-in camera may not always meet your demands. That’s where MacOS’s Continuity camera feature comes in. Using your iPhone as a webcam can enhance your video quality and provide a more professional outlook. This article lists the best continuity camera mounts for MacBook. Whether you’re a vlogger, remote worker, or digital enthusiast, this guide will help you make the most informed choice.

Belkin iPhone Continuity Camera Mount for MacBook

Belkin Continuity Camera Mount

The Belkin iPhone Camera Mount for MacBook is a novel gadget that effectively integrates Apple’s Continuity camera feature. It offers an easy and secure way to place your iPhone above your MacBook’s screen, ensuring a seamless transition between devices. The build quality is commendable, with a firm grip that holds the iPhone steadily without causing any damage to the laptop screen. It enhances user experience by providing a hands-free, high-quality camera for video calls and streaming. However, it does add a bit of bulk to your MacBook when attached, which could be inconvenient for some users.

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Moft Flip Laptop iPhone Mount

MOFT MagSafe Continuity Camera Mount

The Moft Flip Laptop iPhone Mount for MacBook is an innovative gadget that greatly enhances the utility of your MacBook by integrating your iPhone seamlessly into your workflow. The mount is simple to install, and it holds the phone securely in place. Its sleek design harmonizes perfectly with the MacBook’s minimalist aesthetic and is helpful for holding the iPhone firmly. The mount is particularly useful when using the Continuity Camera feature, allowing for immediate capture of videos and photos from your iPhone to your MacBook.

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Aerbeis Continuity Magnetic MacBook iPhone Holder

Aervbeis Continuity Camera Mount

The Aerbeis Continuity Magnetic MacBook iPhone Holder allows you to rotate your iPhone to be used as a webcam in continuity mode, guaranteed to work on any Mac running MacOS Ventura. An ideal complement to video meetings on FaceTime and other platforms.

The MagSafe iPhone 14, 13, and 12 series and other phones with a metal ring are compatible with this updated Laptop Phone Holder-Magnetic laptop phone holder. The Flip Continuity Camera Mount allows you to attach your iPhone to the side or top of your MacBook, giving you more room to work and use it as a webcam. You may also use it in your car because it is compatible with the Tesla 3, X, and Y.

Aerbeis Continuity Magnetic Laptop Phone Holder – 180° Adjustable Continuity Camera Mount…
  • Continuity Camera Mount- Swivel Aerbeis magnetic laptop phone holder to use your iPhone as a webcam…

Fumuxry Continuity Camera Mount for MacBook Air

The Fumuxry Continuity Camera Mount for MacBook Air is an impressive piece of kit that significantly enhances the continuity camera experience. Its sleek design blends seamlessly with the aesthetics of the MacBook, ensuring that it doesn’t compromise on the device’s visual appeal.

The mount is easy to install; just snap and mount. The camera’s position can be adjusted effortlessly, making it ideal for various shooting angles. The only minor concern is the mount’s stability when used in certain positions or during movement, but this is easily overlooked, considering the overall quality and functionality.

Fumuxry Continuity Camera Mount for MacBook Air, Pro Compatible with Magsafe for iPhone…
  • Simply snap and mount, you can turn your iPhone into a wireless webcam on MacBook.

Ulanzi Continuity Camera Mount for Desktop

Ulanzi Camera Mount Macbook

Ulanzi’s Continuity Desktop Camera Mount has a suction cup and reusable nano glue. If you press and rotate the base to lock, you can take apart the nano glue suction cups and wash them as often as you like.

As long as your phone has a magnetic patch or a Magsafe case, you can use it, and it’s compatible with most models on the market, including the Apple iPhone 12/13/14 and upwards. You may simply adapt the Ulanzi Continuity Camera Mount to your various demands thanks to its lightweight aluminum alloy construction, slideable design, two-stage folding, and three-section pivot.

ULANZI Continuity Camera Mount for Desktop Aluminum, TB13 Foldable Suction Stand Mag-Safe…
  • Strong Suction, Firm and Residue-free: The bottom of this desktop phone holder is designed with a…

VRIG MG-10 Magnetic Phone Holder for Laptop

VRIG Magnetic iPhone Holder

The magnetic attachment of the VRIG MG-10 Magnetic Phone Holder ensures a sturdy grip, accommodating a variety of phone sizes. The adjustable nature of the holder provides excellent viewing angles, making it a practical choice for video calls or conferencing. Despite its robust build, the VRIG MG-10 is surprisingly lightweight, allowing for easy portability.

The double-sided clamp is made of lightweight aluminum alloy and can be folded easily but also maintains sturdiness. Tear the protective adhesive tape off the mounting base, connect it to the back of the desktop or laptop monitor, and rotate the bracket arm to display the magnetic holder.

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  • 【Easily Make Your iPhone Into a Webcam & Strong Compatibility】VAIG continuity camera mount lets…

Capstone Continuity Camera Mount

Capstone Continuity Camera Holder

The Capstone MagSafe Continuity Camera Mount features a non-slip, scratch-free rubber grip that secures your device and prevents it from dropping even when using the screen. You may place the mount on your laptop vertically or horizontally for easy installation and removal. Perfect for broadcasting live on sites like Twitch, YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram Live. You can use the Continuity camera feature to keep your phone in landscape orientation.

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  • COMPATIBILITY: Mount your iPhone on any FLAT BACK computer monitor & use it as a webcam | For Mac…

SODI iPhone Continuity Camera Mount

The SODI iPhone Continuity Camera Mount offers seamless integration between your iPhone and MacBook, and the mount is easy to install and use, securely holding your iPhone above your MacBook screen. This innovative design allows for an uninterrupted workflow, enhancing productivity by enabling simultaneous use of both devices. You can also use the Continuity camera feature when the phone is attached and in landscape orientation.

The mount is highly adjustable and accommodates different iPhone models, ensuring a perfect fit. Made of high-quality materials, it promises durability while maintaining a minimalist aesthetic that complements Apple’s sleek design.

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  • Compact & Portable: With only 1.18 inch (3 cm) in radius, the magnetic Phone laptop mount fits…

Voinap Continuity Camera Mount with Light for MacBook

Voinap Continuity Camera Mount

The Voinap Continuity Camera Mount’s clip features a padded rubberized surface to prevent scratching your MacBook display. The clip’s top point of attachment uses a standard 1/4-inch thread, and it can be rotated up to 135 degrees so that the continuity camera desk view can be optimized for video conferencing and other uses.

If you want to use your laptop’s built-in camera, you may still attach the clip to the center notch, thanks to a hole in the clip. The integrated LED flashlight has three adjustable light settings. You may use 3pcs AAA batteries to power the light, and its intensity is powerful enough to allow you to film in low-light conditions. The light may be attached to the phone clip or an external tripod thanks to its hot shoe and 1/4 threaded interface.

MoKo Dual Screen Magnetic Laptop Phone Holder

Moko Camera Mount

The MoKo Dual Screen Magnetic Holder allows you to conveniently mount your iPhone next to your laptop to be used as a webcam in Continuity camera mode. This bracket can be used directly with a phone that has a MagSafe feature, and it can be joined to a phone without a Magsafe case by using the metal ring provided. The metal shaft can be twisted through 90 degrees for a variety of height adjustments, and the big round base plate may be tilted through 180 degrees for a wide range of positioning options.

The laptop phone mount has a magnetic construction that securely holds your phone. To securely attach your phone to your desktop monitor or laptop, just remove the mounting base’s protective tape, adhere it to the back of your screen, and rotate the metal shaft. It’s convenient to take it with you everywhere you go because of its lightweight, slim profile, and folding construction.

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  • 【Upgraded Laptop Phone Holder】: Suitable for smartphones, laptops, desktop monitors, and various…

Finding the best continuity camera mounts for your MacBook can significantly enhance your video conference quality and streamline your workflow. The right camera mount for your MacBook depends on your specific needs, budget, and the environment in which you’ll be using it.


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