8 Best Headphones with Lightning Connector made for iPhone.

Last Updated: March 30, 2019
Lightning Connector Headphone

There are headphones with lightning connector dedicated to Apple devices. These headphones come with rich audio clarity combined with noise canceling features. Within a reasonable price tag, these Earpods with lightning connectors could be your best companion when you are on the go.

Here, we have compiled a list of the best earPods with a lightning connector, or more precisely, “made for only iPhone” headphones.

Apple EarPods for iPhone

Apple’s own EarPod with lightning connector tops our list without any doubts. These lightning connector headphones are designed strictly by the geometry of the ear. Being the most anticipated headphones from Apple, this one here is capable of producing the best audio output when paired with iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

The speakers inside these ear pods are engineered to maximize the sound output. This unique design is ideal for minimizing sound loss and thereby giving you high-quality audio.

Apple EarPods with Lightning Connector

These Apple noise-canceling lightning port headphones work for iPhones with iOS 10 or later. This headphone is plug and plays for the iPhone 7 and the 7 Plus. Being made exclusively by Apple and intended to produce the best audio experience ever. These lightning connector headphones should be the priority if you’re planning to upgrade your ear pods.

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Libratone Q ADAPT Lightning In-Ear Headphones

The Libratone Adapt is one of the best In-Ear noise-canceling headphones. The Libratone was one of those headphone brands that tried to cope up with Apple’s decision of ditching the headphone jack. These noise-canceling headphones have the lightning connector.

The headphone comes with a 4-level noise control feature that lets you adjust according to the outer environment. The adjustable noise-canceling feature lets you choose how much of the outside world you want to let in.

Libratone Q ADAPT Lightning

The sound quality is one of the aspects that makes you a fan of this lightning connector headphones. This lightning earbuds provide a balance of enhanced bass. The lightning headphone coupled up with crystal clear virtualization effects.

The Libratone Adapt comes with the iOS lightning connector. Your iPhone powers it up and in fact, drains only a small fraction of charge. These lightweight iPhone noise-canceling headphones come with a four-button remote. These buttons can adjust volumes, answer calls, activate noise cancellation features and more.

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dB MAGIX PLX1 Lightning In-Ear Headphone

The dB Magix PLX1 is yet another Mfi certified headphones that comes with the lightning charger. This premium Hi-Fi codec ear pod is capable of providing immersive digital sound and bass boosts. In fact, the Hi-Fi mode can be turned on by accessing the “soundwise app.” This app also gives you details about the firmware updates and other related stuff.

Coming to the design part, this iPhone noise-canceling headphone is rather small and compact. The adaptive design helps to eliminate the outside noise and produces high-quality audio outputs. Moreover, the dB Magix PLX1 is a good audio companion when you go for walks or a morning drill, thanks to its sweat-proof design.

dB MAGIX PLX1 - MFi Certified - Hi-Fi Lightning Earphone

This Mfi device being equipped with the lightning port is guaranteed to perform well with all those iPhone versions. The headphone is compatible with iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 7, etc.

On the brighter side, this iPhone lighting connector headphone is much below the ‘expensive tag.’ In fact, lightning headphone produces great audio qualities. If you look for a decent performer within a reasonable budget, the dB Magix PLX1 is your best choice.

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Pioneer Rayz Plus headphone

The pioneer Rayz plus is an iconic noise-canceling headset with a lightning port. Rays headphone offers excellent compatibility and convenience. These stylish ear pods come with a lightning port. This headphone can recognize “Hey Siri” command to place calls, send messages, etc.

This iPhone noise-canceling headphones support iOS 10.3 or higher versions. The exclusive Pioneer Rayz app can enhance audio capabilities and access software updates. This cool ear pod allows you to talk and charge the device while being plugged into the lightning port.

Pioneer Rayz Plus Headphone

Moreover, the smart noise-canceling technology adjusts the headphone’s volume according to environmental noise. Hence, you could always be sure you don’t miss anything that happens around you.

The remote button attached to the headphone is convenient to deal with volume adjustments and playback. Additionally, this lightning connector headphone comes with a Smart-mute feature. This automatically mutes the microphone when you are not speaking and unmute when you start talking. Yeah, Well, that’s really modern!!

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iDARS E305 Headphones

The iDARS E305 is yet another “made for iPhone” headphones. These headphones with the lightning port are guaranteed to offer a clear voice. These lightning port headphones are exclusively built for Apple devices. The headphone is coming with lighting port compatible for iPhone X, iPhone 8/ 8 Plus, etc. With the help of the lightning port connector for headphone, the E305 present a high fidelity digital audio.

iDARS E305 Headphones

As with most iPhone headset, these lightning port headphones also feature built-in control buttons. The microphones are allowing easy access to calls and music playbacks. Additionally, you also receive extra earbuds of three different sizes.

These headphones are also of standard length, 4ft. Being within a reasonable budget, the iDARS headset offers you the best audio quality.

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1MORE Triple Driver

1MORE Triple Driver in Ear Headphones is exclusively made for Apple devices with lightning connector. The earbud is built with microphone and remote. To ensure the premium sound quality and lossless audio, the earphone has two balanced armatures (like mini tweeters). The titanium dynamic driver (like a mini speaker) and a high definition DAC deliver offer enhanced voice clarity.

1MORE Triple Driver

The award-winning triple Driver In-Ear design is premium quality sound and perfect for Apple iOS users. The oblique angles of the lightning headphone are designed to match your ear canals for a comfortable secure fit. The additional 9 included ear tips sizes, make sure a proper seal in your eyes for better clarity and isolation.

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JBL Reflect Aware In-Ear headphones

The JBL Reflect is a stylish in-ear headphone with an Apple lightning connector. These are one among the best when it comes to enhanced audio quality. These adaptive headphones can produce an ambient sound adjustment with the new noise-cancellation feature.

In fact, the presence of the lightning port makes it one of the best ear pods to couple up with your iPhone. Moreover, the compatible devices include the iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPad Air, Air 2, & iPad Pro.

BL Reflect Aware Black Active

The in-ear design also features additional ear support. This helps the headphones stay intact with your ears. Also, the wired connection and the ear pod frame is made of sturdy metal. The wide 14.8mm driver gives you massive sound and bass boosts.

You also receive a pair of extra earbuds of three different sizes, small, standard, and large. When it comes to quality and reliability, the JBL is one of the top audio equipment manufacturers worldwide. If you are in the hunt for a sturdy and reliable pair of headphones, then we got them for you.

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XBRN Earbuds & Headphones

XBRN Earphone is offering a stereo Sound quality with built-in Microphone and Volume Control. The design is ideal to Apple’s lighting headphone but comparatively lost cost model, price around $12bucks form Amazon. This lightning headphone is compatible with iPhone X,7,7 Plus,iPhone 8,8 Plus Earbuds. The interesting thing about this headphone is, the connectivity is handled by Bluetooth 4.1. The lightning connector is only for recharging the built-in headphone battery.

This headphone with Bluetooth connectivity delivers Premium sound. The fine-tuned acoustics can balance strong bass and clear mids. The built-in remote is for includes mic and buttons for calling functions, calling and music controls. The high-performance speakers designed to extended frequency range and lower distortion. The noise isolating ear tips ideal for eliminating the ambient noise.

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Best Lightning Connector Headphones

Apple’s decision to ditch the 3.5mm jack made a hell lot of controversies worldwide. It proved to be one of the strangest controversies Apple ever faced. But sarcastically, Apple efficiently tackled this issue by incorporating the Bluetooth Wireless headsets.

The headphones are a real necessity and being an iPhone user; you could face issues selecting a compatible and reliable one. Our list of the best headphones with lightning port includes some of the best In-Ear headphones. All these headphones are made exclusively for Apple devices. With innovative features and functions, these headphones could be a great option if you’re planning to upgrade your old ones.

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