Sponsored Article Guidelines

Thank you for reaching out!. We are excited to introduce your product/service/website to our readers. Please see the FAQ and follow the terms &conditions below.

Frequently Asked Questions

I/We Requested for Sponsored Article, What is the next step?
-Send us the completed article in 800-1500 words with one featured image (750X500px, JPG) and two-three article images (600PX width, JPG, the maximum number of images limited to 8) to [email protected].

When can I publish my article on MashTips?
-We will let you know once our editorial team approved the article to publish. Once we have approval, we will publish the article within seven business days after processing the payment.

Do I need to make the payment now?
-No, We accept payment only after our team approves the article to publish. For review articles, our team will start working on the review once we get the committed price, press release or other docs (if any) and activation code (if applicable). Our team will prepare the article and publish within 14 days after we receive the payment and reference material. 

What is the mode of payment?
-We accept payment through PayPal, or via Email (see this link to send money via email).

Will the article be featured on the homepage?
-Yes, the article will be on our homepage at least for five days.

Do you publish our article on Social Media?
-Yes, We will publish the article on our Facebook Page (~24,000 Likes) Twitter (~15,000 Followers) and weekly newsletter.

Is there any article guideline to follow?
-Yes, please see below for Sponsored Article Terms and Conditions.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The sponsored article is to promote an individual product, software or service. We will not link back to a blog or similar websites to promote the articles or web pages.
  2. The article should follow SEO guidelines and standard to qualify to publish. We have the right to reject or modify the article if required to match with our niche.
  3. We don’t recommend bullet-style articles. Please write articles in complete sentences separated by 2-3 lines of paragraphs.
  4. The article should be unique, plagiarism free and not published before in any media.
  5. Once we approve and publish the article, we have the full right to the content, and the author or provider are not authorized to copy/reproduce the article in any other media (to comply with DMCA).
  6. Once MashTips published your article, you are not supposed to use any part of the content of the article including text and images to publish on any other media to comply with DMCA regulations.
  7. This is not a platform to compare or discourage your competitor products or services, rather we encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to highlight your product or service features.
  8. We are strictly following the policy to not to encourage the article content related to gambling, abusing language, adult content, or such forbidden topics and related sites.  We will not publish an article against Google Adsense Policies. The article should not contain any hidden links or scripts which will disqualify the article from further consideration.
  9. The published article quote “Sponsored Article” either top or bottom of the post to comply with FTC Regulations. The article will be categorized/tagged as ‘Sponsored.’
  10. The link to the site will be rel=”no-follow” backlink (Google Webmaster Guideline) to your product page/website/service page. We are not promoting any link buying strategy to comply with Google’s Link Schemes.
  11. The published article would be live at least for one year on our site unless we receive any DMCA/Copyright/legal takedown notices.
  12. Once we published the article, we can not remove the article from your request. However, we have the full right to remove the article without informing the sponsor, if we receive any inappropriate content warning/Takedown/DMCA Notice.
  13. We are limited to publish a maximum of three sponsored articles per month.
  14. Please reach our contact page if you have any questions or concerns.

The terms and conditions subject to change anytime without any prior notice.

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