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These Apple Watch Games Are the Best Ways to Get Rid of Boredom

The Apple Watch isn’t all about checking time and tracking your health. Playing games on Apple Watch is one thing you never thought of but is actually possible. The watch has its own app store from where you can download tons of apps and games and play them on the tiny screen size. There are a lot of other options that you can try to kill your free time.

Here are the best Apple Watch games you can try right now.

Best Apple Watch Games

From strategy, RPGs, to trivia and racing, we have listed out the best Apple Watch games that are excellent time wasters. So, let’s begin.

Note: First, you will have to download the games on your iPhone then only you will be able to play it on your Apple Watch. Whereas, in some cases, you also might have to sign in to the game, or play it for a few minutes on your iPhone before enjoying them on your Apple Watch.

Lateres – Breakout for Watch

If you are more into retro gaming, rather than being a high-graphics gaming freak, then Lateres will be an ideal option for you. The game is specially optimized for the watch, and you will be using the Digital Crown to control the “log” in the game. The gameplay is very much similar to “Atari Breakout” which we all have grown up playing.

The game follows the “Pong” style gameplay where you will have to hit the ball with a log and break the bricks at the top of the screen. Even though it’s a very small and simple game, it is an ideal option for all those who don’t want to get into an adult and complicated games. The game has 20 original levels to complete, and each one is difficult and unique from the other. Lateres is available on the App Store for $1.

Key Features: Small and simple game | Optimized for Apple Watch | Best for retro lovers

Download: Lateres – Breakout for Watch (Free)


If you think you are good at making decisions, try out Lifeline, where you will be using your talent to help Taylor take a crucial decision. Here, one wrong move can even result in his death. It is a creepy but at the same time a cool survival game.

In the game, you will be interacting with an astronaut named Taylor. And your aim will be to unravel his secrets by giving the correct response to his questions. Further, you will also help him to escape marooned ships.

Initially, you will have to connect the game to the iPhone. And after that, you’ll automatically start to receive all the messages on your Apple Watch itself. Be careful with the decisions you take, as it can directly affect the life of Taylor – the astronaut. The game is available on the App Store for $1.99.

Key Features: Use your decision-making skills to save someone’s life | Cool survival game | Multi-lingual support

Download: Lifeline ($1.99)

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Pocket Bandit

Pocket Bandit is exclusively available for Apple Watch. And here, you will have to crack safe combinations as you move up the levels in the game, becoming the next professor from Money Heist. There are 100 different combinations to break. And each one is different and difficult from the other.

The gameplay is also very straightforward, you will just have to keep on rotating the dial back and forth until the Watch vibrates, indicating that you have finally cracked the safe lock. You will have to do the same with other safes as well. Furthermore, you will receive different prices every time you open a safe. It is a very lightweight and original game for Apple Watch. Pocket Bandit is available on the App Store for $1.

Key Features: Become the next Professor from Money Heist | Unlock 100 different and unique shapes | Plenty of prizes to collect

Download: Pocket Bandit ($1.00)

Par 72 Golf Watch

If you are fond of playing golf, then Par 72 Golf Watch can be an ideal option for you to enjoy your favorite sports on a tiny screen. The courses are located in three different locations including the mountains, deserts, and seaside environments. The graphics are also incredibly beautiful for Apple Watch.

Par 72 Golf is very easy to learn and play. Once you are in the right club, all you have to do is, judge the wind direction, and apply the required force to hit the ball. If you manage to tick both these criteria, no one will be able to stop you from becoming the next Tiger Woods.

The mechanics of Par 72 Golf is also very realistic. And you can either choose between a male or female player. There are plenty of camera angles as well including perspective and overhead views, to enhance the beauty of the game. Most importantly, unlike other games, it won’t be easy to defeat the computer opponents, in fact, get ready to witness some merciless competition.

Key Features: Free to play | Realistic mechanics | Beautiful graphics

Download: Par 72 Golf Watch (Free)

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Rules! is the next best Apple watch game that you must try. In fact, it is a puzzle game that is specially designed for enhancing brain-stimulating power. The concept of Rules! is also very straightforward. You just have to follow different rules to move up the rank. But the catch is that the rule of the previous level will also be applicable in the new one.

You will have to memorize all the rules if you want to move up in the game. Needless to say, the game becomes tough to play from the 5-6th level itself. Don’t worry if you are new to the puzzle genre, Rules! contains both beginner and veteran mode. So, if you are new to puzzles, you can go with beginner mode. And if you are a seasoned expert, try out the veteran mode of Rules!

Key Features: Two different modes | Best for puzzle fanatics | Good for stimulating the brain

Download: Rules! (Free)


Solitaire is another popular game we all have grown up playing on our Windows XP PC. And now the card game is available on Apple Watch as well. Among all the available solitary games, Solitaire is one of the best options for the Apple Watch. It is very intuitive, fun to play, and loads extremely fast compared to other names on the list.

Solitaire throws various challenges on daily basis. And each challenge has its own solution. Some challenges can be solved within seconds, whereas some take hours to complete. In case, you haven’t played Solitaire, or popularly known as patience before, then the computer will guide you on performing different moves to win the game.

Key Features: Daily new challenges | Free to play| Compete against your friends, and even with the world

Download: Solitaire (Free)

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Jellyfish Tap

Jellyfish Tap is one of the simplest games on our list that you can play on your Apple Watch for free. Jellyfish is an upgraded and challenging version of Flappy Bird. The only difference is that instead of birds you will be controlling jellyfish in this game.

Similar to Flappy Bird, you will have to tap to jump and keep the jellyfish in the air while avoiding hitting the obstacles coming from all sides. Frankly speaking, Jellyfish Tap is a hundred times more difficult than Flappy Birds. And the smallest screen size of the Apple Watch makes it even difficult to control the jellyfish, but that’s what the game is all about.

Key Features: Similar to Flappy Bird | Simple and easy controls | Free to play

Download: Jellyfish Tap (Free)

Arcadia – Arcade Watch Games

Why pay $2 for one game, when you can get 19 arcade games at the same price. Arcade Watch Games features 19 different arcade games that you can play on your Apple Watch. From FastRun, Fruity Snake, Candy Ball, Bricko, Yarr, Indiana GP, Bubble Mania, and more, the collection has something from every gaming genre.

Each game has old-school background music, giving a more retro look to the game. The leaderboard is updated on a daily basis, so you can compete against the world in any of your favorite games.

Arcadia – Arcade Watch Games is available at the App Store for $1.99.

Key Features: 19 different arcade games | Something from every genre | Compatible with the new Apple Watch

Download: Arcadia – Arcade Watch Games ($1.99)

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Pop – A Watch Game

We all remember popping bubble wraps that come as additional goodies with packages. And now, you can have the same fun digitally on your Apple Watch. Pop is a bubble wrap simulator that is definitely going to help you in releasing stress.

In the game, you will be competing against yourself to burst as many bubbles as you can within a short amount of time. Or, you can even compete against your friends, by sending them the exact number of bubbles they need to burst in order to break your record.

The only downside of this game is that the popping sound is not as satisfying as the popping sound of the real bubble wrap. Still, you can try out this stress-buster Apple Watch game to kill your free time.

Key Features: Great stress buster | Set the record of bursting most bubbles in one minute | Free to play

Download: Pop – A Watch Game (Free)

Touch Round – Watch Game

Touch Round features cars but isn’t about racing. You will have to complete the circuits without getting off the road. You can pick the circuit on which you want to drive your vehicle. Furthermore, you can even customize your vehicle as per the need for different circuits.

In Touch Round, you will be racing against the time instead of racing against any other opponent on the car. Your motive will be to reach the finish line before the time runs out. You can take the right and left turns using Digital Crown. But be careful, the sensitivity is very high, a slight movement in the crown will change the direction of the vehicle.

Touch Round currently has 8 different circuits in which you can race your car against the time. Additionally, there are cars 20 different cars to choose from, and each car possesses its own design, power, and agility.

Key Features: 8 different circuits and 20 unique cars | Reach the finish line before the time | Incredible graphics

Download: Touch Round (Free)

These were some of the best Apple watch games to try out in your free time. Don’t forget to share your Apple Watch games collection in the comments.

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