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10 Best RGB Hexagon Wall Lights to Decorate Your Home

RGB Hexagon wall light panels are the best ways to light up your living room, gaming setup, or vlogging studio. While there are Premium modular touch hexagon lights like Nanoleaf, you must be looking for cheaper and better alternatives that can get the job done. Well, we found the best of such hexagon wall lights for you.

Here are the best LED hexagon wall lights with touch and smart home controls to add to your house decor ideas.

Cololight Hexagon Lights By Cololight

If you want a smart hexagon wall light that does it all, then Cololight’s wall light tiles are about as smart as they can get. These smart lights are compatible with Google Assistant, Alexa, Stream Deck, and even Razer Synapse 4, which makes it the closest hexlight to the Nanoleaf Elements in our list.

These lights come in different packs ranging from 1 to 7 to 9 all the way up to 20. Cololight’s product has adjustable brightness, 71 dynamic modes, timer function, music syncing, and a whole lot more. Each Hexagon panel has 19 light beads inside that enable it to put out uniform and bright light.


  • Smart home controls
  • Bright uniform light.
  • Supports up to 255 light panels


  • Hard-to-use app
  • Expensive

Key Features: 1 to 20 pieces per pack | USB-powered | Touch control | Remote control | Smart Home: Google Assistant, Alexa, Stream Deck, and Razer Synapse 4 | Tabletop stand | 16 Million colors | 71 Light effects | 30-minutes timer

Cololight Hexagon Lights, Smart Wall Lights with USB-Power, ModularDIY Geometric Modular...
  • ✅【SMART CONTROLL】: Cololight hexagon lights can work with HomeKit,Alexa,Google...

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Hexagon WiFi Smart LED Panels by Yescom

Yescom has created these hexagonal light tiles using ABS which is a much stronger and more durable material than the traditional PVC or plastics. They weigh only half a pound but can last up to 20,000 hours of continuous use.

The smart home-supported hexagon wall lights can work with your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant speakers. The Yescom app also lets you control the lights remotely over WiFi. These wall tiles can also play music while changing color, making them even cooler.


  • Alexa & Google Home support
  • Smartphone control over WiFi
  • Auto turn-on


  • Can’t control the individual panels
  • Small in size
  • Max 10 blocks

Key Features: 3 to 19 pieces per pack | USB-powered | Touch control | Remote control | App controls | Smart Home: Alexa, Google Assistant | Voice activation | Tabletop stand | 16 Million colors | Auto color changing | Memory function

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Yescom APP Control Hexagon Lights Smart LED Panel Smarter Kit Music Sync 16 Million Colors...
  • Enjoys fun of DIY - More blocks for more variety of patterns, adds more interest to your life; 1...

RGB Smart Hexlights by Amailtom

This model of hexagon light from Amailtom is smart home supported and can be controlled from your phone or using your voice. The company promises a lifespan of 30,000 hours. Sync with music and other smart options are available on this model as well.

60 different scene modes including Aurora & Rainbow Effect helps set the lighting to your mood perfectly. These lights require no batteries to function and instead work on USB power supplies, power banks, and even on 5V/2A USB adapters.


  • Smart home support
  • Voice commands
  • Music sync


  • Buggy app
  • Supports only WiFi 2.4GHz

Key Features: 7-piece per pack | USB-powered | Touch control | Remote control | Voice Control | App Controls | Smart Home: Alexa and Google Home | 16 Million colors

Hexagon Lights Works with Alexa Google Assistant, Smart LED Wall Lights Voice & App...
  • 🌈【Unprecedented Gaming/TV/Movie Experience】The LED light panels sync easily with your gaming...

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HEXlights Remote Controlled Wall Lights By Emberela

Emberela wall-mounted LED lights that weigh as little as 0.3 pounds. The Hexagonal LED touch panel has 5-volt light, giving exceptional brightness. This colorful LED light comes in a set containing seven such hexlights which can all be controlled remotely. Made of PVC material, this hexlight puts out 120 lumens of light, meaning it’s bright enough for a spotlight but not enough to light up the entire room.

These hexagon lights from Emberela are powered using batteries. You can turn the lights on/off as well as change their color simply by touch or by using its remote control. Emberela’s hexagon lights come preloaded with 13 preset colors, 3 light effects, and a 30-minute timer. The invisible connectors hide the gap between light tiles. You will also get a USB cable, connector, and double-sided tapes for fixing the hexlights onto your room wall.


  • Table-mounted and wall-mounted
  • Supports additional lights


  • Smaller in size
  • Weak connection causes flickering

Key Features: 7-piece per pack | Battery-powered | Touch control | Remote control | Smart Home: No | Tabletop stand | 13 Preset colors | 3 Light effects | 30-minutes timer

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HEXlights 7-Pack Hexagon Wall Lights, Touch & Remote Controlled RGB Wall Panels, Hexagon...
  • ⭐ Customizable RGB Lights: Endless Design with these Hexagon Lights. Great for the wall or on...

Remote Control Hexagon Wall Light By ODISTAR

These Hexagon lights are made by ODISTAR weigh approximately 1 pound and are available in a set containing 6 pieces. You can control the LED lights either by touch or by a remote. The 21-key remote can be controlled from up to 10 meters away from the light.

Apart from just the brightness, you can use the 5 mode settings ranging from Color, Gradient, Transition, Flash, and Timing giving you full customizability. Minimalist design and effective lighting make this hexagon wall lights the perfect addition to any room in your home or office.


  • USB powered
  • FADE and JUMP modes
  • Affordable
  • Highly customizable


  • No table mount
  • Weak plastic connectors

Key Features: 6-piece per pack | USB-powered | Touch control | Remote control | Smart Home: No | 13 Preset colors | 3 Light effects

Today's Deal: $10.02 Off
ODISTAR Remote Control Hexagon Wall Light,Smart Wall-Mounted Touch-Sensitive DIY Geometric...
  • 【Remote control】 Remote control of color quantum lights,remote control of 13 monochrome modes,...

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Arcwares Hexagonal Modular LED Light

These Hexagonal lights for the walls made by Arcwares are a bit over a pound in terms of weight but hold up very rigidly onto the wall. Colors can be switched both using touch and using a remote control that comes with the RGB hexlight.

You will receive 6 hexagonal wall lights from a single purchase but additional lights can also be connected. You will also two USB-powered LED night lights along with the package.


  • Affordable
  • Dual remote controls
  • USB connection on each piece


  • Can’t change brightness in all modes
  • Very strong adhesive that might damage your wall.

Key Features: 7-piece per pack | Battery-powered | Touch control | Dual Remote control | Smart Home: No | 13 Preset colors | 3 Light effects | 30-minutes timer

Hexagon Lights with Remote, Smart DIY Hexagon Wall Lights, Dual Control Hexagonal LED...
  • 🔔【Remote & Touch-sensitive Ambient Light】Hexagon Wall Lights adopts control by remote as well...

Hexagon wall tiles By RWALOMOP

The Rwalomop hexagon lights come in a pack of 6 and can be spliced and connected however way you like. More additional tiles can be added to the existing combination without further additional components. Simply connect one tile to the other using the USB connectors provided along and use double-sided sticky tape to secure the lights to the wall.

The unique trait this one has over all the other entries on our list is that these hexagon lights can be controlled via app or Bluetooth, simply by pairing them. These hexagon lights offer a timer function as well.


  • App controls
  • Music sync
  • 16-million colors


  • No smart home support
  • Smaller in size

Key Features: 6-piece per pack | USB-powered | Touch control | Remote control | App Controls | Smart Home: No | Tabletop stand | 16 Million colors | Auto timer

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Hexagon Lights by Amailtom

The hexagon LED light panels from Amailtom come in a pack of 6, but no smart home support is provided. They are rigid, and durable, but come on the higher side in case of pricing.

The DIY wall lights for aging and living room can be wall-mounted, table-mounted, or even hung according to your wish. Like many other hexlights seen above, this one has a touch control as well as a remote control.


  • 21-key remote control
  • Music sync
  • Timer up to 12 hours


  • No smart home support
  • Adhesive not sufficient

Key Features: 6-piece per pack | USB-powered | Touch control | Remote control | Smart Home: No | Tabletop stand | 16 Million colors | 40 Light effects | 12-Hours timer | Music sync

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  • ♪ 【Vivid Gaming Wall Lights System】♪ The LED hexagon lights Kit transforms your favorite...

Hexagon wall tiles By Arcwares

These spliced hexagonal lights are very easy to join via USB connectors and hence can be made into many different shapes. Each hexagon light weighs around ‎1.17 pounds, however, strong adhesive double-sided tape ensures perfect grip. This is a great addition to children’s bedroom and can function both as a regular light as well as a dimmer light owing to its ability to control its brightness.

One USB chord can connect up to 18 hexagonal lights. These wall tiles can be controlled both by touch and also by a remote. The remote has an average range of 8 to 10m. The DIY effects lab on the phone app lets you customize the hexlight panel in any way possible.


  • Soft and cool lights
  • Smart Home support


  • Poor build quality

Key Features: 7-piece per pack | USB-powered | Touch control | Remote control | Smart Home: No | 16 million colors | Customizable light effects

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Hexagon Lights, RGB Hexagon Wall Lights with Remote, Smart Hexagonal Wall Panels, Touching...
  • 🔔【 Remote & Touch Hexagon Lights】Dreamy hexagon touch light adopts control by remote as well...

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Hexagonal Wall Light By YXQUA

Made purely out of ABS plastic, these lightweight hexagon lights by YXQUA are sure to impress any DIY lovers out there. Its easy-to-connect design lets you effortlessly make a creative and beautiful design by connecting each wall tile together. These lights can be wall-mounted and powered through a USB power supply.

Each light weighs a little over a pound each and is available in a pack of 6 when bought. These LEDs also do not have any inbuilt batteries. 12 multi-colored lightings are available with this touch hexagon wall light and they can all be switched from one to the other with a simple touch of your finger.


  • Switchable lights
  • Lightweight
  • Easy controls


  • Limited range of the remote controller
  • Cheap build quality

Key Features: 6-piece per pack | USB-powered | Touch control | Remote control | Smart Home: No | Tabletop stand | 13 Preset colors | Light effects | 30-minutes timer

Today's Deal: $10.09 Off
Hexagonal Wall Light Modular Touch Sensitive Lights Creative Geometry Assembly LED Hexagon...
  • [ Remote and Touch] Remote control of color quantum lights, remote control of 13 monochrome modes,...

These hexagon light panels can surely be an addition to your home studio, living room, or bedroom. You can set ambient lights depending on your mood with these hexlights. some of them even support smart home controls and you can turn them up with a simple voice command.

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