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Transferring Made Easy: Discover the 8 Best Money Transfer Apps for Android and iPhone

Looking at how technology is advancing as well as how the internet is becoming an integral part of our lives, it’s only fair that you should also adapt to such changes that are beneficial. The days when you pay hard cold cash are slowly ending. Thanks to the internet and smartphones, you can easily use various smartphone apps to send and receive money.

Here are the best smartphone apps that you can use to send and receive money to anyone over the internet.



PayPal is one of the oldest online services that you can use to send and receive money easily over the internet. The app can also be used to make cashless payments in a good number of brick-and-mortar stores. The app is simple and easy to use, plus it is internationally accepted, so you can make international payments to anyone by just using the Paypal app.


  • Good Customer Support
  • Multi-Platform Support
  • Transactions Are Processed Securely


  • Cannot Split Bill Payments
  • Buyer Protection

Key Features: Easy To Use | Accepted Internationally | Good Security | Perfect For Cashless Transactions

Download PayPal: Android | iPhone

20 Best Money-Making Apps for Android and iPhone

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a mobile payment service that lets you pay with your iPhone, Watch, iPad, or Mac. It’s accepted at millions of stores and online retailers. You can easily add any credit and debit card from any bank. Apple Pay has always been the first to support cards from all banks. However, you need to note that this platform works only with Apple Pay users.


  • Very Secure
  • Single Token System
  • Easily manage App Subscriptions, Movie Tickets, and Gift Cards
  • Comes Bakes into iOS
  • Tap to Pay NFC Options


  • Support Only For Apple Devices
  • The setup Can Be Complex

Key Features: Secure Payments | Tap To Pay | Supports All Apple Devices | Supports All Bank Cards | Available Universal

Use: Apple Pay

Google Pay

Google Pay is another great app that you can use to send and receive money to any device that has support for Google Pay. You can use the app to pay for things in your stores or even on online websites. The app lets you pay directly to the bank account. Phone number or even a store’s QR code. Google Pay also has support for tap and pay.


  • Pay With NPC
  • Works on Android and iOS
  • Loyalty Programs


  • Buyer Protection Like PayPal Unavailable
  • Requires You To Sign In With Google Account
  • Server Issues Are Common

Key Features: Easy To Use Payments App | Works On All Devices | Uses Virtual Card Numbers For Security Purposes | Has Numerous Gift Card Options

Download Google Pay Android | iPhone

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Venmo is a mobile payment service that allows users to send and receive money quickly and easily. It is a peer-to-peer payment app that allows users to send and receive money with friends and family. Venmo is a convenient way to split bills, pay for shared expenses, and send gifts. Venmo has gained a lot of popularity and is quickly overtaking payment services like Google Pay and Apple Pay.


  • Quick Cash Transfers
  • Works Well With Services That Accept PayPal
  • Split Payments Easily


  • No International Payment options 
  •  Buyer Protections Unavailable
  • Can be Missused By Scammers

Key Features: Quickly Transfer Cash Between Family and Friends | Pay Using Venmo Username | Use emojis In Payments Chat

Download Venmo: Android | iPhone


Zelle is a great online payment service similar to Venmo. You can use it to transfer money quickly and safely. Bexy of all, Zelle has functionality in a number of bank apps. Hence, you don’t always need to install the Zelle app if your bank app has Zelle support. The transfers occur on the same day and have zero fees for sending or receiving money via Zelle.


  • Transfers Direct To Bank Account
  • Easy To Setup
  • Has High Payment Limits


  • No International Payment options
  • No Instore Payment Options
  • Misses out oN Gift Cards

Key Features: Quick Money Transfers | No Fees | Supported By many banks | Direct Payments | Works Without Installing Zelle App

Download Zelle: Android | iPhone

Cash App

Cash App is a free peer-to-peer payment app that lets you send, receive, and request money. Cas App also has a large user base similar to Venmo. Users can easily pay each other via Cash App by just entering the $Cashtag. The $Cashatg is a unique identifier that can be created by the user when registering their account on Cash App.


  • Quick Bank Transfers
  • Purchase Bitcoins and Stiocks Easily
  • Easy To Use Tax Tools


  • No International Payment options
  • Necessary To Be verified To Remove Tight Transfer Limits

Key Features: Very Secure | Transfer Cash Using Cashtag | Easily File Taxes With Cash App taxes | Supports Android and iPhone

Download Cash App: Android | iPhone

Samsung Pay

Just like how Apple Pay is limited to Apple devices, the same can be said about Samsung Pay. Samsung Pay is a great and secure platform that lets you easily make virtual payments. Many stores accept Samsung Pay, so you can easily tap your phone, and the transaction has been completed. If you have many Samsung devices and are friends with Samsung smartphones, it’s the best way to transfer money safely and quickly.


  • Quick Setup
  • Works With Samsung Smartwatch
  • Supported In many Countries


  • Requires Samsung Account To Use Samsung Pay
  • Limited To Samsung Devices Only

Key Features: Secure Transfers | Tap and Go Payment Feature | Easily Add Credit Cards | Earn Samsung Reward Points

Download: Samsung Pay

These are the best online payment apps that you can easily use to send and receive money easily via the internet. If you are new to contactless payments and wondering which payment apps are good for you, choosing Cash App and Venmo is sensible. If you do plan to make international payments, having a Paypal account is always a good idea.

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