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11 Best Couch Co-Op Games to Play on PlayStation 5

When we think about multiplayer games, we think about games you can play online with your friends, whether near or far. One multiplayer game genre that is slowly fading out is couch co-op games. You and your friends could play one game on the same console while sitting on your couch. If you want to play such games, there are still many couch co-op games for PlayStation 5 available.

Here are the best Couch Co-op games you can play on the PlayStation 5 with your friend.


Fortnite PS5

Does Fortnite support local co-op modes? Yes, it does. On the PlayStation 5, you and your friend can enjoy a game of Fortnite using the split-screen mode. Fortnite is a Battle Royale game where you and 99 other players drop down to the map from the Fortnite bus.

The aim of the game is to remain the last one standing. You can play the game solo, in pairs, or a squad of four members. Fortnite has a lot of weapons to choose from and several health kits to revive your health.

Key Features:  4K 60 FPS Support | Multiple Game Modes | Competitive | Various In-Game events

Download: Fortnite (Free)

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EA Sports FIFA 22

What good is a soccer/football match if you can’t play against your friend? EA’s FIFA 22 is a Association football game that has a large number of soccer fans who enjoy the game. With the local co-op mode, you and your friend can play in the various game modes the game has to offer.

FIFA 22 has a number of real-life clubs and leagues from around the world for you to play. You can also choose to create your own teams and play with your friend either offline or online.

Key Features: Build Your Dream Team | Split screen Game Mode | Huge Player Roster | Realistic Graphics and Physics

Download: EA Sports FIFA 22 ($69.99)

Call of Duty Vanguard

Call of Duty is a franchise that a lot of players have been enjoying and playing for years. In Call of Duty: vanguard, you can go out on battles with your friend locally. As expected, Call of Duty: Vanguard lets you play the battles that took place in World War II as well as the various events that took place during the war.

While the game has a dedicated zombie mode and a campaign mode, local co-op or couch mode is not supported on them. There are three editions that you can pick up from the PlayStation Store.

Key Features: World War II Events | Easy Splitscreen Multiplayer Mode | Adaptive Triggers Support

Download: Call of Duty: Vanguard ($69.99)

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Gran Turismo 7

Simulator racing games are absolutely fun to play. With Gran Turismo 7, you and your friend can race against each other on a number of popular race tracks and a large roster of cars. You could either pick up a controller or a steering wheel and race against each other in the couch co-op game mode.

Gran Turismo also has a used car dealership where you can purchase used cars for cheap and race around the circuits. There’s the GT Sport Mode where you can compete again other players and have the ability to tune your vehicle to get the best handling and performance.

Key Features: Famous Racetracks | 420 Cars To Drive | Realistic Graphics and Sound Effects | Split Screen Racing | Garage To Store Your Cars

Download: Gran Turismo 7 ($69.99)

Dirt 5

Dirt 5 is a great off-road racing game where you can race against your friend or other people in off-road capable vehicles. You and your friend can race in the split screen mode across 70+ routes that are spread across the world.

Whether you enjoy rally cross, GT, trophy trucks, mud buggies, or muscle cars- you can race in all of them. Got four PlayStation 5 Dual Sense controllers? Four players can compete in the quad split screen mode.

Key Features: Livery Editor | In-Game Photo Mode | Day and Night Racing | Large Vehicle Roster | Large Number of Racing Routes

Download: Dirt 5 ($59.99)

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Overcooked: All You Can Eat

Want chaotic fun while preparing dishes in the kitchen? Overcooked: All You Can Eat is the perfect game to have a splendid time with your friends. You have to prepare multiple dishes before the time runs out.

You will not only be preparing your dishes in the kitchen but almost in any place that you can think of- even while on the road. Overcooked: All You Can Eat has great visuals that you can enjoy provided you have a display that supports 4K.

Key Features: 4K 60 FPS Support | Cross Platform Support | Multiple Game Modes | 4 Player Couch Co-Op

Download: Overcooked: All You Can Eat ($39.99)

Nobody Saves The World

There’s a threat to the world and there’s one person who can save the world from all of it. You. You play as Nobody in this Adventure game. You can choose to be a slug, a dragon, or even a ghost.

As an RPG game, you have the ability to choose from 15 different forms and combine a large number of abilities. The local co-op mode lets you play with a friend to explore the ever-changing dungeons.

Key Features:  15+ Forms | Multiple Quests | 80+ Abilities | Early 2000’s Styled Graphics 

Download: Nobody Saves the World ($24.99)

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WRC 10 FIA World Rally Championship

Rally racing is a great racing game and in this 50th-anniversary edition, things get even better. For starters, you can play through the History mode where you can play through t19 most important events in the history of WRC.

As expected you and your friend can compete against each other in the split screen mode and see who’s got the fastest times. All the drivers and cars within WRC 10 are officially licensed ones- meaning you can always pick your favorite car and driver in-game.

Key Features: 120 Special Stages | 6 Historic Rallies | 53 Official Teams| 20 Legendary Cars | Livery Editor

Download: WRC 10 FIA World Rally Championship ($59.99)

NBA 2K22

Apart from racing games, sports games are also perfect couch co-op games. NBA 2K22 as everyone knows is a basketball that has been a part of the long-running NBA 2K franchise.

In NBA 2K22 you and your friend can join in and play on the same team. You can switch between players on the team and your friend can act as a support player to help your team score more points.

Key Features: Multiple Game Modes| New Open World | Officially Licensed Teams | MyTeam Mode- Create Your Dream Team

Download: NBA 2K22 ($69.99)

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Madden NFL 22

NFL is a big sports event and the game ah a huge fan following. Play against your friend with real-life NFL players in various game modes. The franchise Mode in Madden NFL 22 lets you manage your team and prepare them for the big matches.

It’s every Madden NFL game ever, but with improved Star Driven AI,  Upgraded graphics as well as preparing mock drafts for your players. You can also send your players to train so as to improve their match-day performance.

Key Features: Official NFL Players | Detailed Player Report | Local Co-op Mode | Home ground Advantage Elements

Download: Madden NFL 22 ($99.99)

Hot Wheels Unleashed

Everyone loves Hot Wheels. Now, enjoy your favorite Hot Wheels vehicles on your PS5. And, thanks to the couch co-op mode, you and your friend can race around the various tracks as well as numerous cars that you can unlock.

The tracks have magnets and speed boosters that you can take advantage of while racing around. Not a fan of the in-game tracks? Go ahead and design your own track with the track editor.

Key Features: Large Car Collection | Livery Editor | Track Editor | Split-Screen Racing | Various Race Boosters

Download: Hot Wheels Unleashed ($49.99)

These are the best couch co-op games you can enjoy with your friends. While sports games can be fun to play along with a friend, racing games are where the real fun begins. From this list, Gran Turismo 7 and WRC 10 are the most fun games to play in couch co-op mode. NBA 2K22 can also be fun with a friend, provided they are interested in basketball at all.

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