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A Guide to the Best Valorant Characters: Controller Class

The freedom to perform a little more than a normal gunfight is what makes valorant special. But to execute this well, you need to be aware of all the abilities of the agent you play as. The abilities of the agents are distributed according to the agent class they belong to.

Here, let us discuss the abilities of the controller class agents on the Valorant, the best Valorant characters.

Controller Class

Controllers are agents that are capable of slicing up a territory and turn the tides of a game. The abilities of controllers are so effective in blocking the enemy’s line of sight and making a territory much difficult to be attacked. They have full control of their abilities which makes them much deadlier. However, mastering and effectively using the abilities of the controllers requires much patience and hours of gameplay


Viper Valorant character

Viper is said to be an American chemist who knows her ways around toxins and chemical devices. This valorant character comes with abilities that can fully take over a territory. All her abilities can drain enemies’ health if exposed for too long. Viper can create walls and clouds that are made of toxic gas. She can even create a field covered with his toxic gas and hide inside it.

The abilities of Viper can be combined to slice up any enemy territory. She can play with the minds of enemies and force them to act without thinking. It is hard to find your way inside when Viper is controlling a territory.

  • Toxic screen: Viper has the ability to construct a long wall of toxic gas. The wall can block the line of sight of enemies very easily. Touching the wall will deplete the health of the enemies to 1 hp. This applies to the teammates also. The main advantage of the wall is that it can pass through walls and reach for a huge distance. Once the wall is placed, the toxin screen can be raised and took down by pressing the ability key. There is a toxin level indication in the screen that automatically deletes by usage. 
  • Poison cloud: viper can equip a smoke bomb that can be detonated manually. This can be used once in every round. A toxic smoke cloud is released around the grenade when it is detonated. This can obstruct the vision of players as well damage their health. Similar to the toxic screen, the poison cloud will also deplete with time and can be activated again when the toxic level goes up. This can also be picked up and placed in other locations.
  • Snakebite: Viper also has access to two tubes of acid that break when thrown onto the ground. The acid can damage the players when they get in contact with it. It can also be bounced through walls in order to reach more areas. This can be used to lure out enemies from cover as well as prevent the enemies from diffusing your spike.
  • Vipers pit: Activating the viper’s pit creates an area around the viper that is completely full of toxic gas. It almost works like a toxic chamber. Any enemy that gets inside the chamber will lose their health till 1 hp. The enemies will be marked in red color inside this pit. The main attraction of this ability is that enemies will be completely blind and will be having a hard time detecting you. Make sure to stay inside the pit since moving away will destroy the pit.

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The origin of this valorant character is yet unknown. Omen is said to be a phantom of a memory. His abilities are so advanced and highly confusing. With the correct usage of his abilities, he can make the enemies go rotating without knowing where he is. He can teleport straight from his base into enemy territory.

Omen can even climb high altitudes that are not accessible by others using his teleporting ability. The animations while usage of abilities makes Omen vulnerable, but correct planning can make him deadly on the battlefield.

  • Dark cover: Omen has the ability to build huge smoke covers around the map. This will prevent the enemy’s from seeing you hiding. The dark cover is very big and stays for a long time. Omen can place this in near or far areas of the map. There are two methods to place this, which can be easily switched. These covers can be placed in entrances to prevent the enemy from knowing what’s behind the cover.
  • Paranoia: Omen sends a blast of dark magic into the battlefield when this ability is activated. It can be equipped and thrown to a small area around you. The area will be shown on the minimap. Any player who gets in contact with the ability will lose their vision for a small time. This makes the enemy vulnerable and an easy target to kill.
  • Shrouded step: This is the teleport ability of omen that lets him reach higher grounds. It also helps him to swap between covers without the enemy knowing. When the ability key is pressed, a location marker will be placed on the screen. Place this marker to where you should teleport to. Press the key to teleport to that area. Make sure to be careful while you teleport since you become vulnerable for a time period.
  • From the shadows: The ultimate ability of omen lets him teleport to anywhere on the map. Press the ult key to activate this ability and choose the location on the minimap in front of you. Omen will teleport directly to the location you pressed. Even Though the ability seems very powerful, it has some demerits. Omen is highly vulnerable while teleporting. He can be easily killed just before completing the teleport ability. A sound will be heard near the location of teleporting which makes the enemies alert. However, the minimap will be completely blurred when omen does his teleporting.

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Straight from the USA, brimstone makes a great companion in any game. His long-lasting smokes and Molotovs will help the team to secure the victory. He even has the ability to provide enhancements for players while on the battlefield.

Don’t try to mess with Brimstone even when is the only one left, he can rain laser beams straight from heaven into you. The perfect mix of attacking and defensive abilities make brimstone a highly useful ally. 

  • Skysmoke: This is the primary ability of brimstone. He can create Three long-lasting smoke covers anywhere on the map. You have to be near the region you wish to create the smokescreen. Brimstone will bring up a minimap in which you can select the areas where the smokes are to be placed. Now activate it to bring down the smokescreen in that area. This ability can be used to prevent enemies from getting a clear vision of their teammates. The ability will help you in guarding or slicing up a territory.
  • Incendiary: The agent can shoot a projectile onto the ground which on hitting will become a Molotov. This can greatly damage enemies’ health. The grenade can be thrown by aiming the crosshair and pressing the ability button. It can also be used to lure out enemies from cover.
  • Stim beacon: A stim beacon can be placed on the ground by brimstone when the ability is activated. The stim beacon will provide rapid-fire rounds from any player that gets in contact with it. It applies to the enemy teammates also. If you move away from the range of the beacon, the effect will wear off within a few seconds. This ability can give a head start to the agents that are going in for an attack. 
  • Orbital strike: This is the attack that makes brimstone special. When this ultimate is activated, the brimstone will bring down a large laser beam into the ground from heaven. If any player gets exposed to this ability for too long, consider him dead. The attack is so lethal and can damage more than one player at a time. But there is a small delay before the attack is activated, so if not planned carefully, enemies can evade it. The best application of this attack is when used in an enemy while planting or diffusing a spike.

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Astra is a Ghanaian agent that has the ability to twiddle with the nature of the battlefield. She is said to have the power to harness energy from the cosmos. The way of execution of abilities by this valorant character is very different from other characters.

Initially, Astra marks the spots on the battlefield where her abilities are to be executed using stars. After placing the stars, while in-game, she points the crosshair to these markers and activates the ability. The stars can also be called back for reuse. So in order to use the abilities, you have to preplan your attacks.

Astra equips her astral form to mark the spots on the map, this makes her very vulnerable and isolated from her surroundings. So much attention is required whenever she takes her astral form.

  • Nebula/dissipate: The nebula ability of Astra is basically a smokescreen that lasts for a few seconds. Astra can create two of them at the same time. Initially, Astra places stars in locations she wishes you activate the ability. While on the battle, she presses the ability key to activate the smokescreen. The screen will act as a cover between you and your enemies. Dissipate is calling back the stars to replace them. When called, they create a one-second smokescreen also.
  • Nova pulse: This ability is similar to the breach’s signature ability. When activated, the star that is pointed to charges and explodes. This affects the enemy like a flash. The enemy will lose his vision and responsiveness, which makes them easy to kill. Astra can easily make a group of enemies near her star goes blind by activating this ability.
  • Gravity well: This creates a void in the marked spots in the battlefield using the stars. The void pulls the enemies near it towards its center and makes them vulnerable. The ability slows down the enemies. They can be easily taken down when stuck to this ability.
  • Cosmic divide: This ultimate of Astra can cut the whole map into two sections. The best part of this wall is that even bullets cannot penetrate this wall. To activate this, go to the astral form and press the alt-fire button to place a point on the map. Now adjust the straight line through this point and press activate to construct the wall. Astra can place this wall and provide 20 seconds for her teammates to plant or diffuse the spike without the wall coming down. The wall will break the line of sight of enemies as well as help you build your position.

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Having a good controller in your team can help you to strike back even at the darkest hour. Controllers can properly isolate the territory from enemies as well as slice their territories up. So it is very essential to be aware of your abilities when you are playing as a controller.

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